Chapter 141 – Adventures and Drakons and the Church

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Adventures and Drakons and the Church

「Adventure Hunting God: Advance Scout…?」

Sarah showed a four-character job class, one that was extremely rare. Having one meant you were a high-level adventurer. What kinda effects does it provide? Hikaru thought as he looked at Sarah, who was eyeing him suspiciously.

「You’re not the least bit surprised.」she said.

「Ah, well… I’m too shocked, I didn’t know how to react.」Hikaru explained.

A normal adventurer would’ve been surprised.

「Maybe you do have a job class that’s at the same level—」

「That’s not it. I just expected someone from the Four Stars of the East to at least have a four-character class. So what sort of effect does it have?」

「I can’t tell you that… or so I’d like to say. You really don’t know?」

「What do you mean?」

「Adventurers dream of having classes with the word “Adventure” in it. Not to brag or anything, but they have become a popular topic among adventurers when they exchange information about job classes.」

「Really, now…」

Hikaru had no one to exchange information with. He felt bad. It felt as though he was being made fun of for not having friends. Then again, he chose not to make friends with anyone.

「I’m sorry. You don’t look like you have many friends…」

「Shut up.」

「You’ll find out with a little inquiry anyway, so I’ll tell you. Job classes with “Adventure” in its name will bestow the user with an incredible buff whenever they’re working on a request for the Adventurers Guild.」


「I know five of them. Advance Scout will give huge boosts when on a scouting mission. The rest are Adventure Combat God: Adventure Battle Master, Adventure Magic God: Spirit Adventurer, Adventure Inspiration God: The Chosen One, Adventurer Life God: Risk My Life.」

Hikaru was silent, pondering over what Sarah just said. The part about “whenever they’re working on a request for the Adventurers Guild” bothered him.

This whole system was created by the man who was blessed by the Wisdom God. It’s basically a backbone of how this world works, along with the laws of physics. But the Adventurers Guild was created and operated by humans. So why is the guild directly involved with the system? That makes it sound like the Adventurers Guild was created by the gods.

Sarah laughed, ignoring Hikaru’s troubled look.

「By the way, isn’t Risk My Life amazing? Danger follows anyone who has this job class, but the blessing they get is that they don’t die—I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing—so they always take the really dangerous jobs.」

「Are there only five of those classes?」

「Those are the only known ones so far. You can only find three or four of them in books. The adventurers network has a lot more information.」

Hikaru heaved a sigh. Sounds like the books in this world are way behind when it comes to information.

Perhaps that was to be expected. Despite this world having magic and job classes—things that were not available in modern Japan—they hadn’t made much advancement in the field of science, simply because magic and job classes were very handy. Everyone received some kind of blessing, so they didn’t feel the need to engage in research and development. That’s probably also the reason why record-keeping wasn’t as valued.

Now I feel like losing the library down there in the dungeon was such a waste. They had plenty of records there.

「All right, it’s your turn. What job class will you show me? You do have a five-character one, right? Or perhaps four? Or maybe… even three!」

Two, even. No way he was gonna tell her that, though. Hikaru fiddled with his guild card, and just like the original plan, he showed her Lower Class Heaven’s Messenger God: Lesser Angel. Sarah sounded like she knew a lot of things. Hikaru thought he might get some information about the class.

Silence followed. Well within Hikaru’s expectations… But he didn’t expect her next reaction.

「W-Wait… It can’t be… No way!」

She looked at the card and then at Hikaru. Wait, something’s off… he thought.

「Sophie! Hey, Sophie! Come here for a sec—」

As she turned over her shoulder and yelled, Hikaru quickly covered her mouth.

「What are you doing?!」

「What’s going on, Sarah—」

Sophie came out along with Selyse, wondering what was going on, and what they saw was Sarah bending backwards with Hikaru close to her, covering her mouth.

「I wonder what happened out here…」Sophie smiled, but she glared at Hikaru with eyes full of disdain and fury.

「Please tell me you cleared up any misunderstanding.」

Fifteen minutes later. Hikaru was left alone on the driver’s seat while Sarah went inside the carriage with Sophie. Apparently he didn’t have to do anything when the vehicle was moving stably. Sarah warned him not to touch the reins and to call for her if there was oncoming traffic. After a while, she returned, drained.

「Sophie really hates you, huh?」

「No skin off my back. I don’t plan to make her like me. Anyway, you better not have told her about my job class.」

「I didn’t. My bad, I kinda panicked.」

「Is it really that rare?」

「You don’t know?! Of course, you don’t. Otherwise you wouldn’t look so calm.」

「You’ll tell me about it, right?」


Sarah grabbed the reins. The same coniferous trees spread out all around them.

「Lower Class Heaven’s Messenger: Lesser Angel is a job class that Sophie’s been searching for for years.」

「Search for it? Is it something that can be found?」

「No, that’s not what I meant. She’s searching for the one who has it.」


A bad feeling started brewing in Hikaru’s gut.

「Sophie is a member of the Church. And the Church has a legend that’s been passed down for generations. To summarize it, “When evil spreads, the drakons die, and blade reaches God, the end will come. O’ child of God, find heaven’s messenger, and smite evil” or something along those lines. Sophie’s been going around as a member of the Four Stars of the East, but her goal is also to find this heaven’s messenger.」

「And that refers to this job class?」

Hikaru played around with his guild card. He already set the job class back to Civilian.

「I think so. At least, that’s what the Church believes. Apparently there were a few people in the past with Heaven’s Messenger-related job classes. They had no idea how it manifested.」

「Did they fight “evil”?」

「Nope. They were watched at all times and protected by the Church.」

Hikaru scoffed. How stupid, he thought. So the Church were content with just that? What exactly does “evil” refer to? What does heaven’s messenger mean? Its effects? They didn’t bother verifying? If they did, they could’ve announced it to the public and gather more people with job classes related to being a “Heaven’s Messenger”.

「Do you know how you got that class?」Sarah asked.

It probably had something to do with killing that subspecies of Earth Dragon. But was that all? There should be a few—if not a lot—of people who killed dragon-type monsters in the past.

Hmm… The legend mentions drakons dying, right?

He released a drakon once in the ruins of Poelnxinia. After smashing the Holy Mana Ball, a drakon climbed to the skies like an electric current. And the creature said:

…You broke my seal. Well done, puny human from another world…

The drakon knew Hikaru came from another world. He just couldn’t ask how.

Does it have something to do with that drakon? But the Lesser Angel didn’t show up then; only after I killed the Earth Dragon. Maybe both are necessary to get the job class?

In that case, it made sense. There might be plenty of people who managed to kill dragons, but probably only a few ever made contact with an actual drakon. And there should barely be anyone who actually satisfied both conditions.

「I don’t know. It would be difficult to confirm, and I can’t corroborate it either. Why do you want to know, anyway? The deal was not to tell anyone else.」

「To satisfy my curiosity, I guess?」

This girl’s quite interesting. Her curiosity comes first than her friend’s goal.

「So, you don’t know what effects this job class has, right?」

「Nope. Actually, I never believed the stories until now. Do you grow wings or something?」


「A halo appears on your head?」


So their image of an angel is the same in this world, too.

「Do you crave for snakes?」she asked.

「No. Wait, do angels eat snakes?」

「Of course. Everyone knows angels eat snakes.」

Okay, maybe not.

「Now that I think about it… You, an angel?」Sarah chuckled.

「It’s not funny. I cringe too, you know. Anyway, I guess this little game is over.」

「Yeah, I guess. But I’m sure you have other job classes. Show me!」

「No way. Shouldn’t you show yours too?」

「I have none left.」


「Nope! Two classes is the average. Max is five. Three is a bit too many, I think.」



Lavia peeked from inside the carriage. She had woken up from her nap.

「Lavia’s up, so I’m going back inside. Good luck out here, driver.」

「Damn normies!」

So the word “normie” exists in this world too, huh? Hikaru thought as he went inside. It was much warmer than being in the driver’s seat.

「You two seem to be getting along.」Lavia said.

「Is that what it looked like?」

「Yeah. No fair. I want to talk to you a lot too.」

I’m pretty sure we talked a lot, back at home and during this trip. But it looks like it’s still not enough.

「I can feel the normie aura from inside the carriage!」Sarah shouted.


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