The Summoner is Going Chapter 217 Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

Looking at the wide-area map, I realised that the map really was mostly just the coastline.
I was unsure if there even was an Area Portal in S1E1.
There were a lot of parties hunting on the beaches.
What kind of monsters were they fighting?


Majimun Sea Snake Lv.1
Monster Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Underwater, Ground


It was some kind of Sea Snake?
But it was big!
It was obviously larger than Strand, and it’s scales were an eerie black colour.
But there were other sea snakes too.


Maggy Sea Snake Lv.4
Monster Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Underwater, Ground


Those sea snakes were similar in size to Strand.
But they were always in groups.
Well, it looked like the parties fighting them were used to them. They lured the Sea Snakes to the shore before easily finishing them off.


『Assault Mullets are quite common around these parts… You can find Sea Snakes and Prawns in the shallow water too, but they’re quite uncommon.』

「What about if we go deeper into the sea?」

『Oh! They’re definitely quite rare, but if you go deeper into the sea, you can find Mermaids on some small islands. There should be Mermen too.』

『But hunting Mermaids and Mermen is probably going to be impossible without a boat.』

Was that it?
Did Konohana board a boat from Salt Rock and go to one of those islands to fight Mermaids and Mermen?
I didn’t realise she went through such trouble to get Mermaids as a Summon Monster candidate.


『Do watch out for this coast at night though. Zombies tend to appear out here.』


『I’m not so good at dealing with those.』

I could hear groans coming from various Summoners in our company.
I didn’t really want to have to deal with them either.

But really…
That didn’t discourage me from hunting on the beaches at all! Look at all those delicious prawns!
I made a mental note to return and do some hunting once I got myself some more time.
I could get myself some new ingredients to feed myself with.


But for the time being, we rushed to the S2E1 map.
What kind of monsters were waiting for us there?
We were still near the coastline, and it looked like the same monsters as the ones in S1E1 were there.
But what about deeper into the land?


Wild Cygnus Lv.3
Monster Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Air


The first monsters to attack us when we started heading further inland was a flock of swans.
It was a pretty big flock of them too.
At first we thought it was just quietly migrating somewhere.
But we were very much mistaken.
It was a proper aggressive monster.
It took more than one proper attack from Helix to send them crashing to the ground.
Although, as usual, taking them down once they touched the ground was quite easy.


【Material】 Wild Swan Wing Raw Material Grade C Rarity 3 Weight 1+
The wings of a Wild Cygnus. It is often processed into feathers to make arrows.


Well, I more or less expected that.
I guess I could make arrows with these too.
My supply of feathers was certainly starting to suffer. I was in need of some more to replenish my supply of arrows.


Anyway, what other monsters were waiting for us on the land.
There were Stray Horses too.
The kind I sometimes saw in the outskirts of Legias.
But I had a feeling they were more common here.
With Haruna in the lead, along with the wolf pack and the hawks, any Stray Horses that got close enough were easily taken down.
We had too much strength on our side. Not every Summoner could actually contribute to the fighting.


『Sometimes you can see Majin riding these horses too, you know?』

「Wow, that would be pretty scary.」

Speaking of Majin… Where were they? Why wouldn’t they just come out already?
But I kept that thought to myself.
I wouldn’t expect any sane monster to try and attack us.

According to Haruna, Rampage Horses were quite common too.
What? I hadn’t heard of that monster in a long time…
But I was definitely looking forward to trying to get myself some Rampage Horse Cordovan.
I could make something other than a belt if I could run into it again.


The time was already at 4 PM.
We spotted the fishing village of Neeme in the distance.
The fishing village was set on a cape extending into the sea.
It was a nice-looking place, dotted with various buildings on the low flatland along the sea.

『Keith, do you know a certain Production Job Player called Kaya?』

「He’s a pretty popular producer within the Production Player’s Guild, right? I think I’ve run into him once before…」

『Oh sweet, well, he’s also the leader of sorts around these parts.』


I guess it would be nice if we looked for him to say hi.
But that wasn’t necessary.
As soon as we entered the fishing village Neeme, someone came out to greet us.


「Hey, isn’t this an amazing sight!」

「It’s been a very long time.」

「I heard the news about you guys. About how you guys took care of the Majin events in the west?」

「Huh… Thanks.」

「Well, the south right now is completely in the Majin’s hands. Having such a large group of Summoners come over to help out would be very much appreciated.」

「Huh? Aren’t there Guide Team parties here too?」

「The terrain is different to that in the west, after all. I think it’s best you check out the situation for yourself.」


『Well then, let’s go our separate ways here! Feel free to act freely from this point on!』

『Please refer to the bulletin board for information on this map!』

『The Guide Team parties are having a lot of trouble in the S4 map! As Summoners, let’s help them out by doing as much Majin hunting as we can!』

Konohana and Haruna shouted out some orders.
It seemed like our journey together was at an end.


「The Guide Team is having trouble? 」

「Well, yeah. Again, it’s the terrain that’s the source of a lot of their problems.」


「It’s complete guerilla warfare out there in the woods. There are some places that players just can’t cope with. Might not be the case for some of your Summon Monsters though..」

「Guerrilla warfare, huh…」

「Do you know what mangroves are? When I say woods, I actually mean a mangrove forest.」

Kaya gave me a wry laugh.
A lot of the other Summoners listening to Kaya followed suit.

The terrain, huh.
It could be considered another enemy.


But Kaya was quite confident. For some reason, though not being a Summoner himself, he had a feeling that our Summon Monsters would be enough to turn the tide of battle.
On one hand, it was true that I was very much looking to take down all the Majin, so I was very much on Kaya’s side.
But in the West, there were already a lot of difficulties in large-scale battles.
But the south had much less cooperative terrain, so I would probably have to modify my expectations of a large-scale battle a bit.
The terrain would probably prevent the Majin from gathering a large army too, but I had a feeling it was going to be just as tough to take down the Majin.

Kaya told me that only three Majin had been taken out until we arrived.
A surprisingly low number.
But what Kaya was especially excited about was that two out of those three Majin were taken out by Summoners.


「That’s why I’m very optimistic about the situation, now that all of you are here to help.」

「Hmm, I’m not so sure about where the Majin are… But I guess you’re saying I should hunt like normal?」

「Yeah. I’m pretty sure you’ll run into the Majin at some point, and that’s when you’ll easily take them out.」

I guess it would be a lot nicer to have that freedom.


Kaya looked around at the other Summoners.
Some of them went into the village to log out, others were walking around the village…


「Keith, we’re planning on hunting together with Haruna and Konohana after this.」

「Please do join us!」

「Isn’t that going to be way too many people in one Union?」


「You may have a good point there Keith.」

「Well, it depends on how complicated the mangrove forest really is, but the more players you have in one union, the more the experience points have to get split, hurting our experience point gain.」

「Ah that’s right… That’s a very good point.」

「Well then, maybe another time!」



Adele and Irina waved at me one last time before they headed out of the fishing village together with Haruna and Konohana.
Well then.
What about me?
Of course, there was a lot of exploring and hunting to do in a new place.
I was looking not only for Stray Horses, but also Rampage Horses.
I wanted to enjoy fighting together with Zangetsu while I still could.


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