Chapter 40 Part 6 – The thing that tumbled into my hands was a ruby that is a testament to the hegemony of the continent. When I became frightened by the shadows of the evil princes, Seraphy pointed out a fantastic solution



After Seraphy smoothly gave his reason, he continued the explanation.
Well, Seraphy is probably around 6 years old right now, so just knowing about the curse of the Ruby of God’s Eye is amazing enough. Also, as I expected, Seraphy is familiar with the prophecy of the True Emperor.

「….So in other words, if there is a woman with red eyes who can possess this ruby, the person who marries that woman will effortlessly be qualified to call himself the True Emperor. In short, the young lady will be flooded with proposals from all over the continent……」

H-Hey, don’t sum it up in such a joking manner.
It sounds like a crazy comedy about a bunch of grown-ups trying their best to seduce me, a baby. While in fact, this is no laughing matter!!

「In other words, this ruby.​​… No, you mean that there will be a lot of people coming to propose to the young lady just to become the successor of the True Emperor? I won’t let that happen!! The person that’s going to become the young lady’s husband has to be a respectable man who loves my lady and has a clear line of reasoning, otherwise I won’t accept him at all!!」

Mary was very upset.
I appreciate your concern, but I think anyone who would consider the current me, a baby, as an opposite sex and fall in love with me would be a splendid hardcore pervert…….

「…..That’s right!! Bradd!! Since it has come to this, you can be the one to marry the young lady!! Then both of you will have a happy married life where both parties love each other. And while you’re at it, you can also become the successor of the True Emperor….」

Mary shook her fist in the air and her face turned flushed as she spoke.
As expected from Mary, the knight leader of love. In the face of love, the seat of the True Emperor is treated as an afterthought….
But….. What kind of reaction will Bradd have…. I wonder if he’s slightly interested.
I casually glanced at Bradd to make sure that he wouldn’t notice.

「…..Eh? What!?」

When the topic of the conversation suddenly turned to Bradd, he looked up in puzzlement because he was thinking about something else.
Are you the main character of a romantic comedy that always fails to hear the important lines!!

「…..Young lady, don’t mind him…..」

Mary gently encouraged me.

Stop that!! Don’t make it sound like I was arbitrarily rejected!!
That stupid Bradd just didn’t really listen to the story!!
It’s impossible for me, the enchanting star of the Kingdom of Hydrangea, to be treated with a cold attitude.
Only once I have grown up though…….

Ahhh!! But once I grow up, I’ll have to spend my days being hunted by those damned lustful princes!!

I groaned while clutching my head.

I’ve made up my mind to stay out of the social circle in this life, but I can’t do that anymore!!
The situation has scaled up a lot more compared to the previous「108 times」of succession battle to the Hydrangea throne!
And it’s all because of a single ruby that rolled into my life without my permission!!

「Wait a minute….. A long time ago, the True Emperor was the leader of the Alliance of Nine Kingdoms. However, that alliance has long disappeared without a trace…. The four small kingdoms and the five large kingdoms in this continent have been independent for a long time now, and they each rule their own kingdoms…. I don’t know much about the Ruby of God’s Eye, but I don’t think the kings of all those kingdoms would be so easily convinced that a single jewel like this would be enough to decide the successor of the True Emperor.」

Bradd raised his head and said that once he finished sorting out his thoughts.

Now you’re talking about that!?
But, well, I guess that Seraphy is the unusual one since he could immediately understand the complicated situation even though he is still a kid.
It’s natural for Bradd to have this question.
Bradd was not convinced by the grandiose and absurd story.
Seraphy replied calmly.

「….The Alliance of Nine Kingdoms created by the True Emperor has not perished. Although it’s not a solid entity, it’s interpreted by the kingdoms as not having been destroyed. ……The current nine kingdoms are not exactly independent, but they are treated as kings who are temporarily taking charge of the country in the absence of the True Emperor’s successor. The kings of that time were unanimous in this decision. This is a story that only a few people know….. And the Ruby of God’s Eye is not just a jewel. It’s a jewel with a will of its own. It is an extremely dangerous tool that will mercilessly curse and kill the person that touches it if it judges that the vessel is not suitable to be the successor of the True Emperor. The kings of each kingdom were well aware of the severity of the standard, so they did not oppose the use of the Ruby of God’s Eye to determine the successor….. If it is possible to become the True Emperor’s successor just by marrying the young lady, the four large countries will all move to acquire her. Then the battle over the young lady will begin. They don’t mind kidnapping and abduction. They will even be willing to kill for the sake of achieving their goals. The current princes of the four large kingdoms…. are full of ambition and they will not hesitate to engulf the continent in war.」

Seraphy said the last part with a tone of abhorrence.

Ah, this guy, he’s probably met one of those damned princes before……

「…..I’m starting to understand the situation. When Scarlet and the Ruby of God’s Eye are together, a great war will happen between the princes of the large kingdoms. And they are all bastards who don’t give a damn about how many people are killed. That’s why this little guy is so scared. …..You’re a kind girl.」

After understanding the situation, Bradd patted me on the head.

「….Then, let’s quickly throw away this ruby. Before the curse gets to me…. I’m going to throw it away!!」

Without any hesitation, he grabbed the gold chain and tried to throw away the ruby ​​pendant.

「Wait!! You cannot have any malicious intent towards that ruby…..!!」


There was no time for me and Seraphy to stop him.
The ruby ominously ​​shone.
Bradd was instantly wrapped in flames and he quickly jumped back.
In a panic, he flapped his clothes with his hands and broke out in cold sweat.

「W-What’s happening!? The fire…doesn’t hurt!! This flame is an illusion!? …..Is this caused by the ruby!?」

「…..I told you. The Ruby of God’s Eye has a will of its own. You realize that now, don’t you? Even if the owner tries to destroy it, as long as the jewel refuses, it can’t be destroyed.」

Seraphy said with a sigh.
It might be more appropriate to say that the possessor of this jewel is more like a captive than an owner.

I’ve been trying to secretly throw it away for a while now, but every time I try, my arm can’t move.
From now on, I would have to bathe and sleep with this cursed jewel!?
I’m aware of the number of victims of the ruby’s curse, so this is not a laughing matter for me!!

「…..The Ruby of God’s Eye chooses its own owner. And the jewel automatically fights back with a curse against any harmful intentions that try to eliminate it. That’s what the literature says. Bradd was only trying to protect the young lady, so that’s why he got away with just that.」
Then he sighed even more deeply.

「….This is definitely the missing ruby of the True Emperor. She’s going to face a lot of troubles. The large kingdoms are using their national astrologers and intelligence service to desperately search for the ruby. It will only be a matter of time before the large kingdoms know about the existence of the ruby and its owner, the young lady.」

Don’t look down on fortune telling.
When it comes to fortune tellers who are on the national level, their accuracy rate is not half bad.


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