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Strongest Party Formation ★7

1. Goutokuji

Can someone tell me what the best party combo is?
We welcome questions and answers like that here.
Please continue the next thread at >>950.

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224. Claude-Sin

So, should I have 1 tank? Or 2?

225. Phio

It depends on the situation, so asking us doesn’t help
There are many ways to have a good team
Btw my front lines usually consist of 1 tank and 2 spear users
1 bow user and 2 magic casters in the rear
We’re really focused on firepower, which is risky. We got wiped once
You gain some, you lose some

226. Rubin

It’s nice to be useful.
How does a Treasure Hunter fit in?

227. Claude-Sin

I don’t really feel safe with just 1 tank.
It’s fine if I have enough support, but there’s too many times when my HP dropped below half…
I’ve had to deal with it by learning Earth Magic and raising my def

228. Shinjirou

You’ll get your chance
You’re just unlucky that everyone is focused on fighting
Parties need Treasure Hunters in dungeons
Right now we have a bow user in our party who’s just pretending to be one
We’re gonna kick him and add a Treasure Hunter to our party
Wanna come?
There’s not a lot of them around though

229. zin

Well, you still need Treasure Hunters down the road
Especially against surprise attacks
But right now they’re just seen as handymen
In fact, I’m having trouble hunting Wild Dogs

230. Ronin2

Hey, fellow Treasure Hunter.
Up till now I’ve joined a few parties, but mostly playing solo.
I have good news.
They’ve started selling some offensive items suited for us in the port town.
Treasure Hunters are pretty decent in the rear too, you know?

231. Phio

Tbh I’m stuck
It’s worse when my tank has his equips broken by needles
The repairs take two days, so our tank isn’t a tank until then
We’ve been hunting Horned Rabbits, but so far no Magic Stones
I joined the Wild Dog hunt, but I broke the chain kill. Sad

232. Guren

I’ve been hunting Wild Dogs for Magic Stones and Mana Crystals, but without a Treasure Hunter, it’s tough both in the day and at night.
Not having them in hand is kind of a bother.
I hear that Treasure Hunters give a higher drop rate when they use their Survival Knife.

With a Treasure Hunter, we managed to bring the chain up to 77.
Without one, I think it’ll be hard to even get the chain to 20.
And it’s really hard to keep the chain going.
I really wonder how to clear this.
It’s not that bad since I managed to get a few Magic Stones, but it kind of bothers me.
I really don’t know how that Keith guy managed to clear it.

233. Claude-Sin

Even with a Magic Stone, isn’t it necessary for an Alchemist to use it for repairs?
At least, I hear they can use it sooner than Blacksmiths
PC Blacksmiths are pretty adaptable, but there’s only a few in Remut
And everyone’s waiting for events…

234. Goutokuji

It’s tough for manufacturers since there haven’t been any events for them
There are too many Blacksmiths in the north and Woodworkers in the west
It’s so hard to get help from them
My equips broke when we were in the east, but my party member let me use a Magic Stone for instant repair
I got lucky
Also there’s only so few Alchemists, though they’re all in Remut
Maybe just knowing where they are is enough

235. Phio

You couldn’t do what he did even if you wanted to
It’s only possible because he’s a Summoner
We saw him while we were hunting rabbits for quests
I thought it was weird at first when he only hunted Wild Dogs
I think he had 2 Monster Summons – a horse and a hawk

First he used the hawk to spot the Wild Dogs
He was riding a horse and moving so fast
Probably because
He wanted to ignore the rabbits, which works with high mobility
They became Passive right away
We were able to hunt the rabbits thanks to him tho lol
Tbh my party wanted to gather the rabbits…

Actually, only manufacturers have Horsemanship available initially
Merchants and Farmers iirc
Lumberjacks and Stonemasons can learn it
I don’t think other jobs have access
As of right now, I thought players couldn’t get a horse even with money?
Unless they’re prepared to become Corrupt

236. Ronin2

I saw him riding on the way to Legias
Honestly I felt jealous when he rode it so fast

You should have spare equips on the side as a tank
That’s the only guarantee

237. Claude-Sin

In the end, Magic Stones are beyond my reach

238. Guren

You’re right, I can’t do it.
It’s hard when rabbits and hawks are in the way during the day.
It’s even worse at night…
I actually died trying.
I hunted the Wild Dogs even though I didn’t have the quest, but I ended up getting swarmed.

239. Goutokuji


240. Corona

Wait, you’re part of the guide team, right?
What happened?

241. Guren

I wrote about it here
【Beware the Swarm】Horrors of the Night ★5【Also Beware the Ambush】

I honestly didn’t think such a thing would happen in the first area.

242. Rubin

Aw, everyone seems to be enjoying it

243. Claude-Sin

So, should I have 1 tank? Or 2?

244. Phio

Lol it doesn’t matter, just do it your way


【Beware the Swarm】Horrors of the Night ★5【Also Beware the Ambush】

1. Klauser


Welcome to the World of the Night.
First, I want everyone to eat some fried noodles at night and calm down.
Since you’re here, you should prepare yourselves.

Those who have already experienced the horrors of the night firsthand should consider themselves lucky.
For they will no longer be surprised.

By the way, I will allow no longer than a minute of prayer.

Please continue the thread around >>950 after announcing it.

Announce before posting traumatic screenshots!
It’s a promise!
All violators will be hanged as punishment!
If you can’t stand it, set Cut Sense to full!

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Horrors of the Night ★1-4
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555. Sakurazuka

I heard that you can catch a lot of needlefish
What happened in the Eastern Shore?

556. Carlo

Needlefish are hax
Unless you get a Fisherman to catch them

557. Jiro

It’s a matter of whether the Fisherman is afraid of the needlefish
They’re not tasty fish after all
There’s no fish fat in them… It’s totally different from saury
Not something to be happy about
I’d rather go with squid

558. Cocoa

Did you guys hunt some needlefish?

559. Jiro

We did
It’s reckless to tackle them head on
As long as you know how to deal with them, it’s not too hard
Tho I really prefer the squids orz
I managed to sell the Needlefish Jaws pretty well, so it’s all good

560. Mirion

Isn’t it hard to use it though?
You can’t throw it unless you have the Throw skill
That said, it’s too small to hold it and swing it around
Of course, it can’t compare to the range of arrows
That pierce tho
Perfect for Treasure Hunters in the rear

561. Kokonoe

The needlefish have been hunted, or should I say fished
I wanted to be the first to get my revenge…
My shield broke, so I went back to Remut for Magic Stones
But there’s too much competition for Wild Dogs
There’s not that many of them in the day, so during the time it takes to kill them, the hawks and rabbits keep getting in the way
There’s a higher spawn rate at night, so I thought about taking on the challenge, but I ended up getting swarmed by the Wild Dogs

562. Guren

I died to them
We had a reflection meeting until just now
We thought we stood a better chance at night since the kill chain kept getting broken in the day
We weren’t wrong

But we underestimated the Leader and Boss
They’re very efficient when they team up
We managed to take down the Leader
But the Boss was a little too tough
They ignored our tank and surrounded us, restricting the front liners and aiming for the rear first
When the Wild Dogs alone, they wouldn’t even try to do that

563. Kokonoe

Ah, I feel you
If you’re just hunting them, it’s better to do it in the day
At my pace, I can’t go beyond 50 in a day
I feel like trying it out at night…
But they’re tough when they gang up on you

564. zin

I have 2 heavy Dwarf tanks, so our front liners aren’t that mobile
I’d really like to try killing the Wild Dogs at night though
Maybe they’re hard to taunt and separate?

565. Cocoa

The night really is horrifying

566. Tsutsumi

Dwarves are known for being slow

567. Crowe

Thx dwarf.
Their offense is really something though
Their STR is so high that my party members are scared of them

568. Kokonoe

Wild Dogs are harsh

Warning: Grotesque Images

569. Mio

Magic Stones are tempting, but I’m not gonna try

570. Cocoa

They’re being eaten alive

571. Guren

That’s horrible
We met the same fate lolololol

572. Carlo

Those aren’t cute dog pics!!!!
Gimme cat pics!

573. Mio


574. Tsutsumi

That’s torture!

575. Crowe

This is horrible lolololol

576. Romud

We managed to escape
I might just keep running away at night
I’m discussing it with my party members
We were thinking about teaming up with another party through『Union』to get through it
But it looks like the chain gets broken when you team up with another party

I thought we messed up the kill count…
The Wild Dog Boss wouldn’t appear even after 100 kills
I didn’t care anymore
It’s fine since we got some Magic Stones, but it looks like a long way for us
Hopefully we’ll hunt them in the day and take a few days to get to the Boss and Mutant

That’s worse than torture
Too horrible

577. Nia

Everywhere is hell at night lol
Are the players who sleep in town on the winning side?


Manufacturers Love Their Own Work ★3

1. Kaya

Send your works in screenshots
Let’s not post too many at once
It’s undesirable
I’ve made an external link, so let’s use it
The link is at >>2

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Manufacturers Love Their Own Work ★1-2
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18. Tsutsumi

I’ve finally made a Hammer of Echoes.
It’s at Grade C+, but I’m satisfied since it was a difficult request
After finishing it, I reached Blacksmith Lv.4


19. Kuukai

Doesn’t it look a little weird for a one-handed hammer?

20. Tsutsumi

It’s so heavy that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a two-handed axe
Players can easily use this with one hand if they have high STR
Similar to bastard swords, the shaft is long enough to be held with both hands
The center of gravity is also a little weird
It’s mostly in the top, just like a hatchet

I think it’s hard to use, but the Lumberjack who requested it was satisfied with it

21. Gemma

I like unique stuff
Even if the design is unrefined

22. DeMuro

Mr. Alchemist!
Hey, Mr. Alchemist! Help!
Btw is the event in Remut not over yet?

23. Izumi

It’s the Alchemist! Let’s worship him(-人-)

24. Kuukai


25. Tsutsumi


26. Jouji


27. Katie


28. Falera


29. Gemma


30. Ryukahn

What’s with this conversation

31. Zoey




33. DeMuro

You’re doing it wrong lol
Begone, magician. lol


Yo ∈(-ω-)∋ I got a new staff, but I still can’t fly

35. Falera

You’re the one getting worshipped lolololol

36. Fey

It feels good to get a new weapon
I’ve been using a sword I bought from an NPC, but if I don’t get it repaired soon…
I ended up buying a spare one as a sub weapon

37. Jouji

I bought a new harpoon too, but I’m still holding on to my old one as a spare
You never know when your equipment will break
I have some money I can use for repairs
I have big plans though, so I don’t really want to waste it
Maybe I’ll use it to make a big ship, or maybe a fish tank…
But then I’ll be broke

38. Mio

Do you feed your fish?

39. Zoey

The kinpira you made the other day was good
I’ve made some Spanish omelettes

40. Falera

This conversation… is going to be taken over by supper terrorists

41. Mio

I made some Dongpo pork today
I had some pork available
I went Dongpo style because I didn’t have enough spices, but…
I want some star anise…

42. DeMuro

Stop going food terrorist at this time
Cooks really don’t show any mercy lol

43. Jouji

Star anise is delicious
I like sashimi and cooked fish, but personally I like fried fish rolls
I can catch some fish here too

44. Ryukahn

That’s totally different from star anise lolololol
Well, this world really has everything
Except for rice
There are places where they grow lotus roots. I think I can do it if I had some seed rice

45. Fey

You guys are extreme terrorists
I’m hungry now. Do something about it
All the bentos in the convenience stores are gone by now

46. Zoey

Btw, is the mystery meat found in the Western Forest?
The only meat around Remut is rabbit meat
I’m fine when it comes to beef, pork, and chicken though

47. Mio

There’s a Summoner who gets the meat somehow
Apparently he went to the area that’s accessible now due to an event
He brought me the burdock root that I used with the kinpira
It seems that the pork is pretty popular in the camps up north
I wonder if they’ll distribute it here…

48. Jouji

Pork huh
Everything’s so expensive in the port town
What are the peddlers doing?! We’re low in stock!

49. Ryukahn

The Merchants are trying to sell the pork elsewhere, but there’s always the risk of monsters
Well, I’d rather not get involved. I’m just a Farmer…
I wonder if there’s going to be new things to farm once the area is cleared
I have a field ready
You’re always welcome here

50. Fey

Do you know that Summoner?
He’s usually with his hawk and horse
He’s been taking on Guild quests and making glass bottles in the glass workshop


∈(-ω-)∋ I’ll change jobs to a Food Hunter!

52. Gemma

You get to eat all the fish you want though lol

But that’s nice. It seems tough everywhere but everyone’s enjoying it
I’ll go around to help once this event is over

53. Mio

What the hell is he doing…
He’s not even a Manufacturer…

54. Falera

It’s good that we have enough food to go around
But watch out for the supper terrorists lolol



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