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【Again?】The Fear of the Night Thread ★18【One-hit Kill cases increasing】
1. Clausa

Welcome to the world of the night.
First, drink a mug of beer and relax.
Make sure you’re prepared before you venture further.

Blessed are those who have already experienced what lurks in the dark.
They will never be surprised by what they see.

By the way, prayer times are limited to one minute only.

We’ll start the next thread at about 950 posts.

Please attach a warning before posting potentially traumatic material!
Promise me you’ll do it!
Offenders will be mercilessly hanged!

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The Fear of the Night Thread ★1-17
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771. Cocoa
I just entered N1W1 from N1.
Some parties were taken out.
A warning to all parties using【Night Vision】!
If you see a shadow, I recommend running away from it.


772. Kokonoe
The map is getting bigger and the people staying at the Area Portals is increasing too.
But along with that, the dangers of the night are growing too…

It’s the invisible man!

773. Akemi
These events are all happening in parallel.
W2 at night is always teeming with monsters.
The Haunted Mists cut down MP so be careful!
It’s suicide for a low-level player to leave the Area Portal.

Just a shadow…

774. Tsunami
I’m hunting near the port towns of E1.
I thought it would be relaxing but I saw a ghost ship from the shore.
Zombies, Skeletons, moving sea anemones…
No thanks.

Gore Warning

775. Cocoa

776. Mio
Totally a horror movie lmao.

777. Kasasagi
B-class horror movie LOL.

778. Ronin2
Ohh that looks fun!

779. Tsunami
What are you some kind of demon?
Well, the fact that you can just respawn makes it pretty easy.
Although if you become a zombie after dying…

780. Mio
Stop it pleaseeeee!
I don’t want to imagine it!!!

781. Kasasagi
No one’s been on the seas of E2 at night yet, right?
So, it might actually be true.
I’m counting on you, my fisherman brethren.

782. Akemi
There are plans being made to build a base in W2.
Although the Haunted Mists are really difficult to deal with.
It’ll take a giant group effort to get rid of them all.
I have a feeling there just aren’t enough people to participate.

783. Cocoa
Well, at least we can still see it…
Watching out for both the shadows and doing kobold hunting at the same time is hard enough.

784. Mio
No horror!
Absolutely no horror!

785. Saki
That just won’t do.
Prepare yourself!

786. Tsunami
The hunting grounds are getting a bit troublesome.
Looks like it’s time to move to the western forest…
But isn’t that where the ants are?

787. Carlo
I’m a little late but…

788. Ronin2
It’s risky but the rewards are pretty good.
That being said, if you underestimate the western forest you will easily get crushed.
Kind of like this:

Gore Warning

789. Cocoa
Wait, is this picture recent?

790. Mio
Ants again???

791. Kasasagi

792. Kokonoe
Getting done in by ants at this stage…

793. Akemi
What’s this? An ant sphere?
Isn’t that a big one…

794. Tsunami
Could you whisper that in my ear?

795. Cocoa
No perverts!

796. Irina
I returned home safely from W2 at night.
It was really close.
I’ve heard from a lot of people that the mist is just magic…
But【Enchanted Weapon】seemed to do alright in repelling it.
It works… But I still can’t honestly recommend it.
The fact that the mists do damage to the MP bar instead of the HP bar is kind of worrying.
I’m about to log out, so here’s some images for now.


797. Ronin2
Red… My whole vision’s gone red with red markers…

798. Mio

799. Kasasagi
Now this, this is amazing.
A similar method to the Rock Worms in S1W1.
But how troublesome…

800. Kokonoe
A monster that charges into a group of mists and does area damage?
Summoners are really something else

801. Cocoa
Everyone knows that summoners are strong.
It was proven at the tournament.

802. Mio
You sound a bit off LOL.

803. Tsunami
How scary.
Who would’ve known that the path forward would be so scary.

804. Akemi
As long as you have friends you’ll be OK!


Mages talking about Magic Spells thread ★29
1. Guren
If you’re bothered by people ignoring you, this is not the place for you.
Walls of text are annoying to read so please refrain from posting them.
Let’s talk in a calm manner.
Please take responsibility if you are the 950th post and create a new thread.
If you can’t do that please tell someone who can.

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Mages talking about Magic Spells thread ★1-28
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233. Moko
Do we know the Lv.10 magic spells for six basic magic skills?

234. Guren
We know all except for light and dark.
The last database update showed that only one person was at Racial Lv.11, and less than 30 people were at Racial Lv.10.
We’ve been rather fortunate to have people who’ve reached Lvl.10 for fire, water, earth, and wind so early…
I really want to update the list with the Lvl.10 spells…

235. Luna
None of my magic skills are at Lv.8.
I’ve been really busy trying to get【Spacetime Magic】.
This is bad…

236. Keith
Lv.3【Spacetime Magic】spell list:
Psycho Pod Increases resistance to status conditions
Telekinesis Allows movement of objects using the mind
Gravity Bullet A single-target gravity attack spell

Gravity Bullet doesn’t do as much damage but it has very good knockback.
Pretty useful.
I haven’t used the other two so I don’t know what they do.

237. ∈(-ω-)∋
Heyyy ∈(・ω・)∋ if it isn’t the summoner!

238. Keith
Normal Lv.12
Restore Heals status effects. The more status effects, the higher the chance of failure?
Sanctify Undead Weakens undead monsters.

Summon Lv.12
Change Monster Changes a Summon Monster in battle.

I just got them so I have no idea what they actually do.

239. Guren
There’s a lot of things I want to ask you, is that alright?

240. Nia
It’s the summoner…
How do you reach Lv.12…

241. Luna
I want【Spacetime Magic】!

242. Muku
I heard a rare character descended upon us mortals, but…

243. Suou

244. Kaya

245. Moko

Wait a minute…
It’s soon time for lunch break in the real world…

246. Kasasagi

No spying!

247. Erudy

The dream is widening…

248. zin

Now that I think about it… The summoner isn’t responding anymore…

249. Guren

250. Mick
The production job players’ guild he often hangs out with are still here, so you really don’t need to freak out…
How about you go and talk to him directly?

251. Erudy
Looks like it didn’t work.
And come off as a stalker LOL.

252. Guren
I wonder if he’s already gone…
I’m no stalker!

253. Kaya
So what are you, a PK player?

254. Moko
What’s with the disturbing post LOL.

255. zin
Yeah… I think it’s about time you give up for today.


Night-Dwellers Only Prey Observatory☆16
1. Keep Everest Clean [****] This is a thread for those of us who have fallen into the dark.
Do not forget to use a handle.
Trust no one.
Do not share personal information.
Try your best to develop a resistance to sick burns.

We’ll make another thread when we hit about 980 posts.
If you make enemies here, you will be a PKK target.
I recommend staying calm even if you fail and get counterattacked.

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Night-Dwellers Only Prey Observatory☆1-15
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137. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****] Damn…
I just got taken out by a PKK player.

138. Still not found out [****] You again?
Didn’t I tell you not to overextend?
At this point, it really is your own fault…

139. Fumitake Hakkei [****] >>137-138
For the last time, get yourselves some proper handles!

140. Currently at 22 wins, 4 losses, and 70 attempts [****] You better remember what I’m about to say.
PKK players are not to be messed with.
Luckily there aren’t that many of them.
You can always fight back.

141. Ashikaga Yoshiki [****] It’s too late.
We have too little information on the PKK players.
And the fact that PKK players can mess with your settings is just downright scary.
And it’s not just the PKK players we’re dealing with.
The PK player tortured by that summoner decided to start over from character creation.
Guess it was really that traumatic…

142. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****] >>141
What the hell.

143. Currently at 22 wins, 4 losses, and 70 attempts [****] >>142
Look at the past threads before asking stupid questions.
If you can’t do that much then go hang yourself.
Like actually go die.

144. Azukiwash2 [****] >>142
Getting into the torture right after changing the pain settings.
Having the bones of the fingers broken by Mr. Summoner.
Pain that can’t be escaped by logging out.
Lingering pain after logging in…
It’s terrible stuff.

145. Ashikaga Yoshiki [****] I’m honestly scared of the top players too.
Are you still going to continue being a PK player when there are PKK players that can mess with your settings?
This might be the admins’ way of deterring people from going into PK jobs.
This is bad…

146. Watch out for misunderstandings [****] But more than that, it sucks that less people are coming out at night.
It seems they’ve figured out that we’re usually waiting outside the entrance to the maze too.
It’s getting difficult to just find a good target.

147. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****] >>144

148. Currently at 22 wins, 4 losses, and 70 attempts [****] >>144
Don’t tell him you idiot.
I’m ready.

149. Closed Open Business [****] For now, I’ll keep raising my level.
When the gatekeeper was defeated the Union guys were so kind it almost made me cry.
Setting a trap against them kind of hurt my heart.

150. Currently at 22 wins, 4 losses, and 70 attempts [****] >>149
What do you mean, “Closed Open” LOL.
Using traps is pretty difficult, huh?
Although I’m not a big fan of using them myself.

151. Momonga [****] >>150
The memories… The memories of that time all our traps were sweeped… It’s coming back…

152. Ashikaga Yoshiki [****] >>151
I’ll spend some more time thinking about it.
Failures will come, but whether you will learn from them or not is up to you.

153. Watch out for misunderstandings [****] Anyway, I think there’s other things to focus on besides PKK players.

The summoner. The fisherman brothers. The lumberjack.
The dwarf mason, the production guild master’s older sister, the half-solo bard.
And that’s not even mentioning the top players.
Looking at my list again, I just realised a lot of them are actually in production jobs.

154. Currently at 22 wins, 4 losses, and 70 attempts [****] >>153
I tried fighting three of them and failed thrice.

155. Azukiwash2 [****] Although a PKK player messing with your settings is an incredibly rare event.
I know what a PKK job is, but…
A PK player killing a PKK player really doesn’t happen that often.
Maybe it’s because we know so little about them… All I know is Bounty Hunter is one of them.
We’re really losing the initiative here.

156. Ashikaga Yoshiki [****] It’s far too late.
But we still have to do it.
There will be times when they’re alone and when we’re alone. The fights are usually balanced.
The only reason we can’t catch up to them is because we don’t work as hard.

157. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****] Sorry


158. Watch out for misunderstandings [****] >>156
Should we meet up somewhere in real life to come up with a solution?
Although in-game is fine too.
We need to have a plan.

159. Closed Open Business [****] I feel like we should’ve done that a long time ago…
Well, let’s start by laying out all the information we have.

160. Ashikaga Yoshiki [****] Looks like we really have no choice but to work together…
For the sake of making a comeback.


【PKK Squad, Heading Out】PK victim party ★9
1. nuke0004 [****] This is a thread for players who’ve died to PK.
Follow the links at >>2 for threads discussing countermeasures and skill compositions.
PKK requests at >>3.
We are continuing our activities in groups.
We’ll make a new thread when the posts hit about 980.

Previous Threads:
PK victim party ★1-8
※Refer to the archives


54. test39
Please contact if interested.

Adjustments have been completed. Starting tomorrow there will be seven escort teams and four hunter teams.
As a test, we deployed them in groups of 10 people per team.
While it is good that we are receiving a lot of support from production job players…
We are still experiencing a lot of ambushes between W2 and W1.

Negotiations with Remut’s guards and some freelance vigilantes is ongoing.
Thank you for your patience.
Not really related, but a quest to hunt down members of the NPC Thief’s Guild is now available to accept.
Please participate as much as you can.

Regarding funding, we no longer have any issues.
“Can’t we just keep going the way we are right now?” is a common question we get, and to answer that…
The map is constantly expanding and the types of problems we have to deal with are increasing as well.
Not to mention equipment managing, which has stayed as difficult as ever.
If you have any information on new equipment, we humbly ask that you please message us about it.

Retaliation against PK is starting to happen more, but let us keep going in a calm fashion.

That is all.

55. root45477 [****] Thanks.
I think it’s better to keep going slowly and not overextend.
Let’s focus on information gathering.
We need to keep a better track on our enemy.

56.slash10045 [****] Sorry for losing to them so often…
I’ll definitely return this shame twofold.

57. auto9877 [****] >>56
Don’t worry about it.
Nobody is perfect.

58. test0226 [****] Please contact if interested.
Coordinator Assistant(temp.)here.

Currently we have four Avengers.
After a short training period, each one will be assigned to one hunter team.
Please wait three days until we have finalised the team compositions.

You may consider joining a counterattack team (temp.).
Please do consider it.

59. root45477 [****] Finally, team 1 has launched.
Teams 2, 3, and 4 are ready too.
I wonder how four teams will do…

60. map774 [****] I’m from team 1.
We’re taking requests as we go.
I’ve gotten myself【Dark Magic】Lv.3 and【Dark Heal】too.
I’ve heard that team 1 is the last team to get this skill, so I apologise for any inconveniences caused.
I didn’t come up with the idea of using the Pain Setting 100% + Dark Heal strategy, but…
I can confirm that it has been very effective.
It enabled the avengers to have their revenge for as long as they liked.
Of course, I’d like to thank everyone who sent in ideas and suggestions.

We’ve made it so each team has one Avenger.
Their ability to change the pain setting will come in very useful.

61. test0226 [****] >>60
Thank you.
Could I please ask you to join up with the counterattack team(temp.)?
I will do my best to get information on the four avengers’ revenge targets.

We’ll make it happen.

62. auto9877 [****] Counterattack team(temp.)and Avengers?
What a scary combo.

63. slash10045 [****] Ohhhhh
Thank you for your cooperation (-人-)

Thanks, you’re doing great. Keep it up!

64. apple4546 [****] (-人-)
We’ll see what happens I guess.
I’m part of an escort team but I still have a feeling it’ll be a bit of a mixed blessing.
PK players are pretty troublesome, no?

65. root45477 [****] Well, in an escort team at least you get someone thanking you at the end.
We hunter team people just have to deal with the dirty part.

66. test0226 [****] P.S.
We have deduced where the summoner got his push dagger from.
It’s a material widely in demand, so getting our hands on the material will still be difficult…
I’d like all four teams to make getting this material a big priority.
Please confirm once you’ve read this message.
Snow Leopard hunting is proving to be quite difficult at the moment.
But Sturmtigers are definitely still stronger.
Let’s be careful.

67. auto9877 [****] >>66
Are they that strong?

68. map774 [****] >>67
Even the Summoner struggles with Sturmtigers
I’d rather not have to fight them.
Snow Leopards are easy, but be prepared to take some damage.

69. test72036 [****] Yeah, well let’s not push ourselves too much when hunting.
I was thinking of getting an upgrade by hunting in S1W1, but it’s not going as well as I was hoping it would.
I’ve been just chasing PK players for a while now, so maybe I’m just reaping what I sow.
Be careful alright?


Production Job players who love their own work thread ★14
1. Giedre
Please take screenshots of your work.
But please only post one picture at a time.
Please also refrain from posting large amounts at a time.
Wherever possible, please use links to refer to other material.
More links at >>2.
Next thread at >>950 please.

Previous Threads:
Production Job players who love their own work thread ★1-13
※Refer to the archives


899. Tsutsumi
I’ve got good news: Snow Ape Bones, used to make the Hammer of Echoes, are becoming more common.
But more people have been dying trying to get them.
By the way, I just made my first piece of heavy armour.
It took some time to make, but just this single piece raised my level by one.


900. Giedre
Although I don’t think there are a lot of players who can even use heavy armour to begin with.
It’s not just that you have to put all your points into STR and VIT.
【Physical Strengthening】is a must too.
I’d much rather round up everyone who can use heavy armour and make it all at once.
This is my work, by the way…


901. Gemma
I’ve gotten a lot more requests for metal armour recently.
It’s a good thing to have more long-lasting armour~

902. Izumi
I’m really indebted to the alchemist.
It really made me more aware of the Magic Stone supply…
There really is not enough to go around.

903. Kukai
Heavy shields and heavy armour, huh.
No weapons yet?
I thought there would be some Lv.10 players with full metal equipment.

904. Katie
Not yet…
Maybe some kind of Class Change will be necessary.
Do you know all the conditions for equipping heavy armour?

905. Giedre
Well, for now.
STR 25, VIT + Physical Strengthening Lv = 30
This allows you to learn the【Heavy Armour】skill.
It lets you wear chainmail and other heavy types of armour.
It’s essential for heavy plate armour too.
But I think this game really favours mobility.
Too much armour and it’ll start restricting your movement.

906. DeMuro
Without mobility it would be impossible to catch any monsters.
It would be impossible to run away.
Mobility is pretty important.

907. Falera
No, all six stats are important.
It just depends on what your role is.
Remember that time when the DEX stat was considered useless?
Nobody thinks that anymore.
The same is with AGI.

908. Katie
As a production job player, some interesting things are happening in W2.
And it looks like the same is happening for N2 and S2.

909. Giedre
There are a lot of blacksmiths in N2 and they were really supportive of any production job players.
N2 is really lacking in everything other than blacksmith players, so they’ll probably welcome you if you decide to pay them a visit.

910. Kaya
The abandoned village in S2 is being renovated thanks to the fisherman brothers, but it is still lacking in production job players.
It’s doing alright in terms of logistics, but besides that it’s not going so well.
I wonder if anyone could come help out~

911. Fiona
Recovery of the W2 village is going smoothly, but we would still appreciate any help.
Everyone is welcome.

912. Falera
All the Production Player’s Guild big shots are here…

913. Izumi
Wouldn’t it be easier if we focused on securing all the Area Portals first?
Although that’s all dependent on the map…

914. Izumi
E2 is special in that way…
The Area Portal is just a fishing village on an island I think?

915. Kukai
Well, Izumi has a point… Making everyone travel long distances each time is pretty difficult.
Well, whatever front you’re working on, do your best.




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