The Sweets Prince’s Search Novel Illustrations

Welcome to The Sweets Prince’s Search Novel Illustration Page. Please enjoy and be on the lookout for any illustrations surprise inside each chapters as they will now be embedded inside the story where relevant to increase the pleasure of reading this novel. This page will also be updated as new illustrations get added so check back periodically 😉

Volume 1 Illustrations:

Volume 1 Cover Illustration, Colour Illustration 1, Colour Illustration 2, Character Sheet

Chapter 1: Michel Defending Maman Cookies

Chapter 7: Mizuhara Eating Noda’s Apple Pie

Chapter 11: Mizuhara Opening the Birthday Cake

Chapter 20: Noda and Mizuhara Wearing Elf T-shirts

Chapter 27: Arioka Patting Noda’s Head

Chapter 31: Michel Escorting Kinoshita to Welcoming Party


  1. concernced fellow citizen

    Colour Illustration 2 link leads to the wrong image and there’s p*rn ads …

    Thanks for showing us these images = )

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