Chapter 32 Part 1 – The Duke’s manor is surrounded by flames. Armed with courage and mutual trust, we challenge a nightmare.



The eyes of the demon dog stare at Bradd.

His neck muscles swelled and he pushed his nose upwards with tremendous force.

「…as if!」

But when Bradd put his his strength into his elbow, he dropped it again and slammed the dog into the floor.

Gallam realized he couldn’t move and twisted his whole body side to side like an alligator avoiding a headlock.


Bradd’s little body was thrown off the dog’s head and into the air like a ball.

When Gallam’s jaws opened, he aimed to chomp down on Bradd in one bite.

Bradd dodged the nose of the demon dog by stepping on it’s jaw, but the dog’s jaws then surged forth and tried to lock down on his skirt to cut off his retreat.

「Hey! Whoa! Yikes!」

Bradd wasn’t able to kick off of the dog with his knees after the attacks.

He just attempts to leap up and is not able to escape.

He picks up both ends of his skirt, tap dances on Gallam’s nose, and keeps dodging the bites.

Dodging is the only way to live.

The fangs gash together so violently trying to bite him that sparks come out.

It becomes like a gashing-rumble, a sound that makes your spine shiver.

It would be fatal if Gallam bit into him once.

But Bradd’s legs dance on his mouth like he was on a hot plate.

「This perverted dog! Trying to bite into my skirt! This is too much! It’s shrinking!」

Bradd screams.

Does he mean his life is shrinking because of fear or his skirt is getting bitten away?

I asked myself.

「Go! Gallam! Give it some power or it’s all for nothing. You can bite him in half just like you’d do to that little baby!」

The old man said, and Bradd’s expression changed as he bounced, frightened, on top of the dog.

His funny look of slight fear disappeared and now the terrifying crimson returned to his eyes.

「You laughed when you said that line. You beg forehead to floor until blood comes out, and even if you did it 10,000 times…it wouldn’t be enough…」

The dog chomped down one last time and Bradd popped of the top of his nose in one jump.

Twice, thrice…he dodged again and again.

He began to somersault over the dog’s mouth until the dog no longer could see him.

The dog then looked up, and Bradd angrily trampled his head into the floor again.

「Apologize for your sins!」

Now Bradd’s heels were raining blows onto the dog’s head, as if he was stuck under a powerful waterfall.

The face of the demon dog was being crushed and saliva was spilling out the sides of his mouth.

The tremors got louder as Bradd stomped the demon dog deeper into the floor.

「There’s no way!」

The demon dog trainer said, when he saw the demon dog being driven into the ground like an alligator being rabbit-kicked into the floor.

There was no way the dog could get up.

Bradd had already read the dogs movements and continued to quickly stomp the dog so it couldn’t rise.

And so the demon dog was being helplessly crushed into the debris of the floor.

But, contrary to expectations, the dog Gallam bounced backwards like a shrimp,

「W…what the?!」

Bradd’s reaction was delayed and he bounced off with the dog’s strange movement.

I was terrified.

It had used no limbs, so I couldn’t understand the movement, but it had unglued itself from the floor with its back muscles!

What a monster!

Then, the demon dog Gallam fell into a pile of desks and chairs that were piled up in a corner of the saloon.

Collapsing into the weapons that Gallam had previously used to attack us with!

There was a reverberating, heavy, painful sound as the furniture scattered into debris.

We did it! Retribution! Punishment from God!

It had tried to retreat so quickly that it missed the fact there were countless piece of furniture behind it and crashed right into it!

That dog might have his day!

「Hah! You knocked yourself out!」

Bradd said, smiling bitterly at all the sharp fragments of wood.

「No! It didn’t! Be careful! It will attack you with that! Bradd!」

My mother said, urging Bradd to get away from the dog.

As she shouted at them, a desk and chair were flung at Bradd.

This time it flew straight at him without arcing like it did before.

There was a horrific noise of wind.

If it hit Bradd, it would strike him with unrelenting force, tearing him apart.

「I’m tired of seeing that attack again!」

Bradd dodged it to the side quickly, but was careful not to move out of position of defending us.

Just like a kid skipping over stones in a stream, he dodged back and forth, missing the flying furniture without any danger of being hit.

Like a rabbit crossing from island to island on a line of sharks’ backs.

He did it soundly though, and it relieved me.

I wonder if he’s really invincible…the last shark in the legend bit the rabbit, after all.

「Below you! Bradd!」

Mother shouted at him again. There was a huge shadow under Bradd’s feet as he skipped to miss another piece of furniture.

The dog had used the furniture as cover to approach him!

And so the demon dog Gallam’s body emerged!

We saw it from a distance, but Bradd was close to him after dodging countless objects, and may have missed his approach.


It was too late by the time Bradd saw him.

His small body was chomped onto by flashing fangs, his body mangled, blood everywhere!


Mother and Mary screamed, and I did my best to not cry out.

It’s okay, Mother! Mary!

Bradd won’t die so easily!

He said he would protect me!

He can’t die and break his promise!

「…fool! You have no escape if you’re jumping in the air!」

The demon dog trainer screamed at Bradd, as he was watching the whole fight progress.

「Ha! Some “Blood Redemption!” Even stupid tricks like that can’t keep you from true deadly force! Too bad!」

「Tricks can’t keep me from true deadly force? I’ll show you that you’re wrong.」

The voice of fearless Bradd returned.

We took a second look at Bradd after the disgusting scene we had thought we witnessed.

He was below the jumping Gallam, sitting with his butt on the floor.

Completely untouched!

What happened to Bradd?! I thought he was dead!

The maid figure of Bradd split into two in the dog’s jaws seemed to dissipate into blood and smoke.

Like a bloodstorm or a flock of “blooderflies.”

Almost as if a vampire had turned into fog and disappeared.

「You’re not the only one that uses that blinding technique. This is the blood-cherry-butterfly technique. A present from the depths of hades. And by the way, this maid suit from hades is…」


「You said there was no escape if I jump in the air…You’re right, but it wasn’t me that did so!」

Actually, Gallam had jumped in the air…and Bradd’s body spun like a top.

White smoke spun from his feet as he spun up and into the air.


There was sound like a dry explosion…and something like a bell being rung.

Gallam’s body was falling from the jump, but was punched back into the air again.

It seemed that Bradd’s fist had slammed into Gallam’s unguarded chin, from below!

He had to have hit him with that heart stop!

Wait…why did you hit his chin?

「There’s no way to stop your heart through that armor on your chest, but I can still shake up your brain a bit!」

And as Bradd said, the dog crashed to the ground, unable to land correctly. Gallam crumped at his waist and struggled to rise…his legs were paralyzed by concussion!

「And now I pass the baton to the adult behind me to finish this! Take care of him, Ms. Cornelia!」

Bradd jumped out of the way and my mother nodded.

「…understood…I won’t miss this chance.」

Mother pulled out a slender and very sharp-looking arrow.

It seemed very different from the previous ones.

Until now, my mother had been shooting continuously without taking a break, but now had a second to relax before shooting…she had such a dignified appearance as she drew the bow.

「True shot! Through!」

The bowstring rang out loudly.

The bow was pulled all the way back, to the limit, just one shot.

No bending or changing – an arrow straight at Gallam.

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