(Forums) Chapter 161 – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

122. Guren
I’ve heard it from the man himself, but I’m sure his strategy has a lot of aspects to it.
I think he’s focusing more on just responding to the enemy.
Whether it will work or not isn’t even part of his thought process.
But even with him in the front, I doubt he will go down so easily.

123. Margrid
I’m not a summoner, but I just wanted to say my thanks for letting me join you guys.

124. Adele
Come again anytime!

125. Tsutsumishita
Thank you too.
I didn’t get to meet the Summoner at all…
Am I too much of a loser?

126. Irina
I don’t think he’s scared of that… lmao

127. Adele
I think the scary one is the girl who was sitting next to him the whole time.

128. Margrid
Me? I’m not scary, you know?
C’mere little girl~ ♪

129. Haruna
In any case, I’m glad I managed to get myself a rear guard Summon Monster candidate.
I’ll have a partner to fight with me in the back soon.
I’m approaching four Summon Monsters at once soon too!

130. Konohana
After lots of discussion, I’ve decided to go for Support Skills that will support my movement.
Time to conquer the seas!
I’m sure there’s something the fisherman brothers are hiding from us!

131. Hyodor
I’ll do my best to catch up with all of you.
For the time being, I’ll shoot for three Summon Monsters at once.

132. Suruga
Yeah! Especially because you get to work with spirits too.
Do your best!

133. Toudouriki
Ah, I should’ve come to the meet-ups… orz


Mage’s Storytime Thread ★ 53
1. Luna
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Walls of texts are a nuisance to everyone, so please don’t post them.
Let’s have a calm discussion.
I’ll leave the creation of the next thread to >>950.
If you can’t do it, let someone else know.

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101. ∈(-ω-)∋
Hi ∈(-ω-)∋ It was fun to see Lv.10 spells in the tournament!

102. Kasasagi
I’ve been using【Pitfall】, the Lv.10【Earth Magic】spell a lot.
It’s very convenient.
But not the best spell out there.
It takes a long time to cast and the range is short too.
It’s a very strong spell if you manage to pull it off though.
What was super saddening was when I got hit by the Weapon Arte【Vibrate】.
I lost the match soon after that one…

103. Moko
【Whirlwind】is nice and strong, but the range is too short for me to fire it at a safe distance.
No complaints about the damage it does though.
But I was outplayed by the other team…
I was taken out before I got the opportunity to use any high-level spells

104. Rothschild
It was interesting to see【Tree Magic】spells come into play.
【Ice Magic】and【Thunder Magic】is nice too.
Feels like watching a movie with special effects.
Looks like there’s quite a few players specialising in【Dust Magic】, 【Lava Magic】, and【Steam Magic】too.
There are fewer【Spacetime Magic】users, but…
I want that spell【Dimension Mirror】 so bad.

105. Tsutsumishita
That definitely was a pretty powerful spell…
I’d love to see it in combination with【Vibrate】or some other Martial Art skills.
It’s the really powerful spells that are the hardest to use…
With【Dimension MIrror】on top of that, those spells might become our downfall too.

106. Erudy
I wonder what the other Lv.6 Secondary Magic Skill spells look like…
I haven’t seen anything except【Dimension Mirror】.

107. Kaya
Personally, I’m really happy that more sorcerers are using staffs now.
It’s better for my blacksmith business. LOL

108. Akane
It was nice seeing all the Martial Art Skills too. They’re like magic spells without the casting time.
I’ve seen sorcerers get taken out by archers more than I’d like.

109. Suou
Yeah, team matches are definitely more interesting than one-on-one battles.
We can cover for each other’s weaknesses too.

110. Ronin2
You can split the roles in a fight to different players too.

111. Innocence
But it’s still tough to beat Racial Lv.13 or 14 teams…
Oh well, I guess you can manage somehow…
And I’m sure teamwork will play a huge part in who ends up at the top. I want to see some bloodshed! XD

112. Izumi
By teamwork, you mean supporting each other with Support Skills and Support Spells?
The strategies for sorcerers and archers really are different.
I like archery a lot better, personally.

113. Goutokuji
Well, from a frontline fighter’s perspective, it’s all the same.
I’ve seen sorcerers with bows too, you know?
Maybe you could have a sorcerer dishing out【Wind Magic】attacks too?

114. Guren
It depends on your strategy, really.
I use primarily【Fire Magic】, so I focus on attacking, whereas one of my party members was mainly a【Wind Magic】user.
It’s a nice combo I think.

115. Kasasagi
Wait… Did you meet him?

116. Guren
Not just meet, I fought against him.
Don’t ask for the result though. HAHA
I met him at the summoner meet-up too.
I’m completely satisfied.
I wanted to ask for his skill composition, but I restrained myself.
The main tournament is still coming up, after all.

117. Rubin
But, you know…
You won’t make it to the main tournament if you spend so much time on the forums.
That goes the same for me too though.

118. zin
I’m watching the videos again, and I’m realising how nice the effects are… LOL
It’s just fun to watch without really thinking about it.
I saw the fifth round.
I saw you get beaten up lmao.
Hope you’re alright.(-人-)

119. Guren
I got out of it relatively painlessly, to be honest.

120. Erudy
I like how much variety there is…
And with Class Changes happening too.
I see Lv.14 players from time to time.

121. Kasasagi
Class Changes, huh…
For now, I only know about the Summoner.

122. Guren
It’s still a very mysterious field.
Apparently, after the Class Change, you get two status points for every level-up.
The benefits are great, you know?
For mages it will definitely be a lot easier to keep both INT and SPI equal…
And it’ll be a lot easier to diversify too.

123. Nia
It looks like a world reserved for the most hardcore of addicts.
Difficult enemies are still a no-go for me…

124. Luna
Without something to boost my experience gain rate there’s no way I’m catching up.
I have a job during the daytime, after all.

125. Kasasagi
It’s just turned into you two grumbling lmao.
I’ll partner up with you if you’re talking about the Deva Kings.
They’ll become easy prey in no time.
They’re actually a pretty good enemy to target.

126. zin
Followed by a quick duel.
Definitely recommended for people with not a lot of time.
Logging out with a full MP bar is a waste, you know.

127. Guren
Yeah, you gain experience even if you lose after all.
After I lost in the tournament, I got a lot of level-ups lmao.

128. ∈(-ω-)∋
Hi ∈(-ω-)∋ matches are good! I especially like seeing all the effects!


【PKK Team expansions underway】PK Victim Party ★ 17
1. test22394 [****] This is a thread for victims of PK to gather.
Discussion on skill compositions and the more nitty gritty stuff is at >>2.
Please leave all tips to PKK teams at >>3.
We are continuing our activities in teams.
I’ll leave the creation of the next thread to >>980.

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547. root449 [****] Contact for any business requests.
Responding to the leak from the Thief’s Guild, restrictions are lifted for the tournament.
We are continuing to refine the Hunter Teams.
We’ll get it done before the end of the tournament.
Escort Teams will be the same as usual.

More information on the Bracelets of Torture has been acquired, along with a sample of the actual item.
Needless to say, we are focusing on outfitting the teams without Avengers first.
I am going to go through with the purchase, but in the meantime, please level up the relevant skills.

It seems like the PK players have formed anti-PKK squads too.
Let’s keep going calmly.

That’s all.

548. auto10104 [****] Thanks.
I have noticed that the PK players’ movements have become a lot more streamlined.
Although with so many players crowding around Remut, it’s really unavoidable.


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