Chapter 32 Part 2 – The Duke’s manor is surrounded by flames. Armed with courage and mutual trust, we challenge a nightmare.



There was no way that the dog could dodge the shot after being incapacitated by Bradd.

He raised his forearm as much as he could and the arrow pierced his paw, his face missing a direct hit.

Hah hah! Hit! Right through! Stupid monster!

I clenched my fist.

The rod of the arrow broke near the root while the arrowhead flew off into the air, with the iron rod still embedded in his hand.

It was a finishing move that was all about penetration.

I guess mother still could use this too?

「…Bow tech, poison fang. The rod has a poison inverse hook in it. There’s no way to pull the rod out.」

We win! The arrow has a poison hook!

There’s no monster that can deal with poison in their bodies! It’s over!

Good job, mom!

Now, time to catch that demon dog trainer and make him spit out everything.

There’s no way for him to escape.

I already guess that he was asked to do this by the Shylocks.

Time to push over the first domino and watch them ALL fall down!

It’s going to get busy soon!

But as I looked past my balled up baby-fist, I saw something happening.

Gallam had bit the tip of his front paw without hesitation.

The poison was stopped from circulating through his body…he tore off the skin and spit out the iron and paw pieces in his mouth.

He had sacrificed two fingers on his left paw.

「This dog doesn’t know when to stop! We’ve got to kill him off!」

Bradd swung his fist out in a flying move at the demon dog Gallam as he roared at the dog.

He aimed for his neck with the same carotid stop move that killed the other two. With the redemption of blood, which made him twice as powerful.

Let’s end this!

Just before Bradd hit, all the hair on Gallam’s body stood up.

His green eyes burned with a new fire and his body seemed to squeak as it swelled…hist muscles were expanding!

I have a baaaaaaaaaaaaaad feeling about this.

「Stop, Gallam! Your body can’t take you fighting with full power!」

The demon dog trainer screamed.

Gallam just exhaled loudly.

Bradd’s strike echoed, but Gallam had no reaction, just glancing at Bradd. The dog then jumped up on all four legs.

「No way…he stopped my attack by just flexing his muscles.」

Bradd then flew back in the air.


Bradd flew past us and fell on his side, rolling to absorb the momentum, then jumped up.

If he hadn’t done so, he would have probably passed out due to bruising and broken bones.

I was shocked to see that Gallam himself had flipped Bradd up with his front legs…well, blood was squirting from the one he bit off.

This dog is nuts!

He bit off half his paw, and then used it to attack Bradd!

「Damn…the dog finally started fighting for real. But I haven’t used all my force either…」

Bradd said.

Wait, is that the punch line?

I guess this story really isn’t a Isekai romance, after all!

Wait, mom, what about that arrow you shot?

I saw my mother return my gaze and quietly shake her head.

「The only poison fang I had was that arrow. And, maybe…」

She mumbled quietly, so I didn’t know what she meant.

I saw the body hair of Gallam standing on end…his muscles were swollen and he looked twice as big now. The strange sound from before was probably his torso expanding. There was no way an arrow would pass through him now.

「The only thing I have left…」

The “TRAP!” The only thing left is the “TRAP!” With all the foreshadowing I’ve been giving you, you all know it’s coming! It’s time for a flashy counter attack!

「…is to shoot his eyes or asshole.」「And maybe crush his nuts.」


What kind of crazy suggestions are mom and Bradd making?!

You can’t use those words! Especially YOU, Bradd!

And are you going to gesture to your own balls when you’re talking about it?

「If it was a human, you could hit the brain through the ear canal, but dogs would be a lot harder…or maybe aim for the mouth.」

「You might hit the medulla oblongata that way…」

N, no! If I leave the story to these two, the story’s going to get really bloody.

Even if I AM an evil queen, I’m not going to allow mom to shoot a dog in the ass or Bradd to crush his balls!

It might be effective, but no one wants to see that!

Could you imagine a prince that stabbed a dragon’s asshole and crushed its balls saying,

「Princes…I’ve come to help.」

You can smile at the ending, but there’s no romance in it!

It would give any bard a headache!

No one can sing “crush crush crush the nuts” without laughing!

Audiences would boycott the show!

And that Isekai romance tag is starting to fall off again…

…just let’s go with Scarlet’s trap strategy, okay?


I was screaming, but….

Let’s look at the current situation calmly.

The trap we set up is in the long gallery behind the wall of this saloon.

There are only two entrances and exits to the gallery – north and south.

You can’t get someone into the trap unless you go 50 meters from here and then enter one of the openings. The total distance to the trap is then 100 meters. You think they could endure the pursuit of that dog while running and carrying me as well?

Yeah! It’s impossible.

Bradd powered up with the “Blood Redemption” and Gallam also powered up, so they’re at the same level of strength. If we’re not careful, Gallam could crush all of us at once. We need to spread out.

I denied that my strategy was going to work.

Explanation over! Thank you for reading!

A good woman can admit her mistakes.

The reading up to this point was long, but it actually took me 0.05 seconds to abandon my plan.

The demon dog Gallam gazed around him.

Maybe because of his high temperature or the cold night, the air that leaked through his fangs flowed out as fog.

His open mouth sounded hoarse, his green eyes shimmered.

More a monster than a dog…it made me tremble.
I’m sure all those women that love the Isekai romance tag will be totally obsessed with Gallam!

「Oaaahhh Ouuuuhhh!」

「You idiot! Stop making so much noise! It’ll target you!」

Great! I was called an idiot by idiot Bradd.

Well, I guess I was one.

I was a nice dinner for Gallam.

He will lose all patience with fighting others when he hears a baby voice like mine.

Yes, he will even lose all of his good judgment.

You know, that monster might actually be capable of making a lot of mistakes.

Gallam ignored his master’s order, after all.

So maybe I could use that!

He would definitely attack me!

If I dare to attract him to me, we could figure out his behavior easily.

And if Bradd can figure that beast’s movements out, then he can hit him directly with a trap.

「Aouuuu, ooooohhh」

So I devised a new strategy for Bradd.

Bradd’s face, upon hearing me, looked muddled with worry.

「No! It’s not a sane plan. If we make a mistake, you’ll die right away.」

Bradd said, far too concerned about me.

Let’s do it!

If we’re having some super charged battle in an Isekai romance…then we’re already at the edge of sanity.

And plus, your “blood redemption” time is almost up.

In the 108 times previous, I knew when Bradd was at his limits.

The red colors of his eye faded.

If we couldn’t get this done by the time his charge-up is done, we’re dead.

No more ways to attack…we have to survive!


Bradd was taken aback.

「You even know that the Blood Redemption has a time limit…what are you!?」

No need to talk like you always do, Bradd!

Your red aura is getting weaker!

No time to be impressed!

「No, this isn’t an aura…this is actual blood-mist…I’m getting anemic…」

Wait! That wasn’t a spiritual aura?! It’s REAL BLOOD?!


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