Chapter 11 Part 2 – The quiet before the storm, I was shocked by my mother’s appearance. And then evil bore its fangs

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Chapter 11 Part 2 – The quiet before the storm, I was shocked by my mother’s appearance. And then evil bore its fangs

The best way to escape an attacker is to run away and have them lose track of you.

They might have destroyed any letter sent to my father, but until he comes back, I should hide. No need to always demand that I stay in the mansion.

Mary herself insisted so.

And I do agree with her.

Escape is very effective, but I often fell doing so and died in the castle over my 108 deaths, after all.

…and also people usually killed me while I was trying to get away. Ug.

So we were talking it over a couple days ago, Bradd, Mom, Mary and I.

Well, I didn’t talk…but just listened.

Bradd, however, disagreed with that opinion.

「If you scamper off into the unknown, your enemy has more opportunities. You should attack them in well-known locations like this mansion. And more attackers might not come.」

I somehow found myself agreeing with him.

「Just in case, we need to prepare immediately if they do attack.」

He looked at my mother after her response and nodded.

…What does that mean?

The two talked a lot while he treated her sickness.

He spoke well and listened well, so even a mother like her who rarely spoke to others talked to him frequently.

Since his treatment was so effective, her complexion and color had returned at an amazing speed.

Some women have difficulty moving about after birth, but mother was able to do daily things again with no problem.

Seems that he was relieving her pain AND helping her recover.

Her mental and physical state took on a much more relaxed look.

There was no poison greater to a human than absolute solitude…even though that’s what I’m hoping for after all this growing stuff is over.

Bradd really is something – being a doctor suits him far better than an assassin.

You’d need one like him for every family. Anyone that marries him is going to be happy.

In my previous 108 lives, I had always attacked him though…

…sorry, I mean, the apology means nothing now, though I am very sorry.

「The Lawless Crew are great at changing blood flow. My own mother was hunting the day after she gave birth to me.」

What a Spartan bloodline!

Forget everything I just said! No one should marry this guy!

Are you some kind of wild beast?!

Mom, don’t nod! Don’t listen to him!


My mom smiled at my sudden reaction in the midst of their conversation.

Whatever, mom! I’m trying to help!

Even so, I can see my mother really is a beauty.

Something like the lily in the moonlight…but this time she’s real and not just some ephemeral picture.

As a daughter, I really am proud of my mother’s strength.

So sad that she was sick for so long.

Wait! You think that Bradd’s treatment makes you look beautiful too?!

Give me a treatment! Sign me up!


My memory of a few days ago was interrupted by someone’s applause.

It was the sound of the bow that interrupted it.

And Bradd is gone.

I guess I’ve been ruminating over it for a while now.

「Well. Let’s see what that is, mistress.」

Mary said while strolling with me.

The pond was not too large. As we walked we found ourselves near the wall on the other side.

I tried to raise my voice,

「Waah! Wahaahhh! WAahahh!」

I tried drawing attention to my surroundings.

Mary was just too airheaded to actually notice that a bow was being fired over and over.

If I die by getting hit by a misfired arrow…

She brought me around the wall’s edge and I saw Bradd applauding.

When did?! Maybe there really are two different Bradds?!

Well, but his hair is still wet. Same Bradd.

He stopped clapping and turned to us.

「Hey! You two! Look at this! Something else, right?!」

He had his maid costume on again. Damn that boy can change quickly.

Wait, did he just greet me by pinching the side of his skirt and curtsying?

I just saw you a few minutes ago, right?

Bradd’s getting so into dressing like a woman, it’s getting really unsettling.

He didn’t want to show off his maid costume though.

There were many arrows stuck into a round board that was tied to a large tree, a target.

All hits were in the middle.

And whoever was shooting was quite far. No one could hit that over and over. None of my soldiers during my reign had such skill. So who had the bow.

Oh, they’re standing next to Bradd.

There were countless arrows at her feet. She was wiping the sweat on her forehead with the bow in hand. Guess she was taking a break.

She had her hair tied quite messily behind her head.

I couldn’t see her face either as she was facing away.

She was a woman, tense looking and somewhat wild, I could sense it even with her facing away. She was wearing fur and boots. A perfect archer…or hunter.

I guess she felt comfortable in those kind of clothes. But it was so different than anything I saw before.

But I noticed that I was familiar with that woman, even from seeing her back.



Both Mary and I cried out in surprise.

Bradd just grinned at us.


The tall woman turned around and smiled.

A healthy and lively smile.

「Oh, were you two taking a walk?」

Her high cheeks looked healthy and dignified.

And as my mother smiled in that archer suit with the forest as her background, it looked as though this was her true home.


「I told you to leave all of this to us…」

They spoke in a graveyard, as a hunchbacked small man croaked,

「No matter how much money you offer, no one will take the job.」

The employer frowned.

Just as the little man said, whenever the target for assassination was revealed, the assassins quickly refused and walked away.

「That heartstop technique is the hallmark of that Lawless Crew cult. This might mean that the Lawless Crew might be backing the Duke after all. If you piss them off, they cut off blood to your brain or organs and kill you…heard a lot of bad things. You’ll be crippled, paralyzed, or even worse, you die. Everyone that attacked him told us don’t try it.」

The man laughed a jarring, squeaky laugh.

「I looked all around the country for someone to take on the duke’s mansion, and all I could find was a few crazy drunkards. They have no idea how dangerous the place is, and are no help at all.」

This all started with the thugs that were unaware of Bradd and attacked. These fools had been sent to the mansion with no knowledge of the monster inside, then returning in a rage and spilling all the details to their friends.

Thus, the employer had her hands full trying to cover up the reality of attacking the duke’s mansion with the other assassins.

Of course, those assassins that denied the job were no longer alive anyway.

This was because this employer’s minions had already soaked their hands in the assassins’ blood.

「Seems as though my cute ones are back.」

The little man opened his one eye to peer out as the other was crushed in a disgusting scar.

From the darkness, one, and another, and another beast the size of a calf emerged, strutting from the darkness. They were dogs. Huge dogs with eyes that looked like they were lit by the bowels of hell.

One shook its neck and spit out the head of a man. The hair still hung from the dog’s maw.

The face rolled and gazed blankly at the void, one of those men that Bradd had sent scurrying. His head hit a gravestone with a thud.

There were three demon dogs standing quietly behind the hunchback.

They all huffed like a blacksmith’s bellows; huge muscles like lions and skins thicker than a boar’s.

With the countless gravestones behind them, they resembled canine messengers from hell.

「The strongest assassins in this world are not human…but these beasts that I have trained!」

Screamed the little man. He spun and immediately petted the mane of the largest dog,

「This one, Gallam, does the best work. He’s trained to immediately aim for children and babies in the case of succession problems or destroying the lineage of competitors… I have no end to all the offers I receive.」

The edge’s of man’s mouth bubbled in spit as he vehemently spoke of the hard work he had done to create these monstrosities. His eye showed near insanity in his pride for the dog…and this disturbed the employer a bit.

「Hard to keep this one motivated. You need constant prey. People start talking if too much happens in one place. I had to go all the way to Krocassis just recently for a job.」

He recalled back to that time, the light of his eyes diminishing,

「The young mother there screamed and pleaded with me, quite difficult. She never gave up. I kicked her over and over but she never gave up the baby. If this dog ever gets a taste of women, it’ll never attack a tiny baby again, so the woman’s life was spared.」

The light in his eyes glimmered pale and cold. The wind swirled by.

「…what did she scream…Joseph? No, Joshua! Joshua, it was!」

He recalled the name of the former prey and his eyes glimmered, while his hunchback bent over even more in private glee.

His gruesome voice echoed through the graveyard.

「The mother was desperately clawing onto that lump of flesh, attempting to revive it. Joshua, Joshua. Even with his head crushed, she never gave up. That woman had no sense. We left quickly, but you could tell that she probably spent hours trying to bring her baby back.」

Malice, or a storm, was about to attack the duke’s mansion.

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