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【Watch Your Back】The Second Tree-Planting in the Elven Forest
1. Luna
This thread is a gathering for Elves who have stumbled their way out of the forest from the Elven Kingdom.
Let’s relax and have some tea.
Please continue on a new thread once you have reached >>980.

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【Advent of the Elves】The First Tree-Planting in the Elven Forest
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223. Mick
I’ve finally reached Lv.3 with bows.
I tried using the Weapon Artes: Twin Shot and Arch Shot.
It’s hard to tell the difference with Bronze Arrows.

224. Luna
Good job leveling it up
I’m still at Lv2 with bows and magic
Summoning water spirits is my only calming respite

225. Zuou
Your Undine is sleeping next to me.
If you want calming, I suggest playing music.
If you just randomly play the lute in your free time, it’ll reach Lv2 in no time lol

Now for the good news.
There’s a new development with the production team.

226. Kycilia
Spirit summoning is a healplay that’s only allowed for elves
But it’s difficult for Dark Jades to enjoy it
Source plz

227. Zuou
➲ Extra thick
➲ Tonkatsu
➲ Worcester
➲ Okonomiyaki
➲ Yakisoba

Source is a message from an acquaintance in Remut.
I’ve only heard about Horn Rabbit’s horns being used as materials for arrowheads until now.

228. Mick
Are you talking about the rumored ant stings?
Honestly, I’m done with metal coated arrows.
I don’t want to suffer -1 INT just from having 20 of those arrows in my quiver.
Anyway, there’s a post about it on the item collection thread.
Is there anyone who hasn’t read it yet?
Snow Ape Bones are noteworthy…
But it seems like a poor fit for bow users, right?
My gnome is adorable!

229. Zuou
You’re carrying too many arrows.
Use magic and spirit summons for cover.
Just 10 arrows is enough.

230. Mick
Speaking of which, my magic skill is still at Lv1

➲ Tartar
➲ Oyster
➲ Demi-glace
➲ Gravy

Always have delicious sauce at the ready

231. Reina
For now I’ll just announce that I’ve tried making some
Comparing Wild Rabbit Horns with Evil Ant Stings and Bat Fangs as materials for arrowheads
Steppe Hawk Wings vs Pheasant Wings as materials for arrow feathers

I’ve finished Appraising my arrowheads.
I’ve just finished with arrow feathers too.

232. Kycilia
Easy to reach Lv.2? Are you a shut-in?
Details! Details!

233. Reina
I wanna show the data to my sponsor before I go public
Sorry for now
I’ll just say that it’s similar to beta
But there’s an added effect that will probably throw everyone off

234. Erudy
Please tell me who made the arrowheads
Also are you telling bow users to go to the Western Forest?
But I’m surprised that you managed to defeat a Steppe Hawk!
I’m pretty sure bows and spells won’t hit it easily, right?

235. Naris
I’m back from suffering a death blow to the back of my head.
I wanna get my revenge!

236. Kycilia
1 hit kill from the back, are you serious lololololololol
Also I’d prefer the death penalty over the horrors of the night lololololololol

237. Reina
I’ll put up the materials for the arrow feathers here.
It’s the same as the one posted on the item collection thread, but anyway.

【Material】Steppe Hawk Wing Raw Material Grade C- Rarity 1 Weight 1
The wing of a Steppe Hawk. Normally used to make arrows.

【Material】Pheasant Wing Raw Material Grade D+ Rarity 1 Weight 1
The wing of a Wild Pheasant (Female). A material most commonly processed into arrow feathers.

238. Reina
The results of the arrow feathers will have to wait until tomorrow
The arrowheads look like this

【Weapon: Arrow】Rabbit Horn Arrows Grade C- Rarity 2
AP4 Power 1 Weight 0+ Durability 40 Range ±0%
Arrows made using Wild Rabbit Horns as arrowheads.
Relatively easy to use with a moderate piercing ability.

【Weapon: Arrow】Evil Ant Arrows Grade C- Rarity 2
AP8 Power 0+ Weight 0+ Durability 30 Range +10% Continuous Damage (Slight)
Arrows made using Evil Ant Stings as arrowheads.
Has a higher piercing ability and causes bleeding damage.

【Weapon: Arrow】Bat Fang Arrows Grade C+ Rarity 2
AP6 Power 1 Weight 0+ Durability 60 Range +10%
Arrows made using Bat Fangs as arrowheads.
Boasts increased Attack Power and Range due to the shape of the arrowheads.

239. Naris
No reviews on the arrows yet?
I’m still waiting

240. Erudy
Can I put a rock on your head?

241. Reina
That’s cruel lol

I can’t say too well against monsters…
I only tried them at the training ground, so…

242. Kycilia
I’ll help you test them out if you want?
Personally, I have my sights on Evil Ants!
But they spawn at night in the Western Forest, right?
Letting your guard down against them is a no go lololololol

243. Luna
I’m not hunting at night because of my time of play though.
What happened?

244. Kycilia
Lots of details here lol
➲【Worst Traumas】Horrors of the Night ★2【Mental Tolerance Recommended】

245. Reina
I wanna read it lolololol


【Worst Traumas】Horrors of the Night ★2【Mental Tolerance Recommended】
1. Klauser

Welcome to the World of the Night.
First, I want everyone to eat some fried noodles at night and calm down.
Since you’re here, you should prepare yourselves.

Those who have already experienced the horrors of the night firsthand should consider themselves lucky.
For they will no longer be surprised.

By the way, I will allow no longer than a minute of prayer.

Please continue the thread around >>950 after announcing it.

Announce before posting traumatic screenshots!
It’s a promise!
All violators will be hanged as punishment!

Previous Thread:
【Night Vision Helps You See】Horrors of the Night ★1【I’d rather not have seen it】
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102. zin
I’ll summarize the situation at night
Remut Area Rabbits in the dark, hit-and-run from the burrows Mysterious Wisp
Northern Mountain Multiple earthworms ambushing from the ground and inflicting Darkness
Eastern Shore Large groups of sea slaters, hit-and-run by shooting needles from the water
Southern Wasteland Large groups of snakes inflicting Paralysis
Western Forest Large groups of ants Bats using hit-and-run attacks from behind

None of these areas are safe.

103. Sakurazuka
Where do you recommend?

104. zin
The easiest way to die is getting one shot by needles.

105. Guren
Why is death the premise lol
I’m in the north. If only I had a shield tank with a good Block skill, I could earn money at night.
You can never be too prepared.
I don’t know about the other places.

106. Kokonoe
You guys are really weird.
Normally even a shield user would die on the coasts.

107. Corona
The hell are you saying
Did your shield break?

108. zin
Needles easily shave off the endurance on your equipment.
Of course, it doesn’t stop there. The needles will pierce through and kill you in one hit. That’s the gist of it unless you evade the attacks.
Beginner’s Series equipment won’t break, but if you get hit you’ll die anyway.
The only way is to avoid it, but it’s impossible to avoid that many needles from the shallows at night.
Even if you try to run away, they’ll follow your lights and rush up to you. Their needles are too fast.
That said, you could test your luck by turning off your lights and running blindly, but the needlefish will catch up to you anyway.
I even tried getting someone to hold a light and used him as bait while I intercepted the monsters, but we got fed to the fishes right away.

109. Kokonoe
Read the previous thread please.
You demon. Using a human bait.

110. Carlo
The shallows would be the unlucky quarter.
What if they end up on land if the waves take them ashore?

111. Kokonoe
You’ll die.
You’ll be surrounded by sea slaters.

Warning: Grotesque Images

112. Cocoa

113. Mio

114. Carlo
They’re not cat pics!!!!!!!!

115. Mirion
What did you expect lol

Here’s your punishment.
Warning: Grotesque Images

116. Mio

117. Kokonoe
Ants? Is that the Western Forest?
How many of them died?

118. Carlo
Anyone, anyone with cat pics plssssss

119. Nia
Trauma lololololololololol

120. Mirion
Timestamp says it took about 10 minutes.
Since they surrounded my entire body, I couldn’t touch the ground, so it was impossible to escape.
I tried attacking with my sword but it was useless. They just kept pushing me down.
It was the same with other weapons, and using a shield only delayed the inevitable.
Even if you used magic against them, you’ll run out of MP because there’s so many of them.
Most of all, their attacks are so weak that it’s hard to die.
The magic user in my party died right away, but honestly I’m jealous.
I even thought about logging out forcefully for a moment.

121. Romud
This is good reference.

How should we deal with these?
Should we go to settings and set “Cut Pain” to max?

122. Kokonoe
I recommend putting all “Cut” settings to max.
Even the sound of the ants is torture.

Seriously though, the only way is to wipe them out before they can call their friends.

123. Corona
The fight is over only when you give up…

124. Sakurazuka
You should write that down for >>1 on the next thread lol

125. Mio
I’ll never go out at night!
I’ll stay holed up in town!

126. Saki
That won’t do.
Help me collect the stings (that’s an order)

127. zin
Still no progress on the identity of the mysterious wisp around Remut.
In fact, it’s not a guaranteed encounter, and no one’s engaged it in battle. Identify doesn’t seem to work either.
I only know it’s an enemy monster because of the red marker.
Is it a bug?

128. Tsutsumi
Night Vision helps you win at night.
There was a time when I thought so.

129. Crowe
Thx dwarf.

I don’t think it’s a bug.
Maybe an area boss?

130. Kokonoe
Looks like the game has changed a lot since beta.

Using AOE spells is probably a good way to earn money.
Still no AOE spells at Lv.3?

132. Guren
There were some at Lv.6 in beta.
You’ll have to endure the torture until then.

133. Kaya
No matter how good you are with your equips, you’ll eventually reach your limit.
I wonder if I can expect to make some progress with the help of a guide.
There already are a few camps set up by the Blacksmiths and mining teams.
The players with production jobs in Remut are decreasing in number, so it’ll probably stay like this for a while.

There are 5 areas including Remut. I wonder if there’s some kind of an event trigger?
In any case, information would be appreciated.
It’s going to be tough if they can’t scout at night, and it’s likely they’ll keep going around in circles.


About Magic Spells ★4
1. Moko
I discourage anyone with a lack of patience from posting on this thread.
Long chunks of text are going to be a bother to everyone, so please don’t do that.
Let’s continue the thread calmly.
Please be responsible and continue on the next thread when you have reached >>950.
If you can’t for some reason, please designate an anchor.

Past Threads:
About Magic Spells ★1
About Magic Spells ★2
About Magic Spells ★3
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947. Guren
I’ve determined the list of spells up to Lv.3 for each element.
The basic spell structure hasn’t changed since beta, but there’s a change in the mechanics of heal spells.
Here are my personal thoughts on the heal spells.

Recovery Amount
Earth > Light > Water > Fire > Dark = Wind

Effective Range
Wind > Water > Light = Fire > Earth >> Dark

I’ll post about the convenience elsewhere.

948. Luna
Nice job.
It’s only the 3rd day and you’ve already obtained all elemental heals. Respect.
Change in mechanics?

949. Guren
First is Dark Heal.
Even though it heals other players, it doesn’t take up the caster’s MP.
It uses the target’s MP instead.
You need to touch the player with the spell, so it has the shortest range. The recovery amount has also been reduced.
But that also means that you can use an MP tank to heal everyone in a party.
It’s designed for extended battles.
The recovery amount is minimal, so don’t rely on it too much.
Also, I haven’t confirmed if it still heals other players when they’ve run out of MP.

Yo ∈(-ω-)∋ I’ll be able to fly someday

951. Muku
Why you lolololol
Start the next thread

952. Kasasagi
Has the recovery amount for Fire Heal decreased?

953. Guren
And Fire Heal.
The recovery amount has decreased, but it has a continuous recovery similar to Regenerate.
It doesn’t last as long though. This is also designed for extended battles.
Depending on how much damage is taken, it may actually exceed the recovery amount of Earth Heal.
On the other hand, the continuous recovery is useless once the player is fully healed.
I think the other elemental heals haven’t changed much from beta.
I’ve heard that Wind Heal is slightly longer range compared to beta, but I haven’t finished testing it out.
Also there’s a rumor that recovery magic is also subject to critical, but I’m really doubtful about that.

I think I’ll feel differently about them after I level up, but these are my thoughts for now.

954. Suou
Crap, I may have messed up.
I learned Light Magic.
Dark Heal just seems cool.

955. Hourai
Maybe they adjusted the spells.
The GMs may be thinking of a PvE war.

I think Light Magic is just plain strong.
It’s especially important when fighting at night.

956. Muku
What about the offensive spells?
You talked about testing the Enchant spells and their stat buffs in a previous thread.
It’s okay even if it’s not fully tested. Just tell us.

Done ∈(-ω-)∋ About Magic Spells ★5

958. Guren
I don’t think any of the elemental heals are a lot stronger or weaker.
Although they’ll be greatly impacted by your play style.
If you’re playing solo, Dark and Wind spells aren’t that good.
Speaking plainly in terms of heal spells.

959. Suou
I’m curious too.

Thx. You have the honor of eating liver curry.

960. Hourai
Since you have Light Magic, there’s also the option of learning one of the basic elemental heals.
You may be spreading yourself thinner, but that also make you a jack-of-all-trades.
If you insist on sticking with a single element, it’s entirely possible you’ll get stuck somewhere.
In fact, our party got stuck when we were playing beta
Well, I guess it also depends on the party members though…


962. Guren
Offensive spells basically haven’t changed. If anything, maybe some of the spell names changed since beta.

I’ll write a summary about the elemental enchant spells here.
Water Raises DEX Increases hit rate and crit rate(?)
Wind Raises AGI Increases move speed and avoid rate
Dark Raises INT Increases magic damage
Fire Raises STR Increases physical damage
Earth Raises VIT Mainly increases physical defense, reducing damage and increasing resistance toward huge amounts of damage
Light Raises SPI Mainly increases magic defense, reducing damage and increasing resistance toward abnormal status

Earth and Light may reduce the penalty received when taking large amounts of damage. Unconfirmed.
Earth and Light may reduce MP costs when using Artes and spells. Unconfirmed.

Estimated that Enchant spells increase stats by about 15%. Unconfirmed.
With a base stat of 20, the increase is a constant +3. With a base stat of 17, it’s sometimes +2 or +3.
With a base stat of 14 or 15, it’s mostly +2, but I’ve gotten +3 a few times.
Logical if non-offensive spells can crit.
I won’t know for sure until I keep testing and get a bigger sample data.


963. Kasasagi
I forgot.
There’s also Resist spells, right?

Yo ∈(-ω-)∋ totally

965. Muku
Say something lol

966. Suou
No more potion hell.

967. Guren
Yeah. They’re called Resist Elements. Same as beta.
I’d like to think that the effects probably haven’t changed either.
I mean, it’s almost impossible to test it when you get hit by elemental attacks lol

968. Kasasagi
I thought so too in beta.
But it’s going to be difficult without potions even in the distant future.
If your magic users get 1-shot by the Horrors of the Night, you’ll get stuck right away.

➲【Worst Traumas】Horrors of the Night ★2【Mental Tolerance Recommended】

Yo ∈(-ω-)∋【Worst Traumas】Horrors of the Night ★2【Mental Tolerance Recommended】

970. Guren
I wouldn’t say that.
Either way, if you don’t have a party member with the move speed of a Thief, you’re likely to get stuck in the future.
Right now, there are many factors that get you stuck in many ways.

Read this too:【Worst Traumas】Horrors of the Night ★2【Mental Tolerance Recommended】

971. Muku
Can we expect you to get to Lv.6?

972. Kaya
Posting the Traumas thread here lolololol
Also you’ll get stuck whether you have potions or not lolololol
You guys already know about it and are just harassing us right lol

973. Kasasagi
Getting AOE spells is a breakthrough.

974. Guren
Right now I’m going all out on making a guide, but honestly even with Lv.3 spells it feels really tough.
currently, it’s difficult for players with combat jobs to get help when players with production jobs are getting individual events and not finishing them.
Especially when it comes to potions.
I’ve also heard that the ores in Remut are running out of stock.

975. Suou
Speaking of which, I heard that someone brought some items with high Rarity to some production players.
What’s the situation like for the guide development team?

976. Kaya
I know about the party that got showered by AOE spells in the forest lolololol

977. Guren
Remut, huh. The info is already up on the item collection thread.
It’s hard to say if the situation will change with just a single bone. It really depends on the production team.
I have no intention of going back up north.
I’m a little curious though.
Even though we’re moving ahead, it’s just in terms of level. We’re behind in collecting information for the guide.

That’s new. Details pls

978. Hourai
I was scared shitless.
I’ll never use the toilet at night again.
I demand an apology and compensation.

979. Kaya
I’ll end up shaming some players, so I’ll keep the details to a minimum lol
Simply put, it was payback for getting into a fight with an NPC.
They were up against a Magi Owl and 2 Stone Golems.
They had yellow NPC markers. Lv unknown.
It was an instant kill. They got what they deserved though.
I’ll just say that they were hit by an AOE lightning spell.
I saw a screenshot. There’s no way you can win against them lol
All of the players who went up against them were simply struck down.

980. Suou
That’s pretty detailed.

981. Guren
Lightning spells though.
Is it safe to say that players can eventually use it too?

Namu ∈(-ω-)∋ Namu



  1. HAHAHAH those forums chat were funny. I hope more action camoes in the next one.

  2. Thanks for the new chapter! I always enjoy Forum style chapters. They’re always fun for a different perspective.

  3. Is this a chapter?? More like a forum…

    Thanks for the treat.

    • Ah, I probably should’ve included it in the title.

      But yes, it’s a forum chapter that says what’s going on with other characters without investing too much into them.

  4. I’ve never played an OMM, but the representation of what the forums might be like seems reasonable to me; I’ve dealt with forums in other fields over the years.
    It was a hoot reading this.

  5. It’s kind of funny how each of the forums ultimately tied back into what the MC was dealing with and/or doing….without him or anyone else even realizing it. XD

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