Chapter 134

Translation: DarkHeartedAlchemist
Editor: Weasalopes


I logged in at 2:00 AM today.

That’s quite early, even for someone like me.

But in my defense, there were many players in the Wind Village already, so at least I was not the only one.

It was also 2:00 AM in the real world.

Looks like a lot of players actually like to play at this time of the day.


What about Fiona-san and her crew?

They’re nowhere to be seen.

Instead, I see that Rick, Len-Len and Hannes were already here.




「Oh, if it isn’t Keith-san! Thank you for your help the other day!」


Hannes-san greeted me vigorously.

Rick and Len-Len greeted me as well.


「Where’s Fiona-san’s party?」


「Out on the hunt already. Said they won’t be going back until morning.」



Well if that’s the case then I’ll just go level up.


「Do you happen to have some good quality meat on you?」


「Depends on how much do you want.」


「A little less than the amount I’ve brought last time.」


Rick’s face has become pale.

Ahh, I see how it is now.

He doesn’t have enough on him at the current moment.


「I’m sorry. Can I return again after the sun rises?」


「All right. I should have it restocked by then.」


So I took a piece out of my pocket to give him an example.


「Oooh, I want something like this!」


Len-Len raises her voice. Illuminated by the light of the flashlight placed on my desk, her face looked like the one that belonged to a ghost. If I remember correctly she is the spearman in her group. And she was staring at the Rhinoceros Heavy Spear on my workstation like it was some kind of work of art.


「I’m afraid that this is not for sale.」


「I don’t care, I want it!」


「I told you that’s not the issue here.」


Just what is her problem?


「You know, I never thought your spearman was someone who’d be watering at the mouth at the mere sight of ordinary equipment.」


「For now the only thing that comes close to it is a Dungeon treasure that guarantees +21 AP and +4 to STR, so you know…」


「You want to get your hands on it pretty badly, huh?」


It was clear that Hannes was also impressed by the equipment I was carrying. I only heard stories about it, but apparently he was also a renowned spear wielder.


「The pattern on this material, I’ve never seen that before.」


「It must be nice, having no penalty for magic activation.」


「Well, I guess it might come in handy during during capturing battles.」


I think I understand what they are aiming for here.

They are probably going to compete and are looking for anything that might give them an advantage, no matter how small.


「I think I’ll be able to produce 3 similar products.」




「Say what?」






I should have around 3 Panzer Rein’s horns left.

Even if 3 copies are made, I’ll still have over half of the Hell’s Latch left.

As for the fangs used for the butt, there’s enough for 1 Plains Lion’s Bagh Nakh and 2 Gale Tiger’s Bagh Nakh.


「You want me to make it?」


「Then can you please do it? The more, the better!」


「Hey Rick, maybe keep it down a notch? You’re starting to make a commotion. And being a bother while we’re at it.」


「Keith-san does not think it’s a bother at all, right?」






「Eh? Eh?」


Listening to their banter, it would seem that class-changing has become somewhat of a hot topic among the players in many ways.


Nothing that can be done about that I guess. Someone else was bound to catch wind of it sooner or later.


My table already had two lights on it, but I added a third one just to be on the safe side.

A suitable workplace has been secured. All that is left is to summon Bunraku so it could help me with the work.


Even in the dead of the night, with proper lightning I had no problems with utilizing my woodworking skill to the highest.


《Due to the successful competition of the current action your 【Woodworking】 skill has leveled up!》


《Due to the successful competition of the current action your 【Sense Magic】 skill has leveled up!》


My skills have leveled up again after I completed all the work, 2 new spears. Maybe I’ll be able to create 1 more if I’m lucky enough.


Now, let’s see what the end result is.


【Weapon】 Heavy Rhinoceros Spear Quality C+  Rarity 5

AP+19 AP+0 Attack Power 4+ Weight 3 Durability 220

Imbued with the Earth Attribute

A spear specializing in striking the weak points of heavy armor. There is nothing that its blade cannot pierce. High probability of critical damage occurring.


【Weapon】 Heavy Rhinoceros Spear Quality C+  Rarity 5

AP+19 AP+0 Attack Power +4 Weight 2+ Durability 220

Imbued with the Wind  Attribute

A spear specializing in striking the weak points of heavy armor. There is nothing that its blade cannot pierce. High probability of critical damage occurring. Weight reduced due to the infusion with the Wind Attribute


I managed to make one more spear with Earth Attribute and two more with Wind Attribute.

Coupled with the one I already made earlier, it makes 4 in total. Some attributes are changed but the name remained the same, so I guess that’s not really a problem.


「All right, all done. I’m going to go do some hunting for now, so can I leave this to you all?」


「Understood. If Fiona-san comes back while you’re gone I’ll let her know you wanted to talk to her.」


「Thanks. So, see you at sunrise?」


「Yeah. See you at sunrise.」


All right. I can go hunting in peace.

I call Bunraku back and prepare to move out.

I summon Goki, Mumyo, Ninetails, Tigris and Creep.

The time is now 3:30 AM.

Still quite some time before the arrival of dawn.


It was not that long after midnight, but a lot of the players were out hunting already.

I made my way west where there was not a lot of players and a lot of Haunted Mists.

Their flocks are relatively small today, but that might be for the better.


Of course, Skeleton Raptors also appeared almost out of nowhere without even being called. And Floating Eyes also attacked me.

But that was not a problem for me.

The Staff of Torture proved very handy in dispatching them.

The enemies often escape outside the range of my reach, but that’s why I have my trusty monsters with me.

They were more than enough to cover for my shortcomings.


《Due to the victory in the recent battle your 【Ice Magic】 skill has leveled up!》

《Due to the victory in the recent battle your 【Thunder Magic】 skill has leveled up!》

《Due to the victory in the recent battle Summoned Monster Goki has gained a level!》

《Please add 1 bonus point to the statistic of your choosing!》


Thanks to annihilating such a large horde of Haunted Mists Goki has reached Lv8.

And now the sun has almost risen from beyond the horizon.

I wonder if I’ll be able to go back on time.


The attribute that increased with Goki’s level up was INT, so to balance it out nicely I placed that one bonus point into his SPI.


Goki Demon Lv 7 → Lv 8 (↑ 1)

DEX 19

AGI 15

INT 13 (↑ 1)

STR 18

VIT 18

SPI 13 (↑ 1)



Bow  Axe Small Shield Provoke   Evasion Presence Concealment


《 Summoned Monster Goki has cleared a Class Change condition!》

《Please carry out the Class Change procedure separately from the status screen!》


Now here’s something that I’ll have to carefully consider.

And since it would be nice not to be bothered by the demons during the Class Change procedure, maybe I should go back to the Wind Village?


When I got back to the village I was in a very good mood.

Everywhere I looked, people were making breakfast preparations.

The whole village was filled with the pleasant smell of cooked food.


I call back Mumyo and summon Bunraku.

Before I went to see Hannes, I prepared some flour and vegetables, just like usual, but this time I also threw some Glowplant to the mix to see how it turns out.

All right, now that that’s done, let’s leave the work to Bunraku while I’ll take care of what’s truly important here.


Goki’s Class Change.


For starters, let’s see what my options are.


Class Change Options:




His basic class was a Japanese name for a demon, and I see that both change options are named after Buddhist terminology. I wonder what kind of effect will it have on him?

For now, let’s go with Gohou.


Goki Demon Lv8 → Gohou Lv1 (New!)


DEX 20 (↑ 1)

AGI 16 (↑ 1)

INT 13

STR 20 (↑ 2)

VIT 20 (↑ 2)

SPI 13



Bow  Axe Small Shield   「 」 Provoke Evasion Presence Concealment  Night Eye (New!)


Battle Position: ground


Demon returned to the path of Buddha’s law. Uses weapons to attack.

Possesses physique similar to human beings, and has the dexterity fit for both front and rear guard.

Can use all weapon types usable by humans.


Now there was one empty slot which I could fill up with a skill of my own choosing.

But it looks like the only options available are for Weapon skills.

I see, so this option will make Goki more of an avant-garde monster, focusing on the offensive on the frontlines.


What about the other one?

Goki Demon Lv 8 → Rakshasa Lv 1 (New!)

DEX 19

AGI 15

INT 15 (↑ 2)

STR value 18

VIT 18

SPI 15 (↑ 2)



Bow 「   」 Small Shield  Provoke Evasion   Presence Concealment  「 」


Battle Position: ground


Evil demon. Attacks using a variety of weapons.

Possesses physique similar to human beings, and has the dexterity fit for both front and rear guard.

Can use all weapon types usable by humans.


There were also two empty slots this time.

Looks like I could choose a weapon skill and an attribute.

I had a hard time deciding what I should pick.

When it came to Weapon Skills I could only Choose Swords or Katanas, and for Attribute it was a choice between Light and Dark.


I just didn’t know which one I should pick.

But you know?

I don’t want to ruin the image Goki had going on for him up until now.

So I think I’m going to choose Rakshasa after all.

Ah yes, I should remove his current equipment before I change it. Otherwise it might be lost forever when his appearance will change.


Goki Demon Lv 8 → Rakshasa Lv 1 (New!)

DEX 19

AGI 15

INT 15 (↑ 2)

STR value 18

VIT 18

SPI 15 (↑ 2)



Bow  Sword   Small Shield  Provoke Evasion   Presence Concealment  Dark Attribute


Just as I thought.


After the Class Change, Goki’s physique became more like mine.

What about his armor?

I tried to equip Goki’s usual armor on him. Thankfully I was still able to do it.

However, this begets some questions.

What about the Class Changes that will be performed in the future?

The Master’s Summoned Monster for the Demon class is Yaksha, right? I think it is a little bigger than Goki’s current form.

And although he’s still technically a Demon, he’s become closer to a human when it comes to the appearance, but his hair became more disheveled, his fang are longer and his eyes had that sinister glow to them.

Yup, there was no hiding it with any kind of armor. No matter how you choose to look at it, he has become eviller now.

I’m afraid that if I let him team up with Senki during battle, it’s only going to make him look like a villain. Not that it would make any particular difference compared to how things were up to this point.

He just went even further beyond in his villainy.


There are also other things that have to be considered.

What should I do about the sword?

I wouldn’t mind the handicap for the time being but looking at his current constitution maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to give him a sword with a longer reach to cover for that change.

Maybe I should consult Fiona-san about it at my own discretion?


It’s still a little early but I finish up my breakfast and go to where Fiona-san should be.

As always, she was surrounded by her usual teammates.

As usual, Mio was taking care of the cooking.

Among all the familiar faces was a Dwarf that I have never seen before, which got me a little worried.


[Good morning, everyone.]


[Welcome! Here, help yourself.]


After I greeted everyone, Reina-san offered me a seat.

My summoned monsters were promptly lined up behind me.

I wonder if Goki’s, Tigiri’s, and Creep’s presence is making everyone uncomfortable?

By the way, Ninetails stayed at my desk together with Bunraku.

Of course, everyone is prohibited from eating.


[Keith, this Dwarf here is Tsutsumi, my Guild’s blacksmith.]


[Pleasure to meet you. Tsutsumi is my name.]


[The pleasure is all mine. I’m Keith.]


We trade greeting with one another.

And after that, the discussion began.

The topic is the Crucible of Hell, of course.


[So in conclusion, is it safe for blacksmiths to even use the damn thing?]


[Of course.]


So it was like that huh?


After various experiments it has been discovered that the crucible was capable of creating a mysterious material usable in the blacksmithing line of work.

Presently, ceramic workers and stone cutters combined and created several of their facilities around its furnace.

Of course it was nothing like a Blast Furnace or Converter.

It was more primitive than that.

And now it was made to be shared between all of them. How brutish.


And so, after lots and lots of experimenting it became apparent that it was also capable of high-quality steelmaking.

According to witnesses the Crucible of Hell had no problems with long-term operating even if it constantly had to maintain the steel-melting temperature.

How mysterious.


[Ehm, so what you want to say is that you want more?]


[I wouldn’t go that far. After all, there is a limit for the equipment that you can set up.]


[The reward is the problem here. You see, even though we need to maintain friendly relationships with the blacksmiths we just can’t let them get too greedy.]


Fiona-san and Fudo said so.


So if I understand it correctly, they are willing to pay the blacksmiths for making their equipment using the Crucible of Hell, but they are against prices for that service being too high I guess?


6 pieces of Demonite were displayed there along with 4 rewards.

Is this exceptional?

I don’t understand such things very well.


I only came to them for advice because there was an item that I wanted to get my hands on.

A sword for my newly Class Changed Goki to use.


[See anything that you like?]


Fiona-san asked me, but is this really okay?

After looking through their wares for a bit, I found something that might just do the trick.


【Sword】 Steel Straight Sword  Quality B- Rarity 3

AP + 16 Destructive power 2+ Weight 3 Durability 170

One-handed steel sword of common size made by a trained blacksmith.

Possesses good balance between utility and strength.


I also bought the sheath for that sword and handed it to Goki.

So how does it look on him? Hmm, good enough I guess.

I’ll have to wait and see how it fares in actual battle.


[I guess I’ll be taking this too.]


I also chose the Bracelet of Torture from Margrid-san.

And finished my shopping with two Anklets of Torture.

That should be it for my equipment adjustment.


【Footwear】 Anklet of Torture  Quality C + Rarity 3

AP + 1 Weight 0 + Durability 150

Enchanted item  No Attribute

Footwear of Torture. Made of metal with properties similar to copper and silver.

The wearer is supposed to gain the power to turn undead.


This bracelet should go along nicely with the rest of my equipment from the Torture series.

It’s like I’m roleplaying at the Torturer himself, huh?


My remaining requests were two pieces of Iolight Armor for Senki  to use.

I have so many magic stones on me, maybe I should try making some magic items myself?


[There’s one more thing I’d like to buy.]


[Meat, right?]

He took out piece after piece of it until the whole counter was literally buried under a mountain of meat.

Ordered by Rick, the rest helped me sort through it.

The most common was of course sirloin.

I bought some of that plus anything that seemed delicious to me.


[Can I pay with money instead of magic stones?] [No problem.]


Magic stones were no longer acting as a replacement for money.

So there’s no need for me to bother myself with it anymore.


[We’ll take care of the payment after the meeting’s done.]


[I understand.]


I’ll just put it all away for now.

Bunraku should be done with cooking soon.

Did Ninetails eat something?

Looking over my list of ingredients, that does not seem to be the case.

It can’t be helped then, I’ll let it lick some of the Antman’s honey.


After I finished my meal, I changed the active members of my group since it’ll be time to move out soon.

The current members are Zangetsu, Helix, Obsidian, Rig and Ninetails.

Our hunting ground for today is going to be a cave to the south of here.

It’ll be an ideal place to see how Goki’s performance have changed after it’s Class Change.


After the meeting, Fiona received a fair amount of money and 10 magic stones.

I wonder what she’s going to use them for?

Now, what to do?

Let’s go hunt in the southern cavern, just as I planned.


However, my departure today was delayed.

Someone stopped me just as I was about to head out after handing some of the Glowplant to Wakagi.


[Are you Keith-san? I’m terribly sorry for bothering you, but there’s something I’d like to ask you about.]

I know that voice. It’s one of the party members of that beauty.


The matter itself was really simple.

She wanted me to fight against a female player named Lydia.


[I want you to go against her seriously and make her experience an absolute defeat.]


[Uhm… is that really all right?]


[Yes, I want that loss to be something she’s going to remember.]


Well that’s oddly specific, not to mention tough.


Gavi Lv. 11

Treasure Hunter Status: On Standby


That what I saw after I used 【Identify】 on her.


The profession explains how she got her hands on an equipment like that.

Is that a small sword, or just a simple dagger?

Additionally, a belt that was hung diagonally from her chest was filled with throwing knives.

Was that her battle style?


[Time is tomorrow morning, and here is the place. Naturally I will be present there. Is that all right with you?]


I ponder about it for a while.

Am I really fine with this?

Well, it’s not like it’s going against anything I’ve done up to this point.


[Fine, I accept it.]


[Thank you very much! See you tomorrow then!]


And then she goes away to where her companion was waiting for her.

Naturally, she was also a beautiful girl.

I tried not to stare at her too much not to be taken for a perv, but that much I was sure of.

They seemed to be heading outside the village, and quite frankly, I should do that too.


I arrive in the cave to the south.

While on my way here I happen to pass by a few parties.

I want to farm the living daylights out of Gozu & Mezu mobs before they arrive here, since apparently it takes a while for those two to respawn.


So, what’s on today’s menu?

I have to see how’s Goki performing in battle after his Class Change, and since Rig is at Lv7 already, he needs some more exp for his own Class Change.

As a bonus, I want both Tigris and Creep to gain some Lv’s as well.

However, removing Senki or Jericho from the front guard was out of the question.

Jericho will take the lead until he’ll be able to use Liquification and then he will switch places with Senki.

Scouting and monitoring the area can be left for Jean.


Okay, my team composition is finally decided.

Jericho, Jean, Goki, Rig and Tigris.

Rig crawled on top of Tigris’s back and curled up into a ball.

Now, we can finally enter the cave itself.


The main enemy for today was Kobold.

I head towards Gozu and Mezu spawn location while mowing the small fries down without any difficulty.

As soon as I entered the branching path, I found myself in a familiar-looking hall.

Of course my 【Dismantle】 skill has been turned off for the time being.

Scanning the area ahead with Jean, they were there.

2 monsters.

Why were they displayed as objects even though they were monsters will forever remain an unsolvable mystery.

I strengthen everyone with my spells.

I want to perform an experiment.

I want to check the effects of my bracelets and anklets combined.

My aim is to see if I’ll be able to withstand the physical damage done to me without enchanting them with my magic.


Gozu Lv. 6

Youkai  Target Subjugation Passive

Battle Position: ground   Fire Attribute


Mezu Lv. 6

Youkai  Target Subjugation Passive

Battle Position: ground   Fire Attribute


In fact, I have reached that point in my life as a player where I want to fight as much as possible without using any kind of spells.

But for now, this is nothing more but an experiment, I have to remember that.

Now, let’s get to it.


As always, I fight with Mezu myself, leaving Gozu for my monsters.


Time to see how Goki is doing with his new sword.


I keep an eye on Goki as I proceed with my bracelets and anklets experiment.

As expected, I have been receiving some damage without enchanting my gear, but some of the weaker attacks have no effect on me.

This is good.

Some restrictions to my current fighting style will have to be made, but it will allow me to save some of my MP that way.

That’s what I thought while I was squeezing Mezu’s head under my elbow lock.


And as for Goki.

It was certainly unusual to see him fight with a sword.

He fights with a Steel Sword in his right hand.

But why is he holding a Hatchet in his left hand?

He’s dual wielding with two different weapons.


Isn’t that cool?

I like it already.


But that was not a part of his skillset, so why is he able to do that?

Is it because his DEX value is high?


Tigris is having a hard time but he did not sustain all that much damage.

Rig is doing just fine thanks to his defenses and the properties of his slime body.

To my surprise, Jean has also received some damage.

And Jericho.

He’s standing still while his arms are locked together with Gozu’s and the two of them are fiercely butting their heads together.

Could it be because I did not cast any additional spells on them?

Even so, they weren’t doing bad, they’re just having some minor performance issues. Overall, the damage done collectively by all of them will be enough to handle the enemy who’s in front of them.




Next to Jericho, Goki is attacking Gozu. This is where the technical aspects of his new Class were truly shining.

As expected, Gozu has difficulties keeping up with him.


And finally.


One last blow from Goki’s Hatchet reduced Gozu’s remaining HP to 0.

A perfect overhead slash accompanied by a loud, clear noise.

It seems that last strike was a critical hit.


Now that my friends are done with their part of the job, it is high time for me to finish mine as well.


I broke Mezu’s right arm in the elbow and went straight for his neck next.

In my left hand was a Plains Lion’s Bagh Nakh.

Strangling him with one hand I scratch his throat with the other over and over again.

Quite a nice combo if I had to be honest.


《Due to a victory in the recent battle your 【Wind Magic】 skill has leveled up!》



As usual, there was no drops from both Gozu and Mezu.

Next will be Lv7.

I wonder how tough they are going to be?

Until then, let’s continue until Tigris will be ready for a level up.


*  * *

Protagonist Keith

Race Human Male Racial Lv15

Job Grand Summoner Lv10

Bonus Points Remaining 24



Staff Lv12 Punch Lv9 Kick Lv9 Joint Lock Lv9 Throw Lv9 Evade Lv9 Block Lv9 Summon Magic Lv15 Spacetime Magic Lv7 Light Magic Lv8 Wind Magic LvLv9 (↑1)  Earth Magic Lv8 Water Magic Lv8 Fire Magic Lv8 Dark Magic Lv8 Ice Magic Lv7 (↑1)  Lightning Magic Lv7 (↑1)  Tree Magic Lv7 (↑ 1) Dust Magic Lv6 Lava Magic Lv7 (↑1)  Steam Magic Lv6 Alchemy Lv6 Pharmacy Lv5  Glassmaking Lv3 Woodworking Lv v6 (↑1) Synergy Lv11 Appraise Lv11 Identify Lv11 Discern Lv3 Cold Resistance Lv5 Grab Lv9 Horsemanship Lv9 Precise Manipulation Lv11 Jump Lv5 Heat Resistant Lv5 Climb Lv5 Dual Wield Lv9 Disassembly Lv7 Physical Reinforcement Lv7 Mental Reinforcement Lv8  Speedcasting Lv9       Magic Effect Expansion Lv6 Magic Range Expansion Lv6


Inactive Skills:

Dismantle Lv7



Staff of Torture ×2 Tonfa of Torture ×2 Capture Rod of Torture ×1  Enraged Pickaxe ×2 Silver Necklace+ ×1 Snow Leopard’s Bagh Nakh ×1 Plains Lion’s Bagh Nakh ×1 Battle Bull’s Leather Armor+ Bracelet of Torture ×1 Rampaging Horse Belt+  Backpack ×1 Item Box ×2



Survival Knife, Woodworking Tools



Old Summoner’s Pupil

Guardian of the Forest

Man of the Middle Path

Spell Archive

Hand to Hand Combat Instructor


Monster Summons:

Volff Grey Wolf Lv3

Zangetsu White Horse Lv2

Helix Fighting Falcon Lv2

Obsidian Mystic Eye Lv2

Jean Black Bat Lv1

Jericho Mud Golem Lv1

Goki Demon Lv8→Rakshasa Lv1 (New!)

DEX 19

AGI 15

INT 15 (↑ 2)

STR 18

VIT 18

SPI 15 (↑ 2)




Bow  Hatchet  Sword (New!)  Small Shield Defense  Evasion Concealment Dark Attribute (New!)


Senki Lesser Ogre Lv1

Rig Slime Lv7

Bunraku Wood Puppet Lv5

Mumyo Skeleton Lv6

Ninetails Red Fox Lv5

Heather Fairy Lv5

Tigris Tiger Lv3

Creep Viper Lv3



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