Chapter 137 Part 1

Translation: Kazuya
Editor: Weasalopes


It was 6 PM when I logged in.

As usual.

Yes, as usual.


《There are 2 messages from your friends》



It’s from Saki and Margrid.


『The armor is done. It turns out to look like a barbarian though. I’ll be at the usual spot.』


I see

Senki’s armor is complete!

Paired with Rig, won’t its defense go up further?

No, I think I’ll pair Rig with Tigris.



What about Margrid?


『The 2 Iolite is done with reinforcing. And also, I would like to buy Amber from you.』


Oh, this side request is done as well.

What does she need Amber for though?


I summon Bunraku for cooking.

And summon Zangetasu and Helix for house-watching.


Saki and Margrid were already at the usual place when I arrived.

Of course, Fiona as well.

Reina was also giving something out.

Some members like Rick and Fudo are carrying meat in and out in the back.


I feel kind of cold.

No doubt.


「You noticed? I made an ice chamber.」


「Oh, it’s like a mini refrigerator.」


「Yeah. I am doing meat aging in other places too.」


Fiona seems to be doing various things.

How many players are there in Fiona’s Guild?

There are a few players that I don’t recognize.


「Alright, first is this.」


Saki took out some heavy looking clothes.

It’s not armor.

Its texture looks soft, so it should be some kind of clothing.


「The material is Brown Bear fur, I got help from Len-Len and we made it an overall.」


「It’s an overall?」



What about the Sturmtiger Skin?

Oh yeah, it was used for the helmet.


「And, here is the helmet made from Sturmtiger Skin.」


The helmet she took out look like something.

It’s like the skin of animals that’s use as mats in front of a fireplace.

Well, the head part is used as the helmet.


【Armor: Clothing】 Brown Bear Overall  Grade C+ Rarity 4

Def +12  Weight 20  Durability 300  Power Reduction -2

Cold Resistance +10

Overall made from Brown Bear’s fur. Heavy but durable and soft.

Have a great power reduction effect.



【Armor: Belt】Polka Dot Fox Belt  Grade C+ Rarity 3

Def +1 Weight 4  Durability 90

Belt made from Polka Dot Fox’s skin. Its thin and has a beautiful texture.



【Armor: Leather Armor】 Sturmtiger Leather Armor +  Grade C+ Rarity 4

Def +7  Weight 4  Durability 180  Power Reduction -1

Magic imbued item  Wind Resistance

Leather armor made from Sturmtiger’s skin.

A beautiful piece of work made from Sturmtiger’s skin.


「Think of these as a free service.」


The items were leather products.


【Armor: Armguard】Brown Bear Armguard  Grade C Rarity 4

Def +4  Weight 3  Durability 120  Power Reduction -1

Armguard made from Brown Bear’s skin.

Skin is thick but won’t slow down movement.



【Armor: Leg Guard】Brown Bear Armguard  Grade C Rarity 4

Def +4  Weight 3  Durability 120  Power Reduction -1

Leg guard made from Brown Bear’s skin.

Skin is thick but won’t slow down movement.



All this good equipment for free?

Its fine I guess.

I summon Senki to equip it.


「A Barbarian!」


It’s the words of Reina who passed by.

I completely agree.

It would be perfect if it had a wooden club.

Especially the helmet is amazing.

The tiger’s skin covers the shoulders and back.

Of course, only the head part is equip.


「This is just a heinous look, isn’t it?」


「Aren’t you the one who made it?」


「Yeah, but is far from what I expected.」


Right, the appearance is important for the females players.

And they are strict about it.

The creator Saki herself don’t seem to be satisfied.

I think it’s fine this way isn’t it?


「Ok, these as well.」


Margrid takes out the gems.

2 Iolite.


【Material】Iolite  Grade C+  Rarity 2 Weight 0+

Also called water sapphire. Ultramarine colored gem.

Not high in rarity, but is known to be useful to reinforce magic depending on how it’s processed.

Shaped and polished into an oval polyhedron and fitted into a silver setting.


Engraved with the words『Spiral』.


Both are the same.

It doesn’t seem to have any difference as before.

So there should not be any problem I guess?


「And this.」


She takes out an item.

Bracelet of Torture.


【Equipment: Bracelet】Bracelet of Torture  Grade C+ Rarity 3

AP +1  Weight 0+  Durability 150.

Magic imbued item  No Attribute

Prison Guard’s bracelet. Made from a metal with a characteristic similar to copper and silver.

It is said that the fist of the equipped arm has the power to torture the dead.



There is no difference with before.


「What do you think will happen when you combine the two together?」


Hearing that, I attach the Iolite setting to the Bracelet of Torture .

And this showed.


【Equipment: Bracelet】Bracelet of Torture +  Grade C+ Rarity 3

AP +5  Weight 0+  Durability 150.

Magic imbued item  No Attribute

Prison Guard’s bracelet. Made from a metal with a characteristic similar to copper and silver.

It is said that the fist of the equipped arm has the power to torture the dead.


Empowered by an Iolite fitted into a silver setting and attached to the bracelet.



The AP has increased, which means attack power will be increased?


「It’s a strange equipment.」


Saying that, she took the gem out and give it to me.

In other words, will the same thing happen if I use it on my current bracelet and leg ring?


I remove the bracelets from both my arms.

I fitted the setting onto both.

The AP has increased the same after looking using【Appraise】.

I equipped it back after confirmation.


「The Prison Guard’s Bracelet is really strange.」


「Seems like it.」


「A few others also brought some in.」


「Did it sell well?」


「It’s useless unless you fight using grappling. 」


Margrid sighed after saying that.

Is that player style that small?


「Oh right, I’ll buy all the Amber you have.」


「Do you need it for something?」


「It’s good for gaining experience for my Jeweler.」




「It will only contain a level 1 lightning spell only though.」


Hm, can you sell that?

But if a party doesn’t have anybody that can use lighting magic, it would sell even if the price is high, right?


Fiona starts calculating the price after receiving the Ambers.

I also take out the Crest Bee Sting that I want to sell.

The main thing today was Senki’s equipment.

This should be all.


「By the way, I heard you have an important promise today. 」


「Huh? 」


「I heard you are going to have a match.」


「Hm? 」


「You going to make a girl cry again?」


「No no no.」


「I think you should fight fairly! 」


Em, what should I say.

Where did this information come from?


「You have been quite the talk around, it would be rude to run away right?」


Fiona’s words stop me in my tracks.

Isn’t there any more ways to escape this?


I got vegetables from Hannes as always, and cast Grow Plant on the young tree.

A few of the trees have grown splendidly.

The growth rate is amazing.

There must be an increase in Tree magic users.


I return to Bunraku and start eating.


I did not notice the taste.

Since I was in a daze.



I need to summon.

I recall Senki and Bunraku.

And summon Rig, Ninetails and Heather.

The formation for traveling.


I was not paying attention during the meeting either.

I wonder why I feel as if I am being looked at.

No, it wasn’t wrong.

I am being looked at.


I am not paying attention to the report though.


「Keith, you ready?」



It’s here.

Gavi is in front of me.

At the side, Fiona and the others are also looking at me.




「The match rule will be default, ok? 」


「I’ll leave it to you.」


「Ok, there is a round and square field, do you have any preference?」


「I’ll leave that to you too.」


「Ok, than the round one.」



Its over.

I can’t escape this.


There are players at the center of the village for the meeting.

But the number doesn’t seem to be decreasing.


No way, they are all here to watch?


How terrible.

The word has already spread before I know it.


《『Lydia』has proposed a match! Do you accept? 》

Lydia was standing in front of the 《Yes》 or《 No》 screen.

Can I go home?


Lydia Lv.12

Sorcerer  Waiting.


I use 【Identify】 on her

The level has risen?



The match rules start showing.

It’s the default rule, but I’ll look just in case.


The area will be the square of this village.

The battle area is circular and the radius is 30m.

Victory is decided when HP drop below 90%.

MP usage is up to 90%.

Match time is 10 minutes.

Players will be judged by their remaining HP.

All sense setting are 100%

No limit to weapons used.

No limit to spells used.

No using recovery items.

Match type 1vs1


『You ready? 』




My main weapon is Staff of Torture.

And 2 Tonfas of Torture on my back.

So, how will this go?


The countdown starts.

10 seconds left.

I gave a bow.

And she bows back.

In her hands is a bow.

Her equipment have also been updated since the tournament.


3 seconds.


I grip the staff.

The first move is already decided.


The announcement came when the countdown reached 0.


《Battle start! 》


「Meditate! 」

「Bless! 」

「Physical Enchant: Fire!」


「Twin Shot! 」

After activating 3 weapon artes in row, 2 arrows came flying.

Using the long distance as a head start.

I know it’s a feint.

So I ignore it and made a direct assault.

Both did not hit, only scratch.

But some damage is still taken.


How about the opponent?

She’s not moving.

I know that she is casting a spell.

She loads an arrow on the bow and went into a shooting stance.

How will the attack come?


But my next move is faster.

I will use weapon arte.

The problem is the distance.

I have to get a little closer.


When I see the arrow launch.

At the same time I use a weapon arte.


「Spell Vibrate! 」


The arrow hit my shoulder.

It’s painful, but my HP did not decrease a lot.

In return for that.

I have closed the distance.


And I close the distance even more.

It seems she has realized I am not firing any spells.


She hurriedly loads an arrow into the bow.

And I did a low slide.


The position wasn’t good enough.

Still, it was effective, is it because of the staff in my hand?

I turn my body around and deliver a kick with my right leg to the stomach, and hook her foot with my staff.


Of course, she will fall over.


It’s a great position to do a knee bar.

But a danger signal is going off in my head.


I can’t.

Knee bar, I can’t use it.

It will be bad in many ways.


These thoughts lead me to leave an opening.

A kick flies towards my face.

And hits me in my jaw.



There is no reason it won’t hurt.

I got fed up with myself.

Do this seriously.



I caught the leg that kicked with my arm.

I cross her legs.

Right foot on the top.

And left foot on the bottom.


I hold her right foot on my left side and fix it.

And my left arm lifts the heel of her left foot.

I let go of my staff and concentrate on a joint lock.


Cross heel hold.


It’s a technique to injure the Achilles tendon of both legs at the same time.

It goes without saying about the pain, but.


She can really endure.

Not only that, she is able to let go of her bow and equip a knife?

I can sense her determination.


I turn our bodies, and both of us were on our stomach.

I pulled out my own legs, leaving her legs still folded.

And you have a deformed Indian death lock.

I picked up my staff.


She still has the knife in her hands, but I use the Staff of Torture to repel it.

She let go after hitting it a few times.


Now she won’t be able to escape.

I lightly hit her leather helmet 2 times and strike the ground next to her head with my staff.


「Ok, I lose.」




《『Lydia』 has given up》

《Match end! Stop the battle! 》


The match has ended.

But somehow it doesn’t feel like it ended.


Lydia is really a beauty after taking off her leather helmet.

Has she lost her seriousness from before?

Not really.

No, maybe that’s the way she is.

For some reason, I think it’s a waste.

She doesn’t look like a woman when fully equipped.

And she is tall.

Not much different from me.

And her boobs too.



I better not.


And also.

What would happen if she just focused on using bow and arrows from the beginning?

I was able to close the distance because she was using it together with spells.

What if she just used bow and arrows alone?

It would have been more difficult.


The battle field spell is released.

I can hear the voices of the players watching.

I wonder why I feel dejected.

Is it because the match is too short?


My HP didn’t drop a lot.

It can be back to full with 1 potion.

No problem.


But there was another problem.






「I know it will be consecutive but, can we have a match?」




I was wondering who it was.

It was Yosaku.




「A match.」


「Huh? Who?」


「You and me.」




2 battles in a row?

Well the match did end fast.


What is Yosaku’s equipment?

The main hatchet was not the same one as before.


It’s very big.

This is really bad!


The armor was the same leather armor as before.

He doesn’t seem to be holding a shield either.

It’s going to be a two-handed style?

This is really really bad!


Yosaku Lv.12

Lumberjack  Waiting


No no no no no.

I can’t relax even with the difference in level!.

Not good, it’s impossible to win without entanglement.


I am a Summoner!

Even with a Grand in front of it, I am still just a summoner!


By the surrounding atmospheres seem to be heating up.

I can feel their gaze of anticipation.

Really bad.

I don’t think I am able to refuse in this state.


Is there any escape route?

No, it will leave a bad taste if I run away.


No choice.

I’ll accept it.


「I understand. I will accept it. 」


「Thanks, do you want to rest a bit first? 」


「No, let’s do it now. 」



I want to go hunting after this.



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