Chapter 21 Part 3 – Who were the three men that were entrusted to my mother while he was away? They were scattered in the middle of the road, but it was not in vain.

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Chapter 21 Part 3 – Who were the three men that were entrusted to my mother while he was away? They were scattered in the middle of the road, but it was not in vain.

He gritted his teeth at the unexpected surprise and the pointless deaths of his compatriots.

The demon dog wore armor that was disguised as its fur.

It was probably a fur cover with sheet metal inside.

If he had known, then he would have aimed for the eyes!

「There are some in this world that use heart-stopping techniques. This is a countermeasure. You know your deaths were completely pointless…your friends are now corpses. Die with a smile on your face, at least.」

The demon dog master was in a good mood, seeing the look of regret on whitebeard Brian’s face.

Gallam swung the body of Bill in his mouth and struck the standing Brian.

Brian staggered and for a moment lost consciousness. By the time the shock hit him, it was too late. The fangs of the dog were already around Brian’s neck.

He had guarded the bite with his gauntlet and sickle handle, but the force of the dog’s bite was crushing and squeezing him.

「Gallam, don’t cut him into pieces. Play with him. Chew him slowly so he can feel the terror.」

When a dog fights for real, it will bite and shake its enemy to tear its flesh.

The master told the dog not even to do that, ridiculing the old warrior.

He then kicked Bill’s corpse at his feet.

「Hee hee, the Hydrangea Three. What a joke…not even a challenge.」

「Bastard! You’re going to defile a warrior’s death?」

Then the hunchbacked master mocked Brian’s gritted face,

「What warriors? You mean these corpses of old men? I have some nice things to tell you before you die. The Shylock Company asked for me to kill you. Even though the duchess’ child will be aborted, we still needed to get rid of you nuisances.」

Brian’s eyes burned with anger.

If he could kill with a glance, the hunchback would be dead, but the master of the demon dogs didn’t even flinch. He just looked behind him and called with a wicked voice,

「If you let us, we can quickly eat the child of that duchess even when its inside her. Gallam loves the tender meat of children. I fed him a child still in the womb once. He was happy.」

「You wicked bastard…」

Then Brian’s angry eyes were changed to those of fear.

From the darkness behind the hunchback emerged two more demon dogs.

They were not as big as Gallam, but each still as big as a calf.

「Now you see my strength?! Die in the depths of despair! The child of the Duke will join you soon! Maybe in the other world, you can babysit for it!」

Then Gallam bit down harder.

It was hard to tell if what wet his shoulders was the dog’s saliva or his own blood, but he continued to struggle.

「I can’t die! Not leaving these two behind! The child of the Duke will be born! Just one stab left…just some strength…」

But the wish was empty as the sturdy sickle handle broke.

Fangs bit into both gauntlets and he could feel them against his neck.

Gallam’s eyes shone brightly in eerie joy.

He enjoyed a prey that would fight until the end.

Even though he serves the hunchback, he also served his own evil will.

And Brian was terrified.


「Gramps! Gramps! Wake up!」

At the call of Princess Scarlet, I awoke.

No…it seems that I had fallen asleep on her lap.
It’s been so long and there’s been so many battlefields…but at this age…

「Sorry, young lady.」

I said, apologizing, as she laughed above me.

「If you sleep, I’ll let you sleep on my lap.」

「No need…but maybe when you get older.」

Then my eyes suddenly got hot.

It was the sight of the Duke’s red hair and eyes.

She was still young, but I could see the Duke in her face.

「Are you crying? Did you do something sad, Gramps?」

She looked down at me with care, stretched out her hand, and wiped a tear away.

「If you’re sad, you don’t have to stop crying. You can cry all you need to here.」

She put her hand around my neck and hugged me closely.

Her little cheek was buried into my beard.

I was a heavy man, but she didn’t let go of her hand.

I could feel the stiffness in her nose.

Cute, intelligent, a flower of hope.

「It’s a tear of joy, my dear. I was too happy to have me offer your lap as a pillow…I have a reason to live longer now…」

「It’s a promise! You should live long until I grow up! Pinky swear!」

What a kind-hearted girl. She inherited all the good points of the Lingards. And I’m glad she kept them.

From the bottom of my heart.

I promise as well, until there is a magnificent lord that I can give the princess away to.

We together will protect the princess.

Until that day, even if I die, that promise won’t end.

I promise with a cross over my chest.

And while I intertwined my little finger with hers, I smiled broadly.

I could see two fingers meet mine in the promise.

Ah, Bobby, Bill…such rotten comrades.

Are you two there as well? Then join in my promise.

These two men and their sloppy smiles.

You like this princess as much as I do?

I bet both of you are making the same face as I.

It makes me angry that you’re so alike to me.

Ah, the princess is laughing at us.

Cute…so cute…

Like she’s our one grandchild.

Our wish to see the Duke’s child grow didn’t come true the first time, so we simply made a new one.

I want to see her…our child as a bride.

I am sure she will be breathtakingly beautiful. I want to live, until then.

But I won’t allow her to be given to just any man. She’s our proud princess.

There has to be a man we are convinced is worth it. And we three are tough judges.

After all, she is our flower of hope. And we are entrusted with her as our great treasure.

Until then, we three will protect the princess.

「…I will protect you…Princess…I promise…」

Then the sound of a neckbone cracking.

Brian could hear it, though he was losing oxygen and his consciousness was fading.

「Hee hee, what promise?! You really are senile! Is the lack of air causing you to see things?!」

The hunchback ridiculed him.

The three warriors had fallen on the road, without anyone else having seen it happen. And the echoes of the dogs dragging the warrior’s corpses went unheard.

However, their deaths were not in vain.

In an unexpected way, it will save Scarlet from their own ends.

However, much time will pass until that becomes clear.

And now, just beyond the road, there was a cloudy mass of unclearness.

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