Chapter 39 Part 2 – The depth of my father’s love for my mother makes me cringe. Then Seraphy joins the fray and the Ruby of Destiny guides us



「…I’ll teach you about the terror of being one-sidedly trampled down by a foolish beast!! Think of the feelings of the children you have killed!! Pierce through!!」

After hearing father’s words, Mary clenched her fist.
The tip of the staff was pointed straight at the demon dog Gallam.
The wind blew and the staff was thrusted out.
A low, dull thumping sound followed, then the interval between the thrusts shortened, eventually we could only hear Gallam’s groans.
The demon dog Gallam struggled like an insect caught in a spider’s web.
Afterall, it couldn’t fight back!
Not only that, it gradually lost its courage and retreated.
The staff that father is holding became blurred.
The sound of the attacks rang out and the body of the demon dog Gallam shook.
The staff was being thrusted out so quickly that we couldn’t see it.
It was such an unrealistic scene.
With just a series of attacks by his staff, he blocked the demon dog Gallam’s counterattack, leaving it helpless and thoroughly beaten it up.

This person is that sickly, always coughing, feeble father of mine!?
Captain Matzo had extraordinary strength, but father is just like a person from the legends!!

I was reminded of the legend of the hero that rode on a white horse. He confronted the sea monster, while embracing the princess with one hand and wielding his sword with his other hand.

「The Invincible Duke」and「The Crimson Duke」.
The title that had made so many soldiers shudder on the battlefield was, in fact, true.
He is strong enough to overpower the demon dog Gallam. If they are not as strong as Matzo, there’s no way they could fight against him.

When「The Crimson Duke」wielded his weapon, the enemies around him were beaten up as if they were just paper dolls. As if it was done by magic, the strong people became numb and unable to move. Just by moving forward, a path would open up right in the middle of the enemy army. It was as if the sea had split. That person is a true hero who could change the course of the battlefield all by himself.

I can’t believe that the nostalgic tales of old military officers that I had heard when I was a queen were actually true.
But still, isn’t he a bit too much of a monster!?
What kind of trick is this!?

「…The power of the ridden horse is stored in the twist of the rider’s body. When timed accurately with the next movement, there would be a momentary explosion of power. It’d be like a bucket of water flowing with a lot of momentum, combining with the rest of the stream to increase the speed and volume of the water.」

Bradd groaned.
I – I still don’t get it though!!

「….To put it simply, he amplified the power of the horse several times by utilizing his own body and used that to strike against the opponent. This must be what my father told me about the ultimate stage of Man and Horse as One, a cavalry’s skill that is peerless in the battlefield….! This must be the reason why he warned me to run away before fighting against someone who is capable of using this skill…..」

「Owaahh!! Owaaahhhh!!」

Isn’t that weird! That action manga theory!!
I’m not convinced at all!!
Even if I go back 1,000,000 steps and force myself to believe that, how can that monster dog that could even repel arrows become unable to move just by getting beaten up!?

「That’s because the transmission of the attack force is in a whole different league. It’s a two-fold attack, by hitting the hard parts like bones and fangs, the vibrations of the shock would jolt the brain and nerves.」

Bradd, the famous commentator, answered my objections and questions.

「In other words, when you get hit by that attack, your body will be temporarily paralyzed and unable to move. It’s like the upgraded version of the ‘Trident’ special move of the imperial guards that has a paralyzing effect. On top of that, there’s Mrs. Cornelia’s archery, and also a newborn baby who can understand language… What exactly is going on in this family?」

Bradd uttered in an astonished tone.

Ahhh!! I don’t want to be told that by you, the son of the leader of that inhuman group, the「Lawless Crew」!!
OKAY!! Thank you for the explanation!!
In other words, to quickly summarize this, my father’s attack has an additional paralyzing effect.
By using bones to transmit the impact.
It’s like when you hit your elbow as hard as you can, there’s an electrifying sensation.
Well then, now it makes sense why he’s invincible on the battlefield, after all he can multiply his horse’s power by several times and he could paralyze the opponents with his attacks!! He’s really amazing!!
I gave up trying to understand and just accepted that ridiculous theory.
As long as the result is good, everything is good!!

My father’s eyes flared with a dark and terrifying crimson color.
Those horrifying dusk-colored eyes looked as if it had the abyss of the universe concealed behind it.
It was the complete opposite of father’s gentle behavior when he gently tidied up mother’s hair.

「Cornelia, please move slightly further for a short moment.」

Father smiled as he gently let go of mother’s hand, then he raised the staff above his head with both arms and began to rotate it.

「…Although some have heard of cavalry techniques, rarely do people know of the name of the technique. Do you know why?」

In a blink of an eye, the rotation speed increased and the staff became like a propeller spinning at high speed.

「Because most enemies who are hit by cavalry techniques do not make it out of the battlefield alive. The dead can’t speak of the horrors of the techniques… You should kneel down and tremble in gratitude from the honor of getting attacked by the most powerful technique of all. Let’s go!!」

The staff that has turned into a translucent and brutal propeller swallowed up the demon dog Gallam.
Its blood was scattered in a storm-like barrage.
The blood spiraled along the whirlwind.
A hard-to-describe rumbling sound was intermingled with the sound of the wind slashes.
The body of the demon dog Gallam is being scraped off by the tornado of continuous attacks that won’t even allow it to fall down!!

「…Anyone who gets hit by this technique will be turned into a red whirlwind, scattered as blood and flesh. Comparing it to the strong winds that whip up the red sand in the wilderness, people call this technique…. the Crimson Dust Whirlwind.」

When the staff finally stopped rotating, the demon dog Gallam had turned into a bloody wreck.
A whirlwind was still circulating around it.
Then, father and his white horse turned back.

「…Scatter and sink forever!!」

When father swung his staff, the blood on the tip came off.
With that as a signal, the demon dog Gallam spewed fresh blood from its whole body and as if it lost its support, it collapsed along with the sound of its body hitting the ground.

「I’ll give you credit for taking my all-out strength and retaining your original form. A beautiful moonlit night does not suit you. Go back to the darkness that is suitable for a monster like you. Dust to dust. Darkness to darkness.」

Father turned his head slightly and looked down coldly, he looked just like a demon king with red eyes.
His strength is astonishing.
It’s as if I’m inside a dream.

Even so, the demon dog Gallam was not dead yet and was struggling to get back up.
Father uttered.

「…I thought that there was no one else other than Sir Valentine who could stand up after getting hit by the Crimson Dust Whirlwind, it seems that you’re more of a monster than I thought. Very well. Then I’ll turn you back to dust this time……Wha…?」

「…Damn you!! How dare you beat up my cute subordinates!! I won’t forgive you!!」

The giant jumped in like a gale, faster than the seconds needed for father to hold his staff again.
His boulder-like body was dyed in anger and looked just like a red demon.
Steam was rising from his entire body.
His thick fists were clenched tightly and his thick arms swelled up.
When he saw the two fallen imperial guards, fire seemed to erupt from his eyes.


The muscles in his back bulged and his feet sank into the ground.
Along with the demon’s roar, a terrible uppercut sank into the lower jaw of the demon dog Gallam who had finally stood up.
After directly receiving that attack, the eyes of the demon dog Gallam flickered incessantly.
Then its eyes turned white and its limbs floated up into the air.
Thick steel-like fingers grabbed the demon dog Gallam’s muzzle as it fell down with the force of 10.000 people.

「…Damn this dog …I’ll smash and crush you thoroughly!!」

Just like that, he went on to slam the giant body of the demon dog Gallam head-first into the ground.


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