The Summoner is Going Chapter 219 Part 3

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

I was in the middle of the fight against the Gemini Guards, but I decided it would be best to switch my weapon to the Beltfish Dagger and counterattack.
I first aimed for the arms holding the weapons.
After a short while of doing harassment tactics, I ran up and put my blade to Pollux’s neck.
I slashed it with all my strength.
With just that, Pollux’s HP bar dropped to zero.

With it being just a one-on-one against Castor, the fight became a lot easier.
The gap in our strength was actually quite huge.
I cut Castor several times in the belly and the shoulder, and dealt the finishing blow with one final long slash.
Without the strength of teamwork, they were actually quite weak.


What about the servants?
One of them was being shaken around by Volff, who had his jaws around the servant’s neck.
The other one was already just a dead body, rolling around in front of Shishiku.
It was impossible not to sympathise with the servants…
Ah, well, I suppose that was just the natural order of things.


《O Guardian of Cancer! Come! 》


Cancer Guard – Al Tarf Lv.3
Heroic Spirit Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground, Underwater Water Resistance

Karkinos Lv.4
Monster Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Underwater, Ground Water Attribute


Umm… So, about the Cancer Guard…
It just looked like a fisherman.
It was holding a harpoon in one hand.
Although it didn’t have a net like Jirou and Jouji.

The Karkinos were crabs.
There were two of them, guarding the two flanks of the Cancer Guard.
They were considerably bigger than Taylor.
Were we going to be okay?
Well, Shishiku would probably do alright.
I could expect my Summon Monsters to take a bit of damage though.


Couturier is a very scary Summon Monster!
Ah, was that the right way to describe it…?
No, that was a good way to go about it.

The Cancer Guard was always within a good range.
It was quite an easy fight compared to Jirou and Jouji’s party at the tournament.
The problem was actually with the crabs.
Shishiku was definitely strong.
But I only had one Chimera. Shishiku could only deal with one of the crabs.
How did my Summon Monsters take care of the other one?

It was taken care of by Couturier.
Her needle attacks crushed both of the crab’s eyes.
Oh no, that’s scary.
But it was certainly very effective.
The crab was easily ganged up on by all the other Summon Monsters afterwards, and went down easily.
I kind of felt sorry for it, but there was nothing I could do.
It was better for all my Summon Monsters to take it down before Shishiku could get involved.
If Shishiku got his way, both of the crabs could have been completely devoured.
Crab is delicious, after all. I understood where Shishiku was coming from.


《O Guardian of Leo! Come! 》


Leo Guard – Regulus Lv.4
Heroic Spirit Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Fire Resistance

Man-eater Lion Lv.4
Demon Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground


The shrine of Leo actually had another player in front of me, so I spent some time watching them fight first.
When it was my turn to fight the Leo Guard, their levels were a bit higher.
Well, I suppose something like that was to be expected.

I had already seen the Leo Guard’s attack patterns and equipment, so the fight went by very easily.
The Leo Guard had very standard-looking equipment, not too dissimilar to my own equipment.
A shield on one hand, a sword on the other, and heavy armour.
It made a lot of sense.
I didn’t bother fighting it properly, but choked it and took it down through its armour.
The fight ended quite quickly.
It was nice to get a practice partner for all of my joint locks and chokes again.
Well, I only had that freedom while the Leo Guard’s level was still low, so I made the most of it.

The Man-eating Lion was taken care of and devoured by Shishiku…
As expected, Shishiku was very scary!


《O Guardian of Virgo! Come! 》


Virgo Guard – Spica Lv.3
Heroic Spirit Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Dark Resistance

Banshee Lv.5
Servitor Spirit Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Magical Resistance


Well, I could leave the two Banshees to my Summon Monsters.
As usual, I took on the Virgo Guard myself, but it was very interesting.
The Virgo Guard had a rapier.
A very thin sword.
Its equipment was also very light, clearly built with a focus on mobility.
The physique was what made the Virgo Guard stand out the most.
She looked like a woman.
What was her face like?
I couldn’t see it, it was behind a leather helmet.

Well then.
I suppose I could make seeing her face my first order of business.
With that in mind, I started trying to fight in close range, but her rapier made that difficult.
It was very difficult, until I finally managed to sweep her legs and stomp on her wrist.

After I removed the leather helmet, I found out she had a quite beautiful face.
She looked like a young energetic girl with freckles.
I felt bad for her, but I took down the Virgo Guard with a naked choke.
It felt very strange, choking the Virgo Guard.
But I just had to focus on the fact that it was an enemy to defeat.

What about the Banshees?
They were easily taken care of by my Summon Monsters.
Well, it was probably easy for my very agile Summon Monsters to get the upper hand.
The Banshees didn’t look like especially tough enemies either… Or maybe I just didn’t give them the opportunity to show off their abilities.
As usual, Shishiku looked a bit dissatisfied.
Well, I would prefer having too easy enemies over impossibly difficult enemies.


《O Guardian of Libra! Come! 》


Libra Guard – Zuben Lv.3
Heroic Spirit Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Light Resistance

Dioscuri’s Servant Lv.5
Heroic Spirit Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground


This one had two servants too.
I could leave them to my Summon Monsters.
I was very interested in the Libra Guard.
The arm guards on both its arms looked like they were fused to the fists of the Libra Guard.
Was it carrying a giant gauntlet?
It looked strange, but also very terrifying at the same time.
The gauntlet ended in claws, and I could only imagine what it would be like to get grabbed by those…
No, actually, I didn’t want to imagine it.

Fighting it up close and personal definitely wasn’t a good idea.
I dodged most of its attacks at a medium distance, with a dagger in my hand.
It was definitely a very interesting opponent.
It was very refreshing to have a monster actually try to go in for the grab.
I could have probably taken it down easily with my attack spells, but where was the fun in that?
I really appreciated how the Libra Guard’s main strategy was just going in for a grab.
I respected it, but I wasn’t about to let myself get grabbed either.

It took some time, but I managed to take it down without any problems.
It would probably take some planning on my part to take it down in close range.
But for the time being, I wanted to make one round around all the 12 zodiac shrines.
I could try more crazy ideas like fighting it up close another time.


《O Guardian of Scorpio! Come! 》


Scorpio Guard – Antares Lv.4
Heroic Spirit Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Poison

Desert Scorpion Lv.5
Demon Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Poison


Wow! Both the Scorpio Guard and its servants had poison!
There were two scorpions.
Both of them were about as big as Taylor.
The poison was definitely in its formidable tail.
But where was the poison for the Scorpio Guard?
What was obviously suspicious was the knife in his hand…
Its fighting style reminded me a lot of a PK Assassin too.

Shishiku was poisoned.
He was killing scorpions while getting poisoned.
You’re scaring me!

Even though all of our enemies had poison, we all managed to make it out of the battle relatively unharmed.
There was no doubt in my mind that the Scorpio Guard’s knife had something strange stuck on it.
But I locked the joint holding the knife before the Scorpio Guard could sink the knife into me, so I had no way of being sure.
It probably was poison.
Yeah. I didn’t really have a way to confirm it.
I decided to just be content with that conclusion.

I used some Strange Powder as an antidote for Shishiku’s stings.
It came with a small penalty to Shishiku’s stats, but I could probably still have him fight for a bit longer.


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