Chapter 206 – A Notice to the Beastman King

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A Notice to the Beastman King

If having nine points on the Soul Board meant being a god, what about ten? Hikaru’s Throwing was already maxed out.

『I don’t have much time, so let’s continue.』Selica said, not noticing Hikaru’s discomposure.

『Uh, right. So… an enneagram is unthinkable or something.』

『Yup. Nine is no doubt a special number so they think the shape cannot exist. No combination of magic could create an enneagram. There was one experiment that got close: a combination of high-level healing magic and high-level accursed magic, but the two users couldn’t really synchronize with each other perfectly.』

Healing magic and accursed magic. In other words, holy and evil. So to seal whatever is beyond that door, those two types of magic are needed? In any case, this was all just speculation. If only they could enter the Church library in Agiapole, they could gain more information.

『Is this magic circle used to invoke some kind of a spell?』

『I don’t know. Maybe yes, maybe no. I already said this circle can’t exist.』

『I suppose.』

『All right. I need to go. Oh, and you owe me one, okay?!』

Selica hurried back to the palace.

Coming to Einbeast’s capital, Hopestadt, just resulted to more trouble and mystery. The king would most likely ignore Bios’ ruling and attack Ponsonia. His army was already stationed and ready in Leather Elka, so were members of Polar Tiger.

Gotthold earlier stopped five meters short from Hikaru. He has Instinct for sure. The man was wary of him, even though he knew nothing about Hikaru. Stronger adventurers seemed to have points on Instinct and that annoyed him. The only way around it was to use Stealth beforehand to get close.

「So, did you solve the mystery?」Lavia asked.

「Nah, the mystery just deepens. Let’s head back to the inn for now.」

Hikaru thought of ways to make the king stop going to war. It appeared as though the army would make their move in a few days. It was a difficult task, since he didn’t know what kind of a man the king was.

First, I gotta buy time, Hikaru decided.

Early morning the next day.

The Four Stars of the East already left Hopestadt yesterday. It had been a long while since the palace didn’t have guests. Everyone who worked in the palace knew that this was a sign that something important was going to happen; like a change in the ruler, or a war.

But what happened that morning was a different kind of important. It spelt danger.

「Oh… What’s a bunch of soldiers doing in the king’s chamber so early in the morning?」

An old fellow, the representative of the turtle clan, arrived in the wide room facing the courtyard. Like the old man said, fully-armed soldiers from each clan were in the room.

King Gerhardt, lightly dressed, sat down on the bed with a thump.

「We received a message that something serious happened to His Majesty. But he seems to be as healthy as always.」

「I’m fine. More importantly, over there.」

Displeased, the king directed his gaze at the desk in his room, scratching his hair.


The old fellow walked towards the desk. A dagger was stuck on it, pinning down a piece of paper.

StOp yOuR ArMy RigHt aWay.

The handwriting was poor, but the turtle man was able to read it. He assumed that whoever wrote it used their non-dominant hand. It would appear that the pen they used was the one in this room.

「So this was here when you woke up?」the old fellow asked.

「Yeah.」the king said.「Not one of these brawn-for-brains touched it.」

「So someone sneaked into your room.」

「I know that! The issue is that dagger!」It was a military dagger, its blade blackish in color, with serial number 09.「Apparently nine daggers were stolen from the station last night.」

「Oh… So this fellow is probably saying—」

「He’s not a “fellow,” you old fart!」

「Yes. This scoundrel is probably saying he’ll sneak in eight more times.」

「This cannot be! Go and review our surveillance system! All of you!」Gerhardt roared.

A resounding “Yes, Sir” came from the soldiers before they gave their salutes and left.

「So why did Your Majesty call for this old geezer?」

The old reptilian’s face was unreadable, which only fueled Gerhardt’s irritation. He noticed that the king actually drove the men out on purpose.

「I’m sure you know that one of those guys did it.」the king said.

「Oh… Why do you think so?」

「They may be morons, but they’re skilled—skilled enough to steal military weapon and sneak into my room.」

「What about the Four Stars of the East that you were enamored with? Whoever left the note does not want you to attack Ponsonia.」

「Come on. Those kids can’t do that. They’re still virgins. I prefer experienced women.」

「That does not have anything to do with this case.」

「Doing something as elaborate as this is too risky for an adventurer. Besides, they would know that they’d be suspected. What’s more, they didn’t seem interested in stopping the war. They must really have faith in their abilities.」

His Majesty knows how to study people. The old man was genuinely impressed.

「I believe, Your Majesty, that the enemy is not from among our men.」


「Going after your life at this point… Or rather, bragging about how he will come back eight more times suggests that he is an outsider. It is highly likely that they are Ponsonian.」

「I see… Even if I was drunk, I’d notice anyone standing by my bedside.」

As a matter of fact, the distance between his bed and the desk was just the precise range that Gerhardt would notice someone. The intruder, then, barely stayed at just the right distance.

Gerhardt and the old man guessed that the intruder only managed to escape because of luck and he didn’t know that. That’s why he implied he’d come back eight more times. Every one of the king’s men knew just how aware Gerhardt was of someone else’s presence even when he was fast asleep. As such, the intruder couldn’t be one of them.

「Will he come back?」

「I believe so. I suggest making grand preparations.」

Gerhardt let out a hearty laugh.「A warm-up before the war! I like it! Let’s make this rat dance.」

Gone was the king’s foul mood. He failed to notice the boy listening to their whole conversation.


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