Chapter 21 Part 2 – Who were the three men that were entrusted to my mother while he was away? They were scattered in the middle of the road, but it was not in vain.

Translator: ranzan

Chapter 21 p2

The three men roared at the hunchback when they saw his crushed eye,

「…the master of the Juohdah Demon Dogs!」

「I’m honored to be remembered. But you have gone senile…」

The hunchback said with a despising look.

「What the…」

Unlike normal, they would usually plunge into battle whenever there was a threat.

But in every word of this hunchback was a malicious intent that seemed so strange.

「Senile I say…See? You didn’t even notice that my precious child Gallam is behind you…」


「Bill! Behind you!」

Brownbearded Bill spun while whitebearded Brian shouted to him.

There was a demon dog with the body of a bull looking down at him with eyes glimmering like the fires of hell.

The three were terrified to find that the beast had circled behind them without them noticing. They used to hunt these dogs when commissioned by the Duke, but the didn’t remember seeing one like this.

The demon dog’s fangs flashed.

It had a massive maw that opened wide.

There was also a sickening smell.

「My employer wanted to interfere at the Duke’s mansion, but you’re in the way.」

The hunchback laughed.

Brownbearded Bill’s head was surrounded by clenched fangs.

「Hah! First, I’m alone! My masterpiece Gallam loves no other than me.」

The dog master laughed…but then his smile grew wider.

「…which of us are senile!? Don’t underestimate we three warriors!」

Bill’s fearless smile reemerged.

Brownbearded Bill caught the maw of the dog with his two gauntleted hands and held open the demon dog’s fangs. The dog attempted to jump back as Bill squeezed towards him with something sharp on his gauntlet.

「Yeah, you think we’ll die, now that we know your plan?」

「The hidden sword!」

The demon dog master growled.

The hidden sword was a battlefield style in which an opponent is blocked with armor and stabbed using a close-distance stabbing blade. Rough and simple, but a powerful attack. The three warriors’ gauntlets are specially made with a small steel plate sewed inside. It serves as a sharp blade.

「I’ve learned well from you. I remember how you injured us last time.」

「Good job, Bill!」

「And we don’t carry swords this time, but one handed sickles.」

The brownbeard laughs, while the other men put their hands inside their cloaks and pull out sickles.

They have an unusual thickness, unable to be broken even if it hits a two handed sword or armor.

Carrying a whetstone with them, these three warriors could rampage through the battlefield while keeping the sickle sharp.

As the brownbeard held on to the dog Gallam, the other two men rushed it with their sickles.


The demon dog master said, clicking his tongue.

He quickly then threw a knife.

Silver streaks flash in succession.


Brian, rushing the dog with his white beard, tries to avoid the blade by flipping out his cloak.

A metallic sound echoed and the knife fell to the ground.

The cloak had chainmail sewed into it and couldn’t even be penetrated by arrows.


「Get outta here!」


Brian spun off his cloak and slammed the heavy thing into the dog’s master.

That heavy defensive cloak was also made to defend against swords and weapons.

The shape of the dog master that about to attack the men with knives was hit, and then blown back.

「Got you!」

「Drop dead!」

The two old warriors flashed their sickles towards the left and right sides of the dog.

It was as quick as lightning; they aimed at the carotid artery of the demon dog.



The two sickles cut the sky – the dog had disappeared.

There was a strange crunching sound.

No knowing what happened, they stumbled a bit, stunned.

「I’m above you! No time to wait around!」

They heard Bill’s voice descending toward them.

Then he hit the ground.

Brian and Bobby had looked up and froze as they assessed what had happened.

They then understood what had happened.

Gallam, the demon dog, had thrown Bill in the air and then jumped away to dodge the sickles.

The old warriors were shocked by the demon dog’s speed…did the thing grow wings?

It’s not a beast, but a monster.

「Damn old men! Kill them all! Gallam!」

The master jumped back up with an angry and bloody face.

He clasped his hand to his bloody forearm and shouted at his dog.

The body of the demon dog Gallam, still in the air, seemed to swell several times larger.

Bill rolled and got up next to the two men, and whispered to them,

「My left arm got bitten. Look, no way I can use this…what a monster.」

The gauntlet with the sewed in blade was now hanging from his arm like a rag.

The elbow of his left arm was exposed.

The strange sound was the sound of Bill’s arm being bitten.

「All in one bite. Wow. That’s horrific.」

Brian whitebeard looked over and sighed to himself.

「We might have to die in this fight. Should have drunk another barrel of liquor before this.」

「Prepare to die to protect the Duke’s lady and child. Things will work out even without the booze. This isn’t a lost fight.」

Blackbeard Bobby pulls at his beard.

「That’s true, but not bad to die this way either.」

The three warriors laughed together.

「We have to show our kid Duke what old gramps can do.」

「This is the first time our enemy has given the gramps a run for their money.」

「Instead, let’s serve this dog up as an appetizer for some drinks, and then serve it some flowers to its grave.」

Even so, with their understanding, they knew how fierce this new dog Gallam was.

There was no going home.

「I and Bobby will stop him. Even with one arm, I have enough to grab him. Then you finish him, Brian.」

Without moving an eyebrow, brownbeard Bill said, the three nodded, raised their fists and bumped them together.

「See you later, you rotten scum of a friend.」

「We’ll have a drinking party in the next world.」

「Then, let’s make this happen quickly.」

As soon as they finished laughing together, the massive shadow of the demon dog Gallam covered over them.

The wind swirled.

The sounds of violent crashing.

The three and one became one lump and like a whirlwind spun on the ground.

The center of that wing was the demon dog, while the three men were almost like powerless children.

It was a desperate battle.

And within a short amount of time, the area became silent again.

Blackbeard Bobby had grabbed a leg of the demon dog with one hand and his sickle was piercing the ground in the other.

The sickle was stuck, blocking the demon dog from moving. Blackbeard’s eyes were empty as his neck was ripped to shreds. But the face had the look of a calm death, who did not doubt the victory of the other two in the end. He still gripped tight, even though he was gone.

The right shoulder of brownbeard Bill was terribly bitten – his shoulder and arm bones were exposed.

Having lost his sickle he had used his body to stop the fangs of the beast. Until he died, he wouldn’t stop in sacrificing himself for the others, just so his friend could deliver the blow.

And Brian the whitebeard clasped the sickle in his hands, jumped forwards, and roared.

In response to the opportunity his comrades had given him, he flung his body toward the heart of the demon dog Gallam.

He was aiming for three sets of ribs, next to the forefoot of the beast, a key location for four-legged animals.

The sickle could easily slice through the skin of a bear, it was the bones that needed strength to cut.

But the sickle was strangely knocked back.

Brian’s eyes opened wide in surprise.

「There’s no way!」

He muttered, stunned.

The tip of his sickle was chipped.

The sickle had kept its shape, but his arm was paralyzed from the deflection of the blow.

That was no living beast that he had hit.

Upon looking carefully, he saw that the skin of the beast was slightly different.

「…it’s wearing armor…!」

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