Chapter 26 Part 1 – Chapter 26 Part 1 – The demon dogs attack. And that old scar petrifies Mary…

Translator: ranzan

Chapter 26 Part 1 – The demon dogs attack. And that old scar petrifies Mary…

My mother, who was smiling at Brad and my conversation, now frowned and looked up.

Her face suddenly became fierce as she looked out over the far end of the manor to the garden.

「Someone broke the back gate. Three hostile beasts that scattered, and a human. It was good that there was no gatekeeper out there…he would have died.」

In the case of a night attack, she had asked all the workers to help in the house.

「Correct…how did you hear them?」

He was surprised she could hear so well, but mother just smiled at him.

「You’re not the only one with special skills of sensing others. You have a strong mind and body, so you think you can handle everything yourself…but maybe you should let a grown-up help once in a while. No…?」

Mother and Mary looked at each other and laughed.

「「Let the adults look cool too!」」

They both said to each other, every word the same.

It was funny to the both of them, giggling as if they were close friends.

This isn’t a high school drama, girls…

But mother and Mary were both on good terms.

They actually had fun when they spent time together, and when Bradd wasn’t around, you could hear them laughing it up from mother’s room. They had to be telling romance stories. I hope I can grow up soon and have a love myself…

The only one now that might take interest in me is this stray cat of the wild Bradd.

They do seem drawn by the smell of milk, after all.

But when I’m old enough, and he sees my *dignified and graceful movements, he’ll turn tail and scram.

A queen’s aura can’t be hidden, even in an infant’s body.

(*Author’s note: Most of those movements were screaming for her life and flapping her limbs about.)

「You’re not the only one that wants to protect her, Bradd.」

Mother said, pulling me from Mary and kissing me on the cheek.

「A woman has to protect her child. I won’t let her die because you fall behind.」

「And I love the mistress as well. I will shield her even if necessary.」

Mary took me back into her arms and rubbed her cheek against mine.

Bradd just sighed.

He raised up his hands as if to surrender…but there was a smile on his mouth.

「Two mothers, huh? Whatever. I never win against my mom, so I concede, okay? I can’t win against women, but I can help protect Scarlet, so I probably will end up making you swoon after you see me attack. That’s the pride of a man speaking.」

Heh heh, what kind of goofy line is that?

Just admit to losing and be done with it.

You want to sound cool so you say funny things like that.

And you look over to me to see my reaction so I know exactly what you’re thinking!

I just gave him a blank expression and just stared at him with a disinterested look.

No matter how hardboiled you try to sound, that stupid figure in a maid outfit ruins EVERYTHING!

「That’s because you’re the eldest son of the “Lawless Crew”! I hope you can keep up!」

「I’ll do my best to keep up to you two!」

Mother and Mary bowed to him as if they were impressed.

What are you two doing?

That idiot Bradd was simply able to make a complete sentence, just to act cool!

「And you just stay protected, and don’t think too much.」

Bradd said, patting my head.

「Everyone here wants to protect you. So your job is to believe in us and thereby protect us. No matter the enemy, we’ll protect you…and never disappoint you.」

Acting to relieve my anxiousness again?

That damn Bradd’s already spitting out nice lines about me again.

But I almost teared up thinking about how these gentle three were protecting me.

It’s nice to be surrounded by three people that will fight for you…for free.

I guess I’ve already become quite popular!

I might let Bradd off for all the other stuff out of the kindness of my heart!

It all made me embarrassed and I squirmed a bit.

I’m so popppppppularrrr!

Maybe I should give out numbered tickets to my fans so there won’t be a scramble to defend me.

Yes! Don’t push! Enough for everyone!

Since I’m so young, if you all rush in together, you’ll trample me!

I only have two limbs, so just wait until I can give you a ticket.

One per person! Keep in the line! No double-dipping!

I’ll even let Bradd hold up my diaper while this is going on.

Okay, kids, Scarlet’s Super Social Show is now Showing in Selected Cinemas!

Don’t cut in line!

「Why are you thinking those weird things in your head? Are you covering up for something?」

Bradd said a bit tensely as I continued with my acting.

Dammit! He can understand my gurgling or something?!

Or maybe HE CAN see my heart!

Stop! Don’t forget that you’re a warrior!

Don’t get distracted by me!

Or else YOU will end up being the embarrassed one.

…hmph, I have to calm down.

No time to get emotional.

No need for you to baby me.

Just go back to how you were composed before.

Break time.

Put up the rope.

Time out…time…tea time.

Yes, master, make mine hot tea…the warmth of human skin.

Right…remember who you are.

Not just a newborn baby…but, “her majesty,” a woman that has made it to queenhood 108 times.

Determination is number one. Charm is two…three. Four is the ability to plot. Five is…um…beauty.

Always facing predicaments and crises. Laughing at misery and difficulty.

And now, for some reason, swayed by emotions like a child.

Okay, I’m ready! Now time for my queenish laugh!

Ooooh ho ho ho ho.

「Auu hua hua hua…」

「Ah, mistress has to burp!」

So back to the third back-tapping…


「Auuhh ouhhh!」

Dammit, Mary! No time for that!

And you Bradd! Don’t smirk at me like that!

You all know what’s going on!

「At least I know you’ve relaxed a bit.」

Hah! The battlefield of death is my daily life! You noticed!?

I always laugh like that in a difficult situation.

「Auh auh auh auh…」

「Sorry for making you worry in the first place.」

I’m telling you the worry doesn’t bother me!

「Bradd, leave the long range attacks to me.」

Mother said quietly.

Wait, just when I was completing my high pitched laugh? No one cares?!

It’s the only proof that I was a villainess queen!

In an Isekai romance, there’s no predicament that will shake a villainess’ identity!

Since my mother can’t understand my baby-mumble like Bradd, I guess I can’t help it.

And since I’m a baby, I can’t stand up for myself anymore.

I don’t have kneecaps yet…one cap, two cap, stop with this crap!

「If you think it’s getting too dangerous, don’t try to run, I’ll cover you so you can flee with this bow of the Melville’s. Even if there’s a thousand of them.」

Mom, I was just in the middle of something again.

No one gets my jokes…

But still, the pride and conviction that she said it with made it sound powerful.」

It gave me some courage.

I’ve only seen a few interrupted scenes of her shoot, but I’m satisfied.

There was no trace of a woman bullied around by the “red-bloods” and forced into social anxiety. Just the back of a reliable warrior.

Mary also rolled up her sleeves, snorted, and got ready.


「Okay, I’ll attack them up front. I think I’m overwhelmed, but I’ll do the best myself. I’m counting on you, Madam Cornelia and Mary…and…Scarlet…」

Bradd poked my forehead and smiled.

I was envious of them, because I was so powerless and slightly worried.

I’m the lone weak link in the chain.

Or maybe like a bonus… yeah, that makes it more acceptable.

The kind “boy” that smells of sun made me feel like an older sister watching him in a fight.

Good kid. Gooood kid.

…well, the maid outfit is the only flaw.

You know what? When you become an adult, you’re going to be the strongest man in the world. I can guarantee that.

I already learned that by experience when you killed me 17 times.

So be confident.

It’s scary to face an enemy, but I wouldn’t have any other ally.

Relax and show me how strong you are!

Just write the symbol for person thrice on your palm and swallow them. (Old remedy for anxiety)

「Auouuuo! Aououu! Aouuu!」

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