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【Sake】Tournament Thread 8

1. Soma
This thread is for anything related to the tournament
We have sake for everyone.
Let’s welcome anyone coming in from the previous threads.

Let’s make a new thread when the posts hit about 950.

Previous Threads:
【Sake】Tournament Thread 1-7
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577. Shouryuu
I’m busy up north.
Haven’t logged in in three days.
How did the tournament go?
I can’t go through all the archived threads.

578. Naruse
Tonfa Kick
Shame Incarnate
A cute girl crying.

579. Derek
A lumberjack became the champion.
In my opinion, that Lumberjack vs. Summoner fight definitely deserves Best Bout.
And Lightning Magic, Ice Magic, and Tree Magic are a thing now.

580. Warren
Tonfa carnage.
Harpoon carnage.
Axe carnage.

581. Kishitani
Summoner attempts rape.
Summoner is actually a grappler.
Summoner has way too many magic skills.

582. Cocoa
➲【Legend】Tonfa☆Kick 8【Again】
➲【Guilty】Summoner’s Attempted Rape Courtroom 3【Innocent】
➲ Mage’s Storytime Thread★18

583. Shouryuu
But what…?

584. Phio
The second round.
The summoner rains down punishment upon the sorcerer girl with the foot twist + open crotch technique.
The technique has been named: Shame Incarnate.
Watching the cute sorcerer girl cry, the summoner is now on trial for attempted rape.

The admins are on the hunt to erase any screenshots of the event.
They even posted a public warning.
All pictures are instantly removed.
Sad boy.

585. Goutokuji
How did we reach this point where the second match is more exciting than the finals…
These are getting some traction too.
➲ Skill Composition Thread 16
➲ Tournament Review Thread 6

586. Muku
I want to have an actual mage’s take on the new magic skills.
Did they find anything new?

587. Phio
The third-round match.
The fight between the summoner and the lumberjack who later went on to become the champion.
It was a normal match at first…
But then the summoner pulled out a pair of tonfas.
On top of that, he used【Tree Magic】, 【Ice Magic】, and【Lightning Magic】too.
He even had an assassination weapon.

At some point, they went in to fight hand-to-hand.
The match ended to time-out and based on their remaining HP bars, the lumberjack won.
His strength was just amazing.

That summoner’s such a weirdo lol

588. Derek
But seriously, I have no idea what that guy is doing.
Fighters only get 70% of the benefits of magic skills.
And likewise, mages only get 70% of the benefits of fighter skills.
I have no idea how he managed to stay alive all the way to time-out.
Is this another example of Player’s Skill?

589. Kishitani
For now, I’m just worried about that summoner getting PKed.
I’m sure there’s some people out there trying to take revenge for that beauty of a sorcerer.

I’m not even joking.

590. Naruse
“For now, I’m looking forward to that summoner getting PKed.”
Fixed that for you lol.

591. Shouryuu
I get the picture now
So, who has a screenshot of the great crotch split?

592. Warren
You’re gonna get put on a watchlist lol.
But to describe it briefly, it looked like the letter T.
Good luck on your search.
I just checked and they just updated that post.
Looks like it’s something big.

593. Phio
Oh yeah, the Best Bout voting period is over.
They say they’re going to publish a video of the first-place winner.
I don’t want to believe it but…
It looks like the perverted gentlemen here have been giving it their all in getting that match to 1st place.

594. Muku
I’ve been dying for an update.

595. Zoey
After that, >>594 was never seen again…

596. Shouryuu
Any other interesting players?

597. Naruse
Of course, the champion lumberjack, my guess is his edge was his massive strength.
The fighter that it made it to the semi-finals. A standard sword + shield combo, but incredibly fast.
There was that fisherman too that made it to the semi-finals. That guy always carried around a net and a harpoon with him. Throw the net to restrict movement, followed by stabs from the harpoon.
And the fourth of the best four, an elf building earth walls.
The Elf Bard vs. Fisherman fight in the second round was pretty good too. That spell + song combo was great.
The dwarf fighter that made it to the quarter finals was pretty strong too.

What’s really shocking is that so many production job players made it so far in the tournament.
Not as shocking as that summoner though lol.

598. Warren
The Best Bout results were just released.
>Taking good sense into account, we will not post the video of the first-place winner.
>Taking good sense into account, we will not post the video of the first-place winner.
>Taking good sense into account, we will not post the video of the first-place winner.


599. Phio
Aww poor admins LOL
Thought we could force them to do it lmao

600. Kishitani
Aww XD
I was hoping for a video of Shame Incarnate. Disappointed lmao

Sorry XD

601. Shouryuu
_| ̄|○

602. Naruse
Oh well, I wanted to watch that Lumberjack vs. Summoner fight again anyway.

603. ∈(-ω-)∋
Hey y’all ∈(-ω-)∋ the perverted gentleman here, here to announce that we’ve successfully cornered the admins!

604. Zoey
I’d like for all perverted gentlemen to please off themselves.

605. Warren
Ooohhh Scarryy lol
We may be perverts, but we’re still gentlemen. We won’t inconvenience the people around us.

606. Zoey
What!? You too!?


Skill Composition Thread 17
1. Moko
※Attention: This thread is a general thread for information regarding all things related to skills.

For more specific threads regarding fighting skills, magic skills, production skills, and support skills, refer to >>2.
Try to add【】around the skill names whenever you can.
Please do not pressure someone into revealing their skill composition.
Let’s restrain our curiosity.
Aside from that, let’s stay civilised and have fun.

Next thread will be made at around 950 posts.

Previous Threads:
Skill Composition Thread 1-16
Skill Information Thread 1-5
※Refer to archives.


174. Kasasagi
How about you all calm down.
Look at what happened at the tournament.
You can tell how the lumberjack won. Pure. Strength.
Don’t confuse the meaning of the word “strong”.
We’ve lost our goal in all this specialist vs. generalist talk

175. Ronin2
I know it’s rude, but I kind of want to know your skill composition now.

176. Rubin
Don’t worry about it, they found the conditions for getting the mysterious new magic skills.
That topic is kind of dying anyway.

177. Rothschild

178. Kasasagi
Sorry, I lost the thread.
I’m not joking though.

179. Rubin
➲ Mage’s Storytime Thread★18

It’s probably going to hit a limit soon

180. Suzune
Too many posts lol

181. Saki
We’ve confirmed the conditions for the acquisition of【Dual Wield】.
When a weapon skill is over Lv.5, and the total value of the DEX stat and the level of【Cooperation】exceed 20, it becomes possible to learn【Dual Wield】.
Even without【Cooperation】, if the DEX stat is over 20, it will still be possible to learn【Dual Wield】.

182. Mick
Aren’t you someone from the verification team?
Did you guys confirm the conditions for lightning, ice, and tree magic?

183. Saki
We’re pretty sure we’ve got it.

Water Magic Lv.4 + Wind Magic Lv.4 + (DEX +【Cooperation】Lv = 20 or more) makes【Ice Magic】.
Water Magic Lv.4 + Earth Magic Lv.4 + (DEX +【Cooperation】Lv = 20 or more) makes【Tree Magic】.
Wind Magic Lv.4 + Earth Magic Lv.4 + (DEX +【Cooperation】Lv = 20 or more) makes【Lightning Magic】.
Fire Magic Lv.4 + Water Magic Lv.4 + (DEX +【Cooperation】Lv = 20 or more) makes【Steam Magic】.

To get these spells, you need to fulfil all the conditions above and fight a monster using both elemental spells.
You can raise your DEX stats using【Physical Enchant: Aqua】and it will still work.
We’ve only tried it on monsters. Maybe you can get the skills by using both elemental skills in your production job work.

Fire + Wind and Fire + Earth have not been confirmed.
Please report your findings if you have the combinations above.
I wrote it down at >>179 too, but since that thread was getting a little crowded, I copied it here too.

184. Kuukai
Yeah, all the mages have gone to >>179.
I’ll take second billing, as a bow-user.

185. Gemma
Thank you thank you.
I bet all the mages out there are crying right now.
I’ve never seen a sorcerer focus on their DEX stat lol.

186. Suzune
This is unexpected…
There must’ve been a few players that jumped to a hasty conclusion on the first post and put everything into INT.
Well, as a vanguard-duty spear-fighter, that doesn’t really affect me though.

I became able to learn【Dual Wield】some time ago, and it looks like your guess is right.
Now that I think about it, wasn’t there a joke about how only production job players can learn【Dual Wield】?
Must’ve been because production job players tend to focus on DEX.
But there aren’t a lot of players who know more than two magic skills…

187. Suou
What the heck.
You guys figured it out so quickly.
What I’d love to know is how you learn【Cooperation】to begin with.

188. ClaudeSin
There’s a lot of players that get【Cooperation】as a starting skill.
You can also get it together with your party members when they level up their【Cooperation】.
Although it looks like that’s random too.
I would love to get a set of conditions that will certainly get you【Cooperation】, but… Oh well.

Although in my case, I don’t have a use for【Dual Wield】or the new magic skills, so【Cooperation】is kind of useless to me.

189. Carlo
New thread wayyy too fasttt.
It’s already at half capacity.
Looks like this is the new thread.
➲ Mage’s Storytime Thread★19

190. Gemma
It’s total pandemonium lol.
Well a lot of them are just complaining about the points they put into INT being useless.

191. Kuukai
Luckily there’s a reason for bow-users to put points into DEX.
It ups the chances of you hitting your arrows after all.
I’ll have to talk it over with my party members, but the new magic skills definitely look fun.

192. Ryukahn
As a farmer, I really need【Tree Magic】.
Looked like it was a good idea to get【Water Magic】.
I learnt【Earth Magic】right away.
I have【Cooperation】, but how do I get it to level up?

193. Carlo
It’s a support skill.
It’ll grow as you go about your daily life.
I suggest you just focus on raising your DEX stat instead of waiting for【Cooperation】.

194. Mick
It’s already full.
There are more and more threads being made.
Pandemonium is right.

➲ Mage’s Storytime Thread★20
➲ Mage’s Storytime Thread★21

195. Saki
Verification team here.
We’re still going.
I’d like to announce another new magic skill.

Light Magic Lv.4 + Dark Magic Lv.4 + (DEX +【Cooperation】Lv = 20 or more) makes【Spacetime Magic】.

This is the spell list.
Levitation(Spacetime Magic) Lets you float in the air
Telepathy(Spacetime Magic) Allows you to communicate with friends using the Whisper function from afar
Return Home(Spacetime Magic) Moves you to the place where you last logged in

I’m sure there’s a lot you guys want to say, but let’s stay civilised, alright?
Yeah, the Return Home spell is the cause of that.
No doubt about it.

196. Zuou

( ゜д゜)

( ゜д゜ )

197. Sakurazuka
Wha? Lmao

198. Ryukahn
Light and dark…
There are players who have both light and dark magic?
What do they do when they go into a cave or something?
For a while, won’t that spell be super rare?

199. Mick
Ah, yeah I get you.
Let’s pray that doesn’t happen here

200. ClaudeSin
I take back everything I said at >>188. I’m sorry.
I want to try and get Spacetime Magic but I’m a tank.
What should I do?

201. Rubin

202. Kasasagi
Calm down you idiot, you trying to kill this thread?

203. Suzune
Woah, that’s extreme.

204. Mick
I have a hunch that that summoner has something to do with this lol.
I see him around the stall that the verification team have all the time.
I want to party up with the guy, but… Summoners will be summoners.

205. Sakurazuka
Hey, slow down buddy.
Not even accounting for his Summon Monsters, did you see what the guy could do at the tournament?
I wonder what he could do if he were allowed to summon at the tournament.
Scary guy.

206. Zuou
Looking at it now…
I’m missing Bonus Points.
Just one.

207. Ryukahn
I’ll stop complaining and aim for【Tree Magic】.

208. Izumi
Ooh that was close.
I almost put myself in a spot where I couldn’t learn【Dark Magic】.
I almost made a big mistake.

209. Mick
Mage’s Storytime Thread★20.
It’s already full.
It’s filling up faster than I expected.
What am I even saying, it’s already full.


Night-Dwellers Only Prey Observatory☆7
1. Samura Kurama [****] This is a thread for those of us who have fallen into the dark.
Do not forget to use a handle.
Trust no one.
Do not share personal information.
Be alert.

We’ll make another thread when we hit about 980 posts.
If you make enemies here, you will be a PKK target.
I recommend staying calm even if you fail and get counterattacked.

Previous Threads:
Night-Dwellers Only Prey Observatory☆1-6
※Refer to the archives.


225. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****] You all died?? LOL
And to ants too AHAHAHA

226. Still not found out [****] You guys again.
Have you guys reflected at all?
If you can’t work together then get out.

227. Firestorm [****] >>>225-226
Could you guys get proper handles already?

228. Katayama [****] A warning came from the NPC chief today.
「Don’t be flashy when you’re doing your work」
In our case, that means don’t get caught.
Looks like there’s NPC thieves too.
It doesn’t look like a thief’s guild exists, but the NPC thieves are definitely helping one another out.
You can even find hitmen in the town.
It’s getting a little too crowded…

229. Currently at 29 wins, 4 losses, and 63 attempts [****] Thanks.
I got a similar warning too.
And the number of PKK players is going up recently too.
A lot of the NPC bandits just up and disappeared.
I’m being put on watch too now, it’s kind of annoying.

230. Can’t get a clue [****] Yeah, all the pickpockets hit gold at the tournament.
The mercenaries are seriously annoying.
Some of us were caught by them but they safely died and respawned.
Actually, I don’t know if I should be calling that “safe”.

231. Communist Party Central Intelligence Division [****] I found a PKK player today.
I didn’t do anything cuz I didn’t want to get found out.
They were obviously looking for PK players.
Some groups hire them as bodyguards when they go out, too.
So annoying.

232. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****] Then just aim for solo players lol.
Looks like your head is just as flawed as your strategy lmao.

233. The night when the yakshas cry.
That’s boring.
Going after solo players is so boring.

234. Currently at 29 wins, 4 losses, and 63 attempts [****] Is six people too many to take on a PKK player?
I don’t really like my teammates.

235. Can’t get a clue [****] I’m in a pair.
We manage against PKK players just fine.

236. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****] You’ve been here for so long, why are you still so bad at your job lmao.
I’m laughing here with my stable income.

237. Houkishu Katayama [****] >>234
The weaker your target looks, the more likely it is they’re setting a trap.
They need bait, after all.

How about you prove that with a screenshot?

238. Communist Party Central Intelligence Division [****] There are a lot of lurkers here, watch what you say.
Although I do know what you’re talking about.
Two thief groups in Remut.
Three in the port towns.
I’m warning you, NPC assassins are pretty good at their job.

239. The night the yakshas cry [****] Just be grateful you can come back by respawn.
How about you just die honestly and try again.

240. Currently at 29 wins, 4 losses, and 63 attempts [****] I feel like everyone’s slowing down with progressing in the game.
I’d love to get some more variety in my loot.

241. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****] Yeah, I agree, how about you just die honestly, all of you lmao.


【PKK Squad, Heading Out】PK victim party ★4
1. root10534 [****] This is a thread for players who’ve died to PK.
Follow the links at >>2 for threads discussing countermeasures and skill compositions.
PKK requests at >>3.
Please continue going out in groups.
We’ll make a new thread when the posts hit about 980.

Previous Threads:
PK victim party ★1-3
※Refer to the archives


849. test229 [****] Please contact if interested.

We are a PKK hunting and escort group.
Currently, we have three escort teams, and two hunter teams.
I’m the Coordinator, and I’m looking to work together with production job players.
I also have someone who will sub for me at times. He goes by “the Assistant”.
We have increased the time for which we will be able to guard, but do keep in mind that we still have our limits.

We’re also selling some goods.
We are placing the highest priority on securing needlefish jaw bones, but we often end up with a shortage.
But that doesn’t mean that we’re out of stock.
We won’t decline any requests, so, ask away.

Negotiations between Remut’s guards and mercenary groups are ongoing.
We’re dealing with NPCs, so please be patient for a little while longer.

We are temporarily raising funds to be able to buy better equipment.
Any donations would be very much appreciated.
Please also leave any ideas and feedback.

Thank you.

850. auto28 [****] Thanks.
There are enough people to form two more tracking teams though.
Are you putting priority on the escort teams?

851. map8488 [****] >>850
For the time being, yes.
It’s necessary since for the time being, the PK players outnumber us, so we want to focus on something that doesn’t involve having to fight them.
On top of that, escorting essentially takes away time you could’ve spent gaining experience points…
And because of that, not a lot of people want to join an escort team. I’m putting priority on escort teams to make up for that, too.
If we don’t have an available escort team, I recommend you join temporarily join a random party if you meet one on the way.
Although honestly, I’d love to just get a map of the place so we can draw up multiple routes and get escort missions done a lot quicker and a lot easier.

Oh well, can’t get too greedy.
I’m confident we can defend any PK attack.
We’ll also be sure to publish any info we might find.

852. apple20044 [****] The hunting teams are actually mostly dedicated to finding information.
It’s easy to find players that are in dedicated PK parties…
But the solo PK players that act like normal players and join normal parties are annoying to deal with.

853. test229 [****] >>850
There are various reasons, but for the time being, we just want to be effective with the people we have.
We’re having a training session in Remut to raise the level of our anti-PK skills.
Please do join us!

854. test28469 [****] >>850
I totally understand wanting to go on the offensive.
But I don’t think its time to go out guns blazing yet.
We’ll strike back at the PK players when a new map is discovered, or when we get a more secure base.

855. test229 [****] Just a quick addition.
The following are formally called PKK jobs, but there’s been a few suggestions on a more casual name.
We’ve written it down in another thread, but I’ll copy that here too.
By the way, you can find that thread at >>2.

Bounty Hunter
Spell Sealer

That’s all.

856. nuke7682 [****] I remember the avenger…
He hasn’t shown up recently though, is he alright?
I really admire the guy.

857. map8488 [****] >>856
I totally feel the same way, but there’s nothing we can do.
A very strong job, but the guy is marked for death at all times.
If he ever needs our help, we’ll help him out for sure, but…
I think the best thing to do here is to respect his judgement.
By the way, it looks like the Karma function will really swing things in our favour.
Too bad it’s not a visible status effect.

858. auto10405 [****] Yeah, I guess so…
I was shaking with anger when I first died to a PK player.
It actually became possible for me to choose the avenger job but I didn’t do it.
It felt a little scary.
The penalty seemed tough to deal with, too.

859. apple20044 [****] Well, we have done several successful revenge hunts in the past.
What’s important is to focus on the mission.
Making sure you don’t get too greedy with your fights is also important.
You have to stay professional. You can’t respect PKK once their Karma is higher than normal PK players.
I’d love to work with that avenger again…

860. nuke7682 [****] Where are you, avenger…
That feeling of getting backstabbed by who we thought was a party member is too much to bear.

861. test28469
Can’t even imagine how much Karma they got from that one.
Sorry to hear that.


【Legend】Tonfa☆Kick 8【Again】
1. Guren
At this point, the conversation is just going in circles, but whatever.
I’ll make a new one when we hit about 900 posts.

Previous Threads:
Tonfa☆Kick 1-7
※Refer to the archives
How did number 7 end up in the archives so quickly?


225. Guren
How many times have we had this exchange lol

226. Jirou
Sorry I just found this thread. What happened?
Within three lines please.

227. DeMuro
Tonfa Kick rehearsal.

Hold a tonfa in each hand.
Do a front kick to your opponent’s belly.
The End.

228. Shinjirou
How is thread still alive lmao

229. Sankichi
The legendary Tonfa Backdrop

Hold the two tonfas in front of your eyes. The less you can see, the better.
Do a backdrop on your opponent.
The End.

229. Conrad
Just stop XD

But honestly, nothing beats the Tonfa Piledriver.

230. Moko
It’s out of control.
The word “tonfa” has completely lost its meaning.

By the way, nobody’s ever faced a Tonfa Brainbuster and returned alive.

231. Kuukai
What even is that? What is this loop we’re in XD

You’re all amateurs, have you heard of the Tonfa Beam?

———————————-(Continues in an endless loop)———————————-



  1. Thanks for the new chapter!

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    Fire Magic Lv.4 + Water Magic Lv.4 + (DEX +【Cooperation】Lv = 20 or more) makes【Flare Magic】. Isn’t it steam magic?

  3. Tonfa Beam ?

  4. “Fire Magic Lv.4 + Water Magic Lv.4 + (DEX +【Cooperation】Lv = 20 or more) makes【Flare Magic】.”

    I swore this was listed as “Steam Magic” in last chapter. That’s what Fay has (Water/Fire), and that was his acquisition.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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  6. Ultimatecalibur

    I wonder if [Synergy] might be a better translation of name of the [Cooperation] skill.

    • Original was 連携, and if you read the earlier chapters, the only context was “Summoner fighting alongside monster summons / people working in teams”.

    • I’m not denying your point, just saying that a lot of these changes you’re suggesting are a little too late down the road.

      • I’ve seen changes go back and effect hundreds of chapters. 66 chapters is nothing.
        If it’s a better translation then it should be used.

      • Ultimatecalibur

        I understand. I’m not trying to correct you. I am just pointing out things I’ve noticed. Translation can be tricky from what I’ve seen and read. I also understand that the Japanese love of wordplay can make things even harder.

        In both these cases I noticed an alternative meaning to terms in the story. The author is likely intending “Summoner-san ga Iku” to mean both “Mr. Summoner is Easygoing” and “The Summoner Leads The Way.” Renkei meaning both Teamwork/Cooperation and Hybridize is likely another case of an intentional multiple meaning and I suspect we will see many more as the story goes on. We have already seen hint of this with the Alchemy skill both being used to make potions and fuse summon creatures together.

      • @busnuss: You have a point, but I think it’s more important to prioritize upcoming chapters. I’ll put up a TL note for the next chapter, and if I do get the chance, I’ll review the earlier chapters.
        @Ultimatecalibur: There’s quite a list of challenges when it comes to translation, especially considering the differences in culture. But that’s what makes it fun too.
        I personally can’t argue one way or another about the author’s intentions, but when the context demands a change we will be sure to adjust accordingly.
        As for Monster Fusion, I think it’ll belong to Summon Magic instead of Alchemy, although there may be requirements concerning both skill types. But that’s just my guess; we haven’t gotten that far yet.

      • I just want to add that Cryus has been doing an awesome job translating this series <3 xo

      • Credit to Charlotte too, and Weasalopes for using his free time to help with editing. It’s good to be in a team!

      • yes of course, and Eisen too <3

      • Spoilers!
        But yes, we have a new translator working on this novel as well. Everyone, look forward to his translations!

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