Chapter 23 Part 2 – Alisa born…what? Now that’s an ominous subtitle. Maybe this is big trouble?!

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Villainess c23 part 2

What a poor, poor girl!

You see, this day, the duke had removed the mirrors so that for five years Ambrosine couldn’t see her face. And because she couldn’t stand, she couldn’t reach the ballroom to see her disgraceful appearance.

And so, as the duke dragged her to the room, she had lost control of her bowels and left a trail of black shit down the corridor.

Thinking this too much, the duke decided to set the woman free, pulling her to the exit like a weak sack of flesh, but it was too much for her. He looked down at Ambrosine’s corpse.

「You dead?」

He asked, not really caring.

And releasing her, she tumbled lifelessly down the stairs of the entrance to the platform below…poor, poor Ambrosine.

The sun shone brightly into her open-mouthed gaze of the dead.

「Ethelreed, my friend. I’ve avenged myself. Is she of any worth to you?」

When asked, Ethelreed threw a few copper coins at the body of Ambrosine. One of them happened to bounce into her open mouth. How ironic! She wasn’t much of a real villain, but she was entertaining, to the very end.

「…about that much.」

Ethelreed murmured to himself.

When Ambrosine had killed Ethelreed’s lover, she had ridiculed her death, but said that because of the coin, she had died happily. And these small bronze coins were even less than those put at his lover’s corpse. I guess he had never forgotten his hate either.

「…what a fool…sister.」

He said, almost inaudible.

Even through all of that…he still had some feeling for his relatives.

Yet such a DEMON! It makes my heart flutter.

Ethelreed…the vengeful demon…with a bit of kindness.

I guess the poor Ambrosine never noticed.

If she had any concern for Marie or the Duke’s wife…she might not have died.

She might have been expelled from Hydrangea, but she would have still lived.

She didn’t even remember the names of the two women she had killed…she knew what fabrics she wore and jewels she had on, but not the names of those women she slew.

For her, those names weren’t even worth remembering.

So Duke and Ethelreed thought she wasn’t worth letting live.

All fools. Playing with human life is the greatest entertainment.

When they disappear, the shine like the light of the brightest jewel.

Ambrosine missed out on that, after all. A little worm like her had no aesthetic, no eye for tragedy.

And so the families of those slain by her gathered with pitchforks around her.

「You all are so kind! I would have just thrown dirt on top of her!」

The duke said, laughing as they tore her to ribbons with their tools.

They would heave her up after piercing her with a pitchfork and wiggle her around like she was still alive.

Oh, what a beautiful final dance…sorry she couldn’t do it for the ball…but, it’s still well done.

At least I will remember the story and your name, because it entertained me. And I kind of understand why you were killed.

And my, that duke’s smile…exciting, like some sexy devil.

Smiling at her limp yet dancing corpse, smiling at it all, like a beautiful, morbid portrait.

A painting like that would catch my eye quicker than any “masterpiece” in the royal court.

That’s why I’ll always be the one that kills.

It is soooooo worth it.

Also, Ethelreed, that demon of revenge, is a sumptuous fellow as well.

Devil and demon…two men suitable to be my prey.

Men who went wild because of love.

When I hunted these two, I couldn’t…control myself…my excitement!

My beloved playmates. And now they’re gone…so…I’m lonely.

I wanted to play forever with them, but it was no good…because the real playmate I had in mind was Scarlet.

Even though I look like this, it is my only objective.

Like a candle with both sides of the wick burning, Scarlet and I will continue to burn, to dance…

And in order for that to happen, I have to get the other lovelies out of the way.

There are five heroes besides you all…five guys…it makes me laugh.

It’s just the name I gave them, five heroes, a perfect joke – none of them are heroes to me.

They all try to kill Scarlet, and she responds by attacking back and then runs away!

HAHAH HAH HAH! Hilarious! There’s no spectacle like it!

Five poor heroes. And even poorer, Scarlet!

If she knew the truth, I wonder what kind of face she’d make?!

Woohooo, how fun it is to think it over!



This 109th time seemed quite different though.

The Duchess, Scarlet’s mother, survived…the first clue.

The fallen Cornelia…that beloved “Magic Archer.”

Scarlet never knew that her mother was a celebrity. Her heart was broken by the “red bloods” and she withdrew into her manor.

She didn’t die?

I think I might need to be more cautious on how things proceed.

What does it mean?

Ah! Yes! My cute Scarlet!

Just like me, you remember the last 108 lives!

You know that you have only disgust for me…oh well, we’re even this time.

You haven’t even seen me yet, and all I can do is think about you!

Heh heh, I guess I hate myself a bit for it…kind of like you do.

But I remember the past 108 times as well.

Without knowing the past, you can never know the truth.

Looks like Bradd and Seraphy might be on her side this time as well.

Good. Instead of celebrating with you, I’ll give them to you as a present.

I’m in a very KIND mood right now.

Isn’t it a pleasure to remember me from the beginning of your life?

So what shall I do with the other three of the five heroes?

Rudy, the Moonlight Noble.

Less like the pale crescent moon, but thin, more like a maiden.

And with that wolf of yours…will you choose man, or beast?!

The Shadow Hunter Arnold.

Angry but without focus…always trying to seek out deception with his sharp eyes.

I wonder if those owl-like eyes will see through the darkness and will guide your arrow to truth this time.

Scholar Solomon.

Obsessed with knowledge and learning, loves poison and medicine.

You are the closest to me…what have the stars told you about your path?

And those monsters of the four families. Such cute children.

You all never got a shot at her during my previous 108 lives.

The beloved freaks only I can tame.

I’d like to see the male of your group after a while as well.

Heheh heh heh…such fun.

And Scarlet wants to withdraw away from us all.

Fool…that’s unforgivable!

Even if you destroy the whole of Hydrangea with flame, I’ll make you play with me!

Perhaps you can overlook that, since you’re so popular.

And serious…

Maybe all the future natural disasters that will occur are just in my mind.

And the natural disasters that affected me as well.

Tsunamis that swept away soldiers, locusts eating away the stores of the enemy armies, a huge earthquake that blocks an advance, a massive storm during an attack on an enemy base.

The battle between you and I will be seen by others as a battle of the Gods.

If you think you’re going to be able to hide and avoid that, take another look.

Heh heh, this time is going to be way more fun!

And the demon dog Gallam?

Yes, the masterpiece of the controller of those Juohdah demon dogs…a massive mistake.

They are truly a strong enemy now, but even if you were just born, you ARE Scarlet.

You cannot die except from my plans.

No matter how terrifying that dog may look, that dog has his day.

And if you do ignore and get killed by the dog, well, just die once more and start again!

I can’t wait to see you again Scarlet…after you’ve overcome those challenges.

Let’s start our little tango soon! Not only over Hydrangea, but involving all the neighboring countries! Let the flames burn high, and beautifully! We can throw all of our troops and towns into that fire, and make the illumination that accents our beauty! Everyone! Everything! Let the flame shine BRIGHT!

[Storyteller – Cornelia]

「Oh, Madam, it’s too early to come here.」

「You have to have two or three more children for us…」

「Let’s end this silly fight among babysitters, men.」

The old men with a white, black, and brown beard say, laughing.

They tap the sturdy wooden mugs they’re holding together.

Sitting in a circle, they then happily take another swig.

「The time I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived.」

Then the white beard gets angry at his partner.

「Why are you talking about that, you old fart! She worked hard to give birth to that princess!」

Yes, I know these three men.

They were old warriors that fought for us with all their might – Brian, Bobby, Bill.

Ah, did I make another mistake?


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