Chapter 40 Part 5 – The thing that tumbled into my hands was a ruby that is a testament to the hegemony of the continent. When I became frightened by the shadows of the evil princes, Seraphy pointed out a fantastic solution



…To summarize it, I really hate these four princes.
To be honest, I don’t even want to think about them.
Compared to them, the five heroes who murdered me in my previous「108 times」are much better.
They were serious, for better or worse, and all they cared about was taking my life. Especially Bradd, Seraphy, and Arnold, they were very careful to keep the number of casualties to a minimum, other than me, the queen. The fact that they and Matzo appreciated each other, even though they were on opposite sides, suggests that they have a gentleman’s side in common.

So, even though I was surrounded by many people when I was held captive, I was never humiliated as a woman.
Some of the rebels looked at me with lustful eyes and demanded that I be handed over to them, but Bradd and his men firmly refused, so I never had to deal with them.
However, they were very merciless in killing me…..

However, these princes who are the successors of their respective glorious kingdoms are different.
Although they like women, they don’t have a shred of respect for them. They only thought of women as an outlet for their sexual desire, a tool for making children, a tool for political marriage, or as ornaments. In other words, they think of themselves as the center of the world. Of course, for the sake of their objective, they would not mind mass producing a lot of victims.
Just remembering the arrogant faces of those damned princes makes me sick.
All four of them had no hesitation in proclaiming that they were worthy of being the True Emperor.
Don’t joke with me. If they were to become the True Emperor, the entire Nine Kingdoms would turn into lemmings and head straight toward the abyss.

After I was killed by five heroes of the rebel army in my previous「108 times」, I am convinced that Hydrangea must not have ended well because I know that these fucking princes were trying to take advantage of the rebellion and make their move. These villains will never overlook the weakened Hydrangea and there’s no way that they can reign properly.

What these damned princes were desperately looking for was the Ruby ​​of God’s Eye, the proof of the successor of the True Emperor.
They were so obsessed with it that they mobilized not only the intelligence service but even fortune tellers.
After all, according to the prophecy of the True Emperor, I, who has red eyes, will surely be accepted by the Ruby ​​of God’s Eye.
If I can claim ownership over the ruby, then all they have to do is to take the ruby along with me into their hands. Then they can safely and reliably get the title of True Emperor. There’s no need for them to go to the trouble of playing russian roulette with the deadly curse.

That wretched True Emperor….. He left such a stupid prophecy that whoever marries the girl with red eyes who can possess the Ruby of God’s Eye, her husband will be the next True Emperor. I really want to see what he looks like. He must have a very twisted face.

I’m sure it’s just an optical illusion that the ruby on my chest moved slightly.

….Really, if you make a prophecy like that, I’m probably the only girl who has a chance.
Thanks to that, if the Ruby of God’s Eye was discovered, I was forced to become the first person to wear it.
If they tried it on me and I got cursed to death, only then would they try to come up with another plan.
Am I a canary in the coal mine…..
Well, in my previous「108 times」, in the end they couldn’t find the ruby.
So their ambition of succeeding the True Emperor was eventually unable to be fulfilled.
Heh. The Lord of the Sun has witnessed their evil deeds…..!!

But now that this missing ruby has come out, the situation has changed drastically from my previous「108 times」.
The ruby has already become a set with me, the red-eyed girl.
Just by getting me, they’ll automatically be able to claim that they are the successor of the True Emperor.
What’s more, in the future I’ll become an extremely beautiful girl. There is no way that those damned princes would miss out on such a great buy-one-get-one deal. Unlike the previous「108 times」when they were just half-serious and half-playing around with me, this time they will definitely make a serious attempt to get me as a national project.
Ughh, I didn’t want it to turn out like this…..
Where have you gone, the Lord of the Sun!?

And even if I end up belonging to one of the four princes, the conflict will not end.
Due to the nature of the four princes, they will definitely continue to aim at me as tenacious as a snake.
They will try everything they can, and there is a great possibility that it will turn into an all-out war.
All four of them are conceited and have a great deal of competitiveness against each other.
In addition, their obsession with the throne of the True Emperor.
I wish they would compete for something else. Why don’t they just play a word chain game or musical chairs!
Everyone, please stop fighting over me!!
…..Ah, I got carried away and said a line that I’ve always wanted to try saying just once.
The princes are so proud that they would rather stab each other than let someone else become the True Emperor. Their pride is as tall as Mount Everest…. On the other hand, my pride sank as soon as my diapers were changed and now it’s as low as an easy hiking trail popular with parents and children.
They may even try to kill me once they decide that they can’t get their hands on me.
The fight will continue until the losers are dead and there is only one winner.
Of course, the whole continent will be involved.
I can hear the footsteps of the destruction of the continent.

In my previous「108 times」, I had a reasonably hard course of life that included the accession to the throne of the queen, the rebellion of the citizens, and being murdered in the end by one of the five heroes, but all of these events took place in a single kingdom, Hydrangea. Although there was interference from other kingdoms, it stopped at the level of a civil war in Hydrangea, and the number of casualties was in line with that.

However, this will not be the case with the battle for supremacy over the continent.
If the large kingdoms of the continent clash with each other, this ruby will become a trigger that can lead to hundreds of thousands of casualties.
Death was an everyday occurrence for me in the previous「108 times」, but this is at a completely different level.
I feel sick. I feel like I’m going to throw up. Not that I’m going to burp.
I can’t stand up because of the mental pressure I’m under.
Well, I’m still a newborn though, so I can’t even crawl yet.

While Bradd and Mary were stunned by the situation, Seraphy took over to explain.

「…..This is the Ruby of God’s Eye, a testament to the throne of the True Emperor, who conquered the continent for the first time. …..I can’t think of any other ruby that is more than 100 carats in the shape of a drop and reflects an eye-like brilliance. This ruby was lost during the war….. The person who can wear this ruby is considered to be the worthy successor to the True Emperor. That person will be recognized as a qualified emperor of a united alliance that will reign over the whole continent…… However, there is a terrible curse attached to this ruby. If the person that touches it is not qualified, then with just a single touch, that person will directly go to the other side. The reason why Bradd was safe earlier was because he only held the chain……」

「…..That’s a close call!! You should’ve said this earlier!!」

After listening to what Seraphy said, Bradd immediately turned pale and yelled at him.

「I mentioned before that you shouldn’t touch it. I’m not a walking dictionary that knows everything about this world. In the short span that I’ve lived, I stuffed a lot of things into my head. It takes a little while for me to fully recall things……..」


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