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Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

➲ 【Second Time】Who will be the Tournament Champion? Speculation Thread ★8【Team Battles this time】
1. Rubin
Yeah, predicting team battles is much harder after all.
Tournament rules, applications, and schedule are at >>2.

Qualifiers are about to end!

Previous Threads:
➲ 【First】Who will be the Tournament Champion? Speculation Thread ★ 1-7
➲ 【Second Time】Who will be the Tournament Champion? Speculation Thread ★ 1-7
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114. zin
The qualifiers are over.
Most of the interesting teams have made it into the main tournament.
A bit surprising, but some underdogs made it too.
The videos were fun to watch too… The different team types were definitely refreshing.

115. Sakurazuka
Watching it live is better.
The feel is different.

116. Mick
There’s only one team with spirits left.
I didn’t expect that…
Spirits are really powerful, but they really are unpredictable!

117. Akemi
The Attack Focus teams really do stand out…
But have you guys seen the northern Guide Team?
Their defence was very nice.

118. Klauser
Attack Focus
Rapid Projection.
Defence Focus.
Defence and Spell Attacks.
Mobility Focus.
Balanced Focus.

If I had to split up the teams, I would do it like this…
I think only the fisherman team would not fit into any one of these.
I expected a lot more Attack Focus teams to make it to the main tournament.
Although the ones that did make it look pretty promising.

119. Erudy
The Guide Team going for an Attack Focus strategy? Not surprised.
It looks like it’s common among cutting edge teams.
Although the Production Job Players can’t be underestimated either.
I was pretty sceptical of the Defence and Support teams, but it looks like they’re doing pretty well too.

120. Shouryuu
I can’t see all the round 5 matches yet.
What about the Summoner?
It wouldn’t be funny for the Summoner to fail in the qualifiers, especially now.

121. Derek
Summon Monsters definitely are annoying to deal with.
They’re pretty annoying especially when the summoner stays in the back.
But in this case, the Summoner just runs out into the front too.
It’s a high-risk-high-reward play on his part, that’s for sure.

Have you seen that one-on-one fight with the Grappler?
It was dangerous, but still definitely fun to watch LOL.

122. Warren
I can definitely tell the Guide Team worked really hard on this one.
Especially because they already have their own parties to begin with.
Apparently, a team full of Lv.10 players managed to make it into the main tournament.
It’s really fun to watch all the different elements of a team fight come into play.

123. Goutokuji
Being an interesting team is actually a bad thing.
You’ll get researched on and countered.
I have a feeling that the Production Job player team, the Fisherman team, and the Summoner will definitely lose this one.
There’s a lot of information floating about already.
Knowing the enemy will give you a huge advantage.

124. Sumomo
Yeah, after watching that video of the Fisherman team I really wouldn’t want to fight them.
And what was the Production Job team’s strategy? Defence Focus?
They were strong enough to blow away a heavy shield fighter.

125. Nia
I saw the match.
I think their support played a big part in that.
And that they have more than one of those strong players in the front…
They’re definitely not going for a Defence Focus, and I think each match is actually a lot closer than most would expect.

126. Suou
I’ve seen fights get decided in only the first few minutes too.
I got eliminated by an instant rain of arrows.

127. ∈(-ω-)∋
Hi ∈(-ω-)∋ I like the variety in spells a lot.

128. Yumi
We’re starting to see the influence of 【Speedcasting】a lot too.
Actually, now that I think about it, I’ve only seen it do anything with the Summoner.

129. Muku
Striking first definitely gives you the upper hand.
Although doesn’t that mean the Summoner is the only one in his team who can cast spells?
Maybe that’s why he likes to focus on ending fights quickly.
He’ll get beaten in the long run.
Even with【Speedcasting】, that’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Wait, I thought he was a grappler LOL.

130. zin
Cooperation within your team is a lot more important than your skills.
What’s most important is that you know how to deal with unexpected situations.

131. Warren
Yeah, that’s definitely pretty scary, not knowing what might come at you.
Reminds me of girls almost. XD

132. Shouryuu
What would you guys consider the “strongest” team?

133. Derek
There are a few teams that would come to mind, but I think others might disagree.
Just about any team that made it to the main tournament could come out as the champion.

134. Erudy
I think you can compare two teams…
But anything above that is too much!
There are some things we can only find out by just getting into the fight.
It definitely depends on the matchups…

135. Goutokuji
We’ve kind of lost the point of the thread now… LOL
Well, it’s definitely going to be harder for the eye-catching teams.
But who knows, they might have something up their sleeves.

136. ∈(-ω-)∋
Hi ∈(-ω-)∋ either way, it looks like it’s going to be fun to watch!

137. Guren
These events aren’t so bad once in a while…
It was an experience I couldn’t get by just surfing the forums.
I couldn’t make it to the main tournament, but that’s ok.


Summoner Gathering Thread ★ 13
1. Shaela
This is a thread for summoners to gather.
This thread is made out of our love for Summon Monsters.

I’ll leave the creation of the next thread to >>980.

Screenshots of Summon Monsters are welcome!
But don’t post too many at once please.
Please use external links to show images.
I’ll post more links at >>2.

Previous Threads:
Summoner Gathering Thread ★ 1-12
※ Refer to the archives.


102. Konohana
Too many mermaids! XD
Well, that was fine too.
I’m looking forward to punishing all the perverted gentlemen here.

103. Tsutsumishita
Punishment? Don’t you mean reward?

104. Suruga
With a latex suit, stilettos and whips please!

105. Muu
There might be some truth to that…

106. Adele
No! Stop it!
Heal your minds with some fluffiness!

107. Shaela
Ahh, that’s a nice lion.
It’s nice that we got to exchange our Summon Monster candidates, this way I’m sure summoners as a whole with flourish even more!
Many thanks.
Especially to the Summoner, I managed to learn a lot from him!

108. Irina
Well he is a pioneer when it comes to summoners…
Wait, what did you learn from him?

109. Haruna
Like I would lose when it comes to fluffiness!

110. Suruga
I’ve seen a lot more crabs too.
The beaches are filled with them now.

111. Konohana
Well, now that the qualifiers are over, it’s time to get into the main tournament.
It’s a shame that only the Summoner managed to make it in though.

112. Irina
Well, a lot of us are new players after all.
It can’t be helped.
Although there were two teams where the average team level was under Lv10…
So I guess level isn’t everything either.

113. Nonomura
For the time being, I went and ordered some equipment for my Summon Monster.
Even though I’m on a tight budget!

114. Adele
Come to the west~
We have workmen who can get gemstones processed for cheap.

115. Tsutsumishita
Well, my objective has already become clear.
Getting myself a girlfriend. LOL

116. Suruga
My girlfriend is looking pretty nice… XD

117. Nonomura
I’m about to get one myself.
I look forward to holding her in my hands…

118. Konohana
These perverts…
Come fight me.

119. Guren
You guys are pretty dangerous folk…
That aside, I’ve been obsessing over all the new data we got.
It’ll come in use for future analysis in a lot of ways, I’m sure.

120. Hyodor
I’ve decided to go for multiple Magic Skills.

121. Toudouriki
Looking at summoner fights I’m seeing summoners that stay in the back quite a lot.

I feel like that’s the default.
But the Summoner made it with a pretty unorthodox strategy…
Oh well, do your best.


  1. It’s kinda funny to see the other summoners refers Keith as the Summoner even though they are also a summoner themselves

  2. Thanks for the chapter.

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