Chapter 37 Part 1 – The dog with Blood Redemption. A cunning monster, a prideful man, and a merciless battlefield



The demon dog Gallam fulfills a final awakening. Destiny is a fickle thing and can even side with evil. Still, people can counter this with the power of their will.

「Okay! If you can reach the pond, we can bury this monster! The horses are untouched! Right! Get the three lightest knights out of this hole and get the wife and the rest to the pond!」

But…the depth of the hole where everyone had fallen was more than three meters deep.

Bradd couldn’t jump that, let alone a guy in armor.

I thought there was no way the Captain could think his order could be carried out.

「Yes, sir!」「Done immediately!」「Understood.」

Three relatively thin looking knights answered immediately, running over the ground.

Gallam stands at the lip of the hole and flashes his claws.

「…don’t mess with them! Your opponent is ME! Come on!」

Captain Matzo yelled and attacked, grabbing the dog’s front paws.

「Okay! We’ll launch you up there! Come on!」

And so the other knights ran to the lip of the hole and put their hands down to push up the lighter knights.

「Thanks! Come on!」

「Yeah! Leave it to us! Let’s go!」

The men on the ground breathed in, stretched their back muscles, and tossed the men up.

Combined with that and a lofty jump, all three knights were quickly able to scurry out of the hole.

Despite all the turmoil, they didn’t abandon their mission, but seeing the horses waiting for them, looked worried for a second and asked us,

「All, what do you know about horseback riding?」

「Well, I guess enough.」

Mother said when she took to the horse, tossing her bow in the air.

She put her feet in the stirrups, lifted herself onto the front height of the saddle, and straddled the horse. The vivid, soundless jump was a wonderful thing and the horse did not move.

I guess she knew horses quite well.

She really did know enough. The same level as me in my 108 lives when I could do equestrian jumping, I guessed.

Then she caught the bow she had thrown in the air deftly as she sat on the horse.

The knight that was on the other side, standing in case she fell off, whistled in admiration.

At the same time, he noticed her exposed thighs and hurriedly turned his eyes away.

That Melville archer outfit wasn’t made for riding horses.

Mom set her arrow and checked the quality of her horse, though she was unaware of the knight seeing her thighs.

Well, mom, that pose of yours…

When Gallam chases you, are you going to turn around and shoot?!

She was going to ride without reigns and not hold onto the horse?!

Is she a genuine horse-riding warrior?

「Feels just right.」

She was tall enough, and had long legs…and even more, her beautiful, creamy thighs were even more noticeable.

If your aim to dazzle the men with your sweet thighs while we have to war with this demon dog?

Well! I will only learn how to shoot the bow, but won’t mess with costumes like hers.

Mary has no experience and so has to ride with a knight behind her.

She fits nice and compactly.

「Sorry…when I was a kid, I did used to pull a plow with a horse…」

Huh…field work…

She apologized for have to ride on a bare-backed horse. And her skirt was now up to her knees, as she firmly locked her legs onto the horse. She wasn’t shameless, but trying to not burden the knight behind her.

Princess riding, on the other hand, was a sitting style that amateurs couldn’t handle…sitting sidesaddle and all.

Her knight was aware of her concern, and treated her like a courtly lady.

And Bradd…

「He…hey! That way you sit is dangerous…」

「Hee hee, I’m fine.」

Bradd rode sideways, fluttering his legs, while confusing the knight.

「If I straddle it, then some things get stuck, you know.」

Seems that Bradd still had dangerous weapons up his skirt, so he didn’t want to straddle the horse.

…I’m not going to think about what he was going to stick or get stuck with…

But Bradd couldn’t reach the stirrup and could only kick the sky with his legs…

「And you’re holding the Duke’s daughter too…

As expected, the newbie Mary and the bow-holding mom couldn’t care for me, so the duty was left to Bradd. From the knight’s point of view, it was a tiny maid that was holding on to a baby, with his butt on the back of the horse, sidesaddle.

And there was no saddle! Just the skin of the horse below him.

Even more, there was no way to hold onto the reins, and this horse will sprint with all its might.

There’s no way anyone can ride sidesaddle like this.

You’d fall off of the horse after 50 steps.

「Don’t worry about it! I’m not a normal fighter…and I want to be able to jump and respond to the dog’s attack, so I need to see behind me. If we don’t go now, everyone’s effort will be wasted! Let’s go!」

Bradd, of course, was more concerned about leaving.

「But…well, you did fight the demon dog before…I guess there’s no need to worry!」

Recalling Matzo’s words, the knight notdded.

「Yeah, and you can watch this all on the tips of your toes!」

Bradd smiled at me while boosting me up.

「Okay! Let’s go!」

And so the knight started his horse galloping while mother’s and Mary’s followed.

「This is the first time I’ve seen men so strong outside the Lawless Crew! I’m Bradd, the oldest son of the chief of the Crew! The Royal Guard really is amazing! Thank you for coming!」

Bradd said as he left, shouting thanks to the guards still in the hole.

Mother and Mary looked at Bradd with a look of “Why did you say that?” But it was probably a tribute of his to the men he was leaving behind.

「Thanks again, all of you, the bravest men in this country.」

Mother said, bowing to them from her horse.

「Captain Matzo, I’m sure your fist has touched my son in heaven…I will thank you again, someday…So don’t die!」

Mary was reluctant to say, but still gave her best wishes.


Don’t push too hard!

Especially you, Matzo!

I won’t forgive you if you die without my permission like you did the other 108 times.

We only need time to get to the pond!

I’m sure you’ll live and we’ll meet again!

Thank you!

And so I said my thanks as well.

My father really made a fine play. Had the Royal Guard not rushed in, we would have been stuck fighting that demon dog Gallam when he came back to life.

Captain Matzo raised his iron fist in response.

The knights smiled at us as well, and the smiles seemed too genuine for this deadly battlefield.

「That “girl” is the oldest son of the Lawless Crew, or…」

「Maybe that’s just her title…Bradd and all. It could be the Lawless Crew named her such even though she was a girl.」

「The princess of the Lawless Crew? She’s still too young, but she looked like she’ll be a cutey when she grows up. Can’t wait to see that.」

Yeah, you knights are completely wrong.

He’s a male with a steel body in the future.

Sorry that he completely fooled you.

「And we were told such by Ms. Cornelia, the bravest in the country.」

「She has many fans among the arches. When I tell my other archery buddies that I met her, they’re going to cry because they missed out.」

Sounds like mom is quite the star.

The knights were in the hole talking about mom as if they were having a party.

They didn’t hold a grudge against her at all for leading them into a battlefield in which they could lose their lives.

Because of their pride in their professions, they just laughed and continued to fight.

In the 108 times, the Royal Guard was disbanded after Matzo resigned as Captain.

He always shed tears when he talked about it, but their ending was proud and the thing of legends.

My Queen’s Guard was a copy of it made in honor of their bravery.

And they proved to me that they were just as valiant as the men that preceded them.

As expected, the Hydrangea Royal Guard were hailed as the strongest, even among the other neighboring nations.

That’s why I liked them all so much.

I’ll never forget this favor. I will repay you all.

As if I’d let you just be disbanded.

If I know what happens in the next 28 years, I can save you from your fate.

So all of you will survive!

And as if to wake me up from this secret wish, Gallam finally crunched the Captain’s armor to pieces.

It was like a hydraulic press smashing it into pieces.

I was so scared I screamed silently.

And the fanged demon dog then popped three or four more heads from out of his torso…

It was like watching Cerberus emerge from the gates of hell.

Everyone’s souls froze when they saw this nightmare emerge under the moonlight.


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