Chapter 30 Part 2 – An enemy that is too powerful. But we never get up and face the destiny before us, to grasp our future together.



The face of the warrior glowed phantasmagorically. He had a pained look, similar to Bradd in his adult years.

「The little girl you protect has the power to change the future of her country. Through her, you will be given the “atoneless blood.” I know that you and her are connected irrevocably. But your talent depends on whether you can trigger the attack or see it as an illusion.」

And so the ghost of the warrior flipped open his crimson cloak with dignity.

「So. Cross the path of our ancestors. Step into the path of a true hero…walk, you desire, in the path of our first kings…」

The night breeze swirled as the clouds sped by overhead, hiding the moon, merging with the other clouds and then flowing away.

The lanky ghost held the wide-brimmed hat on his head with his hand and looked up to the moon.

「Will the moon be the queen of a merciless night of blood? Or perhaps the light that illuminates a hopeful future? Fate is like the moon. It has two faces – one dark and one light. It is like the two faces we have as well. Seems that the battle at the manor is nearly complete…will the roll of the dice be good, or bad?」

The lanky ghost then threw his dice of demon fire into the air.

「The remaining roles will arrive soon as well. When the curtain is drawn back, will it be light or shadows?! Everyone, the die has been cast!」



Bradd clenches his chest and his whole body shakes.

Yes, it’s the “atoneless blood” and its body-wracking pain that almost tears the body apart.

It’s nearly as dangerous as death…and the burden on the body is immeasurable.

If control is lost in one step of the process, the blood vessels will rupture and Bradd will die.


He twists himself, falls to his knees, and scratches the ground.

Blood spills from his nostrils.

There’s no way Bradd’s little body can endure this “atoneless blood!”

Give it up! Stop! Bradd!


I screamed, trying to stop him.

No! The process is so painful, he can’t even hear it!

Instead, now Gallam is looking at me?

W…what? Why are you looking at me like that?!

Does it want to play with me?

But I don’t have any desire to play with undisciplined doggies.

You have to at least be able to do “paw” on command.

And I haven’t tried to do that with you.

「The “atoneless blood?!” There’s no way! It’s a bluff! What are you doing, Gallam? That’s your blood enemy now for killing my other children! Tear him to ribbons!」

What are you talking about?

You killed Mary’s son!

No, even more innocent children.

Take a taste of your own medicine! Get your just reward! What comes around, goes around!


When I thought about it all, I gave my sacred Scarlet shout!

Gallam was facing Bradd and turned to me again.

What? Is that dog THAT sensitive to my voice?

「Why don’t you listen to me?! Gal…lam?!」

Gallam had lost all interest in Bradd, despite the trainer yelling at him.

The dog is now staring at me.

A chill ran up my spine when it stared at me, slobbed dripping from its maw.

「Are you that crazy about eating innocent babies?! Go for it! Eat that one first! She’s the baby of a Duke! Gobble her down! And do it so her mother will see it and despair…and then eat her!」

The old man said, screaming at the dog, encouraging him to action.

The dog scrambled to get behind objects that my mother’s bow couldn’t reach as it began to scramble towards us.

D…damn it! Why does the director of this game get to change the rules so quickly!

At least put a little control over some of the players in this game.

The demon dog slammed to a stop behind a rock and we looked each other over.

The dog had hunger on its mind more than any hostility.

I felt like a worm on a hook, facing a monster fish.

Wait! This dog isn’t asking for “paw,” he wants his snack without having to do his trick!

After the spices of all my 108 lives, I don’t taste like a baby treat anymore!

I grabbed the swaddling over my head as I laid in my baby basket.


Scarlet defense system initiated!

Retract baby blanket to form castle wall!

Form the impenetrable barrier of swaddle!

Hey, there’s no baby here.

It’s just a cat.

「Maauuu maauuuuu」

I was so into my role, I ended up sounding like a cat in heat.

「Wait…you shit dog…I’m your opponent…me…you should have never…turned your back!」

Bradd desperately stood up in the pain and held back the pain, stomping over to where the demon dog Gallam was, closing in slowly. It did look like Bradd was bluffing, but the dog did turn his attention to Bradd. The dog knew something was different about Brad, and was caution, not moving.

But their glaring at each other didn’t last very long.

The demon dog chomped on the corpse of one of the dead dogs near him and swung it towards Bradd. He knew there was something strange about Bradd and wanted to keep him away.

「M…my demon dog…」

The demon dog trainer didn’t seem sad about the dead dog at all, however.

What a weirdo!

And he’s got no control over the big dog anymore!

The corpse of the dead dog, weighing the heaviness of several people, flew through the air.


Bradd’s body was stiff because of the pain of the technique, couldn’t dodge, and took the hit square on the face. He fell. Maybe because he now had a concussion, Bradd stopped moving, and the demon dog quickly jumped over him.

The wind in the air blew around Bradd’s skirt and hair.

What crazy jumping power!

Is this dog half frog?!

Seems that the first sector of the Scarlet defense zone was breached.

Next, the dog now jumps into the air over Mary, who is running to us. Now the dog even gets more lift and speed!

Wait…not half frog…half rabbit?!

Mary’s arms were stretched out to us, but with the dog’s forceful landing she fell and rolled into the ground.

「Madam! Mistress! Run awaaaaay! Run awaayyyy!」

Even though her face hits the ground, she jumps back up again, and screams at us with a desperate voice.



Gallum had reached the gate of the house and was now squeezing through the small door. The surrounding plaster and wood squealed from the pressure.
Second sector of the Scarlet defense zone was breached!

And now we’ve renovated a larger door for the manor! What a cosy entry for “larger-sized” guests…integrated perfectly with an outside garden.

And so the dog pressed himself forcefully through the entry, with the frame of the door still wrapped around his body.

Like some kind of strange cubist painting.

Since I was going to replace that doorway, anyway, maybe I can place that on the wall as a nouveau piece of art.

And your payment will be three day’s worth of dog food!

Anyway, the demon dog shook himself again, and the wood frame scattered onto the floor.

Wait!? So there’ll be no contract for that piece of art?! Maybe we can talk payment down to a walk in the park?

「It’s okay. My arrows work at close range as well. And maybe it’s easier this way.」

My mother said calmly but quickly.

Mom, thanks for having such a cool head in this situation.

Because as you know, the final sector of the Scarlet defense zone has been breached!

And though I was impressed with her, I looked out of my swaddle and up at her face.

The guardian deity of this final defense zone.

Everyone, say your prayers. Thank you… thank you…

I rubbed my hands together in prayer, but noticed that my mother’s face was tense, like she was facing a winter squall. What? Are you thinking the opposite of what you’re saying?

Maybe I’ve been making too many jokes, and you’re angry at me?

「You think you’re going to eat my child in front of me? How many mothers have had to endure you? How many infant lives have you crushed?! All the sorrow you’ve caused…I’ll return it 10,000-fold, I’ll crush you! We women! Mocker of motherhood! Take the judgement of the Melville clan, now!」

Her eyebrows lifted as she shouted and fired six arrows at the dog at once.

I was moved…I teared up.

You said, us, mothers.

And you were truly angry at that trainer BEHIND the dog.

I’m glad you weren’t mad at me.

My mother at that time was really frightening…

I peed a little in my diaper…

Mary’s sorrow was added to my mother’s rage, and that deadly blow…no, six of them, cut through the sky.

「Bow tech, intertwined snakes! No one can escape these arrows!」

And so the six arrows fluttered like leaves around a water drain blocking all retreat. Almost like several large pythons wrapping up one prey together. There was no way to get away, like mom said!

And seeing mom again, I was taken aback by her charming figure again!

Wow! What a mom!


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