(Forums) Chapter 168 – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

【Sake】Tournament Deep Commentary Thread 16
1. Naruse
This is a tournament thread that also doubles as an evacuation zone from the real tournament thread.
Well, have some sake while you’re here.
Let’s warmly welcome all refugees.

Next thread at around >>950 please.

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777. Derek
Oh, this thread is still alive?
Get on it! Get on it!

778. Shouryuu
The tournament reflection thread is being buried, so I’m here now.
I’m going to hunt down the guy who posted that video…

779. Yasuhara
Don’t provoke others and don’t get provoked.

780. Kokonoe
Just be ready for a ban.
That’s why you save those videos and enjoy them on your own.

781. Moko
When’s the next tournament reflection thread coming~?

782. Tsutsumishita
You’re gonna get banned yourself, saying that.

783. Kasasagi
Anyway, continuing with the story…
Surprisingly, the Summoner won the battle.
He did fall into a hole, but still made it somehow.
It was a good idea though, splitting up the enemy and then wearing him down.
But the Summoner was just a lot stronger than expected.
I’d say the strategy wasn’t really as unique as everyone makes it out to be.

784. Derek
I voted for Best Bout!
That【Flashlight】and【Cursed Shadow】combo was amazing!
【Vibrate】and【Psycho Pod】were really nice to see too.
I can’t believe they managed to make it to the finals without using their trump card like that.
But I guess【Gravity Mail】is just too strong,,,
Also that crawling Mud Golem was scaryyy.

785. Izumi
I’ve heard a lot of people say the staff Weapon Arte【Vibrate】is too strong.
There’s even quite a few Sorcerers who have the skill.
I didn’t see it too much in the tournament though.
The Summoner got to make especially good use of it, considering his fighting style.
If you’re aiming for a war of attrition with strong tanks, I doubt the skill would be as effective.
In that case, I think【Mental Enchant: Light】would be better.
Ah, there’s that【Flashlight】combo too.

786. Muku
I voted for the match where the Lumberjack and the other Production Job Players lost.
It was a bit underhanded, but still a good game.
After all, avoiding situations where your enemy is stronger is common sense.
And one of the fast-moving Fighter was one of the semi-finalists in the last tournament.
He looks pretty plain though. lol

787. Tsunami
I put my vote for the fight where Semi-solobard’s team lost.
If their teamwork was a little better, they maybe could have made it to the semi-finals.
Having a fixed party before the tournament really would give you a massive advantage.

788. Kasasagi
I actually voted for the Fisherman team’s first match.
It was a very creative fight, after all.
That kind of one-sided slaughter is wonderful.

789. Moko
I went for the Lumberjack’s first match.
The domination in that one was pretty scary.

790. Tsutsumishita
Well, I’m a summoner too… lmao
I voted for the finals.
It looked like it was a really dangerous fight.
The spells thread was going wild about it earlier.

791. Shouryuu
I voted for the runner-up team’s fourth match.
It reminded me a lot of chess.
That solid positioning was pretty cool, you know?

792. Kokonoe
I’m jealous of >>784’s popularity…
Oh well, at the end of the day you gotta go for the finals. lol

793. Warren
Speaking of Weapon Artes and spells…
Does the Summoner’s grappling style have any followers?

794. Cocoa
I feel like there were a few other teams that had a lot of potential to win…
Everyone from my team voted for one of the Racial Lv.10 team’s fights.
There was another one of those teams too but they got slaughtered too early…

795. Yasuhara
I don’t know if another one is coming but it would be nice to regularly have tournaments.
Maybe a one-on-one tournament split by jobs this time?
A team battle between Summoners maybe…
Maybe a one-on-one team fight?

796. Kasasagi
First competitor The Lumberjack
Second competitor Semi-solobard
Third Competitor The Summoner
Fourth competitor Older Fisherman Brother
Fifth competitor Younger Fisherman Brother

One-on-one team fights would be equivalent to no fight at all.

797. Izumi
I wonder what would happen if all the strongest players banded together like that…
Although the Summoner would have to fight in the front by himself. LOL

798. Mick
Now that I think about it, none of the strongest players use bows.
Not that bow-users aren’t strong though.

799. Zuou
Dwarves and elves may be interesting in one-on-one fights.
I’d personally love to see a fight between spirits. The effects are cool-looking. XD

800. Shinjirou
There’s quite a few refugees today too.
I made a new one~
➲ Tournament Reflection Thread Refill No.17

The 16th refill isn’t in the archives, so watch out~

801. Kokonoe

802. ∈(-ω-)∋
Hi ∈(-ω-)∋ zzz

803. Mick
Don’t you fall asleep on us!


General Monster Information Thread List the 7th
1. Suou
I recommend posting【Identify】results.
Report format is at >>2.
If there is something you can’t confirm, please don’t just leave the field blank but clarify that the information is unknown.
Some relevant links are at >>3.
Next thread at >>980 please.

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General Monster Information Thread List the 1st-6th
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356. Shelvie
There were six of them in total.

[Location] Town of Remut, in the tournament arena.

[Name] Pantalone, Pagliaccio, Zanni
Innamorato, Innamorata, Colombina

[Category] Event Monster Magus

[Level] Unknown

[Item Drops] Unknown

[Battle Style] Unknown

[Remarks] Appeared as phantoms.
All names conform to the characters of “Commedia dell’arte”.

357. Luna
Another bunch of monsters with invisible levels…
Magi, too…

358. Ronin2
Commedia dell’arte?
I tried looking it up but I got nothing.

359. Hourai
Simply put, a placeholder character.
A little trick you can use to easily flesh out a character to your audience.
Kind of like how you can use masks to show a character’s personality.
Even in kabuki… Red is justice, blue is bad, brown is a monster…

For example!
The main character is a crybaby who’s being bullied.
The main character has a helpful best friend.
The bad guy is a powerful and violent little brat.
The brat general is both arrogant and rich.
There’s a cute and popular girl the main character is trying to get with.
His competition is a handsome, sporty, leader-like boy in his class.
The hero’s mother is naggy and annoying.
Those kind of roles.
Just being given the subject could make you think of these roles.

Combined with an easy-to-understand outwardly appearance, the roles become pretty easy to internalise.
Commedia dell’arte is a kind of improvisational theatre from Italy based around that concept.
Each character uses a mask.
Well, even without a mask, you can usually tell their roles from their clothes.

360. Shelvie
Thanks for the supplementary post.
I’ve only seen one Magus before.
Apparently, the Summoner has already fought two of them.
There’s still some other characters missing too.
Arlecchino, Brighella, Purchinella, Il Capitano…
I wouldn’t be surprised if they were out there somewhere.

361. Luna
Monsters, Spirits, Fairies, Phantoms, Generals, Oracles, and now Magi…
I don’t really like fights where I can’t tell the enemy’s level.

362. zin
Are you sure they were just phantoms?

363. Shelvie
All the important NPCs say so.
It definitely seems to be some sort of event.

364. Sakurazuka
It doesn’t seem like the monsters have changed.
It could make hunting pretty annoying.

365. Hourai
Well, this is a game after all, so some chaos wouldn’t be so bad once in a while.
As long as it doesn’t get too confusing.

366. Ronin2
I get you.
I thought this thread was deserted but there’s quite a few people coming in.

367. Tsutsumi
Speaking of which, I heard that there was a Magus living in the north.
The challengers died, though.

368. Crowe
I’ve heard a few things from an NPC dwarf.
I can’t remember all the details though.

369. Saki
The Summoner met one in the west once.
【Identify】didn’t give anything though.

370. Kuukai
It’s often deserted, but this thread is pretty important.
A little livelier isn’t so bad I think.
What’s wrong with that?

371. zin
Well, some parties have a habit of hiding information.
Whether we get any information depends 100% on the discoverer’s mood after all.
There are many players who don’t even know the existence of this thread.

372. Zoey
Well, I think we can just keep going without caring about that too much.
Everything has its own risks after all~

373. Crowe
Please talk about the advantages and disadvantages of sharing information in the discussion threads for us.
I have a bad feeling about it though.

374. Hourai
There’s also a lot of players who play without looking at the forums at all.
What each person considers fun is different, I guess.
You guys just happen to enjoy sharing information.
Let’s be open-minded.
There’s another set of values out there.

375. Shouryuu
I’ll accept anything as long as it doesn’t get the thread deleted

376. zin
Oh, that.

377. Zoey
Not again…


Mage’s Storytime Thread ★ 57
1. Kasasagi
We recommend that you prepare yourself to get ignored.
Walls of texts are a nuisance to everyone, so please don’t post them.
Let’s have a calm discussion.
I’ll leave the creation of the next thread to >>950.
If you can’t do it, let someone else know.

Previous Threads:
Mage’s Storytime Thread ★ 1-56
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144. ∈(-ω-)∋
Hi ∈ (-ω-) ∋ Anyone know the【Spacetime magic】Lv10 spells?

145. zin
I heard someone did an experiment and showed that hits from Lesser Ogres hurt a lot less with the spells.
But I wonder if there’s really just two【Spacetime Magic】Lv10 spells… Just【Gravity Mail】 and 【Regenerate】?
I wonder if there’s another one out there.

146. Guren
I haven’t confirmed it yet, but probably sometime soon.
So close but so far away…

147. Nia
Wait… It all depends on how fast we can raise our magic skills too.
It’s been a long time since the derived magic skills came at Lv6…
The Summoner has way too many magic skills. LOL

148. Guren
There’s some other Class Change players other than the Summoner.
I didn’t make it in time for the update… orz

149. zin
Looking forward to the report.

150. Erudy
I just saw the database.
I spilled my tea. lmao
Well, it was going to happen sooner or later.

151. Tsutsumi
Looking forward to it. lmao

152. Moko
Elemental Sorcerer 『Fire』
I wonder what the difference is.
I’m sure the NPC Guild Leader is an Elemental Sorcerer 『Light』.
Is there still another class beyond that one?

153. Reina
I wonder what the Class Change production jobs are…

154. Goutokuji
Even if you’re not a wizard, you can still look into the Class Change spells.
Anyway, what were the Class Change candidates?

155. Corona
I feel like I’ve seen one of those players in the port towns…
The Archer.
Well, over time they will become less rare.

156. Reina
That’s true.
“Grand Summoner” won’t sound so cool anymore. lmao

157. Guren
Elemental Sorcerer『Fire』…
Taking the name literally, I suppose it just means your fire spells get stronger?
Do you become an Elemental Sorcerer when a magic skill reaches a certain level?
And if you have multiple magic skills, you become a Mage?
If I had to guess how it worked, I would say that.

158. Hourai
Leave it to the research team! LOL

159. Rupert
What a monster…

160. Shaela
The meta for spells has already been established.
I see archery being paired up with【Earth Magic】wall spells a lot.
But the Light and Shadow strategy is going to become pretty popular too I bet.

161. Kaya
Yeah, a lot more diversity.
I’m going to have to work on my equipment.

162. Kasasagi
I’m leaving Summoner interviews to you.

163. Guren
Ah, that too… And the number of new monsters popping up in the forums is going up a lot…

164. Corona
Give up! LOL



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