Chapter 34 Part 2 – A resurrected nightmare…the knights are encouraged by the roar that shakes the shadows.



I winked at them, trying to appeal to them…and threw a little baby kiss.

They all jumped back, shaken to the core.

Weren’t you more surprised when you saw the demon dogs? That hurts…

「Wow…I guess you have…a very…expressive daughter…」

The captain said, wiping his sweat and trying to calm his troops.

「My Scarlet is very smart…she can understand words, is cute, and at the least is the best baby in Hydrangea!」

Mother said suddenly with pride…while I cringed at the comment.

Mom, stop with the stupid parent mode…thanks for the compliment, but…

「I…I see…the child of the Crimson Duke and the Magical Archer…I can see how miracles could occur from the union. Well, could you explain what occurred? You mentioned that the demon dogs of Juohdah were buried under the rubble there.」

He said, looking away at me, who was trying to hide my face in embarrassment, and returning to the original story.

He then looked over at his knights that were murmuring, 「…miracle?」「I wouldn’t call her a miracle…」

Yeah, I wouldn’t either…I understand your reactions completely.

A newborn baby like me, after all that happened, is going to be an unheard-of phenomenon.

An impact that you’ll never forget.

I COULD have imitated a normal infant if I wanted to.

But the Royal Guard had come.

Now the Shylock’s aren’t going to try and attack…they were all witnesses that I was born and alive. With all these tough Guards here, there’s no way the Shylocks could come after me.

No one can say that the Duke’s daughter was stillborn.

Sorry you all were used to ensure my safety.

I apologized to them all, while my mother explained what happened so far to Captain Matzo.

The Shylock Company hired those Juohdah demon dogs to attack me tonight. There were three dogs, two are dead, lying back there. The last monster-of-a-dog attacked, but was buried in the collapse of the mansion with the trainer..

Of course, Bradd’s identity and the Romalian Flame Flower weren’t revealed, as mother explained that gas had accumulated in the basement and ignited.

There were such accidents in mining tunnels and other underground areas, after all.

「Even so, the scale of the explosion…however, with all those underground tunnels…I guess that explains the collapse…」Captain Matzo said, convincing himself.

「Well, the trainer and the final dog were buried alive in the collapse of the manor. I would like to express my deepest respect for your heroism. That trainer was out of our control in this kingdom, with no one to stop him. He has driven many knights and mercenaries to death and destruction, sometimes several at once.」

Matzo said with a bow of respect.

「And with those footprints by the gate, the other dog must have been TWICE the size of these other two dogs…」

A knight said, looking back at the other dead dogs…while the other knights shuddered and mumbled at the idea of it.

「The archer of Melville…」

「Goddess of the bow…」

「Our kingdom’s treasure…」

The men were nearly babbling in reverence to mother.

They all gazed at her, assuming that her skill in archery had brought about the miraculous victory, alone.


It seems that mother’s pride about everything but her bow had quickly disappeared…and she couldn’t discuss Bradd, as he was the oldest son from the Lawless Crew, so she was lost. But she continued with a stern smile, probably because she was happy about the praise of the knights…

Even so, there was no way to hide that from the Royal Guard that this 10-year-old strange-looking maid that was stretched out on the grass was the true one that had gone up against the demon dog Gallam. It was for some strange reason that Captain Matzo had noticed something interesting about the boy, gazing down wide-eyed onto Bradd. He was snorting, excited, and muttering to himself.

Like Matzo’s heart was beating fast…or he was excited…or that he wanted to fight him…maybe he’s actually some kind of really dangerous sex offender?!

Bradd, sorry, but it seems that your future opponent has already seen you.

And Captain Matzo…or Sir Valentine physically is a beast that can match you when you grow up…if you’re without that “Blood Redemption.”

He’s one of the strongest warriors in my memories of 108 lives.

My Queen’s Royal Guard was totally ineffective Valentine in sparring, too.

He could swing a human around in a circle with one arm and toss him.

The sound effect was great too – FWWOOO FWWWOOOO, like a tornado.

As soon as he grabbed you, the sudden increase in gravity caused you to pass out.

No way to fight it.

And Matzo’s special weapon was a morning star at the end of a long chain!

It was so tough, it could break a two-handed sword in half.

You could wear full-body armor, and the morning-star would crush and collapse all the rivets and joints in your armor, leaving you immoble. Something like a walking catapult. No one could get close because he was so dangerous.

And I had tried to appoint him as captain of the Queen’s Guard, but he refused.

The reason was that his body was failing and mounted battles were wearing hard on his old body. And his steed was a super-muscular warhorse.

But you really have a strange standard for physical weakness.

…after all, you always died protecting me…it’s weird.

Why were you so fervent in allying yourself with me.

Didn’t you feel bad that your queen was hated by everyone?

The rebels would have done anything to welcome you into their ranks.

Bradd, Seraphy, and Arnold all held you in high regard.

But even when you faced certain defeat, you fought all the way to the end.

You always chased me away so I’d escape with stupid excuses and then die on your own.

You’d know that I was sad to leave you, but you’d still happily laugh as you said your last goodbye.

…and it was so strange, no way I could laugh with you!

I would cry silently behind the secret wall that you wanted me to escape with…Ah! Even thinking about it again makes me tear up!

「The Jouhdah demon dogs killed our dear compatriots. We wished to kill them, it was a long cherished desire. They even took the lives of those beloved three veterans, lovers of the sword and wine…we, the Royal Guards, thank you.」

Matzo took his gaze off Bradd and bowed deeply.

And with that, they all gallantly tried to care for us after our battle.

「The night breeze is getting cold. Please, put this on…」

「Are you injured? Please tell us if you feel any.」

「Please sit down here. Let the tree trunk support your backs.」

I was kind of annoying because 30 knights were trying to take care of us at once.

The Royal Guard was not only about strength, but also humane behavior.

This is because anyone tinged by greed could never be expected to guard the crown when they are in distress.

And though you would think we’d have gratitude for that kind of chivalry, they took it to an extent that was unprecedented.

One by one they hung their nightgowns over us and used them as a mattress for us to rest on.

Too many! I’ll drown in fabric!

Bradd is splayed out and completely covered himself.

They’re all combat professionals, but as caregivers they go a bit too far.


I popped out of a seat of nightgowns.

「Okay, be careful, but drink if you’d like to.」

They poured out a strong liquor that smelled of citrus for mother and Mary.

「This is distilled liquor prepared by the Orange Company as a measure against the demon dogs…」

A wide-eyed knight said to us, a bit disappointed he didn’t get to drink it.

What?! That?!

Is that my favorite liquor from the 108 lives I’ve lived?!

That smell and taste becomes an addiction…

I was excited to smell it, like a dog sniffing meat from the kitchen.

But saying that it’s used for the demon dogs…that’s weird.

「It’s made to block the movements of the demon dogs…please, have a little.」

「Don’t be so stingy! Everyone knows the stuff tastes great! And since she defeated those demon dogs, she can have more! Instead of having to deal with drinking it and killing those dogs, we get to drink with these beauties!」

And so the knights chided the one knight, who laughed along with them anyway.

Mother seemed to like it, drinking it all at once, while the guards looked at her aghast.

Wow! Mom seems to be a fan too!

It was quite a strong liquor, so Mary took a sniff and then waved it away.

「Ah…can I have her drink?」

Moooom…asking for another drink so quick…I know I’m part of her bloodline now.

「Um…and another glass, if possible?」

Wait, now a THIRD cup?!

How about one for me…I’m going to be a beautiful woman in the future too!


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