Chapter 5 – If I have to deal with that hated woman again…but I guess that’s fate…


Translator: ranzan

Chapter 05 – If I have to deal with that hated woman again…but I guess that’s fate…

「…what a vulgar little boy! Let go of the infant!」

Mary boldly jumps at him…maybe…

「Heh, you’re just a girl!」

Bradd dodges her while swinging me around in one hand…maybe.


Then the sound of someone’s head hitting something.

Mary hit her head against a wall and was now crumpled against it…maybe…

「Hey, girl, are you okay?」

「Heh heh…some kid. You dodge my tackle, drive me into the wall, and have shown yourself to be the enemy!」

「No…I…didn’t touch you. You just mistepped and…fell over on your own. I mean, look who you’re sitting on.」

「Kyaaaa!? Madam! My sincerest apologies!」

My mother was on the ground after fainting before Bradd.

And now Mary was seated on her, and apologizing chaotically…as I would expect.

Dammit! This really frustrates a lady!

What a sticky situation…and so anticlimactic!

This savior I had expected Mary to be was so disappointing!

Not only that, but these eyes of mine are still veiled in dimness.

I mean, it’s almost all darkness!

All I can do is hear the sounds around me and guess at everything!

Not only that, but unless you see what’s going on, you don’t understand the nuance of what’s being said. Being blind SUCKS!

Damn…with a crappy scene like this, I have a feeling that “that woman” will make an entrance.

Almost like I’m swimming in a muddy swamp inhabited by one monster fish.

Filled with worry.

Ah, excuse me.

My name is Scarlet Ruby Noel Lingard…a villain queen killed 108 times.

And since I am the villain queen…there’s a certain heroine that opposes me in this world.

Her smile charms those around her and people spare no effort to do whatever she wishes.

She just smiles, says nothing, and people line up to knock out whatever she wishes.

Then they act as if just serving her is a bonus reward all in itself.

…ug, what a disgusting woman.

And when I say “people” I mean MEN, because all the women hate her guts.

Honestly, she smiles at the boys, and they do everything she wants without so much a gold coin being paid, this super-powered wackjob of a heroine…that’s who I mean.

Now someone self-obsessed such as myself can’t STAND a woman like that.

She never makes any effort, just either cries or smiles, and all the world’s waves of destruction become the size of ripples in her bathtub.

…Anyone can tell that I’m really pissed at her.

I…after all…in the fight for succession was always under the sword of Damocles…and she and I may look much the same, but we’re day and night.

Happy-go-lucky whore.

Randomly pushing men around with a whim.

Saying vapid things like「Such a sad life…」then「You think I’m cute? Ehe!」

She always says that trash. The people living sad lives are THOSE MEN THAT CONSTANTLY CATER TO YOU!

And the insides of your head?


Just a hot ass that bounces around, pushing men wherever the ass wants them to go.

…she still pisses me off, as the greatest enemy in all my lives was her.

Every time that bitch was the core reason that rebel forces rose up against me.

Behind those five men that murdered me, she was always hiding.

Every one of the 108 lives I lived.

「Noble men…why do you spend such days scarring and wounding one another? You are all brothers. Stop this skirmishing and clasp hands. There is another evil lurking in this kingdom…」that whore would say with her dewy eyes.

「「「It’s SCARLET! No more war against one another! We must kill the queen!」」」

「「「YEAAAAAHHH!!!」」」they’d all say, those stupid men. Bastards. Swine.

Look, I didn’t want to rule through oppression.

I simply loved my kingdom in a unique, hateful way.

Without a happy-go-lucky manipulator like you, I’d never have to oppress anyone.

A lazy bird like you that’s never flown solo doesn’t see the hawks flying above.

All you did was look at the men around you, never considering that if you ever DID rule, that other kingdoms would invade before you’d have time to blink a tear at another man.

…maybe Hydrangea was crushed after I was killed.

All of our beautiful streets and culture crushed in a coup d’etat, people killed and enslaved.

The barbarous countries around us were waiting to murder, rape, pillage, and enslave the people of Hydrangea.

A ruthless bitch like me doesn’t stand for that shit.

But a numbskull like you? Oh, that’s fine.

Since you probably got your pristine luck in a deal with the devil, you could have probably shook your ass and formed a new country from the ashes.

You could then pretend to mourn those who died afterwards.

Well, as for me, I don’t care what happened after I died.

Oops…kind lost track of the story there.

From now, I’ll tell you what happened between Bradd and Mary, but like I said, I could only hear what was going on, so the description might be a little rough.

So here comes the reproduction!

「Look what you’ve done to the duchess…」

I could hear Mary was biting her lip.

No, Mary, mom was on the floor the whole time you fought with Bradd.

Were you paying no attention to what was going on? If you were, you’d see that Bradd was trying to SAVE me from my mother.

「Are you stupid?! If I didn’t help, this baby would be dead because of her! You’ve got nothing to say!」

Bradd said, and then sighed.

Mary then seemed to relax a bit.

She probably forgot the battleground she had left when she had fainted.

「Yes, I’m sorry…thanks for your help.」

Mary politely thanked him. Hard to tell whether or not this Mary girl is really competent.

「Even so, there’s no telling what madam would do in her confusion.」

「No, if I didn’t stop her, she’d kill this child.」

Bradd spoke of it as if it were pure truth.

「That woman has a weak heart…all this agitation would have given her a heart attack, so I knocked her over the head.」

I opened my eyes in shock…and could see nothing.

「See, I know how the blood flows through her. It’s true.」

He looked a bit mischievous but still smiled.

I knew of men like him. He wasn’t lying.

The「Lawless Crew」are familiar with the flow of blood and can kill or incapacitate by causing certain vessels to rupture.

Their knowledge of assassination should be implemented in medical practice.

So I breathed in.

I felt my chest tighten.

Then I realized.

My mother may have been destined to die here.

She had attempted to kill me, and was so excited her heart failed her.

In all 108 of my lives, my mother died soon after birth.

Everyone recorded it as post-birth fever, but no one ever gave a solid answer as to why she died…including my father.

I can understand why no one said anything, seeing as my mother tried to murder me.

You can’t tell a daughter something like that.

But during this life, I was no ordinary baby. It was my resistance that caused Bradd to step in and intervene. Because of that, I survived this act of a mother trying to kill her child. And Bradd was an assassin I had known many times.

And so with that, the irony of my life resonated throughout my previous 108 existences to the one I was in now, rolling like a changeless wave of fate.


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