Chapter 25 Part 1 – Intricate memories of 108 lives and the truth. A flurry of tales in which Scarlet plays a role.

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Chapter 25 Part 1 – Intricate memories of 108 lives and the truth. A flurry of tales in which Scarlet plays a role.

「Such a warm and comfortable breeze tonight…it was a night like this that the duke robbed me of this eye.」

The old trainer of the demon dogs said as he sat on a crumbling stone in the woods while looking up in the sky and smiling.

This land of countless grey stone pillars left in decay was forbidden land. No one in the land would ever approach it. It was the site of ancient rituals. And this place, finally abandoned by its believers, was sprinkled with pillars standing like heavy tombstones, leaving a gloomy, cursed landscape.

A sane man would never enter this land after sunset, but the old man seemed rather intoxicated by the comfort of it.

There was a strange chewing sound that was emanating behind him.

Three giant bodies, like small hills, were swinging a doe around, yanking away at it. One clung to her neck, one to her ankle, one to a thigh, swinging it back and forth. The deer never touches the ground, but bounces in the air a few times, and then is devoured alive…almost like a killer whale playing with a baby seal before gluping it down.

Before the deer was torn into eight pieces and consumed, she screamed with a high-pitched whine.

The sound of the whine dissolving into a sound of bubbling blood fascinated the old man.

「Keep some for later, boys. You have to eat the duchess and her baby.」

Then he laughed to himself with a halting guffaw.

And with that voice, the three demon dogs stopped their impromptu feast.

The deer then fell and seized on the ground, finally becoming silent.

「Good boys…well, Crimson Duke, When I see your wife and daughter destroyed like this deer, I will laugh again.」

He covered the happy squint of his good eye, while leaving the crushed one revealed.

「This eye that I’ve lost still aches with pain.」

Almost like a phantom limb. The loss still arouses his anger and hate towards the Duke.

「In exchange for this eye, I’ll take interest, and have them chew up your precious loves.」

There is a pittering at the feet of these demon dogs silently waiting behind him. Dripping saliva mixed with the blood of the deer is smattering the ground below their jaws.

「I want to see him mourn. I’ll have you chew them up just enough, so he can see their faces!」

He stood arms outstretched as if shouting out Eureka! Like some philosopher arriving at a new thought.

「You can chew the other parts of the wife and child up all you want, and then shit them all over his face! I’ll show you true pain through your wife and child! The little duke crying and whimpering. Is there any more thrilling sight?!」

He fell so deeply into the fantasy of the illusion that he found himself drooling. No different than the dogs themselves. He was only slightly more…human.

「Gallam. Tonight you dine on infant flesh.」

He twisted his neck as he turned to the massive demon dog in the middle.

「You can eat it all…glad, aren’t you?」

The huge dog stepped forwards, as big as a bull, with joy and greed in its eyes. It stomped on the carcass of the dead deer heavily in a sound that would make one sick…the sound of crushed bones and cartilage, popping and crunching.

「Oh, you’re ready to go?」

In this ruin where faith had disappeared, the wind whirled in the sound of a demon bark.

The horrifying shadows of the three animals expanded and contracted in the moonlight.

From here, the silhouette of the wall surrounding the duke’s manor stood. In the distance, it seemed only as thick as paper, fragile. The wind that was approaching seemed ready to blow it over.


「Ms. Cornelia, are you going to name her? I can’t call her midget or “her” forever.」

Bradd said while everyone was preparing for the assailants.

All of us were in a familiar, furniture-less room in the house.

My mother was looking over her arrow-feathers by the fireplace, and looked up.

Yeah, I’m happy now, but I am still an unbaptized infant. A nobody…a Jane Doe…and these days of my anonymity have only continued.

Ha! Wait a second!

Without baptism, I’m not guilty of original sin!

And I have a criminal record I’ve repeated 108 times!

Also, my shin hurts.

If I die like this, without God’s permission, but on the demon’s knees, I’ll end up in limbo!

「The mistress’ name?」

Mary said, interrupting what my mother might say.

「Give her something perfect for a dignified young lady!!」

Mary said rubbing her cheek into mine.

So nice to hear that someone appreciates me.

「Dignity…that smells like urine.」

Bradd said, laughing to himself.

Dammit, Bradd! I’m a baby! I can’t help it!

I’ll sell your ass off to a maid cafe where all the older men can watch you as they make you sing karaoke requests all night! You can dance the kitty-meow-meow dance and break the hearts of your beloved public! You horrific humiliation to the world, or maybe I should sell you off to Pavlov like the little dog you are!

「No, kid. I was laughing at the dignity part, not the urine part.」

I was just calming down when he pissed me off even more!

Well, no, wait…I guess it’s okay. I guess I was jumping to conclusions…

…wait, shouldn’t I be REALLY pissed?

Mary continued to gab while I was thinking this over, trying to consider which name was good,

「What kind of name would you like, baby? Elizabeth? Ekaterina? Agrippina…?」

Why are you thinking only of women’s names that bathed their enemies in blood? I’m trying to escape all that crap this time!

And I had escaped 36 times previously, but was then caught.

But this time I’m going to do it!

「Yeah! How about Alisa? What do you think?」


I cried out in horror without thinking about it.

I might have pissed myself a bit too.

No kidding…we were born on the same day, but if her name was given to me, I would kill myself by jumping out of my crib…and then demand worker’s comp.

「We were born the same day and time…and we have the same NAME! We…are…des…tined…twins!」

I couldn’t breathe because I could literally feel her breathing into my ear…like some kind of horrifying brain replay.

She’d totally say that too…she’s inching even closer as we speak! And though she’s a daughter of the aristocrats, she’d ignore it and clasp you and hold you disgustingly tight.

Am I cute?


You’d even cringe if she pulled that on you as if you were getting intimate. But she’d do that crap without interruption to other princesses or in the public. And when you attempted to deal with her she’d just drift off somewhere leaving an air of awkwardness…there’s no way to follow up after that every time, right?

And she never cared about her status or manners, just did whatever she pleased. And there were many men that misunderstood her touchy-feely way of doing things and fell for her. I will say that she was a hot piece of ass for them, though.

But naive? Innocent? No way that’s true!

No matter how many women you know, you don’t hug them from behind and squeeze their tits!

It was like a challenge to a duel for me!

She just casually crept up and suddenly thrust her hands there, and,

「See, I touched it, and now we’re even, heh heh.」

I was stunned, standing stiff, her there squeezing my breasts.

「So small and sad. Like a boy. So, you probably should make the bust of your dress bigger to fool the men. And there’s a massage I know that will work as well…try it yourself. Don’t hold back!」

Eheh heh, nothing! What a wackjob! Totally!

So I screamed,「Hgyaaaa?!」

All the work I had done to present myself as a lady destroyed in an instant.

And it goes without saying that her father, Sir Fontaine, jumped up and ran over. He bowed over and over until his head was on the ground, but she just stood there.

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