Chapter 43 Part 3 – We will once again challenge the nightmare ball that has driven mother to the brink of abandonment. Without realizing that Solomon is present there in the dark.


So, here’s the idea of a reversal!!

Since they want me as a woman so badly, then I’ll stop being a girl!!
So, I am now openly declaring to the outside world that I am a boy.
Or rather, I had to do so.
If I was a woman, the four large kingdoms would do their best to abduct me.
A Trojan War of sorts would break out on a continental scale.

What’s the matter with this reset life …… Isn’t my new life even more turbulent than the old ones?

Then they hired the strongest group of assassins and sent them to me as an obstacle to continental domination. If I were a man, I would be the successor to the True Emperor. As soon as their royal fortune teller detected the presence of the ruby, they stopped their previous disagreement and immediately reached a consensus.
I was just a newborn baby at that time ……
What they did was too extreme.
Seriously, why don’t they just use that wasted energy for the good of the world ……

But, as the saying goes, 「Fortune and misfortune are like twisted rope, so they come by turns」.
We turned misfortune into fortune
Their only miscalculation was that Bradd was already on my side.
As a result, through Bradd, I had an encouraging group of people on my side.

In my previous 「108 times」, I had a blood feud with them and I finally drove the clan to the brink of annihilation without being able to negotiate peace …… To atone for that, I offered them various plans to improve their daily lives, then, unexpectedly, Bradd’s mom took a liking to them, and things took an unexpected turn ……

Ah, yeah, even that Bradd will not go against his mother, she truly represents the strength of a mother…… Bradd’s papa, who is so dignified on the outside loves his wife too much and turns into a foolish person in the family. …… Hey, the Foolish Duke over there, stop hitting it off with Bradd’s papa so much.

It’s a long story, so I’ll tell you the details another time.
We were enemies, but there is no one more reassuring to have on our side.
With them, even the great powers of the continent cannot easily touch me.

The princes were surprised by their unexpected rebellion.
Furthermore, we also leaked the information that I might actually be a woman, they fell for it and were in a panic!!
Seraphy’s plan was right on target!
As expected from a merchant, Seraphy is very good at recognizing the desires of his opponents.
It was a piece of information that those with greedy hearts couldn’t ignore at all!!
If I was a man, I would be the successor of the 「True Emperor」, so I would be an obstacle they would want to get rid of at all costs, but on the contrary, if I was a woman, I would be the best card to claim in order for them to become the successor of the 「True Emperor」 just by having me as their wife.

Ufufu, am I a huge obstacle blocking their path?
Or am I the crown of the continent’s supreme ruler?
Man or woman? Guess which one am I?

As expected, the four princes were greatly perplexed.
Those ruthless princes were bubbling over trying to rescind their order to kill me and the situation was so chaotic that even a friendly fire had happened. I felt a little sorry for them, but I had to let them just accept it as a misfortune of having an incompetent top executive. The world of intrigue is ruthless.
I don’t think that it’s cruel.
I was almost raped by these four princes numerous times in my previous 「108 times」.
As long as I know that they are still the same lowlifes as they were then, I have no reason to show any mercy to them. You guys tried to kill me as well, so we are even.

Hesitation and reluctance make even the most seasoned gamblers stand still.

The rotten-to-the-cores princes don’t want to carry the stain of having a man as a spouse, so they are now eagerly trying to find out my gender. After all the Holy Church does not agree with same-sex marriage. It would be too troublesome if they end up turning the Holy Church into their enemy. The traitorous aristocrats of Hydrangea, who are in touch with the four large kingdoms behind the scenes, are also being ordered by their respective allies to confirm the truth of the matter and are going all over the place to scour for information.

…… Fufufu, I’m not going to give them any chance though. With the memories from my previous 「108 times」, I know who has access to which kingdoms. Because I was betrayed so many times when I was a queen. I can never forget about it. However, those experiences were not in vain. Thanks to it, I can use that information against them and lead them into a trap. I’m the type of person that can make something positive out of anything.

My gender is now one of the most interesting topics on the continent.

…… Umm, somehow I feel like I’m getting further away from my goal of being a shut-in ……
I’m sure it’s just my imagination ……

No matter how irritated the four princes are, the security of our house is now like a peerless impregnable fortress.
I think it’s even tougher than the Royal Castle.
Even if the intelligence agencies of the four large kingdoms put forth their full power, they would not be able to obtain a single piece of information while I stay inside the duke’s mansion.
Our duke’s mansion, which was destroyed by the aberrant demon dog Gallam, was rebuilt while assuming that the hypothetical intruder was someone of that level. It is a bundle of over-defense, and sometimes even I, a resident, almost die when I accidentally activate the trap.

Mother, please stop increasing the number of traps around the children’s rooms day by day, no matter how worried you are about me. That love is a little too heavy. Employees from a normal mansion would have been caught up in the traps long ago and there would be many casualties. Our employees are not normal, so they can easily avoid all of them though.
…… Well, in their village, they can easily jump over trees when they are over one year old.
Are you guys monkeys?

…… It’s been a little over three years since the attack of the demon dog Gallam.

I made full use of my knowledge cheat and amassed a lot of power and wealth.
Unable to give up my desire for carrying out revenge for that time when mother was bullied by the red nobles, but unprepared to carry it out, I agonizingly collected the 「Poison Lady’s Kerchief」 for ten years. With the rare poison …… and medicinal herbs as funds, I redeveloped an abandoned silver mine in an enclave of Wilhelm’s territory.
With my knowledge from my previous 「108 times」, I knew where to find the promising silver veins that would be rediscovered in ‘10 years’, so it was a simple matter of pointing to a few spots on the map.

To prevent domestic inflation from occuring due to the excessive outflow of silver, I then processed the silver into silver-crafted products and sold them through the Orange Privateers in other countries where silver was in short supply.

Oh, and of course, I had to give a hard time to the greedy Vygod couple so that they would not be able to interfere unnecessarily. Fundamentally, I believe in condemning the offense, but not the offender, but those two are an exception. As the investigation progressed, their misdeeds were revealed, and even Bradd said, 「…… Your grandfather and grandmother are just too terrible. Even the demon dog Gallam is not this heartless.」Even Bradd, who had been worried that hurting my own blood relatives would leave me with a lingering pain in my heart, had to retract his words.

Well, I guess they’ll never be able to show their face in aristocratic society again.
I have to give them a thorough beating so that they would not be able to wield their poisonous snake fangs ever again.

When I condemned those two, their fellow miscreants were arrested one after another and it caused an unexpected uproar, but since I had done the royal family a great favor, I got a free pass to the imperial court. The family that benefited the most from my knowledge cheat, other than my own family, was definitely the Hydrangea royal family.

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