The Undetectable Strongest Job: Rule Breaker [Web Novel]

Author: 三上康明 Yasuaki Mikami (Also wrote Overlimit Skill Holder)

Original Web Novel: 察知されない最強職《ルール・ブレイカー》
Light Novel published by ヒーロー文庫 starting in 2018.

Release schedule: Complete.
Alternative Title:

  1. 察知されない最強職《ルール・ブレイカー》
  2. Sacchi Sarenai Rule Breaker
  3. The Undetectable Strongest Job: Rule Breaker


By some ill fortune, Hikaru died in a traffic accident. He was in heaven standing in line, waiting to be judged, when he took an unexpected invitation to transfer his soul to another world. He received an ability called Soul Board which he could use to allocate points to Skills to make himself more powerful.

But there was a catch…

「I want you to kill someone within an hour. If you don’t, I’ll destroy your soul.」

To pull off the task assigned to him, he poured all his available points to the Stealth skill tree.

This is a story of a boy who specialized in Stealth. With his skill trees as weapons, he would demonstrate his unrivaled strength in another world.

Cover Illustrations

Note: The WN and LN differ considerably, the LN covers may not properly match what is occurring in the WN we are translating. Thus, these are purely for your enjoyment.

Intermission: The World won't leave me alone
Volume 9: Golden Syndrome (14/14)


  1. The link to the chapter isn’t here~ 🙁

  2. I Like the start and theme of fiction. Hopes to continue reading it.

  3. I don’t know if it is on purpose or not but nothing after chapter 8 is posted in novel update

  4. The link to chapter 38 of rule breaker links to something else and not the chapter.

  5. Unfortunately the web novel had been discontinued by the author. The last chapter is 378 and updated at 19/7/19. Sadly we will never be able to read this till the end unless some publisher license the LN. I already read up to arc 6 and this WN is very good!

    • Well, it was licensed in Japan back in 2018, and Volume 6 of the LN was announced on the publisher’s Twitter feed three days ago now.

      My understanding from our TL is that while Volume 1 of the WN and LN match up, after that they diverge in significant ways. Sufficiently so that we aren’t going to intersperse the cover illustrations within the ToC, but have them all grouped together under a spoiler.

      That does mean that since it appears we are TLing the WN, if we shift to the LN after completing the WN it’s gonna be a very rough transition…

  6. I wish I could japanese…….AAAAA now I’m really curious about the LN and how it differs with the WN, I least I want to know the general arc or the relationship Hikaru have.

  7. LN is the better one than WN cause Lavia seem dont cut her hair

  8. Thank you so much for continuing to put these chapters out! They’ve been great reads while holes up for COVID!

  9. Can someone tell me where do i find all the illustration of this light novel please?

  10. Thank you so much!!!

  11. Hey, thanks for translating the novel, its part of my top 10.
    Just a heads up, the links to the chapters after 130 isn’t there and the link of chapter 130 redirects to chapter 127.

  12. how many chapters do you guys release in 1 week?

  13. @highest emperor; no one is going to translate the LN version unless its by the official licencors. Why? because its licensed, no body wants to get slapped with a DMCA and then a law suit.

    • The LN hasn’t been licensed in English.

      The fan translation community does have a general understanding that if something has an official release in the destination language, not to translate it.

      It should be clear that it doesn’t matter if it has been licensed in a given language or not, or even if it has been licensed in the source language, any fan translation can be subject to a take down request since none of them are done with the permission of the author or other intellectual property rights holders.

  14. wish I knew how often it updates, should I read weekly, monthly or bi/tri-monthly?

  15. Release rate information added to the info at the top; currently 3 sections per week, with a week being Monday through Sunday. The precise days of release do vary…but we strive for 3 per week of this title.

  16. Seriously one of my favorite series on this site, thank you for continually translating!

  17. If anyone wants to read the LN book synopsis, you can go to the raw, check the later chapter, it would have a pic that you can click to the JP amazon page. As I’m writing this, Book 8 is out. If you can’t find it, I can like spoil the general direction. No mention of the content of the arc.

  18. This table of contents is stuck on Ch. 317 and since it’s on Ch. 349 it’s been like this for just under 11 weeks? Did no one notice this? I find that hard to believe did it revert to some past state? Well anyway please fix this ToC.

  19. The ToC is now up to date.

    We’ve translated the WN; there’s nothing left of it.
    [OK, technically there’s one more post, but the author notes that it ties in with the LN and includes stuff that wasn’t in the WN version, so, no, it’s not part of the WN.]

    The folks who’ve looked at both the WN and the LN agree that it has travelled down such a different path storywise that you cannot jump from one into the other this late in the game.

    You really would have to start back from chapter one if doing a translation of the LN, and we are not doing that.

    For LNT, this project is complete.
    Well, if the author started posting more chapters that were clearly the WN and not LN related, we’d start up again, as we have with other titles. But it really doesn’t look like an Author Hiatus situation from our end of things.

    If you really desire a fan translation of the LN… there are other groups you could pitch that to. Many of whom do excellent work.

    Currently Novel Updates shows no English License issued for the LN, and no fan group translating the LN.

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