Chapter 19 Part 1 – To protect the others…a youth that casually fights, willing to die.

Translator: ranzan

Chapter 19 – To protect the others…a youth that casually fights while willing to die.

Hellooooo, everyone!

I’m the girl with an angel’s smile…willing to pierce your heart with my arrow.

This story’s getting stuck eternally in my age of exactly ZERO years old.

Well, this loop’s been going on forever.

I’m a woman with an innocent cuteness but a deadly scent.

And my name is Scarlet Ruby Noel Lingard…a genius of a newborn baby and a villainous queen that’s been killed 108 times.




I can’t aim at anyone’s heart, because I’m forced to look at the ceiling.

As a newborn baby, I can’t even lift my upper body.

When you’re bedridden, the only thing that can check your beauty out is the ceiling!

What the hell…

What a body this is…I was praised as the jewel of Hydrangea…

Recalling how beautiful and brilliant my body and limbs were, I looked over my body sadly.

「Hm? Peed yourself again? I can smell something.」

Bradd squeezed his nose.


Not this pattern, AGAIN!

I didn’t mean THAT “deadly scent!”

Hey, Bradd! Where are you sticking your nose!

Don’t sniff the scent of this maiden!

You perverted transvestite!

Ahhhh! The maiden’s secret is revealed!

Because of these damn diapers, I couldn’t close my legs freely.

Bradd looked up.

「You pooped, huh?」


「Okay, mistress, it’s time to change your diapers!」

…sorry about that Mary.

Wow, this is really a rough day for me already.

Because I’m just a baby.

I guess…uh…there’s no way for me to hold my sphincter closed.

Geez, can I just die and go to heaven already?

「I knew it. I could tell from her blood flow.」

There goes Bradd again.


You guessed because you practically stuck your nose up my butt!

It has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with blood flow!

Time to postpone going to heaven. I will eventually crush this boy!

「It would be a shame for mistress’ butt to get a rash. Let me change you so you feel better.」

She quickly untied the diapers and I forgot about crushing Bradd for a bit…as my pride as a queen is now being crushed daily.

Like wheat under a millstone, pushed by a watermill…graggraggrag, krukkrukkruk…crushed into the fine dust of flour.

In my previous 108 lives, I was a nasty queen who ran full speed down the evil woman highway. So does that mean my sins aren’t absolved even though I was killed miserably over and over?!

Okay…I’m sorry.

I’ve been reborn destitute.

I mean, this residence itself is just a scraped-dry structure.

It’s the only thing I have going for me as a baby.

I guess I’m being punished a bit…it’s like I was sold to a traveling sideshow.

A baby that can understand talking…everyone pointing and laughing at you.

Well, goodbye from this time!

I’m living alone for the rest of my life as a woman swept into obscurity than as a high and mighty evil queen.

“Only the north wind and frozen night will be my friends…”

「Uwa wa wa uwa wa uwaaa」

「I’ve never seen a baby babble like this so sadly! What kind of song IS that?」

Then Bradd asked with a stunned voice,

「Whoaaaa, that’s one massive poop! All over the place! Were you that hungry?!」

「Whaa uwaa uwaaah!?」

I was crying a song of sorrow, but now was shaken by Bradd’s words.

「Bradd! She’s only been drinking milk so her poop is going to be soft like that! Come, mistress, let’s clean you up.」


I guess I am a sideshow feature after all!

I don’t get all this!

I swung my fist around with a combination of anger and embarrassment.


You can dress like a girl all you want, but you’re still a strong male!

And me, for you to gaze upon my still days old flower of youth and this shameful condition!

Despicable pervert! Peeping Tom! Unforgivable!

Take this! A fist of sorrow, shame, and irritation!

A newborn punch that will rend the sky!

And crush the jaw of my nemesis, Bradd!


My fist simply cut through the empty air.

A range of 15 centimeters! There’s no way I can reach him!


I shook in a heartbreaking cry.

My arms are this small? Bean sprouts? This tiny body!


So I cried as loud as I could.

「What the hell are you doing?」

Bradd looked at me, a bit frightened.

I glared back at him, he noticed, and was a bit shaken.


You’ve even got a dust mask over your mouth!

Is that some kind of rude new armament?


I continued to scream in grief.

My maiden heart is deeply be-sodden in two ways!

Resentment! And not because of the shit!

If you’re so worried about my smell, then don’t hang around me!

No one said this was public admission!

No visitors at this time! Unauthorized Staff Prohibited!

And I mean YOU, Bradd!

I’m already turning into a demon of revenge!

Not an evil witch killed 108 times, but now a dirty gangster that’s been born 108 times!

「Hey, mistress, if you flail around like that, your back will get dirty.」

After Mary gently scorned me, I stopped trying to punch Bradd.

A back covered in poop strings and not angel wings is no destiny for a gangster like me.

Even so, for now I’m pretty happy.

Such a quickly growing baby.

Normally no one would approach me.

Yet, even though they know I understand their language, the love of my two mothers never changed.

It’s even warmer than before, and I can only thank them for it – mom and Mary.

I welcome this happiness even if it comes with a useless body.

Those two women embrace my trembling heart of worry.

Heh, as if worrying is harder than giving birth.

You think so too, Bradd, right?

「She gave birth to a massive poop!」

Not that again! We don’t need to hear it!

How many times are you going to talk about poop!?

As if this is some pulp romance novel about scam love affairs!

You need to have more dignity!

And even though I’ve grown rather precociously, give it up already!

「…so munchkin, can you walk yet?」


I can’t even pick myself up or crawl!

It’s been two weeks…that’s it!

A fish thrown on the shore can’t just grow legs and walk away.

Even though I’m a strange baby, I’m not THAT strange.

It’s amazing I can just turn over in bed! And at less than a month old…please clap!

…but every time I do turn over, I almost die.

It’s so hard to breathe turned on your belly.

So I turn over and breathe again. The life of a baby is a constant struggle.

Okay, so now more turning over.

Even so, Mary looks at me with her glittering, hopeful eyes.

How many times should I turn over today?

It’s almost like being a carnivorous plant that kids amuse themselves with and poke at until the plant is almost exhausted and near death.

Sadness! Regret! I know! I know!

「She’s flipped so much, she’s pooped out!」

Oh, now you have jokes?! You’re making puns?!

You have to use that word over and over?!

Idiot! Poop, over and over?! When I need one, I can buy myself a nice flowery chamber pot for girls that I can use over and over, and you’ll get envious and ask to use it, but I’ll NEVER LET YOU!

「awooo woooo」

「Ah! Are you scared because of this mask? I was making quicklime in the garden so I put it over my nose and mouth…you can’t inhale that stuff.」

Oh, well that can’t be avoided.


Understanding that I was in a better mood now…so that’s why you asked about mortar to Mary?

That must be some vicious weapon that you’re crafting!

Quicklime is made by heating up limestone and gets really hot when mixed with water in large quantities. If you’re not careful, you’ll cause a fire. And it’s bad for humans. It will erode your eyes and cause blindness…that’s why it can be used as a weapon.

It seems even too cruel a weapon for Bradd.

「I’ll be outside. If something happens, shout! You got to!」

Bradd then walked out and looked back,

「What I’m doing outside is dangerous, so don’t come out for a while.」

He then left, laughing at me and fluttering his hands.

Hm, what’s dangerous? He’s not going to shoot Greek Fire over the enemy…but he doesn’t look afraid.

「Mistress, excuse me for a minute.」



With my hands folded and me laying back, Mary grabbed my ankles, pulled me up, and I screamed like a kitten.

「Listen, Mistress. Bradd didn’t come to tease, he was worried, and checks if you’re safe over and over. He knows how intelligent you are.」

Speaking kindly, Mary quickly wiped up the poop.

Ah, this makes me so happy. I’m so glad she’s my nanny.

Her words and deeds are exactly like a mother’s.

Even though I’m a complete stranger, she loves me like a child…it’s embarrassing to even express in words.

Of course, having a wet nurse or nanny was common practice among nobles, but good ones were sometimes hard to come by.

And a nanny was expected to stay in the nursery. This sometimes turns them into little tyrants.

The darkness of a human heart can be deep.

No matter how noble, children are powerless, obedient, and weak.

And not all humans can graciously give love to those weak children.

Many aristocrats actually suffer because of the childhood abuse their nannies gave them.

「Hello! Mistress, thank you or waiting! You look clean now!」

I blushed terribly after Mary returned me right side up happily.

My upper half was folded arms and a tense face, and my lower half was an upside down, ankle-held-poop-wipe.

Must have looked funny.

「It’s nice that you took it so gracefully, mistress.」

And she giggled, which comforted me.


I had a sad face, so Mary then picked me up into her arms.

「What now? If you want to sleep, I can take you to your princess bed?」

And the princess bed she meant was my little cradle.

The area above my bed is a canopy with yellow, fluffy, round flowers.

They were all picked by Bradd.

「He’s a kind young man that always looks out for you. Even if he teases you, he still treats you like a princess.」


I know Bradd is a good guy, Mary…just…

「Ah! A bee! Why is it…shoo! Shoo!」

She sees a small bee and rushes around to shoo it away.

「And that cute cradle was just adorned with flowers! Shoo!」

Mary…the place it came from was that yellow flower Bradd picked.

The shape of the petals form a globe of yellow petals, very cute.

It’s a great hideaway for insects.

And can you guess the name of the flower?

You guessed it…a globeflower.

My cradle’s canopy was covered with the round globeflowers swaying in the wind.

Even though it’s a beautifully decorated cradle, I’m not totally happy with it.

And I knew the bee wasn’t intentional, Bradd.

So I pointed at the pretty globeflowers and sighed.

「Mistress, do you want to thank Bradd? He said we can’t see him for a while.」

No, I was amazed at how stupid he is!

Well, Okay! I do want to go out and see what he’s doing.

It’s got to be something really stupid that will kill us all.

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