Chapter 7 – Wait, the guy that killed me 17 times, acting as a girl!?

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Chapter 7 – Wait, the guy that killed me 17 times as a girl!?

The maid lightly sprung back from the assassin’s kick and then jumped up off the assassin’s knee.

The face of the assassin distorted in surprise.

As she sprung up off his knee, she flipped in the air and kicked the assassin in the face.


The man fell backwards. A heavy thud.


She drew her limbs in and spun in the air quickly, then extending her leg as she spun, kicking the other assassins around her and knocking them to the ground. Her skirt blew open like blossoming flower petals.

The sound of her hits, whump, whomp, thud, echoed again.


With groans of surprise, the men all fell to the ground.


And with that the girl softly landed, as if she weighed nothing.

She was a girl that looked only 10 years old, and had stuck all of these assassins with a single blow.

It looked like some kind of aerial dance.

A dance of moonlit shadowplay in which she was the main character.

The difference of how skilled she was to the men made the whole scene look like a dream.

「…don’t try moving any more, okay? Your hearts are going to start racing from now…」

The girl gave her warning to the men.

Her apron fluttered in the night breeze.

I didn’t recognize her face but I knew the voice.

…Um, let me dig a bit more into it.

Her hair was cut short like a boy’s and there was a wide red ribbon flittering in the breeze.

Her large almond eyes were disproportionate to her round face.

The girl’s figure stood cutely, like a slender cat in the night.

She had eyes that flashed about like one that was hunting for prey daily.

The eyes that naturally saw men as prey.

At the girl’s feet were five men in black uniforms, holding onto their chests.

Their faces were all beet red. Their eyes were open wide at the fact that this girl had defeated them so.

They gripped their chests, squeezing their fingers into their skin.

「Humans. Just a little rush of blood and they die so easily. It hurts, right?」

Before the girl’s words finished, the men blew blood from their noses. Their eyeballs had turned red with blood and they began to tear up. Their blood pressure had severely increased because of the sped beating of their hearts. Their bodies were all frozen, as was mine, but for a different reason.

「Ah-ah! I said you shouldn’t move!」

The men shuddered in agony and fear as the girl looked down at them in disgust, as if they were roadkill.

I’ve seen many things in my life, but this scene really made me recoil…for various reasons.

My mother, Mary, and I huddled together, hiding and watching.

「…this is a warning. If I REALLY wanted to, I could stop your heart. Then you know what happens, right?」

All the thugs nodded desperately.

I realized that this girl could kill all of them if she was having a bad day.

I had never seen such an impudent look on a girl before, as if she was completely used to such things occurring.

Like a funny scene of a cat batting around a captured mouse.

Being tossed around by a tiny girl like this and with such unbelievable skill that incapacitated the thugs almost immediately – she was a monster. Natural to be frightened by her aura.

「I want to give you a message to give to your employer. Are you listening?」

She then walked over, stooped down, and tapped one of the thug’s heads with her finger.

The man that was touched nodded quickly.

「Tell your employer this. If you come at me again, then I’m going to start making trouble for you. I’ll erase this stink at it’s source. It’s better then having to battle over and over, because I’m a LITTLE pissed at being bothered like this from time to time.」

These thugs probably saw this girl in a maid’s dress as a new type of Grim Reaper.

I was quite happy that this girl didn’t try to talk like one, though.

「You can move now.」


As soon as they were able to move, the men got up and fled.

Most scrambled away on their hands and knees.

Falling over each other is a better description.

And feeling that they were being pursued by a predator, they scuttered away looking back, checking that they were no longer prey.

Seeing their faces, I knew their pride was in shambles.

They might even be afraid in the dark along for a while.

Pusillanimous might be a word they embodied.

In fact, whatever thug outfit they came from was probably going out of business.

This girl in a maid outfit watched them run, making sure they were gone, and then turned to us and smiled.

「Got used to this maid outfit. I can hide weapons up my skirt, a bit clunky, but convenient.」

She flipped her skirt up and showed us.

…how vulgar…

I saw things that flashed like metal.

She really did put a bunch of weapons up her skirt!

Oh…and something else was up “her” skirt.

This girl was…actually a b, boy.

My infant mouth practically dropped to the bottom of my cradle at how WEIRD this whole scene was.

…everyone, nice to see you again.

You’re not reading the wrong story or anything.

I’m still Scarlet Ruby Noel Lingard and I’m currently living my 109th life.

I’m still a newborn baby.

And it’s been a week since my mother attacked me for the curse of being born a girl.

Now that I can finally see straight, the first scene I witness is some wild battle…it took only seven days.

I tried my hardest during that week, trying hard to focus on everything I could to see.

I have a lot to say, but first I’d like to scream something,


Why are you WEARING something like that?!

And why do you LOOK SO GOOD in it?!

All of the 108 times I died previously was due to murder.

Seventeen of them were done by the silent hitman Bradd Stalker.

He had a body and a will that was trained into steel.

A sharp face with little fat on it, and an aura that was strong and draw tight like an iron rope.

He had that unique and strong impression that squeezed all conversation around him into silence.


Why did you have such a cute girlish face as a boy?

What the hell happened to you that made you change into the massive man you became later?

Did you molt? Shed skin? Are you a snake?

Are you really the Bradd I know?!

You didn’t put a twin sister that looks like you up to this, right?

Huff huff huff

Seeing everything that happened left me out of breath.

I knew that the damn concubine was sending assassins to my mansion every night and Brad repelled them over and over. But I had NO idea that he was dressing as a GIRL in order to guard me. My vision was blurry up until now.

After 108 lives I knew that bitch of a concubine was going to attack me…I was always her target.

It’s insane to try to assassinate a baby in the mansion that she lives, but if you can convince the Duke that you were never born, it’s probably worth all the money.

And Bradd had told my mother that a poison or drug was used to make my mother sick. I noticed that out of all the workers, one of the chefs was missing, so it was probably him. And he was under the employ of the concubine.

I found out later that the drug was actually to abort any baby in a pregnancy. It also causes premature birth. It’s easy for rich merchants to get their hands on. I was about to be killed before I even started to exist!

I would bite my lips if I had any teeth.

But they were unable to achieve their goal over 108 lives.

Well, my mother WAS destined to die prematurely.

So the concubine was the attacker, and the true victim was I, the one who was the continuation of the Duke’s bloodline, not my mother.

If I knew that, I would have crushed that bitch in ALL 108 OF MY PREVIOUS LIVES.

Didn’t notice anything as a baby, though.

I know that I had survived and my mother had died, causing such an uproar that I never thought clearly about the motives and suspicious motives back then. In a sense, my mother was a sacrificial lamb.

I thought back to all those times and the strange looks they gave me as a toddler. Even though my mother was poisoned, I had smiled back and knew nothing about the terror surrounding me.

Mother…I’m sorry…because of me…

…they did all this.

But don’t think this evil queen that ascended the throne 108 times is a weakling.

The fires of hell will not burn as hot as the fury that you’ll receive from killing my mother 108 times.

You can count on it.

「Little skirts like this are very manageable but when they’re big, it hinders you. I usually roll the top down to shorten it…is that what girls do?」


I can’t believe you’re asking these questions?!

I was thinking about all the revenge I was going to get, and you’re ASKING ABOUT SKIRTS?!

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