Chapter 49


Translator: Charlotte

After looking around for a while, I decided to eat breakfast at a stall run by another group of players.
I refilled my water bottle at the fountain in the town square before heading to the Adventurer’s Guild.
I thought it would be really crowded, but it was unexpectedly empty inside the guild.
Wouldn’t you get levels by doing quests from the Adventurer’s Guild?
Oh well, less waiting for me.
They weren’t bothering me, it was fine.

There was a woman I’d never seen before at the counter, but she let me through to the Guild Leader’s room right away.
But the Guild Leader wasn’t in his room.
I patiently waited for 10 minutes.
Finally, the Guild Leader Lugran appeared.
The usual middle-aged male staff member was with him.
It was like he was the Guild Leader’s personal guardian.

「Oh, you’re a lot earlier than I expected.」

「Good morning.」

The Guild Leader looked at me all over.
His eyes went between me and the staff member.
Looked like they were planning something.
I felt an aura of mischief radiating off of them for some reason.

「The truth is, I’m doing work on Remut’s expansion, but the Adventurer’s Guild also happens to have plans to move to a new location at the moment.」

「I see…」

「Yes. In that regard, I have a request for you.」

Not again.
I’d heard of the plan to move before, but I doubt playing dumb would help my case anyway.
I gave him an understanding look.
All I could do now was hope that the request wouldn’t be so troublesome.

「Could you help out with construction at the new location?」


I didn’t expect that.

「But… I don’t think I’d be able to contribute a lot there.」

「You’ll be fine. You have a very strong Wood Golem with you, and if they need anything from the workshops in Remut you can deliver them on horseback.」

「Ahh, I understand.」

That made sense.
There was no reason I shouldn’t use my Summon Monsters.

「I’ll just be helping out, right?」

「Yes. If you’re ever lost, you can refer to the man in charge.」

「Got it.」

「Thank you so much, we put out a recruitment poster yesterday, but looking at the turnout I was really in a pinch.」

「Not a lot of people showed up?」

「Next to none. I feel like it would’ve been the same with or without the recruitment poster. We’re really lacking in manpower.」

Could it be…
I felt like that was because everyone was running around trying to level up in preparation for the tournament.
The poor Adventurer’s Guild had to deal with problems around every corner, huh? First a lack of potions, and now a lack of manpower…

「I saw a lot of adventurers training for the tournament.」

「Yes, I’ve noticed the town get a lot livelier…」

「…Oh, by the way, I’ve already reserved a spot for you in the tournament. It’s good to have insider connections, right? Haha.」


Did I mishear something?

「Who, me? I’m going to participate in the tournament?」

「Applying is the first step to winning. I applied for you in advance.」

「But don’t I have to help out with construction too?」

「You can just take a break when the tournament starts.」

「No, like, why me?」

「Aurnier told me to do it. “It’ll be an opportunity for you to show off your weird fighting style,” he said.」

So it was Master’s idea.
I grew a little suspicious.
The timing was too perfect. Master ran away the day before I was given the news.
I couldn’t even hunt Master down to ask for an explanation anymore.

「I heard Summon Monsters are banned, though.」

「Don’t worry about it. Aurnier told me you would still be able to make it pretty far even without your Summon Monsters.」

「Really? I’m not so confident.」

「The tournament will be held at the new training grounds. It’ll be both a tournament and an exhibition for the new building, in a sense.」


「So I think it’s better you don’t think about it like a contest and just have some fun. You won’t have to travel very far to reach the place, after all.」

Oh, I was going just to be there for entertainment? To make others laugh using my “weird” fighting style?
Well, he wasn’t wrong.

「Alright, but I may not be able to meet your expectations.」

「Well, why’s that?」

I looked up to see the Guild Leader grinning from ear to ear.
He looked like a little boy who’d just set up a prank.

「In any case, I’ll be counting on you to help out with construction.」

《You have received a quest from the Guild. Do you wish to accept it?》


《You have accepted a quest from the Guild!》

It didn’t show me any conditions I had to fulfil.
I almost felt like turning the Guild Leader down…
But I went with the flow and took on the request.
I would love to have a clear goal to work towards though.

「One of our staff will guide you to the new location.」

「Alright. How will I know when I’m done?」

「The on-site supervisor will know that… Hey, what are you giving me that look for?」


「Well, I’ll be guiding you there.」

The staff member got in between us. Urged on by him, I left the Guild Leader’s room.
I looked at the staff member. The wry smile on his face made me a little worried.

We arrived in New Remut. Although for now, it was just stones stacked up in a makeshift wall, and a few buildings here and there.
It was the first time I saw what it was like inside the walls.
It looked like an entirely new town… Well, it was.

The town square was a lot larger than I thought it would be, and the three roads branching off of it were comfortably wide.
Enough for carriages to pass through even if both sides were lined with stalls.
There was even a fountain in the middle of the town square.
There were three wells, and a little spot where you could give your horse something to drink.
The new place was perfect. It left nothing to be desired.

The new Adventurer’s Guild building was in a prime location too.
On one side was the town hall, and on the other side was the Trader’s Guild.
And next to the Trader’s Guild was the Craftsman’s Guild. It looked like they were using the same building.

The staff member told me that the whole city was designed by just a single carpenter.
Apparently, the Adventurer’s Guild had been requesting manpower from this carpenter, but they were unsuccessful in reaching an agreement.
The staff member showed me a wry smile, but he was clearly very uneasy.
The building wasn’t fit for use yet and the deadline was coming up soon, after all.

「”Send me more men if you want things to get done faster!” is the site manager’s favourite phrase.」


「We’re so sorry, please make do somehow.」

Could he be one of those drill sergeant types?

When we arrived, the manager was talking to some other workmen.
No, maybe I should call them craftsmen. They all had a lofty vibe about them.
I recognised one of them.
It was the Glasswork Master Nils.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll do a quick【Identify】.

Manager Jorgen Lv.???
Carpenter Negotiating

Rock Polisher Theodore Lv.4
Stonemasonry Master Negotiating

Connoisseur Rauno Lv.2
Woodwork Master Negotiating

Glassworker Nils Lv.???
Glasswork Master

I could see some of the NPCs’ levels.
No, I should be more impressed with the others. They must’ve had even higher levels.

「Mr. Jorgen, we’re from the Adventurer’s Guild.」

「Huh? Ah, just a second.」

Were they arguing over something?
No, listening in on their conversation, it seemed like they were just talking about optimising work hours and personnel.
The stonemasons were already in the end stages of their work.
But due to the rain, apparently some repairs were necessary.

The woodwork part of the project was the furthest behind everyone else.
For example, I could see that the wooden detailed furnishings for the stairs weren’t finished yet.
And finally, the glass division.
All the windows and window decorations were complete, but the various smaller glass pieces used as cupboards covers and the such weren’t complete yet.

Summarising the state of the project, with the deadline coming up, they were putting the completion of all the rooms first, and to do that, there was a priority given to the woodworking division.
But even with the extra focus on the woodworking division, they were still the main culprits behind the completion date delay.
I got a general gist of the power hierarchy they had at the place.
The Woodworker Rauno looked the youngest out of the group, and his level was the lowest too.
Looked like something wasn’t going too well between him and the manager.

「I understand the circumstances, but I need more manpower and I need more time.」

「You say that, but all the difficult parts are already over, Rauno.」

「We won’t make it by the deadline otherwise…」

「…I don’t want to risk anything, or risk being even further behind schedule for something I don’t clearly understand―」

「No, it’s because you keep insisting that that your division’s completion is still nowhere in sight.」

「I told you, I’m well aware of that…」

「Exactly! You should’ve never taken on this project if you were going to be so adamant about refusing everyone’s help just because you’re afraid they’re going to mess it up.」

「I didn’t know that we were going to have to deal with a manpower problem!」

「It’s part of your job to recruit and train new people. I do it. Everyone does it.」

「Ahh… You’re right…」

「Then start accepting help from more people. You can do all the dirty work after the deadline. I’m not asking for any more extensions.」

「No, what? Why?」

「C’mon, from now on start accepting help from more places. I’ll move some people over from the stone and glass divisions too.」

He looked like a child being scolded by his parents.
Rauno looked dissatisfied, but went along with the instructions.
Looked like I showed up right as I was needed.



「Are you from the Adventurer’s Guild by any chance?」

「That’s right.」

Nils noticed me and called out to me.
He showed me a friendly smile.

「Not really my place to say this but, good luck, we’ll be counting on you.」


The voices of all the craftsmen were echoing like usual.
But the pitch of their voices was a lot lower.
It made them genuinely intimidating.

「Mr. Jorgen, are you done?」

「Hmm? Oh!」

「We’re from the Adventurer’s Guild.」

「Yeah, Rauno! A new guy has come to help you out!」

「…We’ll have to ask you to take care of finishing the furniture.」

「Oh, really? Well then, can I leave him in your care, Nils?」

「Of course.」

「Well then, thank you.」

The staff member gave the laughing Nils a single bow before quickly leaving the place.
Everyone else scattered and, in a moment, it was just me and Nils.
How convenient.

「Well, should we get going?」

I followed Nils and arrived at the training grounds.

I tied Zangetsu to a post outside the training grounds and got Helix and Obsidian to wait on the saddle before entering the place.
It was pretty wide.
A lot wider than the training grounds next to the old Adventurer’s Guild. Almost twice as wide.
Materials were still piled up in a corner of the field.
Looked like stone…
There was an indoor shooting range too.
But it looked like it wasn’t finished yet.

Looking closer, it was actually already finished.
It was just being used as a makeshift workshop.
Some NPCs were minding their own business in there.
The yellow markers indicating that they were NPCs were scurrying about like mice.
I wonder what they were doing…

「We’re here. They’re making chairs, tables, cupboards, you name it. All of these will go into the main building.」

「Wouldn’t it be easier to do this in a proper workshop?」

「You wouldn’t be able to do anything but woodwork in a woodworking workshop. This is just a temporary solution for a temporary problem.」


「I felt the same way at first. After all, I heard this place was supposed to be used for the upcoming tournament.」

「Oh yeah…」

「That’s what I heard. I wonder if we’ll finish in time.」


Oh dear.
Looked like I got myself involved in a pretty tough situation.
People, things, money, and of course, time. So many things can be lost with just a single mistake by the higher-ups.
I saw Rauno earlier, but I didn’t feel bad for him.
That’s because all the problems he was having could’ve been foreseen and fixed.

I’d come up with solutions to these kinds of problems many times in the past.
They were all ignored by my higher-ups though.
Of course, they ended up having the same experience, just in real life.

Oops. I got side-tracked.
Focus, focus.

「Let’s make a chair to start off with.」

「Huh? Are you experienced in woodworking too, Nils?」

「Woodworking isn’t that difficult, and I’ve gotten some experience repairing windows.」

「I see…」

「Although woodworking is a pretty broad subject, ranging from wood processing to managing trees and forests. I only know the basics.」

Nils put his hands on a piece of processed wood and laughed.

「Well, in your case, it’s better you focus on getting used to the hands-on process instead of learning about it.」

Nils always found the perfect way to communicate and encourage me.
And I had a feeling that his advice was always on point.

Oops, I was getting side-tracked again.
I got to work.
All I had to do was smoothen out the edges of a block of wood.
Just reduce the square edge to a curved edge.
That was all.

At first, I worked together with Nils.
The other NPCs handed me the blocks of wood. Simple assembly line model.
Well, I say “simple”, but all I was given to work with was a knife.
I’d be really grateful for a smoothing plane, but I suppose that was too much to ask for.
I was given a file, at least, but that was just used to smoothen out the edges at the end of the process.
If I had to summarise what I was doing, I started with my knife, and finished it off with the file.

Thinking about it further, it really was a simple process.
There was a lot of variation in the different wood types, but they mainly consisted of oak wood and ash wood.
Surprisingly high-class materials.
I didn’t get very detailed descriptions from using【Appraise】, but most of the blocks of wood were a Grade C, with rarities of at least 2.

I continued working casually. When I took a lunch break and came back, an info screen appeared.

《You may learn the following Support Skill(s):【Woodworking】》

It took three bonus points to learn.
I thought about it for a while, but ultimately decided to take it.

I didn’t know if it really had any effect on my work.
I tried using【Appraise】to check, but my Grade C work stayed at Grade C.
Oh well.

When Nils wasn’t looking I tried using【Quick Recreate】.
It worked, at least.
But I got a Grade C-. I still had to use my file to fix some rough edges too.
But it was good enough. I could save a lot of time using【Quick Recreate】.
While I still wasn’t as fast as Nils, I could do my job at a nice pace that way.

「Oh, you’ve really gained some muscle, eh?」

「Thank you.」

Nils was the same as always.
Very thorough in his guidance and praise.
He made it a point to regularly call out to the other NPCs too.

「Well, it looks like you’ve got a handle on what needs to be done. Can I leave it to you?」

「Of course.」

「Great. I’m going to be doing the final assembly over there, so if you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to come ask me.」


I was entrusted with a pretty important step from day one.
Were they really that far behind?
Well, it was a good opportunity.
A good opportunity for me to put【Quick Recreate】to use.
The extra time saved would definitely be worth it.

《【Alchemy】Level Up!》

The level-up made it worth the extra MP I was using.

It was already 5 pm.
The work for that day was over.
As evening approached, our surroundings got darker.
But some NPCs were doing overtime.
One of the NPCs used the light magic spell【Flashlight】to light up the place.

「You can go home now, Keith.」

「No, it’s alright, I can keep going.」

「No, no, really, calculating your compensation is going to be really complicated. I’d actually be troubled if you’re going to stay.」

I thought I might get some extra experience, but…
Oh well.

「Well then, could I talk to you about something else?」

「What is it?」

「It’s about this.」

I pulled out my Kaya Wood Rod.
It was broken in the middle and I couldn’t use it anymore, but I thought I could try and do some repairs on it.

「Could I borrow some tools?」

「Yeah, go ahead. Use them as you like.」

「Thank you.」

「Ah, but it’s getting dark soon, so don’t stay too late, alright?」

「I won’t.」

I wasn’t really worried about that front though.
I had both【Night Vision】and【Flashlight】, after all.

Using a saw, I cut right down the middle, right where the rod broke.
I smoothed out the two sticks.
And with that, my process was complete.
I used【Appraise】on my finished product.

【Weapon: Staff】Kaya Wood Drumsticks Grade C+ Rarity 2
AP+1 M・AP+2 Power 2 Weight 0+ Durability 70
A weapon that can be used to deal physical damage or cast spells.
Easy to handle due to its moderately elastic form and slip resistant grip.
An item with a beautiful texture.
Can be used to play percussion instruments.

Kaya Wood Drumsticks…
They did look like something you would use to play a taiko.
As expected, a lot of its stats went down, probably because I shortened its length.
But its Power stat stayed the same.
The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. The shorter the rod, the easier it would be to handle, after all.

And I had two of them, too.
Two drumsticks.
I held one in each hand and pretended to be a drummer for a while.
It felt very different to a normal rod, but I quickly got used to it.

I had to make a pretty difficult decision.

The issue of whether or not I should take the Support Skill【Dual Wield】.
It would cost me 5 points to learn it.
An unexpectedly high amount.
No, maybe it was still pretty cheap?
Well, I had 16 bonus points.

When I came to myself, I had already learnt and activated the skill.
I just couldn’t control myself.

While I was it, I decided to use the Snow Leopard Claws to make a weapon.
A claw-like weapon.
Since I only wanted to use one claw at a time, I didn’t want to make a bagh nakh…
I came up with an idea. The structure would be pretty simple. All I had to do was attach a wooden base to the base of the claw.
I drilled a circle with a diameter of about 3 cm in a small piece of wood and pushed the claw through it.
After fixing it in place, I used a file to remove bits of wood until it was complete.
I used【Appraise】on the final product.

【Weapon: Knuckles】Snow Leopard Push Dagger
AP+1 Power+0 Weight 0+ Durability 50
Reduces AGI [Slight] Ice Attribute
A small assassination weapon, rendered ineffective by any kind of armour.
Has a chance of lowering the target’s AGI stat upon a successful attack.

Assassination weapon, huh.
I held the wooden base in my fist and let the claw pop out between my middle and index fingers.
The claw protruded to about 2 cm from my fist.
It didn’t look like a very dangerous weapon.
But that was alright.

I looked at the【Appraise】result again and noticed something. Ice attribute.
The fact that it could reduce a target’s AGI stat was pretty scary too.

I made the same design two more times.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t hold all three of them at the same time, but to be honest, a single one was more than enough.

I left the workshop and ate dinner at a nearby stall before heading to the plains.
Running along the main road, I headed for the Western Forest.
I wanted to test out a lot of things.
First, the new【Fire Magic】and【Dark Magic】attack spells.
The push dagger.
And of course, the dual wielded Kaya Wood Drumsticks.

I would have preferred actual swords though.

I used some MP earlier when I used【Quick Recreate】, but my MP bar was still sitting at around 70%.
I had plenty of room.
By the time I reached the watchtower in front of the forest, it was already night-time.
I recalled Helix and Zangetsu and summoned Volff and Jean.
I didn’t get many opportunities to play with Zangetsu and Helix anymore.
But at least they gained experience as long as they were summoned.

I walked into the forest when it was already completely dark.
I used【Night Vision】to help me see, and【Dowsing】to look for some Obsidian Rocks.
Of course, I picked up any Healgrass I saw on the ground.

It was hunting time.
In a lot of different ways.

The first group I locked on was a group of Wild Pheasants.
One male and five females.

I got ready to cast a new spell.
The fire magic spell【Fire Shot】.

I held a drumstick in each hand and approached a female Wild Pheasant.
When it noticed and charged at me, I intercepted its attack.
A timed attack to the side of its head.
A direct hit.
But the damage it dealt was small.
After continuous attacks with both my hands, I finally managed to take it down.

One thing I noticed was that I had to get a lot closer than usual.
Although I wasn’t that surprised. I was already used to close combat.
The issue was with the attack strength.
Each hit only took out about half as much as the rod would.
But at least I could hit a lot more often. It let me give it no gap to run away or recover.
It was about time to test out something more painful though.

「Fire Shot!」

I used the spell on a nearby female Wild Pheasant.
With just one spell, its whole body was engulfed in flames.
Ohh, it definitely was very flashy.

As the male Wild Pheasant ran to attack Volff, I delivered a firm kick to its side.
It fell on the ground, where it was immediately attacked by Jean.
I ran over to follow up with more attacks.
But it dodged my stomp.
The pheasant jumped up and started attacking my face.

I somehow used the two sticks in my hands to endure it.
It got off of me and landed on the ground.
An opportunity.

I dashed forward, putting my body weight into another kick.
It lost its balance and fell onto the ground again, where I used my two drumsticks to beat down on it.
I managed to take a lot out of its HP bar, taking it down.
But when I looked up, I noticed something else.

The other female Wild Pheasants managed to surround Volff and me while we were attacking the male Wild Pheasant.

I gripped the two drumsticks in my hands before defeating all the other pheasants.
I could rotate the drumsticks in my hands very comfortably. The frequency at which I could dish out attacks was nice too.
But I felt like the damage I was doing didn’t increase from when I was using the rod. I felt like it was actually less?
The range of my attacks was naturally a lot shorter.
But using the weapon for defence became a lot easier.

That was my summary of the weapon.
I didn’t sense any special changes from using【Dual Wield】.
Maybe the skill only worked on one-handed swords?

Oh well.
At least with the drumsticks I could defend a lot better. I would’ve taken a lot more damage from the male Wild Pheasant’s attack if I only had a rod.
The drumsticks were a lot easier to use for defence. I decided to just focus on that.

But in terms of attack power, honestly speaking, the difference to just fighting barehanded wasn’t that large.

Well, that was alright.
Onto the next test.
I took all the items the pheasants dropped and went deeper into the forest to search for more monsters.

I picked up two pieces of Healgrass and three Obsidian Rocks before finding my next group of pheasants.
One male and four females.

I held the Snow Leopard Push Dagger in my left hand.
I held one of the Kaya Wood Drumsticks in my right hand.
Once the pheasants noticed me, I prepared to use a spell.
The dark magic spell【Dark Stare】.

I used the spell on the nearest female Wild Pheasant.
A direct hit.
It looked like its HP bar went down by a lot less than when I used【Fire Shot】earlier.
The other pheasants charged at me.
Only the pheasant I hit with【Dark Stare】didn’t come to attack me.

I left two of the female Wild Pheasants to Volff and took on the male one alone.
It immediately jumped up to attack my face.
I swung my right hand at it to block its attack and punched it with my left hand.
I twisted my left hand to let the claw do as much damage as possible.
I looked at its HP bar.
It seemed pretty effective. Its HP bar went down by quite a bit.

The male pheasant fell onto the ground, where I followed up with a stomp.
I did the same “block and stab” routine to the other pheasants that charged at me.
After a while, I noticed that their movements were getting slower.
Looking closer, I saw another marker was stacked on top of their red markers.
Focusing on that, I saw an info screen saying, “Slowed [Slight]”.

Ahh, it was the weapon effect.
Or maybe a freeze effect from the ice attribute?
Oh well, I figured out why they seemed slower.
I decided to focus on the male Wild Pheasant while it was slowed down.
The fight became quite easy.
I confidently went all out and took it down.

The female Wild Pheasant I used【Dark Stare】on earlier still looked like it was ignoring me.
There was another marker on top of its red marker.
Focusing on that, I learnt that it had a status effect: Blindness [Moderate].
Looked like it couldn’t see us.

It definitely did less damage than【Fire Shot】.
But【Dark Stare】inflicted the Blindness debuff too. Pretty useful.
I remembered that the light magic spell【Confuse Blast】worked in a similar fashion.

The female Wild Pheasant ran around without any particular direction.
I knocked it down as it passed me and placed my foot on its neck.
I left the finishing blow to Volff.
【Dark Stare】made things pretty easy.

《Summon Monster『Jean』Level Up!》
《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》

Jean leveled up.
Jean managed to overtake Zangetsu, Helix, and Obsidian even though he was younger than the three of them.
Well, I was mainly using Volff and Jean in the forest maze, after all.

Jean’s INT stat went up during the level-up.
I decided to put a point into VIT.

Summon Monster Jean Bat Lv3→Lv4(↑1)
DEX 15
AGI 18
INT 12(↑1)
VIT 10(↑1)
SPI 11
Bite Flight Echolocation Evade Ambush Suck Blood

I was getting a little closer to the pretty numbers I liked so much.
But I was still a long way from getting straight, round numbers, especially with Jean.
Once his STR stat hit 10, I’d have to fix his AGI stat too.

I wanted to change up my enemies.
I started looking for Evil Ants.

From personal experience, the optimal fighting style really depends on the enemy.
The ants were relatively light, for their size.
While you could send them flying with a single attack, the amount of damage they would actually take wasn’t that large.
But when I combined my drumstick attacks with a few kicks, I managed to do a considerable amount of damage.
A nice combo was a heel to their skull after knocking them to the ground.
Continuous attacks after kicking an ant to a tree worked nicely too.
They were things I could’ve done with the rod too, but with the shorter length, moving them became a lot easier. Not to mention I had two of them.
The beating sound made a nice rhythm.

A really nice rhythm. I found myself enjoying the fights a little too much.
The ants called in their friends, of course, but before I knew it, I had managed to kill all of them.
Even though I had plans to test out some magic once there were only a few of them left.
I looked for another group of Wild Ants.

When I found another Evil Ant group I killed all of them except one before pulling out a spell.
I used【Fire Shot】on the remaining ant.
It didn’t seem very effective.
Less effective than【Stone Bullet】.

I forgot I wanted to test another spell.
I ran into another group of Evil Ants and killed all of them except one again.
I tested out【Dark Stare】.
The debuff worked fine, but the ant quickly recovered.
It had compound eyes, after all.
Well, I didn’t have any issues fighting Evil Ants normally, I had no need to use these spells.
Looked like twisting and pulling off their necks was still the optimal strategy.

Of course, I tried the Snow Leopard Push Dagger too.
It worked alright, but it was difficult to get the weapon effect to trigger.
Just as I expected…
The probability of the effect happening depended on the monster.
How annoying.
Well, at least it gave the different monsters some variation and individuality.
But the different probabilities for each monster was something I definitely had to keep in mind.

It was 8 pm.
It was already morning in the real world.
I decided to keep going for a little longer.

I attacked some more pheasant nests.
The drumsticks weren’t very useful for that. Even for knocking the female Wild Pheasants onto the ground, using my bare hands was a lot more effective.
I took out and equipped my Beginner’s Rod from an《Item Box》.
I still wanted a weapon with some length to it.
Right now, I had no choice but to use my Beginner’s Rod.

When I took my 10th Wild Pheasant Egg, it was already 9 pm.
It was about time…
I headed towards Master’s house. I saw the moon start to rise over the treetops.
It was in the same phase my moon phase calendar indicated.
I didn’t use any potions today, so I just recalled Volff and the other Summon Monsters before getting into bed.

I logged out.
I managed to get a good amount of materials, but I felt like I didn’t get to fight as many monsters today.
I decided to go hunting next night too.
With those thoughts, I closed my eyelids.

Protagonist Keith
Race Human Male Racial Lv6
Job Summoner Lv5
Bonus Points Remaining: 11

Skill Sets:
Staff Lv5 Punch Lv3 Kick Lv3 Joint Lock Lv3 Throw Lv3 Evade Lv3 Block Lv3 Summon Magic Lv6
Light Magic Lv3 Wind Magic Lv4 Earth Magic Lv3 Water Magic Lv3 Fire Magic Lv3 Dark Magic Lv3
Alchemy Lv4(↑1) Pharmacy Lv3 Glassmaking Lv3 Woodworking Lv1(New!)
Cooperation Lv5 Appraise Lv5 Identify Lv5 Discern Lv1 Cold Resistance Lv2 Grab Lv5 Horsemanship Lv4 Precise Manipulation Lv5 Jump Lv1 Heat Resistance Lv3 Climb Lv2 Dual Wield Lv1(New!)

Kaya Wood Drumsticks x2(New!) Snow Leopard Push Dagger x3(New!) Wild Rabbit Breastplate+ Series Snow Ape Armguard Wild Horse Boots+ Snow Ape Leather Helmet Rucksack Item Box x2

Survival Knife

Old Summoner’s Pupil
Guardian of the Forest
Man of the Middle Path

Monster Summons:
Volff Wolf Lv5
Zangetsu Horse Lv3 (Asleep)
Helix Hawk Lv3 (Asleep)
Obsidian Owl Lv3
Jean Bat Lv3→Lv4(↑1)
DEX 15
AGI 18
INT 12(↑1)
VIT 10(↑1)
SPI 11
Bite Flight Echolocation Evade Ambush Suck Blood
Jericho Wood Golem Lv3 (Asleep)



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