The Summoner is Going Chapter 224 Part 2

Translation: Tsuki

Editor: Weasalopes

Further south.
There was no change in the appearance of demons.
The big change is the players.
There were too few of them.
When I had just left the area portal, I saw them occasionally.

But now, I haven’t seen them for a while.
Well, it was a distant map, so it was no wonder.
Encounters with the demons were also reasonable.
Even though it was in an S4 map, it feels even easier than the S3 map.

I proceed while hunting the demons appropriately.
As always, Forest Walk and Resist Thunder were indispensable.
Level up has not come yet.
I was happy to get 1 tsavorite gem though.
That was the big event.
At this pace, would I be able to see the scenery of S5 Map by evening?


As expected, it came…
A demon.


Black Santa Lv5.
Majin, Enemy Target Active.
Battle position: Ground, Darkness, Light Resistance.


Wait, wait.

It’s Santa but a Black Santa¹!
Is it a Majin version?
It’s just the one Majin.
Is it easy to eliminate if there is only one person?

The Majin began to take out something from its gray bag and began to sow it over the ivy passage…
Huh? Why?


Spartoi² Lv3.
Demon, Enemy Target Active.
Battle position: Ground, Fire resistance, Soil Resistance.


Warrior with leather armor, leather helmet, and a shield.
In their hands were: sword, ax, mace, spear, flail.
There were 5 people in all.

What are these guys?
Did they spring forth from the ground?
Are they summoned beings?


【True Practiced Spirit!】

Let’s do our best here…
Obsidian, Denier, and Strand should stall the Majin.
I went ahead with Goki.
Tonfa in my left hand.
Tokkosho in my right hand.
The blade extending from Tokkosho looks like a wooden sword.
It was because it has that wood magic setting.
Let’s continue attacking.
There were a large number this time.
How far can we go?


【Thunder Shower!】

The rain of lightning strikes the vanguard warriors.
But I could not stop them.
No, two of them were unable to move well.
However, even with them being paralyzed, I cannot let my guard down.
The number must be reduced while their strength is down.

Goki takes the opponent that uses a Mace.
In front of me was the one with the ax and spear.
I start the battle the moment Ninetails begins to scatter its light.


The branches and leaves extending from the Tokkosho’s blade entangled the warrior with the hand ax.
For now, I should be able to stop one.
With this everything should be good.
The Ninetails constantly scatters its light attack.
The spear holder was almost on the verge of death.
Finally it dies when I hit its head with my tonfa.
Isn’t he too brittle?
No, probably it was because of my support and martial arts spell.



Hitting the ax-wielding warrior from close range caused him to die at once.
Ninetails lights then attacked the other warriors.
Goki was next to me.
Apparently he had managed to kill his opponent.

There were only two warriors left.
In front of Goki, a warrior with flail had become his opponent.
And Ninetails attacked the warrior with a surprise darkness attack.
Nice assist.
Goki then effortlessly jumped onto the warrior and pressed his shield against him, and drove his ax into his stomach.
This seems to end soon.

And who was my opponent you ask?
There should’ve been an opponent with a sword but…

He’s still lying on the ground.
The red marker was overlapped by a small marker.
They still seem confused or paralyzed.

I step on him and poke his face with my Tokkosho.
It was sufficient enough.
The warrior HP then shattered.

It seems Goki was about to finish as well.
Now then…
Should I be the Majin’s opponent?


But when I took a glance, the Majin seemed to be in a weird situation?
Suspended with both hands wide open.
Strand wrapped his thread around the Majin’s neck.
A marker indicating a state of abnormality was put on the Majin.
I wonder if there was some poison on the thread?
The Majin’s HP bar had gradually decreased.
Obsidian was on his head.

It had been using its beak to hit the Majin’s forehead.
That looks painful!
I feel how it hurts just by imagining it already!

Even so,
Isn’t this can be labeled torture?


I turn my gaze toward Goki on my side.
Fine then…
I will let him have the final blow.
Although he had a black costume, Santa sure looked pitiful.

Black Santa ended up being killed by summoned monsters from the beginning till the end.
Well, that’s fine.
It’s good once in a while.


《【Lightning magic】 Leveled up!!》

《【Wood Magic】 Leveled up!》

《【Mental reinforcement】 Leveled up!》


I’ve leveled up a lot.
I guess I should say this fight was a meaningful one.
Ah, right.
Should I set Tokkosho magic to ice magic now?


The corpses of the Majin and Demon warriors disappeared one after another.
Of course, no items were left.
Well it was fine…
It was within my expectations.
S-Still, I feel disappointed!
B-But, today, I’m mainly moving and exploring, not hunting for items!


The time was 5:20 PM.
On a wide area map, it should be map S5 soon.
And the boundaries between the maps were very easy to understand.
After all, the forest suddenly disappeared.
Beyond there was only wasteland.
It was something people called the desert.
Oi oi, Don’t you think the change is a bit too extreme?!


It’s still bright, so I want to know what kind of demons are there…
But, let’s try Call Monster for now.
Nothing seems to get caught.

Let’s return Strand and Denier.
There’s no advantages in this terrain.
Above all, Strand seems to be bad at going through a wasteland.
I guess, a power type group would be better.
This is the furthest map from Remut.
I should expect powerful demons.

I decide to summon Volff and Jericho.
Now then…
What kind of demons were there?


As expected, I don’t think I could reach the area portal by marching during the night.
That was why, Jericho.
This team would be focused on combat.
Volff was there to reduce the chance of enemy ambush.

Then, suddenly Volff reacted.
From the front, slightly right…
I immediately strengthened Volff and Jericho with spells.
What’s coming I wonder?
I can’t see any demons.


There were no demons yet.
However, Volff indicated that the demons have drawn near.


Volff barked loudly.
At the same time, the ground rises.
What was that?
Yes, what I saw was a crab.


But that crab has a tail.
It was not a crab?


Killer Scorpion Lv.5
Demon, Enemy Target active.
Battle position: Ground, Earth, Poison resistance.


Ah, this guy.
This one was similar to the zodiac.
But the level was higher.
I guess I should do my best here.


【True Practiced Spirit!】

I move ahead while casting my martial arts spell.
Jericho was also next to me.
Goki with their shield positioned itself on the other side of Jericho.

What about the first move?
It was done by Obsidian and Ninetails.
A needle of water and a ball of light strike one after another.
However, the demon keeps moving forward without being confused.

The demon then attacked Jericho.
Suddenly, it struck with the poisoned stinger on its tail.
It was clear that Jericho won’t be able to evade it.
Jericho manages to use liquefaction.


When it returned from liquefaction, the scorpion’s movements were blocked.
The poison stinger on its tail was probably its biggest weapon, it was held by Jericho with all of its might, and looking at its grip it seems it could even crush it.
Jericho then stamped on the scorpion’s left pincher with its foot.
The scorpion could only freely use its right pincher then.

The free pincher then attacked Jericho.
What about the damage?
Surprisingly the attack goes through and Jericho receives damage!
The relief was that the damage was not so great.
After all, it was Jericho.
It might have a strengthening spell but still, it was indeed great.
What about me you ask?
I don’t feel like trying to intervene…


【Gravity Mail!】

I strengthened Jericho with a spell.
How’s that?
The damage received has been reduced further, but it has not completely disappeared.
This place should be cleared up soon.

Then I extended the ice blade from Tokkosho.
The movement of this scorpion was unexpectedly fast.
I wish I could delay it somehow..

Goki tries to block its pincher attack with his shield.
Is he going to be fine?
No, it seems he received damage as well.
Jericho then attacked the scorpion with its left hand.

What about me you ask?
I decided to move around behind the scorpion and shot my Tokkosho at the base of its tail.
Volff also attacked alongside me.
However, it was hard!


【Defense Fall!】

Did it work?
It seems to be working fine.
The HP bar which had decreased slightly began to decrease rapidly.

Soon after, the scorpion’s HP bar disappeared.
I guess it’s over?
When I manage to use all of my strengthening spells, I should not feel too scared I guess.
Though it would be bad if I got hit by the poison at the beginning of the battle.
Though Jericho was a vanguard, it seems it still could face the demon relatively well.


《【Space-time magic】 Leveled up!》


Well, the level up was welcome.
What are the drops I wonder?
The result of the drop was…
I set the 【Disassembly】 skill properly.
It was lifeless.
It was one-sided, but this demon was indeed pretty strong.


As if I would give up here!
Should I fight a series of battles since the spells were still active?
I tried to use Call Monster.
It seems there were few scorpions.
It was just the one.
There are cases in which a demon evades detection.
Come to think of it, the demon from earlier appeared from the ground.
Is it the type that lurks in the ground and attacks the opponent who comes close to it?
It was indeed an ambush.
And if it doesn’t get detected by Call Monster, it’s a tricky one.

I guess it can’t be helped.
Let’s move slowly from here on out…

Protagonist Keith.
Race: Human, Man Lv23.
Occupation Grand Summoner (Summoning Magic) Lv9.
19 bonus points left.

Set skill.
Sword Lv9, Two-handed spear Lv8, Club Lv8, Rope Artes Lv8.
Cane Lv18, Punch Lv15, Kicking Lv15, Joint Lock Lv15.
Thrown Lv15, Evade Lv15, Joint Lock15.
Summon Magic Lv23, Space-time magic Lv14 (↑1), Sealing Lv6.
Light Magic Lv14, Wind Magic lv14, Earth Magic Lv14, Water Magic Lv14.
Fire Magic Lv14, Dark Magic Lv14, Ice Magic Lv11, Thunder Magic Lv12(↑1).
Wood Magic Lv12 (↑1), Dust Magic Lv12, Lava magic Lv12, Steam Magic Lv12.
Alchemy Lv10, Pharmacy Lv8, Glasswork Lv6, Woodworking Lv9.
Synergy Lv16, Appraisal Lv16, Identification Lv16, Sighting Lv5, Cold Resistance Lv8.
Grab Lv13, Horsemanship Lv13, Precise Manipulation Lv15, Ropework Lv8.
Leaping Lv8 (↑1), Light work Lv8, Heat resistance lv9, Climb Lv9 (↑1), Balance lv8.
Two sword style Lv14, Disassembly Lv12, Swimming Lv6, Diving Lv6.
Dash Lv6, Endurance Run Lv6.
Physical Reinforcement Lv13, Mental reinforcement Lv14(↑1), Speedcasting Lv14.
Magic Effect Amplification Lv13, Magic Range Expansion Lv13.

Editor’s Notes:

  1. Black Santa: The underlying concept seems to be akin to the Dark Guardian in Dr. Who, or the reversed psychological aspects of Star Trek‘s Mirror Universe; a negative image of the original; with the Black Guardian they used black and white film negative when displaying him on screen.
  2. Spartoi: In Greek Mythology, the soldiers who sprang forth from the ground upon sowing Dragon’s Teeth were the Spartai.

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