Chapter 145 – The Broadcast Tower and the Radio Station

Translator: Kell | Editor: Weasalopes

The Broadcast Tower and the Radio Station

In the end, Hikaru settled with an explanation that was mostly right, yet at the same time, completely wrong: the dishes were magic items that transmitted sound and that the tower was the base of operations for said items.

Selica, who had been reading the writings, explained some of the words on the wall. Apparently they were the names of the people who frequented the tower, nine of them. Since they were all written in Japanese, she didn’t know which name was responsible for the scribblings. The writings were basically just that—scribblings, and nothing more. It could be a diary or just some grumbling. Either way, the author made use of the fact that the people around him couldn’t read Japanese.

Count Buck’s attendants were happily taking notes, as Selica translated the texts one by one.

「But we don’t know if the radio station… the magic item still works.」Hikaru said just to be sure.

「I understand. Learning of its purpose is already a wonderful thing. Our research might make decades worth of progress after this.」

「Is that so?」

「Was it okay for us to know about it, Hikaru?」Count Buck asked, feeling uneasy.

Hikaru promised to give Katy information, but the Count, on the other hand, just happened to be present.

「You’re going to cooperate with the other regions for Forestia’s future, right? I’ll help a bit as well.」

「I see. That’s good to hear. I know. I’ll give you Chloe. How about it?」

「No thanks.」

Hikaru was not about to take in someone who seemed prone to causing trouble. The person in question, kept asking Selica things like “What’s Lady Selyse’s favorite food?” or “Is there someone she likes?” Yeah, that’s definitely a no, Hikaru thought.

「I’m just joking.」

「Isn’t she too much to handle, though?」

「Sir Hikaru. We, the people of Zubura… we might have to stop calling ourselves that soon. We the people of Forestia, want to repay our debts. We haven’t forgotten how you saved Lord Silvester and gave us leaves of the Dragon Kidney Flower. We will pay you back, for sure.」

「Okay, but I’m not taking Chloe.」

「That was just a joke! I swear!」

They climbed up the stairs and onto the top floor. Apparently some sort of magic prevented this otherwise empty tower from collapsing after all these years. It wasn’t much different from the magic that existed today.

「I would like you to decipher the documents we keep in Zubura too.」the Count said. 「This is the top floor. Be careful, though. We repaired the boards, but it’s not perfect.」

The floor and the ceiling were made of wood. And beyond that was the sky.

「Oh, is this it?」

A copper wire ran from the Giant’s Caps to a huge apparatus, about the size of a laundry machine. It had a meter and a knob for tuning. The machine’s appearance was nothing like the items in this world.

What caught Hikaru’s attention was the hollow spot in the center of the machine. A few centimeters wide, the dent looked to be made out of hollowed stone and revealed metals inside.

A label was written below.

「Holy Mana Charger.」

The Holy Mana Ball that Hikaru found in the underground city of Poelnxinia would’ve fit perfectly in the hollow spot.


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