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Translation: Charlotte
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Strongest Team Composition Discussion Thread ★ 24
1. Cocoa
I want to form the strongest team. Any suggestions welcome.
And with that, we ended up with this thread.
I’ll leave the creation of the next thread to >>950.

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104. Claude-Singh
So… How many tanks is good? One? Two?
Have we reached a conclusion?

105. Shinjirou
There’s even some saying three…
I think you don’t need one at all though LOL.

106. Houghton
If you’re going for a grappling strategy, you don’t really need a tank.
And as long as the monsters don’t have any strange spells, you can usually just break through with pure force.
You run the risk of getting taken out though.
I only watched the main tournament, but it was nice to see all the variation in the teams.
There was no team that I could call objectively “the best”.
But personally, I really liked the Mobility Focus teams.

107. Britt
Yeah, I got to the tournament late too, but still managed to get quite a bit out of it.
Balanced teams are definitely the safer route, but I really admire the flashy teams.

108. Nonomura
Another plus is that balanced teams are safer for the future too.
The Guide Team is finding stranger and stranger things out there… Can’t get too confident.
It’s going to get harder and harder for solo players, with all the spells we need.
I’m a Summoner, so I have to deal with that issue quite a bit.

109. Yasuhara
Well as a Summoner, you could just use Unions?
Fighting in caves will get pretty tough though.
You can have all sorts of players in a party, but if you miss a vital counter-play there’s no point.
Really depends on teamwork.
In that sense, any team that made it to the main tournament would be fair game to copy.
Just judge for yourself from the Battle Log.
That Racial Lv.10 team was pretty amazing.

110. Goudi
Teamwork isn’t as important as trust.
That’s what I think.

111. Kokonoe
Yeah, the fisherman team’s net throwing strategy got countered pretty badly…
It’s hard to watch out for everything, but if you know your weaknesses, you’ll do a little better.
And if you’re dealing with a monster you can just run away too.

112. Klauser
Teamwork does play a part but the main issue with specialised teams is their shared weaknesses.
Or you could set a trap for your opponent by acting like you’re going to focus on your weaknesses.
And even if they figure out that, you can just revert to defensive playstyle.
Well in short, I think fights depend a lot more on Weapon Artes and spells than actual team compositions.
But yeah, splitting up roles could be nice too.
I actually think comparisons are a lot easier now than the first tournament.

113. Guren
I do feel like the GMs are intentionally shaping the meta to be this way.
It’s pretty good for data collection if everyone plays in a similar way, after all.
Speaking of which, I wonder what the data looks like…

114. Nonomura
As a Summoner, I’m having real trouble getting a team together on my own.
I’m grateful for the new Summon Monster candidates though.

115. Goudi
You get to experience the excitement of getting Class Change Summon Monsters though LOL.
You can always cooperate with other players too, you know!

116. Cocoa
Oh! The database got updated.
60000 players, huh. I wonder if that’s a good number.

117. Guren
I’m reading through it right now.
What’s thissssssssssss!!!

118. Kokonoe
What’re you on about? XD

119. Klauser
That’s what you focus on? LOL
More strange jobs lmao.
Does that mean there’s five people besides the Summoner who’ve gotten themselves a Class Change?
Don’t know where they are though. I’ll be counting on someone to sniff them out.

120. Naris
Don’t you throw this at someone else! LOL

121. Cocoa
Got it…
This is going to get rough.
We’ll leave finding the highlights to you. XD

122. Hourai
A lively thread full of demons as always, this one.
At this point, I’d reckon any team with a lot of Class Change Job players would be great.
I’d love to know your thoughts.

123. Naris
Like you’re not a demon yourself.

124. ∈(-ω-)∋
Hi ∈(-ω-)∋ It’s fun to see we’re still getting memes even after the tournament!


Summoner Gathering Thread ★ 14
This is a thread for summoners to gather.
This thread is made out of our love for Summon Monsters.

I’ll leave the creation of the next thread to >>980.

Screenshots of Summon Monsters are welcome!
But don’t post too many at once please.
Please use external links to show images.
I’ll post more links at >>2.

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8. Nonomura
Thanks for the new thread.
Congratulations to the Summoner!
Really didn’t see it coming.

9. Shaela
I wasn’t sure about it at first.
But Class Change Summon Monsters really are powerful after all.
The Summoner was as strong in the front as always.
I’m tempted to try out the strategy myself, but it’s probably a bad idea.

10. Irina
For the time being, I congratulated him through a message ♪
I’ve got alchemy training in Remut, so I won’t be able to see him for a while…

11. Adele
There was this one Summon Monster too that was about to go through a Class Change!
But I got to hang out with everyone so I’m OK!

12. Konohana
Looked like even the NPCs were shocked by the event.
I’ve got too much work in the pharmacy now.
These things are nice once in a while. but…
I want to go see the sea…

13. Suruga
For now, it’s time to get moving.
It doesn’t look like the event has really changed anything.
No need to fear, the Summoner Cavalry’s here!

14. Muu
If you’re going to the port towns, you might as well grab an escort mission from the guild.
I saw a few back there.
But yeah, don’t bother if you’re looking to get there quickly.

15. Haruna
For the time being, everyone’s got their own business in Remut.
Judging from Master’s state, I have a feeling she’s going to make us stick around for longer…

16. Takashi
First post.
Hi, I’m a dwarf summoner.
I’m planning on fighting in the front, so would a snake as my first Summon Monster be good?

17. Tsutsumishita
I don’t think you can call any Summon Monster the best…
Anyway, you’re fighting in the front?
You might be able to do it as a dwarf though.

18. Irina
My first Summon Monster was a snake too. It’s not bad.
I would actually recommend it if you’re a complete beginner.

19. Nonomura
Have a read through >>2.
Luckily, we have a pioneer in the “summoner in the front” style here, but I’d suggest not copying him too much… LOL

20. Haruna
I know some dwarf summoners, but I haven’t seen any of them fight in the front.
I’d recommend all summoners fight in the back, but…

21. Takashi
For the time being, I’ll try fighting in the front with a staff or just my fists.
A boxer/summoner kind of vibe?

22. Monfort
Being a dwarf summoner is going to be pretty tough, not going to lie…
You can read through >>2, but I’d say go for a horse next.
Your naturally lower mobility is going to make things more difficult for sure.
And you can’t use a bow either since you’re not fighting in the back…
You can’t get as many close-range fighting skills as a dwarf either.
【Kick】isn’t too useful, but it leads to a title, so keep it anyway.
Same for【Evade】.
I’ve never seen a dwarf get the title『Martial Arts Fighter』before, but【Practiced Spirit】is pretty sweet.
Also, don’t worry too much about your MP bar.
I recommend you stick with one magic skill until you can get yourself a recovery magic spell.
After that, you can forget about magic, or start trying to get【Spacetime Magic】?
Wait, actually, the first thing you should do is look for another summoner to be your partner.

23. Tsutsumishita
Yeah, bows are kind of the standard for dwarf summoners. Maybe a heavy bow?

24. Monfort
You need to have a pretty high level to use that tho XD
Although I’ve heard of a type of heavy bow that only dwarves can use…
Or maybe it was just a rumour started by items affected by【Disguise】…

25. Takashi
Thank you very much.
I’ll look at >>2 too.
I’ll do something about a partner!

26. Hyodor
A boxer summoner, huh…
By the way, I’ve heard of boxer elves before, but it just seems like a terrible idea.

27. Irina
Why’re you asking this question? LOL
I mean you’re free to do what you want, so why not try it…
Just a bit crazy?

28. Adele
You can look at Semi-solobard for an example!

29. Nonomura
I think the Summoner is affecting us… In a good and bad way…

30. Haruna
His style is too unique to copy though.
He even won the tournament… I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of copycats.
I’m a little too deep in to switch strategies though, so I’ll pass.

31. Muu
I know there are some players already trying to follow in his footsteps.
Although a complete copy would probably be impossible.
I have a feeling that the copycats are going to get annoying after a while, but for the time being, I’ll enjoy the memes LOL.

32. Shaela
➲ Curry Stamp

Don’t talk about that first match.
What are you going to do if this whole thread gets buried!?

33. Irina
What a strange thread you’ve just shown us…
I wouldn’t put even changing up the video feature past the GMs here.

34. Takashi
? ? ?

35. Muu
That’s tough… orz
Wait, I’ve never heard of threads getting deleted?

36. Adele
Ignorance is bliss!

37. Tsutsumishita
This is something I’ve thought of for a while, but…
There are quite a few summoners who are girls, right?
Maybe there’s just a high demand for fluffy and cute Summon Monsters?

38. Haruna

39. Adele
No doubt about it.

40. Irina
That is certainly true~

41. Hyodor
I agree. There are a lot of women here.

42. Nonomura
You just focus on running away. lmao



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