Chapter 76: The Harassment



Translator: Cryus

「Don’t get cocky, you bitch.」

I hear hurried footsteps as I turn around to see the back of the girl who was the most likely culprit.
I sigh as she leaves my line of sight.

It’s been about two weeks since Michel’s shocking confession.
In the school grounds, I’ve been facing the wrath of girls whom I don’t know. They’ve been harassing me with insults and hate letters.

The senses of girls in love are too strong.
It’s as if they activated their love sensors and sensed what happened between me and Michel.

It’s not like Michel has been telling everyone, and the same goes for Mizuhara and Nonomiya-san.
How did they find out…… I ask myself.

Michel’s attitude hasn’t changed from before… I think.
But I may have been acting a little awkward… I think.

It’s a little hard to believe, but Michel likes me. But I rejected him because my feelings toward him have changed.
He said that he won’t give up.

……How should I react to this situation? How should I approach Michel?
Since then, I’ve been feeling nervous when speaking to Michel.

In turn, Michel seems to know how I’m feeling, and tries to behave normally.
And then.

「My apologies, Sagiri-san. I have caused trouble for you…… I do feel bad about it… but I also feel happy that you are aware of how I feel about you……」

He’s been saying such things that are giving me a heart attack. Please stop, I feel like I’m going to vomit blood.
Maybe his awkwardness is giving it away.

「Sagiri, are you listening?」

I’m drawing up plans with my friends for our graduation trip. They’ve stopped their discussion and are looking at me.

「Oh, sorry. What were you saying?」

Even though we’re talking about our once-in-a-lifetime graduation trip, I’m getting preoccupied with Michel. It’s because we’re going to France.
I brush my thoughts aside and pretend nothing’s wrong while reaching out for the listing magazine for cafes in Paris.

「Did something happen with the prince?」

They hit the nail.


A moment of silence.

「……Huh?! W-wh-why?!」

「You’re reacting so strongly. Obviously something’s up!」

They look at each other.

「Why are you suddenly bringing up Michel?」

I couldn’t hide my surprise that they got it right.

I bend over to pick up the listing magazine I dropped, but I end up hitting the desk, causing more things to fall.

「Sagiri…… Have you seen the magazine that featured the Prince?」

「Huh? Yeah, why?」

They’re referring to the popular magazine with the Christmas special, which the club members were reading.
The photos of a mature-looking Michel glancing away from the camera instead of his usual gentle self are in it.

「Nothing comes to your mind when you see it?」

「Huh? ……Um… Well, the quality of the pictures taken by a professional cameraman are really different.」

「I mean, it says in the article that you’re his kind of girl.」


I’m his type??
Michel took the magazine away, so I only saw the pictures.

Was it written there? I’m his type?
Overwhelmed by the situation, I sigh while my friends tell me about the article.

Following the flow of the conversation, they ask me about the details.
I tell them honestly about Michel’s confession. They don’t seem surprised. It’s as if they expected it.

I’m the one surprised by their reaction.

「Well, remember when we couldn’t decide on which museum to go to in France? You sent him a message asking for recommendations, and he said he was free so he came in person. It was his behavior at that time.」

「It was so obvious.」

They’re all nodding in agreement. Um…… which part of it was obvious?

「Over a year ago, he said that he liked you, right? Or did you not know?」

「……I didn’t. Michel’s always kind to everyone, and I never knew he felt anything special for me……. Only that I’ve been a reliable senior within the club.」

「Are you sure it’s just because you never noticed?」

They’re looking at me in amazement.
No, Michel never showed any indication… I think.

「You’re so clueless.」

「I’m not sharp, but I don’t think I’m clueless.」

All three of them are looking at me in disbelief.

「Then did you know that the lovey dovey couple Hosoda-kun and Nishimura-san broke up?」

Hosoda-kun and Nishimura-san are our Elective Language classmates.
It’s mandatory for us to learn a language, choosing between English, Chinese, German, and French. We chose French because we were going to France, and we became friends with them in class.

「It’s because Hosoda-kun is getting a job away from town.」

「Long-distance relationships are tough, especially for new employees.」

「If only they waited until graduation. It’s so awkward in class now.」


I ask them if they knew, and they answer that it was obvious.
Since when were they dating?!

This is bad. I never knew I was so oblivious.
Just as I buried myself in my thoughts, they told me that I wouldn’t be oblivious if I knew I was oblivious. That blew my mind even more.

「But hey, it’s easier to get through in modern society the more clueless you are.」

「They say that you won’t get stressed as much.」

They’re trying to comfort me, but I think it’s a completely different matter from romance.


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