(Forums) Chapter 148 – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

18. Rubin
So faaaassssstttttttt!

I wonder if the top Guide Team players are joining.

19. zin
>>17 Continued

10 minutes for each match.
Recovery spells are allowed from the qualifiers and onwards.
The battle log is always public.
Free video download, but only 30 minutes after a match.

Each qualifier block consists of 32 teams.
Each finalist will move on to the main tournament.
Entry to the finals will require 5 wins.
The main tournament will have 32 teams.
The number of participating teams is therefore 32 × 32 = 1024 teams.
In the qualifying 3 days, there will be 992 games in all.
The main tournament is 31 games in only one day.

20. Sakurazuka
I’m going to Remut early to secure a place to stay.

21. Cocoa
So, will the Summoner compete?
I wonder if he will make another woman cry… LOL

22. Hiruma
We have messengers LOL
Apparently those close to the Summoner are pushing him to compete.
Speaking of which, A team of Production Job Players, with the Lumberjack at its centre might be competing.

23. ∈(-ω-)∋
Hi ∈(・ω・)∋ It’s a festivaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllll!!!

24. Goutokuji
I guess everyone will start gathering in Remut again…
It’s fun once in a while. lmao

25. Shinjirou
A lot of parties have already applied.
Let’s have some fun team fighttsssssss!

26. Klauser
It’ll be pretty tough for parties without fixed memberships…
Also I need two more people. Please do message me if interested:)

27. Milia
Semi-Solobard seems to be popular.
I have a feeling he’ll be getting a lot of requests. LOL

28. Kycilia
I want to try a 3 elf and 3 spirit combo.
I’m getting real fired up!

29. Zuou
My party isn’t balanced at all…
Although 5 members + 1 spirit might be ok.

30. Guren
I applied.
But I probably won’t be able to beat the Guide Team parties.

31. Ronin2
So, did you meet the Summoner?

32. Phio
I want to meet him…
But I can’t. LOL

33. Goutokuji
I’m going to get going!

34. Corona
It’s just fate. lmao
Anyway, guess I’ll stop by the port towns on the way there…

35. Suruga
It’s safer that way.

36. Rothschild
The crowded hunting areas will probably become targets…
Not like I could beat the Guide Team anyway, but why not?

37. Yumi
Well, even if you can’t win, it’s still a tournament…
It’s an opportunity to grow.
I want to at least be able to challenge the Deva Kings.

38. Guren
I wasn’t planning on seeing you guys!
But alright, if you’re going I’m going!
I’m sure you guys can make it to the main tournament!

39. Corona
The Guide Team will probably show up in the finals…
Although, it probably depends on how well they can support one another.

40. Zuou
Lv. 10 spells are being used pretty often.
【Heavy Club】, and other advanced weapon artes too.

I’m sure attributes will be a big factor here too.
Everyone is likely to be stronger.
And now good teamwork will be major factor to victory too.
It’s a team battle, after all.

41. Klauser
I really wonder how everyone’s Support Skills will work together.

42. Hourai
No, it’s hard to predict with so many elements clashing…
It’ll still be nice to see nonetheless… lmao
Speaking of which, I wonder if the fisherman brothers will appear…
They’re going to be a formidable enemy.

43. ∈(-ω-)∋
Hi ∈(-ω-)∋ it’s a festival after all, as long as you enjoy yourself that’s fine!


Summoner Gathering Thread ★ 9
1. Tsutsumishita
This is a thread for summoners to gather.
This thread is made out of our love for Summon Monsters.

I’ll leave the creation of the next thread to >>980.

Screenshots of Summon Monsters are welcome!
But don’t post too many at once please.
Please use external links to show images.
I’ll post more links at >>2.

Previous Threads:
Summoner Gathering Thread ★ 1-8
※ Refer to the archives.


14. Nonomura
Thanks for setting up the thread.
And thanks for the Class Change diagram.

15. Hyodor
Is the tournament a team battle?
I’m interested but not nearly experienced enough to fight. orz

16. Haruna
As long as you love your Summon Monsters you’ll be OK!
Ah, I guess it’s spirits too in your case Hyodor LOL

17. Adele
So, since we have the opportunity to gather in Remut…
Let’s show off our Summon Monsters…

I want to do it, but what do you guys think?

18. Tsutsumishita
Good Idea! Definitely a good opportunity!
Actually, this is probably the only opportunity.

19. Suruga
If we’re going to meet up, let’s meet up near a river or something.
I want to show off my aquatic Summon Monsters too. lmao

20. Muu
Let’s do a barbeque on the riverside?
I want some crab too.

21. Konohana
Definitely the riverside, I want to show off a mermaid.

22. Shaela
There’s a river to the east of Remut…
But isn’t it a quite wide river?
If the weather is nice it’ll be perfect for a BBQ though.

23. Haruna
I think that’s a great place.
It’ll be easy to return to Remut too.
Will the Summoner join?
I would like to pay my dues to some Class Change Summon Monsters.

24. Adele
Me and Irina will go! lmao
I’ve already invited the Summoner.
Also leave cooking to meeeeeeeeee!!!

25. Suruga
Let’s draw a defensive line.

The crabs won’t let us take them so easily.

26. Shaela
Slurp. Delicious.

27. Konohana
All the crabs are mine.

28. Irina
Looking for more people to help out with cooking.
I’m going to bring plenty of meat.

29. Muu
I think vegetables are good too.
Although we could just stick to crab… LOL

30. Tsutsumishita
A hot pot party would be nice too…
Although maybe a BBQ would be more than enough.

31. Suruga
What’s the point of a defensive line even… I hope our greed doesn’t lead to too big of a mess. orz

32. Konohana
All the fish is also mine

33. Adele
Let’s settle on a place.
I want to do some preparations before the meet-up.
I wanted to stop by Remut too.
No need to worry about making it too precise, I’m sure we can easily recognise Summon Monsters.

34. Hyodor
I was thinking of raising my level during the tournament
Let’s go!

35. Muu
Are any of you competing in the tournament?
I really want to see the Summoner compete.

36. Irina
I’m going out with Adele.

37. Adele
I’m participating!
Already applied.

38. Tsutsumishita
Two summoners and four Summon Monsters?
That way, you can include only the strong class-changed Summon Monsters, huh…

39. Suruga
The arena is clearly too small for flying monsters.
The games are also held during the day, making night-specialised Summon Monsters useless.
What about horses?
I’d love to do some horseback combat…

40. Irina
I tried testing it out against Adele, but again, the arena is too small.
Even if it were a 100m x 100m square, it would still be too tight for horseback combat.

41. Adele
With Summon Monsters and spirits now allowed I can’t imagine the possibilities!
I’d love to see what our Summon Monsters can do!

42. Hyodor
I’m in a position to use both…
Although I think Summon Monsters are definitely more powerful.
Spirits are just to be used as a trump card I think.
I saw the tournament rules, but I didn’t read up much on spirits.
I haven’t read up on it too much, but I assume I can only use them once a day.
It’ll be difficult to use them in consecutive battles I think.

43. Toudouriki
If I fight just by myself and my Summon Monster, won’t I get targeted and focussed down?
It sounds obvious, but the tournament rules have no say about it.
Aren’t we at a massive disadvantage here?

44. Tsutsumishita
I suppose that won’t be a problem if you have a tank with you.
You could use your beast monsters to quickly end fights too.
If you really don’t like it, you could go for a three summoner and three monster team.
That would be much safer.


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