The Summoner is Going Chapter 214 Part 1

Translation: Charlotte

Editor: Weasalopes

The morning had come.
More players were starting to log back in.
Adele and Irina had logged in long before anyone else, so they had the opportunity to hand out bowls of stew.
What about me?
I had already filled my stomach earlier, so I was back to working on excavating the Ancient Stone Pillar.
Oops. Almost forgot.
I had to summon my Summon Monster team for the day.
I recalled all my Summon Monsters except for Volff.
I summoned Zangetsu, Helix, Rig, and Nias.
I was a team based on maximising mobility.
At the same time, I could make good use of Nias’s support skills.
Especially her 【Cursed Song】 skill.
Well, I would expect the song to have less of an effect on the enemy as long as the Majin were controlling them…
But a song that could inspire us to fight harder would be very effective in its own way.
I knew for a fact that the buffs from the songs would apply to everyone in the Union.
I knew that because I knew that was the case for Bard songs.
Fiona’s army was soon due to arrive, and when the armies clashed, we from the Summoner Corps would have the task of disorganising enemy forces.
Yeah. It was a task we were well-suited to.
Well, at least that was the plan.
It was a good plan, making use of our superior mobility.
Rick and the Production Job players who came with him into the Spring of Mist were taking care of all the communications with Fiona and the rest of the army.
The number of monsters around the Spring of Mist definitely seemed lower than the number of monsters around the Wind Spirit Village.
But Fighting Bulls, while they were slower than Centaurs, were definitely tougher.
There were Minor Griffins in the sky and Panzer Rhinos to worry about too.
We had to be careful.
On the other hand, there was an idea that some players were starting to suggest.
It was a plan revolving around the Majin.
What if we started by getting rid of all the Majin?
I had a strong hunch it would be good for dispersing all the monsters quickly.
But… Where was the fun in that?
Ideally, I wanted to eliminate all the monsters.
All those Fighting Bulls would lead to a lot of delicious beef.
But for some reason, I felt like monsters running away from us led to a small amount of experience points too…
Was it just my imagination?
Yep. It had to be.
Just my imagination, nothing more.

「So, Keith, I’ll leave it to you.」

「Let’s both do our best.」

I exchanged greetings with Rick one last time and joined the rest of the Summoner Corps.
Just from asking around and seeing their Summon Monsters, I noticed that the number of Class Change Summon Monsters was getting higher with the recent fights.
To give an example…
There were two Grey Wolves, one White Wolf, and one Black Wolf.
Having stronger Summon Monsters in our team would be very helpful.

『Keith, what’s our goal going to be for today?』

「We’re going to be supporting Fiona and the rest of the army. The Minor Griffins are probably also going to be an issue…」

『What about the Majin?』

「If we keep hunting monsters we’ll eventually get the Majin, too.」
I honestly just didn’t want the monsters to run away.
I wanted to take out as many monsters as possible before they would eventually start running away.
But at the same time, winning the battle had to come first.
I had to restrain myself a bit.
I wasn’t fighting on my own, after all. I had to think of everyone else.

Rick and his team lined up at the edge of the mist.
There were about 40 parties there, maybe a little more… Seemed like he recruited the parties stuck in the Spring of Mist.
It was honestly a small number of players compared to the army of Fighting Bulls outside.
But if we could squeeze in on the Fighting Bulls from two sides, that would be very useful.
Fiona was still slowly marching towards the Spring of Mist.
So, what was there for the Summoner Corps to do?
We were only told to support the army.
As much as possible, I wanted to try getting in on the action.
I came up with a bit of an idea.
We could try going with a bit of a feint attack, and then get the monsters to chase us.
It would still be alright even if they didn’t fall for the provocation.
The enemy’s army of Fighting Bulls was completely surrounding the Spring of Mist, after all.
As long as our mobility was better than the enemy’s we could do a lot of things and still get away unharmed.
We would have to be careful when dealing with the Minor Griffins or the Centaurs…
But there weren’t many of those monsters.
It would probably be best if we take out all the Minor Griffins from the very beginning.
Ah, I almost forgot that there was a whole army heading to the Spring of Mist too.
We could probably take it easy, we weren’t the main force, after all.

『Use messages to communicate! The army has the monsters in sight! Time has come for us to support them!』

『All forces, forward!』
Orders came from Rick.
There were relatively few of us, but several lines of players started marching forward together.

「Okay! Charge after them!」

『Yes, sir!』

The Summoner Corps got going too.
We quickly caught up to and left behind Rick’s group.
What were we running towards?
As we ran towards where we knew the monsters were likely to be, we suddenly spotted earth and fire bursting into the air ahead of us.
Looked like the fight had already started. Our goal would be to separate and confuse the enemy forces.
I didn’t know whether we would succeed or not.
Well, diving into it was the only way to find out.
We were quickly approaching the horde of monsters.
Nias was sitting behind me, and soon, I could hear her start to sing.
It was a very chivalrous and uplifting song, inspiring everyone to fight in the battle ahead.
But even while it gave energy, the song was still very gentle on the ears.
I felt the blood in my veins start to get hot.
I was holding a mace in my right hand.
It might have seemed like a strange weapon, but I was counting on a one-hit kill with this weapon.
Well then. There wasn’t much left to do.
We just had to charge in!

『Some of the Centaurs are starting to run away!』
What terrible news.
The experience points…
The experience points were growing legs and running away.
I wanted to cry.
But on the bright side, we were getting closer and closer to victory.
Focusing on that would mentally be a lot healthier for me.
It was Suruga who killed the Majin commanding the enemy forces. It was riding a Centaur.
I couldn’t see the Majin’s face below its leather armour.
You could’ve killed him a little later…

Oops, almost said that out loud.
There was no helping it, I just had to go at it optimistically, taking out as many of the escaping monsters as I could.

『We took down a Minor Griffin!』

『We took down the Majin riding it too!』

『One of the Minor Griffins is running away now!』
Something was really bothering me…
The whole battle was going in a very unexpected direction.
We were winning, but the enemy forces weren’t putting up much of a fight.
They were already running away!
It must have been only 10 minutes since the battle started.
Oh dear…
Why was my prey running away so early!?
Even the Centaurs ran away after only relatively little pressure from us.

In any case, we managed to nicely scatter the army of monsters.
There were quite a few Fighting Bulls that tripped and fell in the confusion too.
Riding further into the army, I could see a Majin riding a Centaur. It was probably the Majin commanding a good portion of their army.
Nice. Target spotted.
Now that we had come this far, I wanted to try taking out a Majin for myself.
Hope you don’t mind if I have your head!
「Circle to the right to intercept the enemy army when they run away! I’m diving deeper!」

Well then. There wasn’t much thinking about it left to do.
It was time to have some fun slaughtering the enemy army!

『The wolves have taken out the Majin! It looks like the Fighting Bulls are no longer being controlled!』

『Half of the Fighting Bulls are in an Enraged state!』

「Keep intercepting them with wall spells! Take out as many as you can, I’ll be there soon!」

While I shouted out orders, I silently prayed.
Come on…
Come on!
Please don’t let the monsters run away… Leave some for me…

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