Chapter 40 Part 2 – The thing that tumbled into my hands was a ruby that is a testament to the hegemony of the continent. When I became frightened by the shadows of the evil princes, Seraphy pointed out a fantastic solution



「…..Don’t be so cynical when you’re just a newborn. You’re not being honest. Even though you’re actually a bit happy about this and are trembling with joy.」

Bradd read my thoughts with his blood flow cheat technique and gave me a frustrated look.
I felt sullen

W-Wait a minute!! It’s not because I felt so moved by him that I trembled!
How much of a weak baby am I?…..!
….Eh, am I really trembling?
Rather, aren’t I trembling too much? I can’t stop trembling…..!
I-It’s cold…. I’m freezing…..

「Not good! Her body is suddenly getting cold. A newborn’s body is small, so it doesn’t generate much heat. Please put this on. It should make you feel a little better. It’s a waterproof fabric, so it’ll….」

Seraphy quickly took off his long jacket and wiped off the water droplets with a sweeping motion.

Ohh, he’s surprisingly a gentleman. My impression of him has improved by just a slight bit.

「Wet clothes stick to your body and take away your body heat. Please let her take off your clothes.」

When he made that request to Mary, he moved from the stern to the bow, then turned his back to me, and started moving the boat with the paddle.

「…..I’ll be staying here to steer the boat. I won’t look back, so please don’t worry about changing your clothes.」

Ahh, he’s worried about me because I’m a girl.
I’m a newborn, so he actually doesn’t have to worry so much about me.
But I don’t want the scene of my diaper being changed to be seen though.

「…..What’s the matter with you? You didn’t mind giving the little guy a kiss earlier.」

「T-That’s just an emergency lifesaving measure!!」

After getting teased by Bradd, Seraphy flusteredly gave an excuse.

「Hahaha! Why are you getting flustered over a newborn baby? Anyway you can just strip off her clothes!」


Bradd laughed at him and suddenly pulled down my baby clothes, exposing my upper body.

I reflexively covered my chest with my hands.

「The diaper is also completely soaked and so it can’t be helped. It would be better to take off all of your clothes.」


I became anxious as Bradd didn’t hesitate to put his hand on the diaper.

Hey!! Wait a minute!! What can’t be helped is your head!?
Your head needs to be fixed!! This zero-delicacy human being!! You’ll receive just punishment!!

I tried to give him my deadly newborn punch, but unfortunately my body was too frozen to move properly.
Just like a robot that’s out of oil.

Ahh, really, stop it!!
It’s said that nobles don’t care about being naked in public, but I’m the queen of the common people!
Aaahh, please stop!! We’re in plain sight!! In public!!
Stop!! Stop!! Strip!!

「Owaaahhhhh!! Owaauuuu!!!」

Seraphy had a stunned expression as he looked at us struggling against each other.
Bradd’s hand, which had been stripping off my baby clothes and was mercilessly attempting to strip off my last line of defense, stopped abruptly.

Hmmm, did my heartfelt cry strike his heart?

「…..What. This. It’s so beautiful. The color, the shine, I’ve never seen anything like this.」

Bradd gasped and marveled.

Ohhh, as expected from my soft and fair skin, a pearly glow that cannot be described by words!!
People are impressed when they see something truly beautiful.
It is said that when a person sees something truly beautiful, they will feel overcome with emotion.
I wondered if Bradd the idiot had the sensitivity to be moved by my silky skin.
I’m impressed.
Now, praise me to your heart’s content. And bow down to my beauty.
I wiggled my upper body, shifted my trembling body, and struck a bewitching pose.


Mary blurted out.

「S-sorry. The pose was just so cute.」

W-What? You mean that the pose I just made was not pretty, but rather sexy right!?

Bradd, on the other hand, was still intensely staring at my naked body.

I-It’s a little embarrassing to be stared so much…. Aren’t you going to compliment me?
Hurry up. I-I’m getting cold…..!

Then Bradd uttered the long awaited words of praise.

「….It’s like a bright red lava. It’s so bright that it looks like a fish could be roasted on top of it. As if I’m going to get burned if I touch it. It’s like it’s glowing crimson itself. I’ve seen all sorts of red things, but this is magical…」

W-What a unique metaphorical expression.
Anyway, are you really that much of a red skin fanatic?
I guess that’s a fair compliment for a newborn baby, since babies usually have fair and red skin. But I’m proud of my fair and translucent white skin.
I guess I was hoping for a compliment that my skin was like cherry blossoms or something like that….

「…..Hey, Theraphy!! Come here!! You should see this as well!!」

Gyaaaaaaa!! Bradd you idiot!! Why are you telling him to come here!!
What kind of public display are you trying to force on me!?

「Come on, munchkin, ​​don’t try to hide it and move your hands away. Show it to everyone.」

Gyaaa!! Please don’t do this to me!!

「My name is Seraphy. Please don’t give me such a strange, healing name. Also, it is rude to gaze at a woman’s skin without her permission….besides there’s no guarantee that the demon dog is dead. The sooner we get back to the shore, the better.」

He said「without her permission」….. Although it’s weird to say it myself, I’m a newborn baby you know.

Bradd chuckled at his strait-laced words and looked across the stream.

「…..Don’t worry, the demon dog Gallam is drifting away over there. It looks like it couldn’t get out of the current that Seraphy pushed it into with the bow of this little boat.」

In Bradd’s line of sight, there was a group of floating trees that were flowing by while colliding violently.
It was as if a huge group of monster fish were jumping out of the water. I saw a familiar tail and legs being jostled among them. It was struck against the tree trunks relentlessly again and again, producing a dull, heavy sound.
Each time the sound rang, Gallam’s tail and legs that were sticking out were crushed and it bounced around in a haphazard manner.

「….The angle and position of its legs and tail are messed up. Probably its body that has been getting sandwiched by those trees can no longer retain its original shape. Well, turns out even the demon dog Gallam is no match against the power of nature.」

Bradd muttered with deep emotion.
I got goosebumps from the surreal scene that sent chills down my spine.

Actually, I could have been caught inside that torrent.
My fragile baby body would have been helpless against the fury of nature that contorted even the huge body of the demon dog Gallam.
Without Seraphy’s help, I would have been crushed into minced meat.
Ahh…..but we’re talking about that demon dog Gallam.
It might be that it’s trying to catch us off guard again with his illusion technique, the Bloody Cherry Blossom Butterfly.

「… Don’t worry. The Bloody Cherry Blossom Butterfly is an illusion technique that uses the memory in the blood to temporarily create its own alter ego. It can’t be so skillful as to create only its hands and tail. Although I’m not sure whether it’s possible to do that or not after hundreds of years of training. But that is definitely it’s real body.」

Bradd gently dismissed my fears.

「…..So, rest easy and let’s continue. Ah, I’m sure you’re getting warmed up now that I’ve manipulated your blood flow.」

Bradd inserted his hand in-between the openings of my baby clothes and fumbled around without any hesitation.
His fingertips brushed against my skin and tickled me.


Stop it!! Stop tickling me!! Y-You….pervert!!
Eh, but I can move my body now. You will regret in hell that you helped your enemy!
Go forth!! My Steel Fist!! With a raging roar, crush my nemesis Bradd!!


Bradd smiled wryly as he was subjected to my repeated punches.

「Aren’t you misunderstanding something? This, this right here, look at it.」

Bradd pulled it out and thrusted it in front of me, a huge crimson ruby so fascinating that I couldn’t believe my eyes. The glorious brilliance of the ruby hit my eyes. It was about the size of a medium to large gold coin, drop-shaped, and covered with countless facets. It must have taken so much time to cut the ruby that I feared the craftsman who worked on it could have gone insane. It had a gold bail and the chain that went through it was hung around my neck. Bradd grabbed the chain and yanked out the ruby.
I forgot all about my outrage and was captivated by the ruby.


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