(Forums) Chapter 148 – Part 3

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

45. Muu
That’s true, but a lot of new players are too low-level to have a good set of five Summon Monsters.
It’s only THAT Summoner that can reliably pull off the one summoner strategy I think…
In any case, I wonder what the Summoner’s team composition is going to be.

46. Irina
I can see him going for all front-line monsters without a rear guard…

47. Hyodor

48. Nonomura
I really want to see the Summoner fight…
Although I’m told often that it’s not a good idea to learn from him.
Ahh, the video feature came way too late.

49. Adele
The Summoner himself is the rear guard.
At least that’s what it’s supposed to be.
But that’s not the case for the Summoner!

50. Haruna
I want to see a lot of fluffy monsters at the tournament OK? lol


Night-Dwellers Only Prey Observatory ☆ 33
1. Cappadocia [****] This is a thread for those of us who have fallen into the dark.
Do not forget to use a handle.
This thread can only be accessed by those of the dark, but still, trust no one.
Do not share personal information.
Please also develop a resistance to sick burns.

More related threads at >>2.
I’ll leave the creation of the next thread to >>980.
If you don’t stand up for yourself here, you will be a PKK target.
I recommend staying calm even if you fail and get counterattacked.

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125. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****] The Summoner has claimed another victim…
I have a vague understanding of his equipment now.
A vague one, though.

126. Currently at 74 wins, 20 losses, and 188 attempts [****] >>125
Even just hints are invaluable.
What do you have?

127. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****] >>126
Bracelets of Torture
Looks like this ➲(Image)
He purchased it in the Wind Spirit Village.
I’m sure the Summoner has this item.
He was wearing it when he was fighting the Lumberjack too.
No doubt about it.

128. Hokushingukyo [****] >>127
Why would someone buy something like that?

129. Clover4 [****] >>127
What, you looking to become a grappler?

130. Currently at 84 wins, 17 losses, and 187 attempts [****] >>127
That’s it!
He plans on removing them and hitting people with them!

131. Hokushingukyo [****] >>130
And for that, he has to suffer a pain setting fixed at 100%…

132. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****] >>131
I’ll paste the【Appraisal】result.

【Equipment: Bracelet】Bracelets of Torture Grade C+ Rarity 3
AP+ 1 Weight 0+ Durability 150
Enchanted No Attribute
The bracelets of a demon. It is made out of some kind of metal. It seems to be either copper or silver.
It is said that the fists of the wearer will have the power to strength to condemn the dead.

The last sentence is a bit strange, but there’s no mention of the 100% pain setting…
But I just tried buying a close match.
I’m sure there’s something else about this item…

133. Currently at 27 wins, 4 losses, and 88 attempts [****] I doesn’t look like it’ll become a countermeasure to PKK players.
In fact, I feel like the number of PKK players is going nowhere but up…

134. Clover4 [****] It’s important to know your enemy’s hand.
It won’t go to waste.

135. Currently at 84 wins, 17 losses, and 187 attempts [****] It’s definitely scary to get hurt with pain settings at 100%.
But I’ve changed my mind.
Now I always keep my pain settings at 100%.
There’s got to be another weakness that Summoner has…

136. Hokushingukyo [****] >>135
Do your best!
If you’re aiming for the Summoner wouldn’t getting info on his Summon Monsters be better?
But I do understand that its difficult.
Ah, go see the tournament.
You may get some clues.
The summoner may be participating too.

137. Finally found out [****] >>135
Should I try to get the Summoner with a pitfall trap?
Should I separate him from his Summon Monsters first?
Although, once I take out the Summoner, his Summon Monsters will become useless…
Although I already knew that I had to aim for the Summoner himself.

138. Clover4 [****] I’ve PKed summoners before.
But yeah, they’re quite an annoying type.
But it’s worth your trouble.
Certainly it is easier to kill the summoner first, ignoring the Summon Monsters…
But keep in mind Summon Monsters are built to protect the summoner.
You need a plan that involves getting the Summon Monsters away from the summoner first.
Besides, a lot of Summon Monsters have the ability to sense danger too.

139. Currently at 84 wins, 17 losses, and 187 attempts [****] >>136
That’s a good idea, I’m going to go do that.
I’m not sure, but I think【Hide】is effective on some Summon Monsters.
And you pretty much need it to set up traps.
The rest is up to the terrain I suppose.

140. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****] Have you guys tried getting into Unions?
The Summoner likes to fight in the front lines.

141. Finally found out [****] >>140
Unions aren’t a bad idea…
But the more people, the more likely we are to get found out.

142. Hokushingukyo [****] Aim for high-level players when their MP bars are exhausted.
I understand the need for a challenge.
But let’s take some time to devise traps and plans, and research a target’s daily schedule before striking.
That’s how Semi-solobard was hunted.

143. Currently at 27 wins, 4 losses, and 88 attempts [****] >>142
Although out of six people, four were taken out, so I don’t think we can call that a success.
But hey, a result is a result I suppose.

144. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****] It’s well known that the Summoner is active in the west.
I could do some more research, but I haven’t seen him recently.
There’s also a PKK job party with an Avenger around…
Just moving around has gotten to be pretty troublesome.

145. Clover4 [****] >>144
Good job getting out of there alive…
Just seeing a PKK party near the port towns was enough to send me running.

146. Currently at 84 wins, 17 losses, and 187 attempts [****] In any case, I want to make sure I’m fully prepared before I strike again.
Time to grind some levels.

147. Currently at 66 wins, 10 losses, and 145 attempts [****] That’s a good idea…
Although taking out a stronger player is a very nice feeling too lmao.

148. Hokushingukyo [****] Yeah, getting PKs with just frontal attacks is a little… LOL

149. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****] >>145
There is no reliable method other than escape.
I’d like to recommend Deva Kings, but there are a lot of parties there.
Maybe you can try fighting them when its less crowded.
The Summoner is at a level where he can fight them in hand-to-hand combat.
Although that’s after using spells to strengthen himself.

150. Finally found out [****]

I doubt you can ever win with a frontal attack. LOL

151. Cram-school student 104 [****] Hello.
I’m a Buccaneer, a seafaring PK job.
As my co-workers have increased, I tried to compare skills.
I’m sure skills like【Swim】and【Sailor】are Buccaneer skills.

152. Hokushingukyo [****] >>151
Are there any other PK jobs?
I wonder if there are higher ranks…

153. Clover4 [****] There’s the tournament too.
Did the guy who used【Disguise】to participate still out there?

154. Cram-school student 104 [****] >>153
Ooh, was there someone like that?
That’s a first.

155. Hokushingukyo [****] >>153
Ah, that was paramount to suicide. LOL
It was a funny challenge though

156. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****] >>153

Although participating in the tournament is a good way to compare yourself against other players.
It’s too much of a bother to deal with the NPC guards though.
The NPC thieves are making everything so difficult.

157. Finally found out [****] It’s not bad to do some pick-pocketing during the tournament.
You’ll have to pay the Thieves’ Guild though.
But it might be worth it for the level-ups.
You could just hunt monsters like any other player and level-up that way.
Wait a second, I thought I was a PK player… LOL

158. Currently at 66 wins, 10 losses, and 145 attempts [****] Hope you don’t mind me quoting that.



  1. Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Thanks for the treat.

  3. 155. Hokushingukyo [****] >>153
    Ah, that was paramount to suicide. LOL
    It was a funny challenge though

    I’m certain you don’t mean ‘paramount’.
    ‘paramount’: more important than anything else; supreme.

    Maybe you mean ‘tantamount’
    ‘tantamount’: virtually the same as.

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