Chapter 40 Part 4 – The thing that tumbled into my hands was a ruby that is a testament to the hegemony of the continent. When I became frightened by the shadows of the evil princes, Seraphy pointed out a fantastic solution



If he’s going to do something like this, at least he could have made it like the divine sword Excalibur. Okay, those who couldn’t pull the sword out can go back home. Next person please!! It would have been great if it could be like that……
It’s absurd to think that the fee for participating in the test is your life.
It made me wonder if the will aimed at eliminating those with dangerous ambitions.
Even so, there was no end to the number of applicants, and the number of victims continued to increase. The greed of human beings is truly frightening.

With no one able to possess the Ruby of God’s Eye, the Alliance of Nine Kingdoms split up.
That’s how the current Nine Kingdoms system was born.
Furthermore, in the midst of the war, the Ruby of God’s Eye ​was lost.
The Ruby of God’s Eye disappeared from the stage of history after being recorded as being in Hydrangea before its disappearance.
…..It would have been better if it had just disappeared forever.

There’s a reason why I’m so tempted to spit harsh words at the True Emperor’s prophecy.
In fact, thanks to the unnecessary second half of the prophecy, I had a rough time in my previous「108 times」.
That’s right, all because of the description that if a woman with the same red eyes as the True Emperor appears among his descendants, the person who marries her would be the True Emperor.
What a pinpoint prophecy.
Thanks to this, I ended up being messed around with by the princes of the other four large kingdoms.
They pressured me to be their wife or concubine….
If you only listen to that part, it may sound very romantic.
Four princes asking you to marry them……!
However, all of these princes were fucking assholes!
I am aware that this is a vulgar swear word that does not fit the fairy tale definition of a prince.
But I have my reasons for wanting to call them that.

I’m not too keen about this, but let me explain.

In my previous「108 times」, before I ascended to the throne of a queen, I was almost raped by these princes many times.
And not just once or twice…..!
If I may say so myself, I was spotted by them early on as a beautiful girl with red eyes, something that no other people in the world have. Red eyes are extremely rare, and as far as I know, only the True Emperor, my father, and I have them.
For the princes with ambitions to unite the continent, I, who has the same red eyes as the True Emperor, was the best trophy of all. I even have a hint of his blood in my veins.
Furthermore, the True Emperor’s annoying prophecy had added oil to their burning carnal desire.
They became desperate to get their hands on me.
The princes of the four large kingdoms had a higher position in terms of power than the royal family of Hydrangea, so they could do whatever they wanted in Hydrangea, even more than in their own country. They chased me around, not as a young lady, but as prey to be hunted.

As soon as I entered my teens, my suffering began.
I could recall vividly what happened during that brilliant history.

….. I was kidnapped and was nearly taken out of Hydrangea. I was suddenly pushed into a carriage and held down. There was also a time when my cheek was beaten and I was dragged through the crowded ballroom. I don’t think there are many young ladies who have had their red dress stained with nosebleeds and experienced being dragged away by the back of their neck.
I’ve even had my hair grabbed and hung from a tower, telling me to choose between death or to obediently do what they say. What if I go bald at a young age…..
There was also a time when I was locked in a cell and they tried to cut off my toes to prevent me from escaping. I barely avoided it, but instead my favorite shoes had their tips cut off and became breathable sandals. Hey!! They’ve got to compensate me for that!! Another time, I was chased around the garden by a hunting dog in the name of a game. In addition, the dog was trained to tear dresses with dexterity….. I can’t help but tear up for the dog when I think of how much of his life he spent training. Furthermore, they even set fire to the town in order to make me come out and the list goes on.

Threats instead of words of love.
Relentless violence instead of an embrace.
A collar with a chain instead of a ring.
Shackles and loud ridicules instead of a bouquet.

Their behavior is much more like a villain than I am!
They uselessly have good looks, and it should suit them to experience dressing up as a woman.
So that they can taste the fear of being molested.
Then they should be able to understand the feelings of women a little bit better. I am truly revolted by their actions.
When I recall the memories of those times, I still can’t stop trembling… anger.
Fear? That kind of emotion has long been burned out by my anger.
I was trying to keep a low profile in case this became an international problem, but they got too carried away!!
Whenever they pushed me down, I always thought about attacking their vital points….!!
My favorite castanets in my pocket were about to blow fire.
If a graceful young lady went through all this, they will definitely become mentally ill or completely depressed from the trauma.

……Since I went through all this when I was in my early teens, I’ve completely lost my dream of having a great romantic relationship and started to step backwards. That’s right, it’s their fault that I’m not good at romantic stuff!! It’s definitely not my fault at all!!

In addition, after the death of my father, I was left alone as an orphan, and my grandparents, the Vygods, tried to flatter those princes by using me as a gift whenever they saw an opportunity, and I’ve lost count of how many times my chastity faced a crisis. No matter how estranged the relationship between the grandparents and the grandchildren are, normally there is no way they would give their grandchild sleeping pills and numbing agents!?
Ahhhh!! Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach!!
Of course, it was the Vygod grandparents from my previous「108 times」, not the current them.
But in this life, I almost got aborted and died.
So I guess I’m qualified to be angry at my grandparents for pulling the strings behind my back.
And that includes my mother’s grudge.

Anyway, the reason why I could barely manage to keep my chastity from falling apart in my previous「108 times」was because of the strong rivalries of those princes that kept each other in check, the special education that I had received, that included self-defense education, that was drilled into me in my quest for the throne, and the quick-wittedness of Matzo and Ethelreed has often saved me.
I’m really grateful to them.

And the problem is that these four princes always emerge as the next successors to the throne of the four major kingdoms in my previous「108 times」. The result will be exactly the same, just like a natural disaster. In other words, they will always be in a position that can move the major kingdoms.

Although all of them are essentially a good-for-nothing, they’re blessed with position and bloodline, and they all have unnecessarily high specs. If you only look at the strength of demons, they would be a transcendental existence just like angels. No wonder there are so many human beings that serve them, mistaking them for saviors. They may appear to be charming and charismatic. However, their essence is still of a villain.

And they will always try to mess with me.
Those guys are just like the characters from an otome game with a fixed behavior pattern.
Moreover, what they try to do is always R-18…..
In every single one of my previous lifetimes, they silently carry out the extreme…..or abnormal measures that I just mentioned about four times per person.
In other words, since I’ve lived「108 times」, I have the memories of being nearly raped more than 400 times by each prince…..The four of them added together equals to more than 1,600 times of nearly raped experiences….Ueghh, I’m about to vomit….I really want to drink alcohol and forget those bad memories, but I still have a long way to go until I can drink alcohol…..


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