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Guide Information Thread #19
1. Guren

Here you can find all the information about the guide.
Please continue the thread after >>950.
Location threads can be found at >>2.

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435. Cocoa

Summary pls

Where did the titles go?

436. Ronin2

We’re not going any further.
Even if we’re getting a title.
That ghost is bad news.
It was different from the 2nd event monster.

437. Hourai

Read the previous thread
And the one before that

438. Kasasagi

Details pls


Yo ∈(-ω-)∋ Are titles tasty?

440. Ronin2

It’s a bit too much of a spoiler, so we won’t say it here,
But I can say that event monsters aren’t predetermined.
I don’t know how to deal with them…

441. Fay

I just managed to clear the ghost in Remut.
It was tough.
I made sure everyone in the party had titles, but because we were divided, it became a slow battle.
I thought we were divided because some of us didn’t have titles, but that was wrong.
It’s still like a forced solo fight even when everyone had titles.
Only 2 of us cleared it. It’s too tough.

442. Rubin

I want a title, but I haven’t finished the quest yet…

443. Jiro

I’m prioritizing my fishing right now, so it’ll take a while before I get to Remut.
I want to go to a new fishing spot.
And the commercial boat has finally arrived.
I’m looking forward to replenishing my stock.

444. Jouji

You’re still the only Fisherman!
Are you really that scared of needlefish?


But still ∈(-ω-)∋ I don’t think you can only rely on magic

446. Gemma

That’s my song bro lololol
Wait, will they think we’re gay?
Seriously lol

447. Suou

I can see magic users making more progress through guild quests.
Clearing that is just really difficult!
I’ll just keep leveling up for now.

448. Irina

I’ve just come back from the dead end in the Western Forest.
You can just follow someone who meets the requirements even if you don’t have a title.
No Unions, but parties are fine.
Btw I don’t have any titles at all.
It’s just a feeling, but it looks like a long way until the next area.
It feels like there’s going to be an event past the dead end.
Though it most likely won’t be available to players without titles.

449. Jouji

I’m taking the time and effort to teach you nicely.
It doesn’t hurt at all…
There’s a first for everyone.

450. Jiro

Maybe I’ll make an ad for you?
As for us, we have Fishermen
Recruiting men for the seas
Women are fine too
Or mermaids

451. Fay

Thx for scouting.
But it’s going to take a while before I finish my quests.
I’m also waiting for my other party members to clear the ghost.
But wait, the person you were with had cleared the ghost and is already in the Western Forest?
He’s going too fast lol

452. Suou

How does it feel?
Like the monsters and such.

453. Gemma

You guys really get along lol
But it’s getting worse lolololololol


Hey ∈(;ω;)∋ Where do I get titles?

455. Irina

It’s useful if you have Fire Magic, btu not absolutely necessary.
It’s hard without a tank.
Chain battles are tough, so you may want to learn some healing spells.
There’s a spot halfway where you can rest, so that helps.
I think piercing weapons like swords and bows aren’t that effective.
Weapons with high Power like axes and maces are slightly better.

456. Rubin

That’s good.
Everyone looks like they’re enjoying the game.

457. Kasasagi

Before that, the ghost in the plains around Remut…
And even before that, titles…
What’s up with the Manufacturers making even more progress than the guide team…

458. Zuou

Bows suck.
An elf having trouble even in the forest?

459. Fay

I wanna make some progress on the guide already.
I’m just a lowly manufacturer.
I’m going slowly.

460. Ronin2

I’ll give up on the Western Forest.
I’m just a Treasure Hunter.
It’s a bad idea to go there solo.
Maybe I’ll go north or south.

I. Still. Haven’t. Cleared. It.

461. Cocoa

I’ve skimmed through the previous thread.
So hunting Wild Dogs is the most reliable?
Wouldn’t it take really long?

462. Hourai

I wish they’d hurry up and get more info, even for the manufacturers
It’ll make it easier in the long run

463. Gierdre

I have something to report.
There are a number of Alchemists in the northern camps who have received the title『Dwarves’ Drinking Companion』.
But I’m not sure about the conditions yet.
I only have an idea right now…
Since the 2nd night from the start of the game, there’s been an NPC Dwarf who’s holding a drinking contest.
I wonder if there are other ways to get titles besides doing quests?

464. Suzune

I’m doing it right now.
Maintaining the chain at night is hard, and it’s even harder when there are fewer people around.
I recommend doing it in the morning, but it’ll take time, and hunting other monsters is a no go.
It’s also tough when you need to give up on hunting for income.

465. Kasasagi

So titles are key. I want one, and I don’t care how stupid it is.
I wanna move on already…

466. Irina

I think it depends on your skill.
The player who’s been taking me there is a Summoner too, but he fights up close.
When neither his staff attacks nor his punches and kicks work, he starts throwing the monsters…
Normally, wouldn’t you use magic?
I’m scared that I’ll lose my common sense.

467. Zuou

I wanna be drinking buddies.
Speaking of which, there are Brewers in this game too.
Let’s have a drinking party somewhere!

468. Ronin2


469. Fay

Wtf is the Summoner doing lolololol

470. Hourai

My thoughts exactly.
I wonder if doing guild quests was the right choice.
But a lot of the quests are disappointing.

471. Rubin

That’s fine, just keep doing what you wanna do lol
I’m gonna start finishing quests for now.


Spells for Magic Users ★9
1. Muku

I discourage anyone with a lack of patience from posting on this thread.
Long chunks of text are going to be a bother to everyone, so please don’t do that.
Let’s continue the thread calmly.
Please be responsible and continue on the next thread when you have reached >>950.
If you can’t for some reason, please designate an anchor.

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Spells for Magic Users ★1-8
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333. Guren

Almost at level 6.
Universal spells are available at level 5, but what about the rest?

Yo ∈(-ω-)∋ I’ve only just reached level 5

335. Kasasagi

I’ve just reached level 6, so I’ll post about it.
Here are the level 6 Earth spells.

Stone Wall
Stone Blast (AOE version of Stone Bullet)

I can only say that the usefulness depends on the situation.
Stone Blast has a wide AOE, but does less damage to each enemy.
I think it’s about 80% of the damage done by Stone Bullet?
It’s strong enough to bring 5 Wild Dogs to near-death status.
I still don’t really get Stone Wall.
It’s not really useful in wide areas such as the plains…

336. Suou

Level 6 sounds good.

337. Kasasagi

I still don’t have a title… orz

338. Kaya

Man, that’s fast.

339. Guren

It took a long time to get my Fire Magic to level 5.
Did you level up your wolf partner?

340. Kasasagi

I’ll start hunting Wild Dogs soon.
Looks like I’ve earned a lot from killing sea slaters.
It’s gonna take a long time from here on…

Also, it looks like my spells are more effective when I leveled up the skill.
I’m happy about that.


Oh ∈(-ω-)∋ Let’s get along and work together

342. Moko

So you get 2 types of spells at level 6? Lol
I’ve been at level 5 for a long time too.
I wonder if I’ll get to post about level 6 elemental spells soon?

343. Luna

Whoa, level 6?
I’ve just reached level 5. It’s gonna take a while for me…

344. Kycilia

Light and Dark spells can cause status effects. I’m looking forward to seeing the level 6 spells.
It’s a pity that I’m not making enough just by hunting at my spot.
I wanna move to a better place, but I don’t have titles…

345. Ronin2

I’m looking forward to the next area
I’m also looking forward to showing off as a Treasure Hunter

346. Rothschild

I have level 6 Wind Magic, so I’ll make a post.

Wind Shield
Storm Wave (AOE version of Wind Cutter)

It’s always effective against aerial monsters.
Storm Wave does only about 70% of damage compared to Wind Cutter, but it’s really wide.
I think it’s really useful.
I still don’t know about Wind Cutter.
I’ve confirmed that not only does it allow you to avoid an ambush from hawks, it also does damage to them.
Sorry, but I’m gonna sleep now.

347. Luna

Water Magic!
Is there anyone who has level 6 Water Magic?

348. Guren

Anyone with Fire Magic…
Please, tell me about level 6 Fire spells!


Everyone ∈(-ω-)∋ let’s make a guide


Exclusive to Residents of the Night Places to Observe your Prey ☆2
1. Samurai [****]

This is a thread for those who have fallen to the dark side.
Don’t forget to disguise your names.
This thread is only for those who have fallen to the dark side. Don’t trust anyone blindly.
Let’s refrain from pointing out any personal information.

Please continue the next thread at >>980.
If you simply run away, we’ll treat you as a PKK.

Previous Thread:
Exclusive to Residents of the Night Places to Observe your Prey ☆1
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27. Yes I’m Muranishi [****]

I’ve finally fallen to the dark side
I can’t believe how manipulative I can be lol
We’ll, they’ve outlived their usefulness lol

28. Remained Hidden So Far [****]

Come back after you’ve slain some players lol

Kidding. Welcome.
So, what’s your job?

29. A Tsunami is Coming! [****]

Just PKing is boring.
Really boring.
It’s better if you PK without being found out!

30. Yagyuu Tajima-no-kami [****]

Prove it with a screenshot

31. Nurarihyon3 [****]

You can’t even earn much by PKing
You gotta join a party in the day
Then team up with Wild Dogs and rabbits at night to PK
Now that’s better

32. Get Lost Scrum [****]

So annoying
This is what happens when people go anonymous lol

33. Get Lost Scrum [****]

So annoying
This is what happens when people go anonymous lol

34. Scarab Rolling [****]

Get lost trolls.

35. A Tsunami is Coming! [****]

Why do PKs have to be trolls too
Watch yourselves bitches

36. Nurarihyon3 [****]

Stop double-posting you idiot

You guys are trolls too
Just die

37. Clueless [****]

I’m clueless
Are these the PK jobs we’ve confirmed so far?

Black Sorcerer

38. Get Lost Scrum [****]

You useless piece of shit.
You’ve completely left out the production jobs


39. A Tsunami is Coming! [****]

Damn, so many people here have low SPI resist
You won’t be able to PK like that, you know?
Level up your【Camouflage】

40. Nurarihyon3 [****]


You can level up【Assassinate】just by using it on monsters.
Use【Camouflage】and【Disguise】more often.

41. Clueless [****]

I thought it would be easy to get to new players, but there are too many Wild Dogs.
They’re a real pain.
It’s much harder to change your hunting grounds so you won’t be seen, wtf.

42. Yagyuu Tajima-no-kami [****]

Shut up.
Do something about it yourself.
It’s not easy to PK in the first place.
You should be doing it because you know the risks of getting found out.
It’s not enough if you lack the skill, duh.

43. Remained Hidden So Far [****]

Not enough not enough not enough skill

44. Scarab Rolling [****]

Scouting is a luxury

45. Nurarihyon3 [****]

Man, you guys are old lolololol

46. Yagyuu Tajima-no-kami [****]

Too many old men.
Hurry up and slay some players

47. Yes I’m Muranishi [****]

Is it really okay that the PK forums are always like this?
Are you an idiot? Wanna die?

48. Before the Cabinet’s Investigation Room [****]

If you can PK really well, then it’s the best when you fall from Treasure Hunter
You’ll have really good skills to boot.

49. Yagyuu Tajima-no-kami [****]

Are there still idiots who think Assassins are the best?
Get killed by an event monster.

50. Scarab Rolling [****]

Btw, what about titles?
Can you【Camouflage】them?

51. Yagyuu Tajima-no-kami [****]

You can.
But you don’t have to【Camouflage】the titles you earned by killing event monsters in Remut.
There’s no point.
You can use it on Corrupt titles if you wanna try?

52. Nurarihyon3 [****]

There’s no point in that lol
You’re too nice lol

53. A Tsunami is Coming! [****]

You guys are boring
I’ll go hunting
Maybe I’ll slay you guys while you’re using【Camouflage】and【Disguise】lololol

54. Get Lost Scrum [****]

Come at me any time
I’ll strike back

55. Remained Hidden So Far [****]

Actually, I’m chatting here while I’m about to PK in a party lol

56. Before the Cabinet’s Investigation Room [****]

Speaking of which, the guy beside me…

57. Nurarihyon3 [****]

Don’t tell me the guy beside me is…

58. Yagyuu Tajima-no-kami [****]

You guys already busted each other, so just form a party with each other lol


There are many kinds of players.



  1. The PK forum is gold. Am I the first this time?

  2. Thanks for the chapter.

  3. I like the PK thread. Imagine if those PKers tried to kill MC and got rekt instead.
    “I got killed by a summoner”
    “Me too”
    “How did you die?”
    “Tore up into halves barehanded”

  4. Thanks for the treat.

  5. Get Lost Scrum maybe should change to Get Lost Scum.

    Scrum came from scrummage an alternate form of scrimmage, (a struggle or fight as for a football or rugby ball)

    Scum seems a more likely word for the forum to use.

  6. Thanks for the new chapter!

  7. I wonder what a corrupt summoner is. Necromancer?

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