Chapter 39 Part 1 – The depth of my father’s love for my mother makes me cringe. Then Seraphy joins the fray and the Ruby of Destiny guides us



My young parents stared at each other with tear-filled eyes.

「…I’m sorry, Cornelia. Your body has frozen up like this. I’ve caused trouble for you, all because I was absent. I hope you will at least allow me to warm your body with a hot kiss.」

After saying that, father pressed his forehead against mother’s.
The tension of the previous fight to the death was pushed aside and the flowers of love are in full bloom.
I feel itchy. There are too many flowers!!
It’s definitely a lethal amount of pollen for those who don’t have a resistance for love.
Contrary to the overjoyed Mary, I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

Of course, I’m also a maiden who yearns to be in love.

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t longed for a wonderful romance in my past「108 times」.
I was so busy trying to become queen that I didn’t have time to fall in love, and once I ascended to the throne, I was killed.
But no matter how much you long for love, it also depends on the time and situation!!
This place is neither a fancy balcony nor a ballroom!!
Love is all about atmosphere, right!?

And yet!! Everyone, please take a look at the fantastic scenery around us.
The whole place is flooded with red water, like a bloody pond in hell.
The forest has withered due to poison and the white trees are bare of leaves showing its bone-like trunks.
And on top of all that!!
There are arrows all over the place, the remains of the thorny cedar trees, and the demon dog Gallam that looked like a bizarre object!!
Wow, what a romantic scene!!
……There’s no way it’d be romantic!! You idiots!!

As I engaged in a futile idiotic self-talk, I readjusted my breathing.
If I didn’t do that, I don’t think I’d be able to keep my sanity.

No matter how happy this pair of lovers is to see each other again after a long time, how can these two have such a romantic atmosphere with this hellish scene in the background!?
Or is it normal for a couple to be like this when it comes to romance in the isekai genre!?
Am I the one who’s strange for feeling uncomfortable!?
D-damn it… I don’t know how to evaluate this since I’ve never had a romantic experience…!
Despite my anguish, the love-filled conversation of the two of them never stopped.

「…Um, dear, can you at least close your eyes… I’m so embarrassed…」

「…I can’t do that, not even for a moment, I can’t bring myself to take my eyes off you. Those blushing rosy cheeks, just how much more do you wish to captivate me?」

And then father’s lips were gently placed on mother’s lips…
This couple really kissed!!
The demon dog Gallam is idly standing behind me…
Are they ignoring it? Really?
For the first time, I felt sorry for the demon dog Gallam.

「Kyaaaaa!! This is too passionate! I’ll have to pretend that I didn’t see it!!」

Mary quickly covered her eyes with both hands, but the space between her fingers had been spread out to the limit.
What a way to cover her eyes…
And don’t let go of the boat’s paddle…!!
Noticing that I was itching and writhing, Mary nodded with an expression as if she wouldn’t tell anyone else.

「Well, young miss!! This scene makes your heart flutter and throb right!? I understand how you feel!!」

You can see it clearly, can’t you!?
It doesn’t make my heart flutter!
I’m bewildered by my parents’ passionate love scene and that’s why I’m squirming restlessly!!


「…She’s asking if all lovers do not care about what their surroundings look like and could immerse themselves in a kiss?」

When Bradd translated my words, Mary nodded vigorously.

「Of course!! Love is invincible!! No spear or lightning can stop a kiss between lovers!!」

I-is that so…!?
W-wait, i-isn’t that a bit strange!?

「…I hope my deep love can let your body become slightly warmer…」

After a while, father took his lips off mother’s and smiled at her.
A glowing thread connected the two lips.

「…I-it can…」

Mother nodded as her eyelids and cheeks turned cherry red. Father nodded deeply in response.

「…I’m glad to hear that …Well then, now it’s your turn to quench my thirst. I want you to feel with your lips and tongue how much I have longed for your warmth…」

「Wait… Wendell… No… Hnn…!」

And their lips met again.
What am I being shown…
Ah, wait, it’s an isekai romance, so this is normal…?
Ahhhh!! My head is getting all screwed up!!

「…What a …deep impact!!」

Mary no longer tried to hide her glance and trembled with excitement.

At least, you could’ve said「light」or「pressure」…
This father of mine whose life is centered around my mother has taken a Shylock as his concubine!?
That’s impossible!!
This person would rather commit suicide than betray my mother.
What the hell is going on?
I was so confused that I started to hold my head in my hands, but then I realized.

Whoa!! This is not the time for the two of you to be flirting!?
The demon dog Gallam is starting to attack without showing any fear!
Moreover, one of father’s hands is occupied because he’s holding mother’s waist.
And on top of that, he even turned his back!!
There’s no way that monster would miss the chance to attack that figure full of openings!

「…Damned demon dog, right now, your repulsive shadow has overlapped Cornelia’s beautiful shadow.」

Father raised his staff without looking back and stopped the fangs of the demon dog Gallam that was coming from behind.
How is it possible for a weapon that is held by just one hand to stop the attack of that monster!?

「I was intoxicated by the beauty of the moonlight, but now I’ve sobered up …You’ve committed something unforgivable. How dare you interrupt a lovers’ kiss. A damned monster that is not aware of its own standing, I’ll wake you up from that insolent dream.」

A firm and dull noise rang out again, the demon dog Gallam stiffened while standing upright.

「And know this. I am the only one in this world who can overlap Cornelia. Not even her shadow can be overlapped with others. Isn’t that right… my love?」

Why are you saying those embarrassing remarks with a serious expression!? This person is really!!
In addition, his hand is holding mother’s chin…
And mother even blushed!! This is not the right time and place to do that!!

However, contrary to my impatience, Gallam’s fangs and claws that were about to launch a counterattack did not move.
It was the same situation as before. There is no doubt about it.
After father’s attack, the demon dog Gallam became unable to move.
That’s why father can unilaterally beat up that cunning demon dog.
What exactly is going on!?
I was so shocked that my head went numb.

At that moment, the two imperial guards who were clinging to the legs of the demon dog Gallam finally fell to the ground as they slipped off. They must have been so desperate that they didn’t even notice my father’s arrival.
I’m amazed they held on until now. What a formidable level of professionalism.
However, as a result, it had taken a toll on them and they were badly injured…!!

「Don’t worry. Both of their hearts are still beating. It seems like that monster’s poison will vaporize soon.」

Bradd said with a relieved expression after staring at their blood flow and I also felt relieved.

And father was in a romantic atmosphere despite the strenuous efforts of the two imperial guards.
Somehow, I felt really sorry towards the two of them.…

I stared at the flow of blood in both of them and felt relieved when Bradd spoke, and I also felt relieved.

Still, in the end father nodded in gratitude toward them.
That’s a relief. I thought he could only see mother…

「Both of you did a great job. The courage to overcome even life and death. As expected from the imperial guards. The way you used your own body as a shield in order to protect my wife is very admirable. I will put my respect towards you into this attack. Step back from there, beast. Don’t look down on these brave knights.」

When father drove away the demon dog Gallam with his staff, it twitched as if it had been electrocuted and jumped away.
Father did that so casually and with just one hand. It looked as if the demon dog Gallam had jumped away on its own.
It was just like Bradd’s「Blood Redemption.」
However, unlike「Blood Redemption」, this attack does not utilize the power of the demon dog Gallam.
It was father’s own strength.
I could see that the demon dog Gallam was surprised.
That monster was completely overpowered and is being tossed around like a wooden toy.


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