Chapter 153

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

The number of summoners started to increase.

Of course, the number of Summon Monsters also increased.

You guys…

I was starting to have some difficulty remembering names.

Well it was just an informal meeting, it would be fine.

But it seemed like everyone already knew who I was…


There were also some other things that were bothering me.

Why was I being referred to by just “The Summoner”?



「Hey! Everybody! The food is here, yo!」


At Haruna’s signal, we all began to eat and chat.

There was no alcohol.

But there were a lot of snacks, so it was alright.

There were a lot of Summon Monsters too.

The whole party ended up as a collection of rings of summoners around small pockets of Summon Monsters.


It was like a horse-racing paddock.

Well, that was fine too.



Two crabs first attracted my attention.


Delicious when raw, delicious when cooked, a perfect meal.

I didn’t mind prawns either though.



Wait, it wasn’t a food.


I used【Identify】.



Big Crab / Douraku Lv.4

Summon Monster Moving

Battle Position: Ground, Underwater



Big Crab / Kanie Lv. 2

Summon Monster Moving

Battle Position: Ground, Underwater




Interesting names.


The fairies were also getting a lot of attention.

Although when I say “the fairies”, I really only mean Heather and Muret.

They were very popular.

Especially for the girls.

High-pitched voices sounded here and there.


Of course, the Class Change monsters were also very popular.

Toggle and Mii-chan.

Helix and Obsidian stood on Zangetsu’s saddle, observing their surroundings.

I heard there were also a few other summoners besides Adele, Irina, and myself that had Class Change Summon Monsters.

But they weren’t at the meetup.

Of course, that meant a lot of the questions were thrown our way.


What is the cutest Summon Monster that also has a lot of muscle?

Those kind of questions.


The lion La-chan was also pretty popular.

Well it was the only lion in the whole meetup.



Night was approaching.

Several players started using【Flashlight】.

I recalled all my Summon Monsters and edited my team.

Jean, Jericho, Senki, Rig, and Goki.

All of them were Class Change Summon Monsters.


Jericho and Senki attracted the most attention.

Rig crawled about Senki’s body.


「Lesser Ogre?」


「In other words, it might grow into a normal Ogre, huh.」


There were a few Beast Apes.

But not that many of them.

I expected them to be more popular, considering their strength in the front lines,


After asking around a bit, I realised that using【Identify】on the Snow Ape in N1W1 wasn’t enough.

The Beast Ape would only become available after using【Identify】on the Killer Apes in S2 and S3.


「Demons are from the east apparently.」


The topic of demons came up

Apparently, the demons were from some lone island in the east.




「A demon island?」



It was discovered by the fisherman brothers.

The island was a portal too.

Although the monsters are quite tough.


「The monsters on land aren’t so bad, but the ones in the caves are on an entire different level. I heard the fisherman brothers were taken out.」




I had never really explored in the eastern direction.

I would probably need a ship.



I saw some other slimes too.

In my case, I met the slime as a Goblin Shaman’s Summon Monster, but there were other cases where they could appear on their own.

But there still weren’t that many of them.

Besides Rig, I only saw three other slimes.

Although both Adele and Irina could summon a slime too.

A bit of a plain Summon Monster, but definitely a convenient one to have.



It took some time, but after everyone had a good look at Jericho, I renewed my team once again.

Volff, Bunraku, Mumyo, Creep, and Zuiun.


There were two wood puppets besides Bunraku.

Gelta had a Metalskin-like Summon Monster too at her place, apparently.

It wasn’t really a Summon Monster suited to fighting, though.



What was interesting was their skill compositions.

The two other wood puppets both had【Cooking】.

The two summoners were both men.


My brothers!



Even so…

Skeletons and Mists were really unpopular, huh.

There was only one of each monster.

Well they were pretty niche in where they could be effective.


On the other hand, horses, owls, wolves, and hawks were very popular.

According to Irina, I played a pretty big part in that.

Me? what did I do?




「In any case…」




Mumyo’s equipment attracted a lot of attention.

Well, that made sense.

It was very flashy.


Volff took quite a while to get back from his trip around the place.

The reason was clear.

Volff was being pet here and there.


I didn’t mind though.



The party moved to the riverside.

The aquatic Summon Monsters were next.





Seasnake / Kuzukago Lv. 2

Summon Monster On Standby

Battle Position: Underwater, Ground




Mermaid / Dana Lv. 2

Summon Monster On Standby

Battle Position: Underwater, (Ground)



I left the sea snake for later.

Cheers came from all the male summoners.

As a man myself, beauties were my favourite.


And, well…

The line around her chest was sagging a bit.


The summoner was a female summoner named Konohana.

She knew what all the male summoners were thinking.

Myself included.



「You animals!」



How rude.

At least equip her with a bra or something…

Wait, no it looked like she had already done something like that.

Konohana took a piece of cloth and wrapped it around the mermaid’s chest.


Oh, I see…

Before【Summon Magic】Lv.12, it wasn’t possible to recall and summon Summon Monsters with their equipment.

Made sense.


Wait a minute…

Even with her chest hidden, the sight is still attacking me!

Her bashful attitude wasn’t making things easier either.

The mermaid looked down, blushing lightly.


I felt like I heard the sound of swallowing spit somewhere.

This is bad…

I had a feeling some people here might have already decided to summon a girlfriend with their next level of【Summon Magic】.


I could summon one more Summon Monster too.



「I have a serious question…」


「What is it?」


「When I used【Identify】on her, there was a bracket around the her Battle Position…」


「Ah, that means the Battle Position is conditional.」


The mermaid was a bit weak in terms of stats.

But she had some interesting skills to make up for it.

First,【Cursed Song】.

The same skill available to the Bard job.


Apparently, it would let the mermaid transform into human form.

But it didn’t have an effect on battle.


Mermaids were pretty much only useful as support.

Probably useful as girlfriends too.

I swallowed again.



I continued chatting after finishing my meal.

The topic of the tournament came up pretty often.


There were eight teams present at the party.

Among them, four teams made it past the first round.

I honestly expected more of them to make it through.



「Well, getting focused down is just something you’ll have to deal with…」


「Yeah, because all your Summon Monsters disappear when you’re taken out… The moment you’re out the whole battle is pretty much over…」


The Summoner that said that lost in the first round.

They were in a team of two summoners with a wolf, a tiger, a snake, and a wood golem.

A treasure hunter from the other team managed to break through and beat them.


「I couldn’t really control my Summon Monsters either… They got confused and disorganised pretty quickly.」


I looked at the battle log, and it really was an unfortunate result.

I see…

Without a solid strategy, it would be easy to fail.

Especially since a fight can easily change in a matter of seconds.



We watched the videos of the matches while chatting.

Adele got a video of my match too.


「Just as expected~」



I wasn’t intending on changing up my strategy.


「But it really is scary… You’re making it easier for them to target you.」


「I’ll cross the bridge when I come to it.」


「You’re still leaving yourself open to having the whole battle get flipped upside down in a moment…」


「I know, right~」


I understood where Adele and Irina were coming from.


But I’ll go just as usual.

Just as usual.

As usual.




I recalled Bunraku and Creep.

I summoned Tigris, and…


My 17th Summon Monster…

What should I go for…?


「What should my 17th Summon Monster be?」


「Your 17th, huh?」


「Irina! You’re forgetting that we can summon new Summon Monsters too!」


I looked at the Summon Monster list and thought to myself.

I filtered it by the monsters I didn’t have yet.




Giant Tortoise

Giant Bee

Big Spider

Big Crab

Sea Snake





I was definitely interested in the mermaid…

But was it really worth summoning?

I would definitely be considered a pervert…

I guess I’ll just look at the summaries.



【Big Spider】Summon Monster Battle Position: Ground, Walls

A large spider. Its main method of attack is its bite.

It can also use its silk to make traps.

A natural hunter.



【Big Crab】Summon Monster Battle Position: Ground, Underwater

A large crab. Its main method of attack are its two claws.

Its movements are slow, but it’s tough and suited to the front lines.



【Sea Snake】Summon Monster Battle Position: Underwater, Ground

A sea snake. Its main methods of attack are its bite and its venom.

Suited to underwater battles.



【Mermaid】Summon Monster Battle Position: Underwater, (Ground)

A mermaid. Her main methods of attack are her song-based special skills.

Suited to underwater battles. The mermaid can also transform into human form to fight on land.



「A lion would be nice… But there’s a tortoise, a bee, and a spider too.」


「Me too.」


「I think I want another fluffy monster~」


「Adele, wouldn’t it be better to think about other Summon Monsters too?」


「Hmm… I guess so~」



I didn’t have to think about it much at all.

Let’s go for this one.


「Summon Monster!」


My 17th Summon Monster appeared.



Loewe Lion Lv1 (New!)


AGI 14

INT 11

STR 17

VIT 20

SPI 13



Bite Threaten Sense Danger Night Vision



The name actually just meant “lion”.

But now thinking about it, maybe Leon wouldn’t have been a bad idea either…

A young male lion.

Volff and Tigris immediately came over.


Get along, alright?








I didn’t know what they were talking about, but it sounded like they were acknowledging one another.

I guess that would be fine.



「Summon Monster!」


Irina summoned a Tortoise.


A tough choice.



Great Turtle / Bokuka Lv.1

Summon Monster On Standby

Battle Position: Ground



「Summon Monster!」


Adele summoned a Beast Ape.


It wasn’t really really fluffy, to say the least.



Beast Ape / E-chan Lv. 1

Summon Monster On Standby

Battle Position: Ground



Thinking about it, there were actually quite a few tortoises at the party.

It’s getting attention.


Ah, where did Loewe get off to?

He got captured by Adele.

Ah, Volff and Tigris too.


All the Summon Monsters were starting to gather around Adele.


「I’m in heaven.」


「Ah! I’ve been wanting to do this for so long!」


Haruna was in the pile of Summon Monsters too.

They sounded like a pair of addicts.

A few other summoners looked on curiously.



I should’ve seen it coming.

It was becoming difficult to tell which Summon Monster belonged to who.


It took a while for Adele to get her fill.




「If anyone’s looking to log out soon, let’s head back to Remut!」


At Haruna’s signal, about half of the summoners left the meetup.

But the party wasn’t over yet.

Although it might’ve been smarter to just log out.

The other half stayed behind.

The time was 9 pm.

It wouldn’t take that long to get back to Remut anyway…


Oh well…

I decided to use【Instant Portal】.

There were less than 30 players left.

I think they’ll fit well.



「Adele, Irina.」




「What’s up?」


「Let’s take a quick break. I’m going to use【Instant Portal】.」




「Should be fine. I think.」


There were a few bats flying around.

And the area was already pretty thin in monsters anyway.

I managed to use【Instant Portal】.

I invited Adele and Irina to a Union and entered.



『Adele first. Go on and head in.』




After Adele, all the other summoners entered the portal one by one.

Along with their Summon Monsters.

Irina went in last.



「This should be everyone.」


「What a useful skill!」


The other summoners looked about in curiosity.

It was probably their first time in a portal.


「You can all log out whenever you wish.」


「Thanks, Keith.」


「We can chat for longer!」



Although going to bed early wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Tomorrow will be a big day too, after all.

Aren’t you guys pumped up…



Battle Mode was a feature that could be used within portals too.

Although the boundaries had to be a lot smaller.


There were some players there who had a habit of having at least one match before logging out every night.

I had some fun watching the matches and got some pretty good information from them.

The discussions were pretty exciting.


The time was 10 pm.

The party was formally ended.

I could’ve gone for some more hunting, but I decided to log out instead.


I had another match tomorrow.

The second round, huh.


Let’s fight as usual.

Just as usual.

Loewe Lion Lv1 (New!)


AGI 14

INT 11

STR 17

VIT 20

SPI 13


Bite Threaten Sense Danger Night Vision



Adele, Irina, and the other summoners


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