The Sweets Prince’s Search Chapter 87

🍬 Chapter Count: 1 out of 3 🍬

Hey guys, here’s the first chapter (technically the final chapter, but 2 bonus chapters coming in) for this week. As Amaree said in the announcements, this novel will be ending this week. I’m really glad to have worked on this novel, it was a lot of fun to translate! I’d also like to thank you readers for your support so far, whether in donations or in spirit. But although this novel is ending, my work here is still not finished. If you haven’t already, please give the Summoner novel a try. You’ll like it if you’re into VRMMO games.

Getting back on track, here’s the chapter for today. Enjoy the finale!


P.S. Found an illustration for Chapter 85, and updated the chapter as well as the illustrations page. Take a look here!

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