Chapter 43 Part 2 – We will once again challenge the nightmare ball that has driven mother to the brink of abandonment. Without realizing that Solomon is present there in the dark.


I know all too well how mean the god of fate can be.
If he were so good-natured as to simply hand me the knowledge of my looping lives, I would not have ended up dying an untimely death in all of my previous 「108 times」.

…… Nevertheless, we have succeeded in defeating the demon dog Gallam by connecting the thoughts of those three warriors that have passed away and the power of everyone who is alive.

……Phew, now I can finally start the plan of becoming a shut-in ……
Although I would really like to say that, for some reason, I have become the possessor of 「the Ruby of God’s Eye」, the proof of the continent’s supreme ruler. Why did the cursed jewel which is said to be the worst on the continent come to me ……

This is truly a situation where 「I can just make a contract with the ruby and I’ll become the supreme ruler」!!
I don’t want it!! Why, of all places, would it come to me, someone who wishes to become a shut-in?
The god of fate always knocks on the door of those who do not want it.
And he’d do it with a slight grin on his face.

I’m sure there is a scale that balances the amount of fortune and misfortune in a person’s life.
Although, in my case, it seems like it’s leaning more on the side of misfortune ……

「The Ruby of God’s Eye」is also known as the Ruby of the True Emperor.

The one who possesses the ruby is promised the title of the continent’s supreme ruler …… the throne of the True Emperor. It is a super occult item that has cursed to death those it deems unworthy. The number of nobles and royalty who have been killed by the relic is innumerable. Why would anyone challenge such a russian roulette game with all the bullets in it? Human greed is really scary.

The True Emperor was the only great king in history to unify the nine kingdoms of the continent.
Since he had no heir, he left this cursed ruby to determine his successor.
According to the True Emperor’s will, if the ruby acknowledges a man, he will be the heir of the True Emperor. If the person acknowledged by the ruby was a woman, then her husband will become the heir of the True Emperor.
However, no one was ever acknowledged by the ruby and eventually the ruby was lost in the darkness of history.
It would have been better if it had disappeared forever.

…… and now, the ruby has somehow come to my hands ……
I don’t want to hold on to this dangerous thing!! …… Okay then, let’s sell this off and use the money to add to the funds for 「Let’s become a-shut-in plan」. ……Noooo!! This ruby won’t leave my hands since it’s cursed!! This equipment is cursed~!!
Dududu, dududu, dududu, dudududu, du-dun!!
Ominous sound effects rang inside my head!!

Ahahaha~ I can’t help but laugh now.
Did you know?
When people are so unhappy, they would have a blank smile that shows that they’ve given up.
………… Well, cheer up!! Just lamenting won’t solve anything!!
Sitting in a swamp will only make me sink.
I need to mobilize all of my hands and feet so that I can crawl up onto the solid ground.

Don’t underestimate my life experience of 「108 times」, I haven’t lived a life so fragile that 100 or 200 times of misfortune can break my heart!! But I’m still not convinced, so let me complain for a bit!!

What the hell!! Why is my life like this!!
I’m trying to stay away from power struggles, but with this ruby, a lot of ambitious people will swarm around me!!
Am I some kind of cockroach trap for men seeking power!?
Can I never get rid of my connection to political power!?
I am chagrined at my cursed fate!!

…… The process is a little complicated, but you can check the details in the previous chapter.
The newborn me splendidly played an active part!!
But there’s almost no romance in it!! Awooo!!

But from now on, I won’t let you call this story a different world romance fraud story!!
Various men have locked on to me!!
Just by making me his bride, he can claim himself as the king of the unified continent from today!!
In my 「109th」 life, it has already been decided that suitors will be pouring in!!
Now I’m on the road to popularity!

…… I’m not happy at all!!
I would give up my seat to anyone else if I could.
A little girl being coveted by middle-aged ambitious adults is not the kind of romance I dreamed of!

…… But if anyone other than me holds the Ruby of God’s Eye, they’ll die instantly from the curse.
No matter how much I want to, it is indeed impossible for me to fake ignorance about this.
I can’t expect to have a wonderful dream if I caused the mass production system of dead people.
I also know the sad history of the Light Bat Tribe’s vengeful spirits that reside in the ruby and I want to restore their honor that was unjustly taken away from them. I cannot force the ruby on others.
From now on, I have no choice but to live my life with this cursed ruby as my partner.
Even if it is the road of thorns.

I’m desperate!!
I’m going to beat my unreasonable fate and become a shut-in!!
Don’t look so worried, everyone in the Light Bat Tribe!!
I don’t think of you all as a burden. Moreover, you guys have helped me in many ways. Just ignore my complaints. Although I may complain, I’m a woman who does what she has to!!
I’ll shake off all those men who are only after the ruby and attain true love!!
A determined heart can make a hole through a rock.
A girl who tries hard is invincible!!
…… Hey, you there, cross-dressing Bradd. Why did you laugh?
I’m definitely going to make the god of fate look back on me!!
Girls don’t have time to cry.
I’m going to need your help from now on.
I have to deal with those formidable four princes too!

…… But I definitely can’t overdo it.
Bradd is worried the most when he’s smiling so that he doesn’t show it ……
…… Hmm? Why are you smiling like that …… Why are you patting my head all of a sudden?
…… Aahh! You arbitrarily read my mind!!
I-I’ll kill you!! Get right here!! I’ll punish you myself!!

…… Among the men who are after me along with the ruby, there are some that we cannot underestimate.
They are the cruel princes of the four large kingdoms, which are led by good-for-nothing men.
All of them are obsessed with the ambition to conquer the continent.
Are you guys the head of an evil secret society?
In order to obtain the ruby, the proof of supremacy, they may try to make me their property by abduction, confinement, brainwashing, blackmail, or any other means.
I know the personalities of these princes very well from my previous 「108 times」.
Speaking from my experience as someone who was targeted all the time because of my unusual red-eyed appearance that is similar to the True Emperor.
Shitty, good-for-nothing, rotten to the core, no matter how many insults I pile on them, it still can’t fully describe them.
They treat women as either child-bearing tools or accessories to enhance themselves.
They are all a failure of character, the type of people who don’t care how many people die in order to make themselves the ruler of the continent. They are that kind of bastards. The main reason I originally had to become a ruthless queen was to centralize power, increase national strength, and protect Hydrangea from them.

Don’t fight over me!
No, I’m really, really making an earnest plea.
The burden is too much for me.
How about you guys fight over Alisa, the Maiden of Salvation, instead of me?
In terms of beauty alone, she’s one of the best in Hydrangea.
Please, take her away to the other side of the sea.
She’s a thoughtless young lady with an empty head, though.
If a good-looking prince courts her, even if he is a cold-blooded person who is no better than a lizard on the inside, she will probably follow him with her tail wagging. If the whole continent were to be thrown into turmoil over her, she might fully enjoy the happiness of a woman. Even if war awaits at the end of it.
But unlike Alisa, I am still in my right mind.
I seriously get sick to my stomach when I think of the hundreds of thousands of people who would die because of me.

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