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Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

【Sumo Room】Challenge to the Deva Kings No.3【Eat more chanko】
1. Yoshimi
In the back of the cave between W2 and S1W2…
It is said that the guardian Deva Kings await your challenge.

This is a Deva King strategy guide thread.
While we’re at it, we decided to include guides for the guardian lion-dogs and guardian tigers too.
It seemed like the proper thing to do.
A summary can be found at >>2.

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Challenge to the Deva Kings No.1-2
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303. Suzune
What’s a good level at which I could challenge the Deva Kings?
I just reached Lv.8 and I’m in a party of six.
Is that good?

304. Mio
You could probably take the Lv.1 Deva King pair outside the hall.
I don’t recommend taking on anything above that though.
Even the Lv.1 pair of Deva Kings inside the hall might be tough.

305. Rupert
It depends on your party composition.
The pair outside the hall are fire and earth attribute, while the pair inside the hall are wind and water attribute.
Although I think you should be able to take them.
It’ll be a difficult fight, though.
If you’re worried you could train by fighting the Gozu and Mezu in the cave.
Unless you’re ready to struggle a bit, I think it might still be a bit too early for you.

306. Yosaku
Deva Kings are alright, but the lion-dogs and tigers are more difficult.
Of course, a lot depends on your party composition.
It’s going to be tough but you can do it.

307. Hiruma
Deva King Lv.1 pair → party of six all Racial level 8.
Deva King Lv.2 pair → party of six all Racial level 10.
Deva King Lv.3 pair → party of six all Racial level 12.
Deva King Lv.4 pair → Be on the Summoner’s level.

That’s pretty much it.
The wind + water pair is more difficult to deal with, personally.
I’ve only a seen a Lv.4 three times even though I walk around a lot.
Two of those times, the Deva Kings completely annihilated the parties challenging them.

Yeah, I agree.

308. Irina
Lv.4 LOL

309. Hiruma
Who let him go in the first place lol

310. Yosaku
That last one lololol
I haven’t fought a Lv.4 yet, is it really that strong?

311. Irina
I haven’t fought it in person either, so there’s a lot of things I don’t know…
But you could refer to the video that’s been floating around.

312. Guren
The video function came too late…
If only the admins were a little faster.

313. Tsutsumi
I know right!
I wanted to save the Lumberjack vs. Summoner match.
Ah, and of course, to learn how to fight the Deva Kings.
Speaking of which, I haven’t seen the Summoner in the cave or the village recently.

314. Adele
He disappeared right when before the end of the event~

315. Yosaku
I heard that the Summoner fights Deva Kings by grappling with them…
Not something I want to try, honestly.

316. Hiruma
If you can’t do it, who can? LOL

317. Suzune
I guess I’ll train some more.
More Gozu and Mezu, huh…

318. Reina
Look for those nose rings.
A lot of people have been bringing in more of them.
We’re going to be introducing grappler equipment soon! (Advertising)
Besides that, I just wanted to find out what other uses they could have.

319. Rupert
You get another title after defeating the tiger, I heard.
Although what the title does is still a mystery, huh.
Too many factors. Too complicated to figure out.
It’s already here, so please analyse it.

320. Saki
It looks like there’s a demon…
Ah, nevermind, the Summoner walks around with a demon on his adventures LOL

321. Irina
It’s here! More info from the admins.

More on the tournament?

322. Hiruma
Ohh, a team battleeeeeeeeeeee!!

323. Yosaku
I saw it.
Just a cursory read, but this is…

324. Saki
You don’t have a fixed party in your case…
We’ll definitely have to take care of that.
If we’re talking about production job players in the west, you’re definitely the top, after all!

325. Guren
Not funny!
If you add Mr. Stonecutter on top of Yosaku…
I don’t think even the Guide Team will be able to beat you!

326. Rupert
Stupid, all of you.
Isn’t the Summoner involved too?
You’re ignoring Summon Monsters that can take on Deva Kings on their own here.
I don’t think anyone can beat that. LOL
Only you can stop the Summoner lmao.
No, only you guys!

327. Suzune
Tournament, huh…
I want to join, but I doubt I will be able to do much.
Ah, and it’s only in two or three days too.
It’ll take an entire day to get there from Remut…

328. Margrid
The interesting matches will be saved as video.
Although I do want to see this one live.

329. Len-Len
For the forums where everyone just stabs one another…
It was such big news that everyone shut up for a while. LOL

330. Rick
It’ll be a good opportunity to bond I think.
We could gather in Remut and watch the video together, share our thoughts.

331. Hiruma
Time for a new thread! lol

332. Adele
Summoner offline meeting, let’s goooo!!

333. Irina
I’ll message Keith.
Guess I’ll go to the Summoner thread.

334. Margrid
Are you guys going to fight together?
Or are you fighting separately?

335. Len-Len
But isn’t this a massive change?
It’s a pity we don’t have that much to adjust our level-up and equipment strategies…

336. Adele
We’re going together~
We’ve already applied!

337. Irina
One Summoner + 2 Summon Monsters each works out to six lmao.

338. Rupert
Ooh, do your best.
Isn’t the top player in the Guide Team Racial Lv.13?
I wonder if we’ll be able to take them…

339. Hiruma
I made a new thread!
➲ 【Second Time】Who will be the Tournament Champion? Speculation Thread ★1【Team Battles this time】

340. Rick
What’s this?
I suppose by forming parties you can cover for one another’s weaknesses.
It’ll make level differences less impactful.
Although, I suppose we’ll have to wait and see the parties.
Even a well-balanced could be broken through with enough brute force.

341. Rupert
Finally a proper place to discuss the tournament.

342. Yosaku
Team battles this time, huh…
What to do…

343. Fiona
I’ll take care of it, so you don’t have to worry.
Let’s form a team that will bring pride to the western Production Job Players!

344. Saki
Do your best. LOL

345. Mio
I guess I’ll pass this time too~


➲ 【Second Time】Who will be the Tournament Champion? Speculation Thread ★1【Team Battles this time】
1. Hiruma
Tried making a thread.
Tournament rules, applications, and schedule are at >>2.

Let’s first talk about whether the Summoner will participate lmao

Previous Threads:
➲ 【First time】Who will be the Tournament Champion? Speculation Thread ★ 1-7
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17. zin
Aren’t you fast…

I’ll try doing a summary.

No using《Item Box》items.
No using recovery items.
The Elf skill【Summon Spirit】and the Summoner skill【Summon Monster】count towards the total member count.
The guild performs a full recovery of HP and MP before the match and a full recovery of HP and MP after the match.
The contestants will have their weapons and armour fixed by the guild alchemist.
Experience will be gained as usual.
The match will be in a 50m x 50m square training area, the default for battles.
There will be two matches on the former training grounds, five on the new training grounds, and five on the temporary stadium.
Not showing up to the tournament by the time your match is scheduled to start will be considered forfeit.
One team consists of a maximum of six people, but it’s OK to go below that.
No draws, the match will be decided by the number of members remaining.
If the number of members remaining are the same, the victor will be decided by the percentage HP remaining.
Pain settings will be set to 100%.
Contestants will be removed from the match when their HP bars reach 10%.
Give-ups will automatically end the match.
Overkill damage will not be counted by the system.


  1. Thanks for the chapter, when even Yosaku the top grappler so far doesn’t do the crazy things the summoner do, that rigth there shows you how far away from common sense MC is. HAHAHHAAHA

  2. Thanks for the treat.

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