Chapter 82: In the Infirmary



Translator: Cryus


Usually, only people with injury or illness have business in the infirmary.
If it’s not an injury, it’s an illness. Michel came to that conclusion.

There’s a cold spreading around the university recently. Since there are many students pushing themselves too hard for exams, the virus is still spreading among them. Michel probably thought I was affected.

I put my phone down and look at myself. I’m all drenched, and I’m barely covered in a sheet.

He said he’s coming here……. I grab onto the quilt and lie back down in bed.
This is bad no matter how you look at it.

How am I even going to explain to him why I’m here in the first place?
I bury myself completely under the makeshift blanket in panic. I’m busy thinking of reasons why him being here would be bad for me.

In my head, I’m screaming for Nonomiya-san to come back quickly.

「Sagiri-san! Are you all right?!」

Michel comes rushing in, gasping for breath.

H-he’s fast…… It’s all over….
He shouldn’t be able to tell who’s in the bed since it’s just a thick quilt, but I left my backpack right next to the bed.

Naturally, Michel notices me as he gently shakes me. He’s probably convinced that I’m sick and sleeping in bed.

He’s trying to be considerate, keeping his voice hushed as he’s asking me how I’m feeling.
Well, I’m not really sick…… What should I do in this situation?

「Sagiri-san, I brought your coat. It’s cold, so you shouldn’t dress lightly.」


「Your voice is a little husky. Did you catch a cold, perhaps? Do you have a fever?」

「Uh……. No, um… I’m not really feeling unwell. I’m perfectly fine……」

「……? In any case, may I take a look at your face?」


His concern is seeping through the thick quilt.
Well, it’s not really something he should worry about, but I can’t just reveal myself like this. What should I do?

Michel’s pulling on the makeshift blanket. I resist immediately.

「Sagiri-san, I know you don’t like going to the hospital, but you should go if it’s really bad. I’ll take you there.」

I sneeze a few times as he tries to coax me. He’s really convinced that I have a cold.

「……Um…… It’s a little inconvenient for me right now……」

Even if I really was injured or ill, I wouldn’t go to the hospital for something minor like this.
It’s not that I dislike going to the hospital, but I wouldn’t go if I’m sure it’ll take a day or two to recover.

Michel probably thinks otherwise, and is now tugging harder on the quilt.
I’m using a moderate amount of strength, but I sneeze at a bad timing and loosen my grip.

「We should first check your temperature…… Wha-!」

Michel suddenly raises his voice as he looks at me, turning his worried expression into a shocked one.

Well duh. What now…
Michel’s blue eyes are fixated on me, but he keeps taking steps backwards, so he bumps into a partition.

「Watch out!」

I rush forward to keep it from falling with my hands, but the quilt falls off because of that.

「Whoa…… Eh??? What…」

Michel looks really confused, and I’m starting to panic.
Michel’s cheeks are flushing red as he sees me for a brief moment. As soon as we make eye contact, he quickly covers his face with his hands.

「This…… It’s really complicated to explain!」

Michel tells me to calm down, but I’m tempted to run away in panic and confusion. At this moment, I hear the door opening.

This is bad! I’m making for the quilt, but Michel is faster than me as he quickly covers me with it.

We’re going at such a high momentum that we stumble onto the bed.
Michel jumps off in a panic, crashing into the partition.

「……Whatcha guys doin’?」

Nonomiya-san is finally here.
Dropping a large paper bag, she looks at us in shock and places the wobbling partition next to my bed.

She hands me the paper bag. I instinctively look into it and see a vinyl bag on top, with some underwear and a pair of socks.

Below that is a warm looking shirt and sweater, as well as pants lined with fur inside, and a pair of sneakers. There’s also a pocket warmer.

「Shouldn’t ya change clothes before ye catch a cold?」

Nonomiya-san is urging me to change into these clothes.

「Whoa! ……I-I-I’ll wait… outside!」

Saying that, Michel scurries away from the infirmary.



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